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Chicago Mayor Wants Civilians to Oversee Police

Everyone knows the City of Chicago has one of the worst crime problems in America. Now, instead of focusing on beefing up the police department and making sure the officers have all the tools they need to combat violence in Chicago, Mayor Lori Lightfoot wants to put civilians in charge of the police.

According to a number of reports we’ve reviewed, Lightfoot wants to completely restructure how the police department is supervised and managed.

Lightfoot stated in a press release:

This proposal will significantly overhaul how the Chicago Police Department’s leadership and members are overseen, managed and held accountable when necessary,” said Mayor Lightfoot. “Creating a civilian commission like this one has long been a goal of mine and it will allow us to continue making progress in our mission to holistically reform our police department. I want to thank everyone who helped to craft this historic ordinance and look forward to working that much harder to ensure Chicago’s police ultimately answer to the residents they serve.” [emphasis added]

Share your opinion about Mayor Lightfoot’s plan to “holistically reform” the Chicago Police Department by emailing [email protected]. Does this plan sound to you like what Chicago needs to stem the atrocious number of murders that take place there every week?

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