CNN Libs Stunned by Bombshell Admission (Video)

( – Perhaps the clearest sign so far that the leftist legal repression onslaught against Donald Trump is going nowhere has just emerged out of CNN where even liberal host Jake Tapper has been shocked by disgraced former lawyer Michael Cohen’s admission that he had stolen money from the Trump Organization.

See the video of Tapper’s reaction below!

Cohen, the attorney who facilitated a $130,000 payment to former adult film actress Stormy Daniels, disclosed to defense lawyer Todd Blanche that he had misappropriated $30,000 from Donald Trump’s organization to grant himself an unearned bonus in connection with the reimbursement transaction.

CNN’s Jake Tapper expressed his astonishment at the disclosure that Cohen had embezzled funds from the Trump Organization, noting the prosecution’s failure to highlight this earlier.

“It’s fascinating stuff, and I have to say, I’m still kind of reeling from the revelation that Michael Cohen stole money from the Trump Organization and that wasn’t, at least to my knowledge, that the prosecution didn’t get that out earlier because it’s not as though the prosecution is going to be helped by further evidence that Michael Cohen is a shady character … that was just kind of stunning,” Tapper stated.

Laura Coates, CNN’s chief legal analyst, was similarly surprised that the prosecution did not emphasize Cohen’s confession or his known dishonesty.

She speculated that portraying Cohen as unreliable could suggest that Trump was unaware of the actual financial transactions.

“If they can establish Michael Cohen as somebody who is not to be trusted about the amount of money as well, then they might be able to suggest that Donald Trump had no idea what he was truly paying,” Coates remarked.

According to The Guardian, Cohen received a $150,000 bonus in 2015 and a subsequent $50,000 bonus the following year.

He confessed in testimony that he misled Allen Weisselberg, the CFO of the Trump Organization, by requesting $50,000 to compensate IT company RedFinch, though he only forwarded $20,000 and kept the remaining $30,000 for himself.

The manipulated payment subsequently netted him an additional $60,000 after taxes were accounted for.

During the proceedings, Blanche inquired, “So you stole from the Trump Organization?” to which Cohen replied, “Yes sir.”

Cohen also sought reimbursement for payments made to the tech company alongside the hush money to Daniels, intended to conceal an alleged affair between her and Trump prior to the 2016 presidential election.

Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg has indicted Trump on 34 counts, alleging that he falsified business records to cover the reimbursements to Cohen for the payments to Daniels, which were mischaracterized as legal fees.

CNN’s panel earlier noted that Cohen’s admission might introduce “reasonable doubt” in Bragg’s case against Trump, given Cohen’s fraudulent activities. Elie Honig, a CNN legal analyst, emphasized the impact of Cohen’s actions on the case.

“This is a bomb, this is really important. This is a bomb dropped in the middle of the prosecution’s case,” Honig explained.

“Michael Cohen was stealing from Donald Trump. He was lying to people about what he was doing with money, he pocketed at least the $30,000 by lying to Weisselberg … $60,000, which by the way, this is crushing to the prosecution’s credibility because the prosecution did not ask Michael Cohen about that on direct and they haven’t made him plead guilty to larceny, which this is, so let’s start with that,” Honig concluded.

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