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Conservative Comic Strip Cancelled

Cancel culture has claimed another conservative scalp. This time it’s the long-running conservative comic Mallard Fillmore.


The conservative comic strip “Mallard Fillmore” has been plucked,” according to the conservative newspaper, The Washington Times.

Bruce Tinsley, creator of the 27-year-old cartoon, said he was told this week by his syndication company that Gannett newspapers across the country simultaneously dropped the comic over two strips critical of President Biden and transgender participation in women’s sports. [emphasis added]

“‘It was a big shock,’ Mr. Tinsley told The Washington Times. ‘From what I’m hearing, it was unprecedented. My syndicate had never seen anything like it.’

“He said officials at King Features, which syndicates the cartoon, said that ‘a decision was made at the [Gannett] corporate level, and they weren’t sure exactly why, except that they were sure it was about those two cartoons.’

“The two comics ran Feb. 19-20. The first depicts Mr. Biden musing: ‘For too long, segregation sullied women’s sports … They were restricted to women! Thank goodness those dark days are over.’

“In the second cartoon, Mr. Biden says, ‘I hear what you, the American people, want me to do … kill fossil-fuel jobs … devalue Americans’ labor … and help more transgender athletes beat the *@!# out of biological females.'”

For more on this report, go to The Washington Times.

Please share your thoughts about the cancellation of Mallard Fillmore in the comment section. 


  1. Mike Hawkins says:

    It’s becoming pretty clear that we need alternate channels for our news and entertainment content. We have conservative and balanced social media in its infancy but more is need3d.
    We need syndicates that can publish. Today it’s Mallard Fillmore. Tomorrow it might be Scott Adams and Dilbert over some imaginary offense.
    I, for one, am willing to pay for Mallard Fillmore and other humorous conservative daily funnies.

  2. […] cartoon canceled by leftists,” said the Independent Sentinel. The Red Alert declared, “Cancel culture has claimed another conservative scalp. […]

  3. […] cartoon canceled by leftists,” stated the Independent Sentinel. The Red Alert declared, “Cancel culture has claimed another conservative […]

  4. Marcia Wentz says:

    Where are his first amendment rights? Before long none of us will be able to say what we truly believe. His remarks were in a cartoon, get over it?

    • C.C. says:

      I don’t always agree with FILLMORE, nor the characters in DOONESBURY, yet I thought…evidently wrongly, that this nation prided itself on Freedom of Speech, Freedom of the Press. Evidently NOT!!
      This nation of laws, per Pelosi, apprarently, are JUST for HER ILK!!

  5. DICK jiggler says:

    yet the alphabet broadcasting companies and holy wood were never removed for the political character assassinations, why? BIASED FUMBDUCKS!

  6. Mary says:

    I do not have a subscription to any Gannett newspaper, as years ago I realized they were biased, but I do know who my representatives are and that they actually uphold the constitution. I do live in a “red” state.

  7. deanna Wall says:

    where else can we find it? If enough folks change news source, we can again see what we want.

  8. Tim says:

    Just move to another sydication better yet fly to another syndication screw em iam sure some other company will be glad to show your comic strips. The hell whey them

  9. Maritime Maggie says:

    Well, as folks said in the past: “You can always tell a devil when you see one–THEY DO NOT HAVE A SENSE OF HUMOR”. Can’t wait until they try to cancel the Bible and accuse God of being a ‘racist’ (which He is, by the way, if you really read your Bible). That is when the fun should begin when the heathen provoke His anger. Check out Psalms 2: “Why do the heathen rage?”

    • Dennis McClay says:

      Only the slightest disagreement with your post. I think it is more appropriate to say that God is a nationalist, not a racist. Keep in mind however that my opinion has been formed over a lifetime of 60 years of word definitions actually meaning the same thing to most thinking people. Now things change in a day. Dictionaries change definitions in less then 24 hours if a few Snowflakes complain. (Remember when a snowflake was frozen precipitation that fell from the sky?) Dr Suess has entertained us for decades, but in 24 hours the books have been banned for sale and even for resale (as used) on E bay. Honestly I am so fed up with “Wokeness” and “Cancel culture” I could just scream… But that’s this morning. By this evening I might be totally on board… So there’s that…

  10. David says:

    I wonder if they will cancel the white house it is the funniest cartoon I had ever seen and the funniest comic even funnier than Mad Magazine was LOL How do the insane fools get into office or I power surely no common sense people vote for Cortez Clinton Pelosi Schumer Bidens and all the other idiots do they have all the elections rigged to let the evil perverted corrupt people win??? All except California and Oregon. They would be better off in the ocean but that would be pollution

  11. Wan Kenobi says:

    Steps from Democracy to Socialism i.e. Communism

    1. Healthcare: “Control Healthcare and you control the People” DONE !!

    2 Poverty: Increase the Poverty level as high as possible.” Poor People are easier to control and will not fight back if the government is providing everything for them to live. DONE!!!

    3. Debt: Increase the National Debt to an unsustainable level.” That way you are able to increase Taxes, and this will produce more Poverty. DONE!!!

    4. Gun Control: Remove the ability to defend themselves from the Government. That way you are able to create a Police State – total local control. ALMOST THERE!!!

    5. Welfare: Take control of every aspect of their lives (Food, Livestock, Housing, and Income). DONE!!!

    6. Education: Take control of what People read & listen to; take control of what Children learn in School.

    7. Religion: Remove faith in God from the Government and Schools.

    8. Class Warfare: Divide the People into the Wealthy against the Poor. Racially divide. This will cause more discontent and it will be easier to Tax the Wealthy with full support of
    the voting Poor.
    DONE!!! The bases are now all covered! We are ripe!

  12. Tom says:

    This is enraging. It is time to fight back against those members of the cancel culture. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

  13. Michael says:

    Just more censorship from the left… And think about it, we haven’t hit the first 100 days yet. This is just the beginning.

  14. Why was Conservative Comic Strip Canceled? Because, according to the plutocrats who came to power as a result of rigged elections, these comics are much more dangerous, than the calls of the American TV channel MSNBC to bomb American citizens with American drones.

  15. David says:

    OL So Obumma said it is OK to break a white person’s nose for racial slurs LOL I guess that means I can smash a black person for calling me a honky or cracker LOL gonna be a lot of blacks with bigger nose LOL

  16. DAVID says:

    Don’t read print, homobama cured that

  17. Daniel Stewart says:

    For four years the democrats have spewed nothing but lies and slander about President Trump and they were allowed the freedom to say whatever they wanted. One man writes two editorial cartoons lampooning Joe Biden and his livelihood is cut off nationwide. The democrats are always crying Fascism about conservative Republicans when they (democrats) clearly don’t know what Fascism is,if they believe Donald Trump is a Fascist. The Democrats are Totalitarian Socialists who want to erase (cancel) all the freedoms American Patriots have fought and died for, for over 240 years. EVERYTHING Democrats say and do is total Socialism. They want to destroy our freedom and they don’t even try to hide that fact anymore. It’s time for the Democratic Party to go away. They are anti choice,anti freedom,anti American.

  18. Frank Long says:

    I often wonder why those who wish for Communism don’t just move to a communist place? That way the rest of us can get on with our lives. There are many ruined places already but only one United States of America.

    • Concerned says:

      I was thinking just that a week ago. Why don’t they move to China. However I think it was because China wants this piece of land and it is China that is telling sleepy Joe and the rest of the Communist in the Democratic party what to do. You’d think they would know its not good to work with crooks, they turn on you at anytime. We may be in the trenches, but once their usefulness is completed, they will be kicked down to the very same trenches.

  19. Mary says:

    I used to like to read “Mallard Filmore” in the Oregonian newspaper in my home town, Portland, Oregon. But the Oregonian cancelled Mallard Filmore years ago. Portland is a very blue city now infamous for last summer’s riots. But I’m very opposed to the transgender movement, and I deplore what it is doing to women’s sports. Biden’s “cancel culture” actions are a disaster.

  20. David says:

    LOL Sorry but I never did like the taste of green eggs and ham LOL But this is stupid don’t those jerks have anything better to do like burn more buildings in Portland??? maybe storm Pelosi’s house and steal her ice cream LOL You all are right unless we do something about these idiots America will fall

  21. Michael OConnor says:

    If Corporate America is going to continue to cave into the democrats then it is time to show these fools at corporate who actually runs America. Sure it might hurt for a bit but can you imagine what would happen if for one week no one darkened a door at Walmart, Target, and all the other stores and companies that cave. I full week of lost revenues is what they understand. It would be a massive undertaking but if you are fed up it would send a message.

  22. Patrick Roeill says:

    People need to come together and start banning any newspapers,stores or people that go against the American agenda of free speech.We need to hit them in bottom line and take our money away from them and spend it with companies that believe in the constitution

    • Blanca Holland says:

      Very courageous if the true believer in America will stand up for America and our families:against the cancer cells of cancel culture garbage bags: let’s be the American and stand up for America a constitutional republic for which it stands one nation under GOD indivisible with liberty and justice for all: which gave us the Bill of rights: of freedom.

  23. rick says:

    What’s the difference between the Democaratic Party & the Nazi Party? The spelling! Boycott Gannett!

    • Keith Spennewyn says:

      I agree. Let’s cancel the cancel culture with the same verocity that they use to attempt to cancel any thoughts contrary to themselves. If we don’t do this America will become a different place indeed.

    • Bill says:

      Good idea to boycott gannet. It is a far left piece of crap. In my area there used to be six different news papers that did a great job of reporting the local news. Gannet bought them all out and responsible reporting of local news stopped. What they do print is biased , inaccurate and just a waste of time to read.

  24. Houston says:


  25. Michael Wynne says:

    It would appear to me that the book-burning goose-steppers in the DC Swamp would derive more educational benefit by READING books than any indoctrinational benefit which might be derived by BURNING them! Of course, I’m assuming that all these left-wing mental pygmies can READ In the first place!

  26. Donald says:

    Canceling free speech is not only Constitutionally illegal, it is an affront to American citizens and to people all over the world! The USA has been the the world’s hope for freedom and liberty in major part to the 1st Ammendment to our Constitution abd our support of that freedom for alk the world’s people. When will the Patriots in elected abd appointed positions due their duty and bring charges against those promoting censorship, sedition abd treason?

    • Mark H Giles says:

      Really? And what percentage of politicians do you think ever served in the military? They never cared enough about their country to serve, why do you think they will save it now?

  27. maxibaby says:

    Isn’t it amazing and disgusting that DJT has been made fun of, disrespected and characterized in cartoon drawings for four plus years! He was referred to as “orange man bad”, shown beheaded by a has been lesbian comedian, as a huge baby in a diaper balloon and in just about any way you could imagine and yet these marxist leftwing loonies are still desperately looking for anything conservative, which they can justify in their warped little pea brains as threatening their cause and attempt to steal our country, so they can cancel it!
    Boycott everything marxist leftwing anti American and liberal possible…..think about all the ways you can cripple them financially and do it. Since tech giants and most MSM media are “them” we have to be inventive in how we can retaliate!

  28. As if he said ANYTHING that every DECENT AMERICAN ian’t already thinking. Biden is a failure, a cook, a cheat, and a dim wit! Not fair to cancel yet another American livelihood for making humor publicly that at least half the country makes to each other. I wish they would cancel Biden.

  29. Rico says:

    If they take out a comic I read and show how politically one sided they are then it is up to me to stop reading the entire paper. I did this with the Chicago Tribune Liberal News and I will do it with USA today. If enough people show them with our wallets that this is unacceptable they will really WAKE up.

    After all. Paper news is gradually going away anyway so if Fannett wants to alienate some of their readers. Their choice.

  30. Dan says:

    I want a copy of the cartoons to post physically everywhere. Who needs a Socialist newspaper. I love the captions, especially the second comic strip. The truth so hurts the Socialist Liberals that they must eradicate it – another book burning!

  31. Sue McKenzie says:

    I am so glad I do not have a subscription to anything Gannett publishes! Mass media can attack President Trump for multiple years and it is okay. Just two comic strips decrying the “fowling” (pun intended) of women’s sports and U.S. jobs gets Mallard canned. Ridiculous on so many levels.

  32. Richard says:

    Freedom of expression and speech is protected under Admendment 1, until Biden! How can we the people allow this to happen. Biden shore to UPHOLD THE CONSTITUTION. He, and all the rest of the Democrats are terriost as I see it! In all of my 80 years, I never thought our PEOPLE would give up FREEDOM so easy!

  33. JayM says:

    Boycott Gannett newspapers and that fish wrapper USA Yesterday!

  34. Buff says:

    This is just pitiful, day after day the dictator and all his cronies are overstepping the boundaries, boundaries that have been part of American culture and history for years. It seems this is only the beginning of things to come unless Americans wake up. I don’t understand how people can’t see that this cancel culture is bullshit. We need to stand up for our rights before the dictatorship totally takes over and then it will be too late.

  35. Anthony Moreland says:

    Cancel Culture can kiss my ass. So can Biden & the liberal leftist scum!

  36. S says:

    Cancel culture sucks Biden’s pedo balls. We should cancel the cancel culture.

  37. Roy Thompson says:

    If Mallard Fillmore go’s so so I NO more local paper subscription no more Demo- votes in the future, local– state == or fed.

  38. vinnie says:

    No Sensayuma