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Cops Escape Death by One Second

( – Many Americans believe that the most dangerous situation police officers confront is an armed assailant determined to injure or murder police officers. And, while that is in some ways true, the reality is that more police officers are maimed or killed during traffic stops when they are struck by passing vehicular traffic.

Today, we have a video of just such an encounter that almost took the life of one or two police officers working a traffic stop in the state of Virginia. Had it not been for the quick reflexes of the one officer who, as you’ll see in the video below, was able to quickly grab his fellow officer and pull her to safety along with himself, well, it’s almost certain that they would have been either seriously injured or perhaps even killed.

The life-threatening event occurred when Officer Jessica McGraw of the Gate City Police Department conducted a relatively routine motor vehicle accident investigation on Highway 23 in Virginia. Fellow Officer Matthew Stewart arrived at the accident scene to assist Officer McGraw and spoke with her alongside McGraw’s marked patrol vehicle.

As the two officers discussed the accident under investigation, Officer Stewart saw a vehicle careening toward them out of his peripheral vision. Stewart was able to grab McGraw and pull her away from the careening vehicle that crashed into her patrol car. According to the Police Chief, had it not been for the quick action by Stewart, one or both of the officers would’ve been injured or killed. A slow-motion review of the dashcam video does seem to show that Stewart was struck in the leg by the grill guard of the patrol vehicle.

Here’s the video:

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