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Coming Soon: The Trump Political Party?

The rumors have been flying for months. Now, there is proof that if Donald Trump leaves the Republican Party and forms his own political party many Republicans will join him.

Nearly half of Republicans say they would abandon the party as it is currently structured and join a new party if former President Trump was its leader, according to a new poll released Sunday,” according to The Hill.

A Suffolk University-USA Today poll found that 46 percent of Republicans said they would abandon the GOP and join the Trump party if the former president decided to create one. Only 27 percent said they would stay with the GOP, with the remainder indicating they would be undecided. [emphasis added]

“‘We feel like Republicans don’t fight enough for us, and we all see Donald Trump fighting for us as hard as he can, every single day,’ a Republican and small-business owner from Milwaukee told the newspaper. ‘But then you have establishment Republicans who just agree with establishment Democrats and everything, and they don’t ever push back.'”

For more on this report, go to The Hill.

We cherish free speech. Please share your opinion in the comment section. Would you advise Donald Trump to leave the GOP and form his own political party? If he did so, would you join him?


  1. Dan says:

    Mitch, Mit, Susan, Lisa and Liz are the ones that formed their own party and should be kicked out of politics forever. If Trump started a third party, which I would most certainly follow, what would stop disenters like Mitch & company from doing the same thing? One thing about Democrats is they rarely break rank as wrong as they are about things. Disenters should be voted out of office by showing their constituents that their actions are not the conservative voice. There should be more unity in the conservative party regardless of what we call it.

  2. Mary Posan says:

    ABSOLUTELY! He is the first President that I felt had really good BUSINESS sense and he used it wisely.

  3. Judy Day says:

    Yes I would join with Trumps team. I trust him on everything. He did us good in all ways. Biden is just putting us in the hole. No way out. Biden and Harris need to get out. How many people are waiting to go to the gutter with him. We wont have anything. What is wrong with these republican.

  4. arlene mastro says:

    I most certainly would join the President.

  5. Nyleve Nonnel says:

    I mentioned this to my husband weeks ago. Trump should become independent. Start a party of his own

  6. derrell crawford says:

    trump will need a lot of dedicated ,committed; standup commonsense fighters. because they will be taking on ever corrupt down in the weeds individual looking to make a quick buck. my age is a impediment but i will give it a go

  7. donald stevens says:

    We love you president Trump stand up for America.If you don’t stand up for America no body will I trust you 100 percent.Save us all.

    • I so would, without hesitation because he is God’s Chosen President for these end times!! What we are all seeing unfold in D.C. is Good VS. Evil! Nothing more n nothing less. Biden camp are criminals who just haven’t gotten caught yet, while Trump holds the Jail Keys. They find him so very intimidating so they basically want to do away with him anyway they possibly can. But what Satan (Biden camp) don’t realize is there are Prayer Warrior’s praying for President Trump relentlessly!! That our country is in the middle of Revival!! What does this mean? Well if you’ve seen good guy bad guy movies…the good guy ALWAYS WINS!!! HALELUJAH!!! Thank you JESUS!!! N Trump will win too!! Praise you Jesus!!! Thank you Father!!! Whoo Hoo!!!

  8. donald stevens says:

    I am with you president Trump.Tell all the news media and Democrats go to hell,l don’t understand why the republicans don’t stand up for are rights.Thay are cowards and traitors thay are scared to death of Biden Harris Pelosi,thay have petrayed America thay are getting paid off by the communist party.Trump please start another party we need you.To save America remove McConnell Barr and Romney Pence and the other traitors.Save America.

  9. Laura Vipond says:

    I will always support Donald Trump wherever he goes. He was the Best President of my Lifetime! The Democrats and Soros,Gates, plus others are out spending us, financially! These dark enimies are out to distroy America and all our Country was founded on! Following God and his principles and Our Constitution! They are distroying our schools, colleges, universities, media’s, etc. God Bless America and God Bless President Donald Trump!!

  10. Donna Wickings says:

    I will never use ther social media ever ever again and I will not allow the other fake news channels to decide for me either I am a free thinker and I always check be for I vote enyways I check everything that I can about the people that whant to get alected and there are a bunch that will not get my vote next time they are up I make my own judgement and I still think that more needs to be done about election integrity we need to get rid of dominion voting sistemes and mail in ballots and make it mandatory you have to you’s I’d to vote and I think there should be a time put on it to you should have to have lived here for a minimum of 8 years before you can vote hear and I also think we should have some wone else doing the count of ballots and signature check’s on them to make absolute and transparency were the people can see what they are doing

  11. Donald Trump doesn’t need to create a new political party, All he needs to do is repair the GOP and remove ALL the RINOS!

  12. Trump, this is my President! Trump’s party, this is my party!

    • I would gladly follow mr.trumps political party hea the man and sooner more than later he will be president again I feel hes the president but we gotta let the demonrats have fun with their the end they will be gone people are gonna vote them right out of a job then they would know how it feels to go without good luck traitors karma is gonna be great for each of you.i cant wait to see it all fall down on each of you

  13. Candyce Clanton says:

    I will stay with Trump – I was an independent anyway – just joined the Republicans because of Trump so it doesn’t matter to me – he’s the best we’ve ever had & he cares about the country – doesn’t seem to be too many more of his kind around. Today it looks like the Supreme Court so-called Conservatives are switching sides! Not good!

  14. James says:

    Trump Train 2024. Were coming for you tour.

  15. Joseph Montante says:

    I agree. We need to transform politics and the electoral system completely. Wipe out the old system and start a new paradigm. The dualistic model that we in the west cherish is branded with “either or”, “right left”, an “extreme radical looney party” against the “conservative role model” we grew up with, a”socialist/marxist/communist government” vs the “land of the free” better known as America, “globalism vs nationalism”, etc. You get the idea. Three parties should and will emerge, with or without Donald Trump. 1.) The Real American Party (RAP-or whatever name WE chose), 2.)The Republican Party and 3.) The Democrat Party. They have failed us all and their failure has resulted in this corrupt mess we’re in today. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result. If we continue to stick with the republican party expecting a different outcome, that’s insane. Not only are they ineffective but their RINO suck ass policies have led to the ruin of this great country under the demented leadership of bozo Joe Beijing Biden. They are all traitors in my opinion, except a select few like Matt G and Rand Paul. The demon-rats play dirty while conservatives play dumb. Count me out!

  16. Hal says:

    Yes,I would join.If he does not,I will still leave GOP and register as an Independent.I am tired of CROOKED democrats and some CROOKED Republican trying to destroy our Republic.Pelosi,shiff,shummer,McConnell on top of the list.

  17. Tina Aliff says:

    President Trump is a genius!! Yes I’ll follow

  18. David says:

    I just read they are going to give illegals stimulus checks seems like fake news to me if they can send them checks then they must know where they live they can go deport them Oh that’s right Biden and Camel don’t want that , Reagan screwed me I joined the service and was promised free medical for life Reagan stopped that and wasn’t he involved in the Iran Contra deal??? He was just as dirty as all the other Presidents Maybe some one can help ,e I can’t seem to get 1,400 stimulus money times 300 million Americans to equal 1.9 trillion

  19. judith says:

    My family will stand with President Trump all the way. He is the best President that this country has had in decades. The democrats are destoring this country. They have never cared about America, since Clintons, The Bushes, and the Obama’s tried to destory it. It is time for a change and to get rid of the Democratic Party. They have lied, cheated and our CORRUPT. They Stolled the Election from President Trump and Now it is time for Pay Back. If and When he starts a New Party we will stand with him all the way. God Bless You President Trump

  20. Steve says:

    If President Trump wants to start ANYTHING I’ll support him. I’m sick and tired of having America systematically DESTROYED IN front of my eyes !!! If these Republicans were alive at the beginning,we would still be a British colony !!!!!

    • William Wilson says:

      Good idea since no one wants him in their party as there was an article in the news this morning where Eric was renewing the lease on times square ice rink and they stated that they wanted nothing to do with Trump but would renew the lease on the ice rink.

  21. ck says:

    If the republican party splits, it will surely lose the white house again!

  22. Tony Lowery says:

    I’m waiting for it. There’s too much BS. Democrat is the party of communists. Ane the republicans want to play pretty with them. Need a party with backbone, leverage and patiotism.

  23. Mark says:

    ABSOLUTELY would join.

  24. Sandy mendenhall says:

    Most definitely join him.

  25. Thomas J Murphy says:

    I am a Trump supporter but if only 46% of the Republicans join the new party how
    will Trump win an election? I agree the Romney and other 6 need to be replaced by new blood that support the Party and don’t vote with the Democrats. But I am
    not sure 46% works? If it were 96% I’m all in. Or explain how we could win with
    less than half of the Party?

    • Candyce Clanton says:

      Oh come now – do you really believe they have asked all 75 million if they will stay with Trump? 46% is probably a lot of the numbers they asked. But after so many Democrats that voted for Biden has now seen Biden’s plans, I guarantee you there will be a lot more going for Trump. I do agree that splitting the party is not a good idea but 75% of the party is for Trump.

  26. Howard says:

    Congressman, Matt Gaetz, on Fox’s Steve Hilton show, explained that Republicans are working behind the scenes, to use the Fifth Amendment, which was designed by the Founders, to reign in the Federal Government. Apparently the Fifth amendment has a clause that enables State Legislatures to come together, and force the federal government to back off and give up much of its power. This could be especially good, because in the last election, Trump overwhelmingly received thesupport of state legislatures across the country. So, keep your fingers crossed.

    • William Wlison says:

      I will keep mine crossed but counter to yours.

    • Corri says:

      Well, this would allow democratic states as well. It would actually enable both parties more to govern by state laws. And, unless all people agree on civil respect for each other, these kind of tactics are ultimately useless and lead to a demise of civilization back to barbaric times rather than a society that has the potential to advance all people. That’s awful to go down the road of barbarism when humans have the intelligence to live in peace if people start thinking with their full intelligence rather than with lower level mental reactions of anger and outrage and domination. All parties need to start re-thinking what we want for our planet. World domination and war is not the answer to saving our human environment and fostering a place where people can live in peace together. Our country has become divided in such an ugly way because of individuals unable to rise above anger and greed for control rather than seeing a future where all people can heal emotional wounds and be concerned for the wellbeing of all humans. I hope the citizens of the United States can start to come together for peace and equal opportunity for all and support endeavors of all people to advance in their education and ability to apply their education to areas that make our world a healthier place to live for all, not just a particular party. We’ve veered so far from that principle of our founding fathers. May we all take the necessary steps out of our current mindsets and begin to see that we are all here together and all wanting the same basic freedoms. May the clouds of rage and the cloaks of desperation fall away and unite us as a peaceful nation wanting the best for all and not dependent on any one leader with their own agenda of what our country should be.

    • Candyce Clanton says:

      I think they’re talking about the Convention of States which could take the finance away from the House (5th Amendment) but the Convention of States has to have at least 34 or 37 state governments agree & after 10 years or so, they only have 17 right now with another few legislatures (but not governors) so I wouldn’t bet on that one happening very soon unless we get rid of the Democrat State Governments.

    • Howard: I hope they can do something to reign in the federal government. We finally have a Governor that works for our state (south Dakota). We could stand to take power away from our senators who aren’t worth their salt. Both seem to be good a photo ops. Let me know how we can move forward.

  27. Donald says:

    I applaud President Trump abd consider him the rightful winner if last November’s election. He has proven himself with his actions that he was and is the most unifying and America loving President since Ronald Reagan. I do not agree with his starting a third party as this would dilute his effectiveness. Instead I would love to see him continue to unify the Republican Party behind the solid Constitutional values that most all Republicans have held dear.

  28. Joel says:


  29. P Mausser says:

    My whole family will join Trump.

  30. Jean Shepherd says:

    I most definitely would join President Trump!!! He is the greatest and most America loving President we’ve ever had and he is a True Conservative!!!

    • Inez Bowman says:

      Jean I agree with you, Trump is the best we have had since Franklin D. Roosevelt. The problem that has caused all this with the democrats is that Trump wants to clean house of all the worthless money grubbing bastards on the hill.
      They will fight him to the death to keep their pockets full. I think when Trump gets back in office he should be permitted to stay there as long as we THE PEOPLE vote for him. His first term was a endless battle with the democrats.
      GO TRUMP. I wear a mask with his name on it, and everywhere I go people are openly telling me they voted for him. Nobody wants Biden except Prune face Nancy

    • kenneth a meeks says:

      The greatest President ever. I will follow him anywhere.

  31. Chris says:

    If TRUMP branches off and developed his own party, I expect I’ll be there, along with about 65% OF AMERICA. DEMOCRATS are still outnumbered. We will take our freedoms back! And order will be restored.Ive never been more confident of anything in my life.Democrats are making disturbing mistakes.Theyve set themselves up for failure. There will be no NWO.

  32. Laura says:


  33. Richard Van Aalsburg says:

    Absolutely! Way to many RINO’s in the RNC!

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