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Colorado Will Give Public Housing to Illegal Immigrants

It’s a safe bet that many of the thousands of illegal immigrants currently entering the United States – not to mention those already here – will now head to Colorado.


Colorado is one signature away from providing housing benefits to residents regardless of immigration status — a first-of-its-kind policy in the U.S., according to state officials,” according to The Denver Post.

The Senate followed in the House’s footsteps on Tuesday, giving final passage to a bill that would affect the roughly 180,000 people estimated to be living in Colorado without authorization.

Colorado’s Department of Local Affairs, which administers housing assistance programs and requested that lawmakers bring this bill, believes the state will be the first in the nation to allow people “to apply for, and receive, state-funded public housing assistance regardless of immigration status,” spokesman Brett McPherson said… [emphasis added]

Under the bill, Coloradans living in the U.S. without authorization will benefit not only from emergency pandemic housing assistance but all forms of state housing assistance moving forward.

“One GOP senator who opposed the bill, John Cooke of Weld County, said he believes the state should have kept the immigration status requirement, and that government funding should not benefit anyone living in this country without legal permission.

“‘They need to get in line and come into this country legally, like millions of other people have,’ he said. ‘Taxpayer money shouldn’t be funding these people staying here.'” [emphasis added]

For more on this report, please go to The Denver Post.

Please share your thoughts about this report in the comment section. Should illegal immigrants receive public housing benefits? Why or why not?


  1. John john says:

    we are living in a empire that is collapsing.

  2. Jack Spring says:

    Something to ponder – a lot of people did not vote for s-f-b Biden, they voted against Trump.

  3. David says:

    LMAO Vermont is giving vaccines to anyone who is not white they are giving free food and housing and vaccines to illegals in the border and in Colorado and Californication Oregon and a few more states Maybe we can vote in some more liberal democrats and really make sesame street out of America

  4. Lemont Cranston says:

    Is this a government decision or a “people” decision? If people’s, then let their tax money fund it. If a government decision, then let them dig in their own pockets and fund it! the people need to sue if the governor refuses. They are illegals!!!

  5. Chris Brewer says:

    Illegal immigrant democrats.Democrats purchasing votes with American tax payer dollars. Is this legal right in front of our eyes? Is it normal to open borders, and let it be flooded with illegal, infected people with covid? And induce a human Crisis that we all knew would happen, but the CDC ignores situation at the border? If any truth ever comes outta MSM” It’ll be censored.ITS all drama played out by some pretty good elite Actors…Dominion scanners be telling the truth. Like to see them cover that up!

  6. M Hess says:

    There you go Coloradans … you get what you vote for. Nice work!

  7. David says:

    They don’t call it the mile HIGH city for nothing they must be smoking some really potent stuff probably from South America LMAO

  8. AJM says:

    Democrats could fuck up a rubber duck trying to make it quack…Ol Useless JOE should see how many he can put in his basement……….what a corrupt LOSER

  9. Nyleve Nonnel says:

    Someone else said it, where is housing for are vets. They have been shitted on long enough. Give them housing, food stamps, heat and. A/C supplement their bills, they earned it

  10. Nyleve Nonnel says:

    Good for Colorado, they can stay there. We will still pay the bills. They’ll get additional grants, funds, whatever. There’s going to be a civil war in Colorado. The people living there, aren’t going to be happy about it. The Senate should have them in public housing in THEIR neighborhood. We don’t live in that kind of neighborhood. They don’t want them anywhere they live. Just wait for all hell to break loose.

  11. Driller says:

    What the hell are you doing CO Govt. giving illegals public housing! Who the hell do you think you are? We have vets that are homeless and you won’t even help then but you help the illegals with tax payer dollars, this money is not yours to spend as you please, it is up to the tax payer and we sure as hell don’t want to pay for somebody that has not ever contributed to America. If this country is so damn racist and you think this country needs changed why does everybody want to come here then?

  12. Cooper says:

    Never in all my days upon this earth could I have ever conceived or imagined that there would come a day in this country when people who enter our country without permission would be rewarded, using our hard earned taxes to accommodate them. This is the epitome of taxation without true representation.

  13. Umesh Choksi says:

    NO Illegal immigrante do not get anything free. First let them be legal and come to this country like most of legal residents. They should learn the language of the land (english) if they want to live in this country.

  14. All the homeless in this country and they do not get free housing. Americans are the new second class. If you need help act spanish.

  15. Nanadar says:

    We need to stick together and write to your gov’t officials. When the cancel culture hits us like in GA, we have to stand together and say NO THANKS! They want companies to move out of GA because they don’t like the voting laws. Who are these people? GA wants voter ID to vote just like flying on a plane…makes sense. Colorado is the tip of the iceberg, if it comes to your state….make sure to contact your gov’t officials!

  16. Gitmo says:

    There you go, blacks help get these worthless demorats elected now there goes all there free housing we pay for!! Lol. Theyll have to deal with imigrates! I smell a battle of ethics coming! Imigrates will get there free money and housing! Wonder if Biden will give them free cell phones like obama did blacks?
    Crazy demorats! There ruining this country!

    • Earl Lee says:

      There you go again,blaming another
      race for a decision that was made by a small group of people that were not black and for this decision to be signed into law a white man must sign it. Education is a good thing it will help you understand what really took place,without pointing fingers.

      • Nyleve Nonnel says:

        Why don’t you unscribe from this site. You have nothing, that’s worth saying. Now if you were intelligent, that would be a different story. Your a moran, face it. Get off this site, the people that contribute their intellectual comments, don’t care what you say. I’m replying to tell you so.

  17. David Smith says:

    Maybe they could use all that housing to help our homeless people There are thousands of empty government buildings that we pay for they could turn them into homes to help the homeless Rehab place for the drug addicts and down here where I live we have a lot of mentally disabled walking the street living in those grocery carts and sleeping in them Maybe our government or the states could help those people Also stop sending aid to the countries who don’t want the Illegals back and use that money to transport them back home.

  18. David Smith says:

    This is what the people who voted for Biden and keep saying we are picking on poor old Joe get This is your president and your Illegals not mine I bet Trump would not have done this or let it get so out of control we are at the point of no return and now you will have to get the vaccine to go any where Even Hitler would be happy with Biden Harris and Pelosi

  19. Mona Sullivan says:

    No, there are millions of legal Americans living here that deserve what illegal immigrants will get. Take care of our own first. Like the old saying goes” thse care of family first”. Wht should they get anything free when we have homeless Americans needing help.

  20. Honest says:

    Good Job Colorado !!! Make sure you keep em there~

    • Worse thing that could happen to this country! All of those illegals should be deported, we have enough trouble supporting ourselves without having to support illegals! I think all illegals should be transported to Pelosis house and let her support them!

    • Milan says:

      There is no border patrol in Colorado. Once they are in there they have free access to all the surrounding states and the entire U S. Send them all to Pelosis’ house or back where they came from.



  22. Jack Springi says:

    Illegals don’t contribute anything, therefore don’t get anything. It’s discouraging and disgusting that they aren’t taking care of Americans first. CHARITY BEGINS AT HOME!!! All they deserve is a free ride back to the border.

    • Michael Domnik says:

      You can complain all you want it still any gonna do anything if there here there here there not going to do anything about it

  23. Big JT says:

    Having been one of the homeless living on the streets, it occurs to me that in would make more sense to first house the homeless that are already here rather than take in illegal imagrants. There are way to many homeless veterans on the streets and we as a country have ignored their pliate while bringing in people who have broken the laws of this country by their very presence here. We are rewarding law breakers while ignoring our country’s heroes. Please explain the reasoning behind such ignorance. We owe the illegals nothing but our vets everything but we are going in the opposite direction of common sense. Our vets were willing to put their lives on the line for our freedoms and the illegals are doing their best to take those same right and freedoms away.

  24. Terry says:

    Help fight illegal immigration, join:

  25. Holly Rose says:

    Where in the world are they going to bivouac these immigrants? In regarding housing Portland was talking about having Portlanders accept homeless into their homes to take care of the blight of homeless camped out in our streets. Is this what Colorado has planned?

  26. Larry Jordan says:

    Illegal aliens. Wait, I’m sorry, joe says we can’t use
    that terminology. They are undocumented migrants. They
    get motel rooms and our homeless veterans gets the sidewalk.

  27. I believe this is just the beginning for the new communist leaders of our nation. They will not deport any of the vermin that has entered our country illegally and they do not intend to build a wall to restrict every mongrel on the world to enter our country. We all know this is insanity, but when can this be stopped? Joe Sleepy Biden doesn’t have a clue, just repeal everything that Trump has done. At this rate in four years, I believe you will not recognize this country. Elections have consequences and corruption is running wild.

  28. BC says:

    I’m so glad there are many of us who feel that this country is going down the tubes – we MUST wakeup! If we don’t stop this nonsense then there will be no election in 2024 – the left (commies) will get everything done by next year – Biden is a loser and Harris is a radical commie – they want U.S. citizens to be LAST – does that suck or what?

  29. Chris Brewer says:

    I’m pissed, I’m retired, on fixed income. If I go to get a place to live I’m put on a list.That will probably take years For me to get in. Yet illegalls can come here and bounce right in a house for the homeless. I’m sick of this government screwing its own people and acting like the GD saviors of the world. 2 sides double standard, administration POS.Im gona root any illegal out or beat them out. I’m going racial on racist. Democrats are stupid and couldn’t lead AMERICA anywhere but deeper debt and deeper divide. Keep it up, you’ll get a whole lot more than you bargain for.Its really getting bad for normal people to stay normal. Because of all the abnormal shit democrats are imposing on people. I pray to God I never see another Democrat in the Oval office.America is slowly being ripped apart. Meanwhile I’ll protect all my free rights, under the 2nd. Amend.Not afraid to put unwanted government in its place.I simply want and refuse to comply, to laws written outside of the constitution. And when everybody else refuses to comply, Well then America you have a problem.

    • Jack Spring says:

      What do these dumb-asses think they’re accomplishing? They’re headed down a very dangerous path. In s-f-b Joe’s own words, “Don’t under estimate the American people”. He already has and it’s only a matter of time before it becomes obvious.

    • Nyleve Nonnel says:

      Nicely said.

  30. Rev4God says:

    We will see.

  31. Rhina says:

    California it’s where this started I know I live in an gov own mobile park. They over charge us Americans while they give illegal aliens a brake some do not even pay rent. I had no idea our gov was ok to buy property help illegals yet Americans end up basically pushed out of their homes because they make them look like crazy nuts. I been living this yet I know what my rights are and push it back in their face what they are doing. It’s how communist are they take everything from you the Biden Administration is their final fantasy to make sure they destroy America.

  32. illegal is illegal, not hard to understand ! it is not the duty of taxpaying citizens to pay for nor support illegal immigrants who have not paid into the system, all they do is drain the resources of our country. I AM TIRED OF THE DEMONCRATS AND THIER DESTRUCTION OF AMERICA VOTE THEM OUT !!!!

  33. Steve says:

    One of the most beautiful states in the country is now going down the toilet. I hope these people rob all the rich skiers so they never go back again !

  34. DEE SMITH says:


  35. Keith Clark says:

    My God, Liberals are Stupid. What about the Americans living in this housing? Are you just going to put them out on the street? What’s wrong with you people? These are invaders of our Country, CRIMINALS!

  36. Michelle says:

    Immigrants should have to come into this country legally and all USA Laws should apply to them as it does to the Citizens of the USA. If you do not work in the USA, pay USA taxes for any such benefits, you should NOT receive such benefits. USA citizens have worked hard and put in the time and money to these programs and the 2021 Government has abused and spent it like it is literally growing on trees…oh that’s right the current 2021 administration is printing it instead and expecting the hard working citizens to pay the bill again. Wish I could run my business how they run the government, I would never have to balance my check book again! I would just steal it from my cliental, that what they are doing is stealing. If the 2021 administration wants all the immigrants to enter illegally, then you start paying for their housing, medical, etc. With your hidden accounts off shore and earmarks to pad your pockets. I am a third generation and my grandparents, spoke no English (learned it), had no land and the little bit of money in there pockets to start there lives here in the USA. People need to get off there lazy ….. and work for a change and stop thinking your entitled and come here legally. Nothing is Free, someone has to pay and right now the current 2021 administration is giving away USA land, raising taxes -because why… money doesn’t grow on trees – even if you print it!

  37. Janet Hall says:

    US needs to take care of their own. They should not receive social security or free housing. We, the US citizens worked hard for our social security benefits.

  38. bruce says:

    Just plain stupid. But on second thought it might be good all illegal immigrants go to one place so we will know where to go to round them up later after we get rid of the buffoon in charge.

  39. Deb says:

    I have a suggestion, LEGAL Americans should STOP paying Taxes!!! Then when there is no money coming in how can they continue to rob from the tax payers..

  40. rick says:

    The lone,sane voice in the communist Colorado Legislature naturally comes from Weld County! No wonder Weld wants to secede, but I don’t think Wyoming wants any part of a state run by idiots in 2 places: Denver & Boulder! Who the hell voted for these morons? And take that 180,000 figure & at least double it! This crap has been going on under the table for decades!

  41. BevG says:

    Illegal Immigrants SHOULD NOT receive TAXPAYER FUNDED BENEFITS. They should stand behind those that are coming in LEGALLY. THERE SHOULD BE NO REWARDS LIKE HOUSING ASSISTANCE. FOOD STAMP ASSISTANCE, FREE HEALTHCARE OR ANYTHING ELSE THAT IS PAID FOR WITH AMERICAN TAXPAYERS FUNDING. They should be returned to their home countries to apply LEGALLY to enter our country.

  42. Margaret says:

    Juan williams is dumb as a hammer, those girls caused the accident. If they let them go I would sue, they need to pay.

  43. clarabarton says:

    Do Democrats have any idea at all of how many of the hundreds of millions of people around the world are simply waiting for their chance to Come To America as if it is their blessed right?

  44. Ray Wadinski says:

    That’s just plain fucked up! Enjoy!!

    • Tony says:

      Joe Biden is not the president, he is illegal himself, and so he is letting illegals into this country. This man is evil, 👹 open up your eyes people,(GOD ALMIGHTY 💪 Will JUDGE THE WICKED)