California Will Now Give THIS To All Illegal Aliens!?!

( – The state of California has moved to grant free health insurance to illegal immigrants gushing through the US-Mexican border even as millions of Americans cannot afford the same type of access to health services.

The measure was included in California’s budget for the 2023 fiscal year beginning on October 1, 2022, released by the state’s Democrat Governor, Gavin Newsom. The provision gives all illegal immigrants free health insurance paid for by the state – regardless of their age.

Medi-Cal, California’s state health insurance program, was already providing coverage to illegals older than 50 and younger than 26, plus recipients of the DACA (“Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals”) federal program.

The next state budget is expanding the existing health insurance scheme for illegal immigrants who have violated the border and territorial integrity of the United States.

As of January 1, 2024, it will give free health care – free for the illegals and paid for by the residents of California – to about 700,000 illegals aged 26-49.

Meanwhile, Mexico started a new policy toward illegal immigrants from South and Central America heading for the United States, The Daily Mail reported. The Mexican government is now handing them permits for staying in the country for 30 days – supposedly to help break up the illegal immigrant caravans forming at the country’s southern border, which then cross all of Mexico to reach the US.

The new policy is supposed to allow illegals to stay in Mexico legally to pursue American immigration procedures. However, the report warns that the measure will likely have the opposite effect – it will now enable the illegals to not travel solely on foot but also to use other means of transportation and reach the US border even faster.

“We are going to continue to the United States in buses because we already have the permit. We no longer need to walk,” William Molina, a Venezuelan headed towards the US with ten relatives, said as he got his Mexican government permit.

Thus, those illegals who make it to California will soon be able to enjoy the benefits of Gavin Newsom’s free health insurance regardless of age.