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Breaking Update: U.S. Capitol Police Officer Slain

Happening Now: There’s been a violent incident at the U.S. Capitol.

While the facts may change as the investigation continues, currently the reports are that a suspect rammed his vehicle into a barricade close to the Capitol Dome area. He exited the vehicle with a knife and was shot.

Two U.S. Capitol Police Officers were injured during the incident and may have been struck by the vehicle. Both officers were transported to a hospital as was the suspect. One of the officers was transported by Medivac helicopter.

This is a breaking news story and will be updated as warranted…

UPDATE #2 – One officer has died from his injuries.

UPDATE #1 – The suspect is dead.




  1. David says:

    LMAO Thanks weeks I am glad you enjoy my sarcastic sense of humor But I dear this country is in terminal trouble Take care my friend

  2. David says:

    So they say this person who parked his car into a barricade and killed an officer was a faithful follower of Louis Faragoon Now that is a real racist. I wonder if his family will get millions?? If they didn’t have the barricade in his way and if the officers were not there none of this would have happened and he might still be alive but it kind of depends what he had plans to do with the knife maybe he was applying for a cook’s job

  3. David says:

    Spark please educate me on the sites you say are left wing I would love to hear what they have to say I listen to it on this site are those the sites that have Al Sharpless and Louis Faragoon and a few others???

  4. David says:

    Spark and I bet you think the left is full of brilliant minds LMAO Biden Pelosi Harris and AOC Schumer are all the proof you need And we need to disband the police and let ANTIFA and BLM just have fun

  5. Darcy says:

    Do you know what a crying shame is? It’s a bus load of democrats from the White House going over a cliff with three empty seats belonging to Biden, Harris & Pelosi. But you are right, they will somehow blame Trump for this, they have to keep stirring the pot!!

  6. jkryanspark says:

    Right wing America has become a niche for the utterly stupid. Trump has you idiots convinced you have half a brain while he laughs at you behind your backs. The left thanks Trump for diluting the conservative movement in the USA. We mock you!

    • Grace says:

      If it ever entered a Conservative mind to attack the Capital, they wouldn’t bring a knife when everyone knows, conservatives carry guns. Jihad carry knives.

    • bruce says:

      There is no evidence this was right wing anything. You have no reason to mock anyone.

      • jkryanspark says:

        Our mocking you has nothing to do about what happened today, but about how the conservative movement has devolved since the Tea Party (whose roots go deeper). If you could read this and other right wing comment sections with an open mind, you’d understand. It’s as if the writers place a political foe on the seat of a carnival dunk tank and you people stand in line, spastically throwing balls at the bullseye, trying to knock the left into the water. No nuance. No substance. Nothing but hyenas trying to get at the red meat. Do any of you ever go to left wing sites and challenge those who post with ideas, or are you satisfied with cathartic and juvenile pandering?

        • ck says:

          I’ve often wondered that myself Spark. I come on these right leaning websites to try to see the other point of view. Every once in awhile there are some people who I actually learn something from, but for the most part, they are clueless brainwashed idiots. Sad!!!

          • Sandra Pare says:

            Funny! That’s what we say about you all! Perhaps you should look at the people who do the blaming, it’s the leader (present day) that are always finger pointing and trying to divert the blame from themselves. Anyone with 1 brain cell knows that the oldest trick in the book for trying to deceive someone. I don’t think you have an open mind, I think your brains leaked out! But that’s just my opinion.

    • Sharon Stanley says:

      Not hardly!

    • William Flynn says:

      Barnum and Bailey said there’s a sucker born every second and your absolute proof of that. If your a biden supporter then your in the extreme minority cause that ship already sunk. He invited 11 million illegal aliens to come over because thats the only way Democrats can get some idiots to vote for them. Biden is 100% to blame for the mess at the border. The enemies of this country have never been more pleased than what they are right now. They like you and they want you to keep supporting biden.

  7. Anthony says:

    Probably Antifa. Sounds like some dumb Democrat. Only a stupid left wing nut job would try storming the capital with only a knife.

    • ck says:

      Yeah, cause we all know that trump supporters bring spears, bats, bear spray and anything else they can get their grubby little hands on to kill law enforcement officers they swear they are behind. All you people do is lie, lie ,lie!!!

  8. FED UP says:

    Washington under attack, call out the guard, arm the missiles, politicians change your “DEPENDS”, protect the commies at all costs…..

  9. Dennis Sumner says:

    Just guessin…..antifa hero wanna be pizzed off cuz Slojoe isnt giving em everything they want (yet)! Probably worse a Trump shirt over his black pj’s to throw off the liberal idiots!!

  10. CornPop says:

    It was that Republican Representative who broke Pelosi’s Mask and Search Rules (which she doesn’t follow) and had his pay docked $5000.

  11. Holly Rose says:

    Bet that trump had something to do with the attack because it would be just like him to do this to remain in the limelight. trump needs to be put away with the rest he has incarcerated at Gitmo and those trump has jailed should be set free. What trump has done is totally unjust. I want to see justice done and trump locking up political prisoners should be stopped and set free. This is really uncalled for.

    • Robert says:

      Don’t forget to blame Trump for Tornadoes, hurricanes,Floods and Blizzards!
      You libertards never cease to amaze me!

      • mervin says:

        Yep, all that snow in Texas had to be Trump’s fault. Probably that last bunch of tornadoes and hurricane.

    • Lillie C Allgaier says:

      Have you EVER fact-checked a single thing? I’ll bet you still think Trump told you to inject yourself with bleach. Frankly, I wish you had listened to that fake news spin. So dumb – just repeat something over and over until it is accepted as a fact, when all anybody (even an idiot) needed to do was go online and actually LOOK and LISTEN to the actual footage of what he said. And the Democrats did that repeatedly and still are. Being obnoxious and competent is WAY better than an old man with dementia and a whore as President and Vice President.

    • jeff says:

      you need to ease up on the kool-aid

    • mike says:

      Dont think you know what you’re talking about . monkey see monkey do , of you can train a monkey . grab a limb hun your training starts immediately . open your good eye lady our country is in worse shape now than ever if you don’t think other countries don’t want ours . Better wake up stop watching TV ( JUST ANOTHER TRUMP HATER THAT’S ALL)

    • Cynthia Lease says:

      Get thefacts first before you conjecture what you think ,hater

    • MIKE says:

      Here we are folks, it’s really true, there are some things that just can’t be fixed besides climate change. STUPID IS #1. LIBERAL IS #2 (literally), BECAUSE OF #1. FEEL FREE TO ADD TO THIS STARTER LIST!!

      GO TRUMP 2024-2028-2032————–

    • bruce says:

      You don’t this had anything to do with Conservatives, Trump of anything else. You just want to spew lies somewhere…He hasn’t locked political people because Pelosi and Biden and Schumer would be the 1st to go. In fact, that’s not a bad idea.heck, the current gov. are making so many enemies, that you can pick any one of millions who have gotten screwed by this Admin.

    • Antonio says:

      Holly Rose, the excrement hasn’t hit the fan yet! It is going to hit, near future, and all of you Communist loving ignorants will go, when the patroit find out who you are! As the masterful Donald Trump said, we are not going to let our country succumb to Communism! You want Communism because you think the Communist are going to pay for everything that you get. We will be looking for those who did not reject Communism and are living off those of us who lost our wealth to give you an undeserving life of ease. Your sorry ass and your compatriots will be sought out, and what you have accumulated that once belonged to others, will be taken from you and burned, because no American would want anything you have defiled, being a Communist!!!

  12. David says:

    And the Illegal he was going to buy a stolen gun from got sent to another state Colorado I think LMAO

  13. David says:

    LOL Allen the reason he brought a knife was because he had a parking ticket ten years ago and that stopped him from getting a gun LOL

  14. Keith Clark says:

    Let me guess…..
    White Male Trump Supporter with MAGA tattooed to his forehead?

    • Allen says:

      Cannot be a Trump supporter. Has to be a Democrat. Moron brought a knife to a gun fight.

    • Lillie C Allgaier says:

      Much more likely to be someone who had his ‘good paying job’ yanked out from under him after he had signed contracts assuring him of work, got married, bought a house, had a kid (or three) … Not just the Pipeline workers but all the small companies that made supplies, parts, etc. – and who aren’t in a position now financially to move to China to work on solar panels. Many, MANY small towns relied on oil / gas / fracking and Biden LIED HIS ASS off to get their votes.