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Cop Ordered To Remove Thin Blue Line Flag

A homeowners association in Colorado has formally demanded that a police officer remove a Thin Blue Line Flag he is flying outside his home. He has been flying the flag for seven years and many other flags are allowed.


Thin Blue Line Flag

Thin Blue Line Flag / Credit CBS

A Colorado police officer has flown his “thin blue line” flag proudly for seven years, but now his HOA says it is in violation of the neighborhood policies and it needs to come down. The officer wished to remain anonymous, but he has been with a police department in Colorado for 17 years,” according to CBS4 Denver.

He’s had the thin blue line flag hanging on his Centennial home since 2013. He’s never had an issue until now.”

“’We got our mail yesterday, and I opened the mail up and saw a letter from the HOA, the Copperleaf HOA, saying, ‘You’re in violation of flag and flagpole,’” he said. ‘I thought it was ridiculous. If it was an issue why didn’t they bring it to me from day one?‘”

“’The HOA says they can have an American flag, they can have veteran’s military flag, but why can’t I have a police flag? It’s three by five, it’s not standing, it’s up just like my neighbor has his American flag in the same spot. It’s not a nuisance.'”


Watch the full video report from CBS4 Denver and then share your opinion in the Comment section further down the page.


  1. Bev Carlsen says:

    HOA are gestapo!

  2. Douglas S. Harrison says:

    Tell those A– Holes in Colorado North America in plain old English that
    means up you US.

  3. Bob Daly says:

    If it were I,I would not even debase myself by answering these retards.Back the blue,and [GOD]Bless you for what you do for our saftey and protection.

  4. Jackie Riggs says:

    First of all, I would never live in a community that had an HOA. I live in a very rural area, on the outskirts of a basically lawless tiny little town, where a number of the county sheriff’s deputies call home. People here do pretty much whatever they want on their property, and everyone gets along, for the most part, fine. But since this story is about an officer that lives in a home that has an HOA, I would definitely stand my ground regarding this flag issue! If someone is offended by a flag honoring law enforcement, then that person deserves to have their home broken into and be denied any sort of assistance from any law enforcement agency. If I lived in a community like that and my house was broken into, I would want to know that I could call 911 and expect help to arrive asap, rather than the 911 operator saying something to the effect that they are sorry but they are not allowed, due to a discriminatory issue, to respond to any calls for assistance from that address.

  5. James Scanlon says:

    Home owners associations have been in trouble for exceeding their authority in many respects. File a lawsuit, they are in wrong and need to be restrained. Lawyers should review all documents from them. Likely many provisions will be found exceeding their legal rights. They already may have several restraining orders issued against them and judge may really get them.

    • Roscoe Roules says:

      My sentiments exactly! You can probably find a local attorney that will take the case Pro Bono. It is high time that HOAs learn that no matter what they think there “authority” can never exceed the Constitution.

  6. Rod says:

    Retired officer and support this guy for sure! All about some assholes complaining against law-enforcement in general, and afraid the flag will offend those of color! Stand tall against that BS, and keep the flag posted! Especially when the National Anthem is played!

  7. B Keith says:

    I agree with fighting the HOA. I’d review your CCRs and see exactly how it reads in regards to what type of flags are allowed. If they have allowed it for 7 years then they have set a precedent. It sounds like there has been a change in the HOA officers or someone is complaining about his flag to the HOA that’s causing his flag to be an issue so he is getting this type of letter. I say this as having been an officer of an HOA these would be the only reason for this sudden change. Write your dispute letter and back it up with what your CCR reads and the preceding HOA allowed for 7 years. Some how I believe it will throw some eggs on someone’s face. Thank you for your service!

    • Roscoe Roules says:

      Or better yet, let your attorney write your letter of response on Law Firm Letterhead. Even if the HOA is stupid enough to ignore the content of the letter they ignore the veiled threat of legal action at their own peril. They can be sued in their official capacity as a member of the HOA Board and as an individual.

  8. Brian says:

    Many HOAs are just little communist run colonies. They need to be limited by law in the scope of what they can and can not do or require.

  9. Dickweed says:

    My best answer to the letter about removing the “Blue Lives Matter Flag” … kiss my red rosy —!

  10. Sam B. says:

    ALL these p.c., pansy-ass canceled culture, woke folks(now including hoa) r truly pathetic. It’s not like he has up a hate/marxist group flag etc. I hope he fights it. IF it’s someone in the neighborhood that’s anti police…law & order etc.. get over it! Law enforcement…law & order is here to stay! Move to Venezuela & take all the rioters, anarchists, antifa, blm, hateful/ungrateful sports & entertainment stars & any1 else that’s not appreciative of our awesome nation with you!!!!! We aren’t perfect..but we t still the best!
    Hoa & all others: try looking at the glass as “half full”…have some pride! Don’t let the always negative, heavily narrative/bias media brainwash you. As a Democrat I’m sick of it! I know dozens that r too! We r ALL jumping off the imploding left ship! The right has our vote!! Trump/Pence DON’T consider our law enforcement “the evil of society” like quid pro quo JOE did! Hope the proud officer fights to keep his flag up!
    Get out to the poles & vote! Talk it up to ur people!! Try NOT to do mail in ballots if possible…what a disaster that already is sadly.

    • No, Trump does uphold law enforcement especially where it concerns the rights of right-wing extremists to march by a Jewish synagogue in a threatening manner. What did you think of Hitler when he sent his police force to Anne Frank’s house during WWII and hauled her family off to a concentration camp, where three of them died. Of course we need police and the freedom to fly a flag that represents them, this is after all our beloved America.We also need well-trained police who are screened for mental stability prior to employment. In a gentle, caring society, we also need social workers to accompany police to assist with proper assessment of a volatile situation. May you be blessed, brother and abide with the love of our merciful creator. Best to you,

  11. Pegs says:


  12. B.M. Howell says:

    Have your attorney notify them you intend to sue them into bankruptsy.

  13. Joseph George says:

    I’d like you all to fight back Black Flag keep that flag up on your house you have favor constitutional rights to leave at flag on your ojoen your house

  14. O Olon says:



  15. BarbG says:

    We live in an HOA in Golden, CO. We always fly the American Flag and just recently have been flying the thin blue line flag. We won’t be taking either flag down without a fight.

  16. Gerald W Lobb says:

    This is a disgrace. The HOA is just bullying this guy. He should fight this.

  17. he should be able to fly his flag if you didn’t object to it 7 years ago what is your problem now
    It represents our country and his job
    leave him alone

  18. Don Butler says:

    He should be able to fly whatever he wants off his flagpole, HOA’s have got way to much say so in what you do.


    IM a retired veteran, born raised in the USA. I fly the American Flag in my yard. This officer with the colo, police department is an American, and his flag is as American as mind. He has a blue line that represents His fellow officers. I wish I had an OD Color line in my flag. I feel sorry for the Officer that he has an HOA, But yes I agree to fight the HOA. They the HOA people need to get a life or another Job. Suppose one day the HOA People need an Officer that would really be cool. If the Colo, police sent them a letter saying sorry but right now our officers are engaged in catching drug people are working on a bank hold up’ We will put you on our list to respond to your flag problem by the end of the year. Hang in there officer and fly your flag.

  20. E J. Sanico says:

    Maybe Hoa is run by anti-law enforcement or maybe pro-communist Directors. You have the 1st amendment that states your rights of Freedom Of Speech. It goes to show how ignorant and absent minded they are. On your next Board of Director Election. Elect new candidates that are more creative and open to citizens respect in the community. In retrospect these are the wrong kind of people as leaders in the community they are more inclined to have mental instability as they get into their senior yrs. LOL !

  21. Robert Layer says:

    Home Owners Association
    Who are you going to call when an intruder enters your home?
    Who are you going to call when your vehicle is stolen or broken into? Who will you call for the hundreds of reasons you may need help? Men and Women proud to protect and serve in our small towns and large cities. Our Military protects our Country. Our Police, standing at that Thin Blue Line, protect our homes and our livelihoods.
    HOA “leaders” RESIGN so people who know how to be American can show you how it’s done.

  22. James says:

    I’d contact them and tell them, “I appreciate your input on this,but as I have the VERY same right to MY American flag as my neighbors have for THEIRS,I won’t be bowing to your bigotry. If you really want to push this “issue”,we can go there,but since I’ve flown this flag for several years without hearing a word from you,I believe a valid precedent has been set,and I’m pretty sure everyone who follows this story on Fox News,One America News Network and Newsmax News from here on will agree. After all,this is an infringement on my First Amendment Right we’re discussing.

  23. Athena Morgan says:

    Hell yes he should fight back, he is one of many that protect us and protect those HOA’s when they call, I think everyone that supports our police should fly the blue ESPECIALLY NOW, they need to know that we are supporting them in these very harsh times. God Bless ALL of our officers & All frontline and first responders. We are in America is there is something wrong with a person that tells anyone they can’t fly any American flag. They are not true Americans and they need to get the hell out of here, screw your rules and back your cops, there will come a day when you will need to call on them and….guess what…. they will be there for you unlike you who told him to take his flag down. All you SOB’s in the HOA’s!

  24. Sally C says:

    it is VERY TRUE that most HOA’s are run by assholes and that they SHOULD be hated for reasons such as what they are doing here!!! This is exactly why my husband and I did NOT PURCHASE A HOUSE in a neighborhood which is run by people who ACT BEFORE THEY THINK!!! WE NEED THE BRAVE POLICE who risk THEIR lives to protect ours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. William says:

    It’s his house and property. He pays the tax and mortgage. Unless the HOA is paying these things and they have everything in their name then they should back off. We have the Constitution and the First Amendment.

  26. Joe montoya says:

    Keep the flag up ! The HOA or who ever is running it is being petty about it . This is his view . He needs to have an open mind and stop the radical thinking . Apparently he has nothing else better to do .iam all for the officers in blue .

  27. Sonja says:

    This is a classic example of First Amendment violations. It’s happening all over the country, from flags, signs, bumper stickers on your card, or wearing a MAGA hat! These occurrences have to stop. When the Democrats didn’t take a stand on the violence across America, those people knew they would get a slap on the wrist and get away with everything. But things are escalating. Please everyone fight for your rights like your life depends on it, because it does, our constitutional rights are being taken away from us, Vote Red! It’s our only hope!

  28. Richard K.Lindemann says:

    This Police Officer has every right to fly this flag at HIS HOUSE!WHO DOES THE HOA THINK THEY ARE! They better realize that should they need the Police,the Police can refuse to show up.As a Veteran of “Desert Shield/Storm”,I have NO PROBLEM with him flying the flag because it is on HIS HOME!THE HOA NEED A REALITY CHECK! IF IT WEREN’T FOR OUR POLICE AND OTHER LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENCIES,WE’D BE IN MORE TROUBLE THAN WE ARE NOW! TO THIS OFFICER I SAY:”KEEP THE FLAG FLYING AND TO HELL WITH THE HOA!”LET THE BOSS OF THIS HOA COME TO PHILADELPHIA,PA.AND SAY SOMETHING IN MY FACE!

  29. Elaine Jacobs says:

    Fight back!!!

  30. Mickey says:

    I personally respect what you’re doing please keep fighting these assholes and if it comes to financial help you’ll get it. I don’t know what these people would do without you

  31. Anita Carlin says:

    Blue line flag should be allowed – NFL NBA Can kneel ? Don’t ever move into a community with an HOA over your rights ????MAGA2020

  32. Lisa says:

    Yes he should fight back its his constitutional right to freedom of speech and anyone who is fighting him on this is a complete moron a leftist moron at that

  33. William says:

    Home owners association are made up of insecure little Hitlers who think their ideas and ways are the way everyone else should think and do. The police officer has the right to display the flag under the First Amendment. Why do these anti-American, anti-Constitutionalists think they have the right to step on the rights of true Americans?

    • Raymond says:

      The home owner(s) should be identified and their address should be published and tell burglars no police will interfere with their business.

  34. Douglas says:


  35. Roald Dimura says:

    Screw them keep it up. And make sure you and other police officers start giving them tickets.
    That will shut the moron’s mouth.

  36. charlotte fifield says:

    We need our police. We need their support and we need to support them. This garbage needs to stop that it is not allowed to have a blue flag up. Yes he needs to sue and let everyone know we stand behind out police.

  37. Cg says:

    That’s why most people hate HOA.Most are run by assholes that think the homeowners are their pawns for whatever it bothers.Advice keep the flag up and eventually move from the communist party.

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