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Congressman Cries as He Apologizes for Being White

Last night on the U.S. House of Representatives floor, Rep. Dean Phillips (D-MN) choked up with emotion as he apologized for being White. If you think this isn’t true, read on and watch the video below.


Rep. Dean Phillips (D-MN) delivered a speech on the House floor Thursday night recounting his experience during the Capitol riot and said the ordeal helped him to understand his “privilege,” for which he tearfully apologized,” according to the DailyWire.

Speaking during a special order hour that Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) organized, Phillips joined several other Democratic members of Congress to reflect on the unrest of Jan. 6…

“‘But I’m not here this evening to seek sympathy or just to tell my story [but] rather to make a public apology,’ said Phillips. ‘For recognizing that we were sitting ducks in this room as the chamber was about to be breached. I screamed to my colleagues to follow me, to follow me across the aisle to the Republican side of the chamber, so that we could blend in — so that we could blend in.’

“Phillips said he then realized at the time that if he were a person of color, he would not be able to blend in by pretending to be a Republican, which moved him to realize the privilege he claims he has as a white man. [emphasis added]

His voice shaking with emotion, Phillips apologized to his colleagues and the entire country for his white privilege. ‘I’m sorry,’ he said. ‘I’m sorry. For I had never understood, really understood, what privilege really means. It took a violent mob of insurrectionists and a lightning bolt moment in this very room. But now I know. Believe me, I really know.’ [emphasis added]

For more on this story, watch the video below and/or go to the DailyWire.

We respect free speech. Please watch the video below of Rep. Dean Phillips’s speech and share your thoughts in our comment section.


  1. John john says:

    what are you people of MN going to do about that?
    and quickly!

  2. Thomas Driber says:

    Is he auditioning for some sort of Emmy Award or what? I wonder if AOC helped him compose this piece of theatrical garbage? Whoever you are, or whatever you are, take some pride in yourself and stop tearing everyone else down.

  3. Pegs says:


  4. Janet Holley says:

    He can start with all the murdered innocent babies that they approve of. He wants to talk about the injustice of humanity? Give me a break! People who murder small humans will have no trouble murdering adult humans…

  5. Sandy says:

    You fed right into their madness!!!!! Nice going idiot!!!!

  6. Ally says:

    this guy os a jerk.. One cannot help their heritage and he needs to stop away from Congress and go visit some other country permanently.

    • Brad Schriber says:

      Just another one of the mentally insane in the great state of Minnesota. I think the cold got in their ears and froze the small number of brain cells. Let the sane hard working Minnesotans continue their migration to South Dakota. One need only to look at their Governor, Attorney General, and elected congressmen and women to see these folks don’t have both oars in the water.

      • Leilani says:

        I’m so tired of stupid half wits who ( apologize)
        for being white. Your White..
        Get over your pity party and get help from a doctor. I’d be ashamed of you if I were one of your parents.

  7. T.C. says:

    This puss needs to apologize for existing. I am White, I was born that way, and I’m going to die that way. If you can believe it, I’ll be proud the whole time in between, feeling no shame whatsoever, nor should I. God help these lunatics.

  8. Rodney Anderson says:

    With all these stupid Democrats it’s like there in a soap opera on TV . There unfolded the plot for Cloey to shoot Sam in the butt for kissing Jack on the lips . While Blake is waking up from a coma . It’s a total disgrace to say there the people that’s been elected to run our country .I get sick to my stomach every time I hear 1of them open there mouths . You wonder what lie there telling next . We need President Trump back in office before they destroy us or bore us to death ☠️ with all there lies.

  9. Miha says:

    Whar has happened to the white male today? It is sickening to say the least….. They did not stand up to their so called leaders when they were told to wear a pair of womens heels and no suprise, you stupid idot cowards!!!!!! They,the imposter’s were coming after you under the desquise of the trump flowers.

  10. DREW DOWDY says:

    My god, what a candyass

    • Chris Brewer says:

      This is pitiful! AOC is behind this shit! She lied about Capital Rally.Dems are desperate for attention to steal your attention, and make you side with them! What a weak ass bunch of people. Liers all the way to the Top! Have we not any credible psychiatrist in this country to evaluate dems credibility?

  11. Sam B. says:

    Good lord. How weak & frail some people have become. Sickening. Every race, color, creed, religion etc should b proud. The foundation of our awesome nation supports, promotes & respects that very thing…via our great constitution “&” the bill of rights.
    Rep. Phillips needs to stand up..b proud of who & what he is! Dare i/we say Rep.Phillips needs to get a SPINE…something President Trump HAS & is unwavering which is what drives the: woke whimps, sissy snowflakes, cancel culture clowns/unhinged pathetic radical socialist left (formerly the democrat party) & their megaphone..the lowlife biased narrative fake news networks….CRAZY! Like him or not..Trump has a strong mind, heart & character that’s unwavering…something we haven’t seen in a president since probably Ronald Reagan.
    Rep. Phillips..”C’mon man!”

  12. Divina says:

    What a stupid idiot. Tsk tsk.

  13. Pegs says:

    #RESIGN! you’re a DISGRACE! OMG!

  14. William S says:

    What a disgraceful display. Absolutely sickening. He’s no good to anyone and should resign.

  15. Simbo says:

    What in the hell are these white idiots doing? This whole damn country has lost it’s mind. I’m white and damn proud of it!

  16. Sheila says:

    Why wasn’t he kneeling? In the book 1984 Winston Smith got down on his knees and cried “I love big brother.” Now that’s what I call real submission. This guy is playacting, and by the way doing it badly. Crying!!! If he truly believes he has been living a privileged life, presumably meaning he has his job because of said privilege, quit the job. Get a job in keeping with his self-admitted lack of qualifications. Let him try a little reality check. Then maybe someone might believe him. By the way who wants a slavering crybaby representing his state in congress? Personally I think his so called privileged life was a bust. The man’s a loser.

  17. Gene Hudson says:

    He should apologize for having no balls. Typical politician, all mouth, no guts.

  18. Nauvoo says:

    Bet his parents are really proud of that candyass idiot.

  19. rick says:

    What a wimp! If he really feels that way, then do us all a favor, tie a ball & chain to your ass & stroll into Lake Superior! Phony asshole! No wonder Minnesota is in the shape it’s in!

  20. Bruce Wooden says:

    If this is true, which I seriously question, then all I can say is what a chickenshit sob!!!

    • Chris Brewer says:

      Yeah there is ALOT of CRYBABYS in government! This is what runs this country now, Rogue Government Funded by Steyer, Gates, Soros to name a few. It should be illegal to fund a campaign this way! This is cheating in your face! This is fraudulent election practice!THIS IS PURCHASE OF AN ELECTION! WE HAVE NO GOVERNMENT!

  21. Terrie Wyatt says:

    That’s so stupid, apologizing for being born white. People cant help what color they are. This whole idea of forcing whites to admit they are racist when they are not is stupid. I think more whites will become racist over the next few years, because if you’re if accused of something long enough you’ll start to believe it.

  22. John Connell says:

    AWWW poor baby. Sniff sniff boohoo!

  23. Mr. Lance E Sloan says:

    Red Alert News is LYING.

    Go view Rep. Phillips speaking in the video on Twitter or on YouTube ( It’s obvious by watching the video that he is NOT apologizing for being white. To quote him (which I copied from the closed captions on the video)…

    > i’m sorry
    > for i had never understood really
    > understood
    > what privilege really means

    Because on MAGA Traitor Day, 06 Jan. 2021, he urged his colleagues to hide among the mass of white Republican congresspeople. That’s a privilege of which he, as a white man, could take advantage, but his non-white colleagues probably could not. He is apologizing for his carelessness of not realizing his plan may save him and other whites, but it could leave the non-whites in peril.

    If you can’t see that, and see that he’s not apologizing for being white, then you are either ignorant or stubborn.

    • Mr. Lance E Sloan says:

      I notice that nobody is paying attention to the fact that Red Alert News is LYING. This comment section in right-wing media website is nothing but a virtual orgy for liars, isn’t it?

  24. American Michael says:

    What a low class useless POS!!!!!!!!. Pathetic Jacka**

  25. Willi see says:

    Folks,I weep for our country! Where is the patriotism in this country? I love this country and salute those who signed up to die for my freedom. And I weep for those who did die for this country. I weep because the pos demorats are not only unamerican, but also ungrateful for the lives given for their freedom. I weep for what the evil left is doing to the freedom’s that cost so much. But I will not be weeping when they come and try to take away my freedom! Let us repent our ways and pray that God the father heals our land!

  26. Nyleve Nonnel says:

    Since the BLM, started this crap. I have noticed that 95% of our commertiales (didn’t spell that right) on TV are now blacks, to appease them. They show ideal homes, and surroundings, that are a laugh. They destroyed my old neighborhood. They scum up everything. Some black woman on TV,said to a reporter,”nothing has changed”, how right she is. There has been no progress, in any area of their existence. I am proud of my race, and I will “never”apologize to any one, for being white. Martin Luther King, had a dream, well it didn’t happen. My neice was in a circle, and was asked to apologize to a black person because she is white. She refused, and this was done by a major pharmacy company.What the hell is next,this is pushing it.There is a war coming, due to socialism,we must stand up for what we are, and that’s just it.

    • Robin Kerby says:

      Absolutely, thought the same thing about these commercials, the only ones living in homes like that are the hard working ones, not the ones running around the city in the state I live in stealing cars every night, killing and selling drugs. Corey Bush wants to spout off her big mouth all the time, try fixing the cities you say you support instead of fattening your own pocket. These people keep voting in the assholes who do nothing, a white Republican would do more the city than a Black one who just promises to, and does nothing………….

    • Robin Kerby says:

      All these companies are so hypocritical, no one seemed to care until George Floyd was killed than everyone jumped on the bandwagon like good little soldiers, they didn’t seem to care enough before this, why now, bunch of ass kissing corporations, and don’t think for one minute they are not getting some kind of kick back to suck ass like this. They had every opportunity to have Black people in commercials but did not until now.

    • Chris Brewer says:

      I’m White American,my forefathers fought for my freedoms! IL do the same! I’m sure a lot of Black folks feel the same! Now we refuse to be controlled by rogue government and Elite EMBICILES! So pre pare for a long road to socialist communism! No way!DEMOCRATS ARE TRAITORS TO THE PEOPLE!

  27. ron knox says:

    D nozzle personified

  28. James says:

    The only thing I can say is, stupid is, what stupid does. Time to Wake-Up America.

  29. Connie says:





  30. Let that bastard kill his white parents and his white children, then maybe they will believe him that he really regrets that he was born white.

    • Blanca Holland says:

      Some people are so stupid political correctness groups democrat-socialist party and communist party tactics under the democracy embrace want to dictate a new constitution called apologize: who were the men and women who forged America with a dream to climb the ladder of success and providing for their families? They didn’t take an attitude of apologies for blood, sweat, hunger and tears of generation after generation: who came to America in the beginning: it’s not about the skin pigmentation or ethnic groups and their beliefs :but about they had a dream to climb the ladder of success: it can happen to anyone in this nation. In our family we have DNA of all colors and ethnic groups: that didn’t keep us in the slave mentality that these democrat-socialist party and communist party tactics under the democracy embrace want to indoctrinate our nation: we should say I’m an American and stand up for America and our families declaring the truth that with all the past history of this nation: we are overcomers: no matter the color of their skin pigmentation or ethnic groups and their beliefs: for GOD OF HEAVEN gave us a group of founding fathers that envisioned the American dream of a United States a republic for which it stands one nation under GOD indivisible with liberty and justice for all: giving us the constitution and the Bill of rights: not a socialists communist book of apologies for what your families scratched the surface to achieve.

  31. Maureen Callahan says:

    Disgraceful. Then every black that benefitted from affirmative action needs to apologize to the white people!!!!!!

  32. Dom Spieg says:

    Simply unbelievable! Where is the compassion for the craziness last Summer

    in Minneapolis, Portland, Seattle, and Wisconsin. Innocent people killed,

    small businesses burned. The lock downs destroying peoples livelihood.

    Where is the America I grew up in the last century. Land of the free and home of the brave.

  33. vinnie says:

    A cowardly act performed by a Congressman seeking What? A pat on the back from any person of Color telling him “It’s OK, Now Now, no need to cry All is Forgiven, you have been Enlightened, Go Forth and continue upon your Journey to “Heal the World” and “Unify” your brethren so that All Racism shall be banished from the Earth from this day forward because of your weeping! White Guilt for something you didn’t do and had no part in will not be the end of anything but your insatiable need to hide behind your thoughts because speaking them will mentally Castrate you!

  34. Don Prescott says:

    This guy has some serious problems, he should see his shrink as soon as he quits crying.

  35. William Duncan says:

    This POS should be ashamed of his self.Why would any dumbass apologize for his skin color or his race.That was given to him by God and no one can change that.You should be proud of who you are no matter what your skin color is or your race is.Anyone who does this is only showing just how stupid and ignorant they truly are and should not be in any elected position.

  36. john says:

    Now the idiot from Minnesota who is a Democrat understands what it feels like to be either white or black they have to put up with antifa and Black Lives Matter when they march down and start tearing everything up you think the people don’t have the same feeling he’s got what an idiot

  37. Steve says:

    Yeah I’m sorry that you are white too,grow a pair you big pussy.

  38. Joan says:

    Why have NONE of those Democrats compassion for all the hundreds of police killed/maimed; many parts of many cities completely destroyed and many innocent people hurt by their own property being destroyed and/or places of business completely destroyed. They ONLY speak of their personal fear and have a show of 30,000 troops to PROTECT THEM! They are unfair to their own, bringing no justice for destruction of rioters who claim their ieologies. They are unfair to those with differing ideologies — who they will not be tolerate and their tongue lashing and legal actions will not end for Trump or any Conservative even as they spend all their days in “trumped” up court cases. How much more of their hate does Trump have to endure. Will they never end being so “heroic?” This is not the America with our beloved Constitution or Bill of Rights. That is the reason Trump was hated, his entire family treated contemptuously and unconstitutionally every minute of his term. With third rate dictatorships citizens do not get free, fair elections. I can’t believe those Democrats actually believe they are heroic or admirable.

  39. Rhoda says:

    One more democrat idiot.

  40. bruce says:

    You don’t choose your color or gender when you are born. There are many black republicans who have realized they are not on the democrats plantation any more. They think for themselves as see who actually helps minorities in government. It is not the democrats.

    • Chris says:

      You can trust no Democrat! So hold that thought,when one is stabbing you in the back!They certainly are painting a chilling picture of Republicans and their supporters! I think democrats are extreme racist to its people!They operate on a double standard! Just look how they’ve thrown this country into chaos! Look how they created divide in people and government! Tell me they are not evil! That Sums it up!

  41. Maybe he should apology for being full of crap. I’m white, born dirt poor. Worked hard , sent four kids to college, worked harder and bettered myself. No body gave me anything. I’m white and proud to be white , just like black, yellow, any color should be proud of their color. Stupid man.

    • EP says:

      You named it, Elizabeth. Skin color doesn’t mean a thing, be it white, black, red, purple or orange. It’s all about content of character and that particular character in office has no content, spine or usefulness, as far as I can tell. Apologizing because he feels remorse for being what God made him. A-fricking-mazing, I am dumbfounded.

      • Craig says:

        YES! YES! And YES AGAIN! What a flipping idiot. Are we supposed to feel sorry for him and the left!?!?!? He knows it had nothing to do with the republicans or skin color. It was his own Idiotic party that brought it on and it is his party that lets it continue all over the country!!!!! He needs to apologize to the American people for his lie that just came out of his mouth!! Can’t stand their crap anymore!!!!

  42. Andres Vaquera says:

    Who votes these idiots in. I guess it’s idiots voting for idiots.

  43. Terry says:

    This what we elect these days. What a sorry excuse for a human being.. does he think those that breached the capital were asking whether they were democrats or republicans! Don’t believe for one moment that this riot was strictly Republicans . Have never more ashamed of some of our lawmakers.

  44. Ray says:

    This is exactly how communism comes to power. Research it. America is finished if americans allow this scurge.

  45. Allan Pozdol says:

    How did simp get elected? Seek help!

  46. AJM says:

    What a sorry piece of shit…….Mabey they can pass a resolution to make him black…….a loser Democrat.

    • Vinson says:

      He’s also a member of the new Democrat communist traitor group. About 85% of our Congress is now corrupted. It’s time to vote them out of office or we will have a civil war.

      • Ray says:

        I’m afraid it’s the only cure. We see how voting works. I stopped voting in 92 when our measure was successful and the feds said we had no right to vote on it. Oregon has been over run with these libtards. Moved.

  47. Marcia Lindsey says:

    Pathetic. What an actor. He, like the majority on the Hill, be it they are black or white should give up their office but no, too much money to be made. Disgusting

  48. If you are that sick you should just off yourself. See what shit the democrats put in office.

  49. Richard says:

    He should apologize for being stupid. Then he should apologize for subjecting us to his stupidity.

  50. rm says:

    Can stupid be fixed? Look at the garbage occupying seats in Congress… Georgia voters…put a wife beater and a snowflake in the senate??

  51. Robin Kerby says:

    Unbelievable, keep pushing that narrative and take this country down the shit hole it is going, shame on him. I am proud to be white, not my choice God’s choice and I will never be ashamed or apologize for something I cannot control. There will always be racism, you cannot make someone like another person just because you think they should. There are bad people in every race period, if anyone should be crying racism it is the American Indian yet you hear little from them. STOP THIS NONSENSE or kiss this country goodbye………….

    • Robin Kerby says:

      It was a horrible thing that happened at the Capitol, but what went on all summer long gets barely a mention and more people died. The Riot was not about RACE but they keep bringing this up, everything is about Race. NO what it was about was people being frustrated and a few nut cases taking it too far, no ones fault but theirs, not the President or any of the peaceful protesters, STOP with the Race bullshit or you will make this country more Racist than you claim it to be.

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