Congressional Spending Bill Creates ‘Nancy Pelosi Federal Building’

Nancy Pelosi

( – A federal government building named after Democrat US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi will be built in San Francisco with funding from the massive $1.7 trillion omnibus spending bill expected to be passed by the lame-duck US Congress.

An item hidden in the draft spending legislation will provide money for the “Speaker Nancy Pelosi Federal Building” in her hometown as Pelosi is about to step down and will be a regular US Representative in the new US Congress, The Washington Times reported.

The future “Speaker Nancy Pelosi Federal Building” will be created by renaming an existing US government building located at 90 7th Street in San Francisco.

Its funding provision is “tucked away” on page 610 of the omnibus spending bill, which totals 1,455 pages.

The soon-to-be renamed San Francisco building already hosts several US federal agencies offices and one of Nancy Pelosi’s district offices.

Pelosi became Speaker of the US House of Representatives in 2019 and will retire next month. She previously served in the post from 2007-2011.

Republicans have slammed Pelosi’s “monument to me” as another case of squandering taxpayer funds while the $1.7 trillion spending bill is getting “rushed through Congress.”

“Swamp gonna Swamp,” tweeted Republican US Rep. Dan Bishop of North Carolina. Bishop has been publishing spending items from the bill that he considers outrageous.

Besides allocating money for the “Speaker Nancy Pelosi Federal Building,” the draft law also spikes the FBI’s budget by $570 million to $11.3 billion. Part of the increase is destined for investigating “extremist violence and domestic terrorism.”

The Department of Justice also would receive a funding boost if the omnibus gets passed – an extra $212.1 million towards its $2.63 billion budget for prosecuting January 6, 2021, prisoners and “domestic terrorism.”

The vast piece of legislation, expected to be adopted before the weekend, is moving so quickly through Congress that critics believe lawmakers have no way of knowing its entire contents.

Other provisions in the omnibus bill provide for paying homage to two other US lawmakers retiring this year after serving for decades: Democrat US Sen. Patrick Leahy of Vermont, who is the Senate Appropriations Committee Chair, and Sen. Richard Shelby, a Republican from Alabama, and committee ranking member.

Leahy will have a lake and a school lunch program named after him, plus $30 million in funding for the Patrick Leahy Bullet-Proof Vest Partnership Grant Program.

Per the bill, an FBI training center in Redstone Arsenal, Alabama, will be renamed Shelby, the “Richard Shelby Center for Innovation and Advanced Training.”

Another funding item provides $3.6 million for a trail in Georgia named after former First Lady Michelle Obama.

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