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CNN Does It Again

Ever since his 2016 election to the highest office in the land, President Donald J. Trump has complained that the mainstream media has treated him unfairly. In fact, he’s been making his treatment by the press an issue since even before his election.

Today, as if to prove Trump’s point about media bias, CNN provided yet another example of how the network seemingly goes out of its way to interfere when the president is addressing the nation. And, it did so during the opening day of the Republican National Convention.

As The Hill observed, “CNN cut away from President Trump‘s address to delegates at the Republican National Convention in Charlotte, N.C., on Monday, with anchor Anderson Cooper arguing that the president’s speech was composed of ‘the most recent greatest hits and false statements’ regarding mail-in voting.”

Of course, as is often the case, Fox News and MSNBC continued to carry the president’s remarks even though CNN had stopped.

Further, as The Hill noted, this is far from the treatment that CNN gave the Democratic National Convention.

“The network didn’t cut in to any speeches for fact-checks at the Democratic National Convention last week, drawing criticism from mostly those on the right.”

Clearly, when it comes to CNN, there are two standards for covering the national political conventions.