Breaking Video: Mike Tyson Beats Plane Passenger

Mike Tyson Punching Airline Passenger

( – BREAKING NOW: Evidently, after first being very accommodating of a fan sitting behind him on a soon-to-depart night flight, famed Boxer Mike Tyson tired of the fan annoying him and used his fists to make his point.

According to the Daily Caller, relying on information provided by TMZ:

“The legendary boxer allegedly got annoyed with the guy sitting behind him on his flight from San Francisco to Florida, and all hell eventually broke loose, according to a TMZ report.

“Tyson allegedly turned around and punched the guy several times, according to the same report.”

TMZ indicates in its recounting of what took place that Tyson was initially very accommodating of what appears to be an overly excited and unrelenting fan — even taking a selfie with the guy.

But, according to the report, the fan didn’t know when to stop, and eventually, as the video taken by another passenger shows, Tyson stood up, turned around, and repeatedly pummeled the annoying passenger in the head.

Reportedly Tyson then left the aircraft, and the passenger was interviewed by police and received medical attention for several cuts on his head.

You can watch the exclusive video at TMZ by clicking HERE.

There is no indication at this time as to whether Tyson faces arrest and criminal prosecution.

Numerous witnesses indicate that the “fan” was incredibly annoying and wouldn’t quit.

This is a breaking news report, and we’ll monitor the situation for further developments.