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Charles Barkley: Athletes Should Get Vaccine First

Former professional basketball player Charles Barkley argues that professional athletes should get “preferential treatment” and go to the front of the line for the COVID-19 vaccine. Why? Because of the amount of taxes they pay.

Specifically, Barkley stated, “As much taxes as these players pay, they deserve some preferential treatment.”

If you find it hard to believe that anyone would make such a provocative statement, watch the video below.

After you’ve watched the video, share your thoughts in the comment section. Do you agree or disagree with Charles Barkley that professional athletes should get “preferential treatment” and go to the front of the line for the COVID-19 vaccine because of the amount of taxes they pay? Why or why not?


  1. Brian says:

    What an ass. You take care of the aged and infirm first. Unless you count his mental disability to see that, he doesn’t count.

  2. Bonnie says:

    Barkley, you need a touch of reality. There are people out here in the REAL world that need a shot before athletes. I suppose you wanted the shot before front line workers too. You are a inconsiderate man and an jackass.

  3. Susy S. says:

    Give me a break! They are among the healthiest in this country yet they want to take the vax away from us older folks with health problems?
    What aren’t you getting paid those millions this month when most folks are hungry for a meal, worried about keeping a roof over their children’s heads. Y’all should be ashamed of yourselves for crying like babies, just be good and ask God to protect you.
    I never watch sports and I surely ain’t going to now. Suck it up boys you’ll be on the next list, do good, and love your mothers.

  4. alissa gonzales says:

    So now the pro athletes are privilege. Because they make so much more money then the blue collar and the working class workers. So you pay more taxes so what.

  5. Waiting says:

    let them go to their masters in red china and get it. then they can just stay there and see if anyone misses them

  6. fleck ian says:

    should be last they are fit and should be ok but the big wussies are scared

  7. Jeff1955 says:

    That’s quite ok with me. I have a healthy immune system and I don’t believe in vaccines anyway. President Trump tried his best to tell the nation about using a prophylactic as a deterrent, hydroxychloroquine. But was instead overruled and took the vaccine approach as demanded by Facci and camp. There have been deaths by vaccines including this one in the past…there’s risk in either path we choose. May God bless everyone.

  8. Mark S says:

    A good percentage of pro athletes are scumbags period

  9. Jeff says:

    Yes Sir Mr. Barkley and shall we give that shot to All of you with a solid Gold Needle. What a Bunch of B.S. Just because they pay more Taxes, They only pay the Taxes they do because of the Outrageous Over Paid Salary’s they make to play a friggin Game. As far as I’m concerned they deserve Nothing. When the Assholes started Hitting their Knees during the National Anthem every one of them Who did it were Dead to Me and so was Sports. I will never watch another Game, buy another Ticket or a Piece of Sports Merchandise. And as For Preferential Treatment, If anyone Deserves it, It would be First Responders, Teachers, Military Personnel, Doctors, Nurses and the Elderly, Etc….The best thing Mr. Barkley and the rest of these Traitors to Our Country can do is Keep Quiet and stay out of the Publics View. Because if Biden and Harris and the rest of the Dems get their way we will All (Including Them) Be Getting Paid in Chinese Yuan, or Russian Rubles, If we get Paid at all.

    • Olive says:

      Is Barkley that selfish of a person? Maybe he would push his own elderly mother aside so that HE can get the vaccination first??? Please!!! Why do we even repeat the kind of nonsense that comes from selfish people like him?

  10. bob onit says:

    Pro athletes should get a clue

  11. Cg says:

    Let them get the shots Chomo got and did not refrigerate.They get high salaries to spew how great someone is.Keep kneeling on the sideline. You might be lucky to be remembered as a ass hole that no one cares about!

  12. PATRIOT says:

    they the whole f sports systems of pro asses go f yourselfs since they dont respect the flag ive boycotted them if we all do this no buying sports gear tickets to games watch games they will go broke. its SPORTS DUMP ASSES NOT POLITICS.

    • Gregory Sotir says:

      Cheat and liers.
      If real.
      Level of risk not taxes paid.
      It is just like jocks I grew up with..
      Demented jerk
      Used to throw fast ball 105mph

      • Gregory Sotir says:

        Forgot we need jocks and politicians to be tested rats.

        Takes 10 years to know if vaccine is safe.rushed
        Rushed vaccine(if it is a vaccine)
        Is not safe.

  13. James says:

    Let them have it I am not going to take it and if the cry baby, super rich, have no clue about what really is going on pro athletes that keep claiming their bogus social justice and prove how racist most of them truly are end up sick or worse because of it then whatever. I am tired of some of the wealthiest people in America whining about how poorly they are treated when they obviously are being treated like kings and queens.

  14. Rocky says:

    When these same pro athletes insist that any endorsement deal they make that requires manufacturing of any kind needs to be done in America by Americans irregardless of race not some illegal squatter either. That includes Barkley! Then spend some of their millions helping the Americans
    that need help and I mean Americans without subjecting it to a race test.
    Then these same prema-donnas need to get in line behind all those teachers, past and present. and all military personnel both past and present that put their lives on the line for these parasites to have the opportunity to get paid millions to play games. Then they need to get behind all those Americans who blindly paid taxes so these jerks could go to school and play sports to get that special chance. that is unless they are total cowards which is what Barkley makes them sound like. Maybe we should start to have a special category where future special athletes have to do military service for 3 years before they can be drafted into the NFL etc..

    • Ran Win says:

      Well said.
      They still do not get that people are tired of them spewing their opinions instead of going out and doing something to help.
      NBA NFL Examples of business’s that do not understand fans are their ( or were)
      the customers.

  15. J.S. says:

    Oh please. The virus has shown us they are non-esst,and there politics have should us their stupid. Stick with the plan, they’ll find a way to steal it.

  16. RALPH a YANT says:

    charlie i think that you just stepped in a pile of dog shit with your comment. and i thought that you had some smarts, but i guess i was wrong…

  17. C.A. says:

    Charles Barkley: Athletes Should Get Vaccine First. I agree let the “Government” use them as guinea pigs and not me or my loved ones!

  18. Well he has a point! There should be an established floating poverty level below which you are not taxed, and there should be a fully paid up citizen level of earning beyond which you get to keep 100% of the money you earn after the max. That would encourage folks to achieve even more so. That said is there any real benefit to athletes in society?
    Personally I like to see individuals excel. But teams where the only thing that’s constant is the mascot not so much….

  19. Thomas Calder says:

    The sports players should stop there crying they should stop sports all together they make too much money for playing a dam game.

  20. Holly Rose says:

    Athletes should get the vaccine because of their activity with all that huffing and puffing and spewing their viruses around they should be the first to get vaxed.

  21. joseph m. archer says:

    True,athletes pay a lot in taxes.Look at the money they make,which is out of sight for average workers pay.For the amount of money I get per year, I pay far more in taxes than any athlete does! As for me I don’watch nor like basketball!!!

  22. Wendy Goode says:

    Are you kidding me. You have to pay more taxes because of the millions you get for playing a game. You don’t deserve to go to the head of the line because you’re rich! Wait your turn like everyone else.

  23. Annie says:

    That’s great. Let’s see how they do with the vaccines tainted with mRNA and microchip! I will never receive the vaccine. It’s unethical, unnecessary, dangerous, not well- studied because of the “rush.” It’s worse than getting Covid because your DNA will change and your immune system won’t recognize the problem to allow your natural immunity to react properly. Do your own research. Don’t rely on the narrative of MSM and social media.

  24. G says:

    To say wealthy people regardless of age should go to the head of the line for healthcare because they pay more in taxes is saying what to people? China owns the NBA players and league, because China is manufacturing NBA merchandise paying labor $3/hour at best. Quit watching the NBA years ago, not just because of the politics they play today, but it became like watching a bull fight as the defense just lets the player run down the lane with pathetic defense, Ole. Scores appear to be like the old ABA days.

  25. BJ says:

    Well, he hasn’t changed much since his playing days. Selfish, inconsiderate, still trying to be in the headlines
    Poor rich guys. I am sick of their political crap.

  26. Deb says:

    Take him out and shoot him. He is such an ASS!

  27. jjv says:

    Pro athletes pay a lot of taxes only because of their exorbitant earnings compared to the general population.
    Following this logic, immunization should be according to one’s income.
    Is this a policy we want to enbrace?

  28. Kim says:

    Athletes are definitely NOT NECESSARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. Joyce A. Ohler says:

    They should be in group 5 to get the shot!!! OH we don’t have a group 5 in other words your no better than any other person out there….

  30. Ruth says:

    Who the heck does he think he is? Maybe we should let his parents go to the back of the line. I wonder what he would think of that or does he think he is God almighty that he should decide to give young players who kneel for our anthem the shot first when alot of these older men and women fought for our country to make sure that these self centered players (not all of them) would be able to have the job that they have. How about the players go and fight for our country and then maybe he might have a point. How dare him even go there!! What a self centered person he is!!

  31. Ken says:

    LBarkley you are just like your golf game, YOU LOOK A UNCOORINATED POS

  32. Bobby says:

    What a “JACK ASS” who would expect anything different from Barkley?? They are already overpaid and that’s the only special treatment they get and that’s not deserving that’s why I don’t watch along with being a disgrace in their respect of our COUNTRY!!

  33. Ken says:

    Yea get the fuck out!! Go to China!!! I like Barkley , but go to Hell Barkley. They are over paid, they support BLM, they take a knee to the National Anthem ! What more do the American people need to watch as our country becomes a third world!! You know what Barkley you can have my shot and all you privilege people that deserve it over everybody else!!!! Barkley and everybody that believes the way he does! Well I’ll just call you people the AOC’s in this world!!!

  34. Kim Lovell says:

    It is sad to hear Mr.Barkley’s point of view. So, using his logic, if you have money, hence paying ” the amount of taxes being paid “, the rich get preferred treatment. Spoken like a true liberal, socialist. The poor and struggling working middle class Americans, who keep this country try going don’t deserve it. It is the working people , your front line people that are keeping this contry open today. Not the billionaire athletics living in the their bubbles,

  35. Bill says:

    S0 u be sayin only rich ppl get the vax?
    That’s refreshing! I thot u was gonna say cos theys black an dserve it first!

  36. Ed Cohen says:

    Only 1 kind of shot I’d give to those kneeling multimillionaire VICTIMS , Barkley are you on crack????

  37. a veteran says:

    Pro Athletes pay so much taxes because they are WAY OVERPAID to begin with. The sniffling a–hole players that kneel for the flag don’t even deserve to be paid, as they are disrespecting our great nation in doing so. You don’t like our nation, then get the fuck out. We don’t need you.

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