BREAKING VIDEO: Trump Says Biden Has Brought US ‘To the Brink of Nuclear War’

( – BREAKING NOW: Just moments ago, former President Donald J. Trump, who is seeking the presidency again in 2024, released a video accusing President Joe Biden of bringing the United States of America to “the brink of nuclear war” with Russia.

You can watch the video further down this post.

In the video, Trump calls for peace negotiations to end the war between Russia and Ukraine, describing the situation as “very dangerous, explosive, and escalating by the day,” referencing Biden’s decision to send 31 Abrams main battle tanks to Ukraine’s military forces.

According to Trump, “Joe Biden’s weakness and incompetence has brought us to the brink of nuclear war, and now Biden is doing what he said ten months ago would lead to World War III: He is sending in American tanks.”

In a piece this morning, Breitbart News recounts, “Biden opted not to supply Ukraine with 28 Soviet MiG-29s fighter jets, telling House Democrats that sending ‘offensive equipment,’ like jets or ‘tanks,’ would be escalating the war into an international conflict.”

Trump now says, “It’s far past the time for all parties involved to pursue a peaceful end to the war in Ukraine before this already horrific catastrophe spirals out of control and ends up leading, indeed, to World War III. And this would be a war no like other war because this would be a nuclear war.”

Trump also argues, “Russia’s invasion of Ukraine would have never happened if I was in the White House – not even thinkable, not even a possibility…We must end this ridiculous war and demand peace in Ukraine now, before it gets worse, and believe it or not, it would be easy to do. It would be very easy to do.”

Here is the video: