Coal and Oil-Fired Power Plants Being Reactivated

Power Plant

( – In the latest sign that “green energy” cannot meet the world’s demand for energy, Germany is on the verge of reigniting coal- and oil-fired power plants in anticipation of Russia stopping the delivery of natural gas to meet its energy needs.

As Bloomberg notes in “Germany to Bring Back Coal Power Plants If Russia Cuts Gas“:

“Germany plans to bring back coal- and oil-fired power plants should Russia cut off natural gas shipments to Europe’s largest economy…

“Germany is resorting to desperate measures to keep the lights on and its massive industrial parks running, turning to dirty fuels even if that means a surge in carbon emissions. The nation has almost six gigawatts of facilities that are currently part of a national reserve, many of which were supposed to be closed down as part of the coal phase-out plan.” [emphasis added]


Coal plants will be reactivated if Russian President Vladimir Putin threatens a gas cutoff, a government official said. That would trigger the second of a three-stage Germany’s gas emergency plan.

“The emergency decree would allow the government to activate the coal facilities without approval from parliament for up to six months.” [emphasis added]

Bottom line: Germany may be just the first of many countries to realize it doesn’t have the domestic resources when it comes to green energy to meet its energy needs even as it is phasing out carbon-based energy resources.

What is your opinion? Do you believe too many countries, including the United States of America, are phasing out oil- and coal-fired power plants when they don’t have enough green energy resources to make up for energy loss? Please email [email protected] with your thoughts. Thank you.