Buttigieg Blames ‘Climate Change’ for THIS?? (Video)

Pete Buttigieg

(TheRedAlertNews.com) – In a new case of a high-profile Democrat blaming all kinds of developments on “climate change,” US Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg has argued that a spike in severe flight turbulence has been caused by so-called global warming.

See a video of Buttigieg’s remarks during a TV interview below!

During an appearance on CBS’ “Face the Nation,” Buttigieg advocated for a comprehensive reevaluation of how severe weather events are managed and called for a significant strengthening of the nation’s infrastructure in response to the increasing instances of extreme flight turbulence.

Buttigieg claimed climate change had tangible effects on transportation systems across the country.

“The reality is, the effects of climate change are already upon us in terms of our transportation,” he said, further elaborating on the various manifestations of this issue, including unprecedented heatwaves capable of damaging critical transit infrastructure in the Pacific Northwest.

He noted the alarming trend of increased turbulence.

“We’ve seen that in the form of everything from heat waves that shouldn’t statistically even be possible threatening to melt the cables of transit systems in the Pacific Northwest,” Buttigieg said, and referenced data indicating a significant rise in turbulence, “indications that turbulence is up by about 15%.”

Supporting his observations, a 2019 study published in the scientific journal Nature corroborated the increase in turbulence, specifically identifying a 15% rise in vertical shear within jet streams since the late 1970s.

This statistic underscores the growing challenges faced by aviation due to changing atmospheric conditions.

The urgency of these issues was starkly illustrated by a recent event involving Singapore Airlines flight SQ321, which encountered severe turbulence during its journey from London to Singapore.

The incident resulted in injuries to more than 30 passengers and is suspected to have contributed to the death of a British man, who possibly suffered a heart attack as a result.

“To be clear, something that extreme is very rare. But turbulence can happen and sometimes it can happen unexpectedly,” Buttigieg stated.

He expressed a commitment to maintaining the high safety standards of aviation, which is regarded as the safest mode of transport in the United States.

“This is all about making sure that we stay ahead of the curve, keeping aviation as safe as it is. It’s not for nothing that it became the safest form of travel in America. We’ve got to treat that not as some mission accomplished,” the transportation secretary argued.

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