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Cops Assault Disabled Vet for Not Wearing Mask

No matter your viewpoint on wearing masks, the video below of security guards and police officers assaulting and arresting a disabled veteran for not wearing a mask at a protest is nothing short of shocking and disturbing.

The Twitter account Code of Vets, a veteran’s advocacy group, posted the video along with a statement saying, “This assault on a disabled veteran for not wearing a mask is disturbing on every level. We secured this nation and our freedoms now we are under attack.”

The San Antonio Police Department told the Washington Examiner that the man, identified as Eric Matthew Braden, was arrested and charged with criminal trespass-private property after protesting in the mall and not wearing a mask.

According to the San Antonio Police: “Officers responded to North Star Mall for an unplanned but organized protest event. Mall security and an off-duty officer were confronted by a group of protesters who refused to wear face masks, were given a criminal trespass warning and told to leave the property. Security and the off duty officer had to take one male into custody who was attempting to escalate the situation, but the remaining participants left without further incident. The male was arrested for criminal trespass private property and was transported to University Hospital by EMS with complaints of a pre-existing back injury. All notifications were made aware of the incident.”

Watch the video below and share your thoughts in the comment section on this page. Do you believe the security guards and police went too far by assaulting and arresting veteran Matthew Braden? Or, do you believe Braden was in the wrong for not wearing a mask and deserved to be arrested?


  1. Russell Harsch says:

    all I got to say to this this is just a start what does the sheep say mask mask we the people are not sheep we’re done with your f****** mask

  2. Lionel says:

    This is a terrible time here in America when if you don’t wear a “face diaper” it is enough to get you arrested! What these jackass security people did to this Army Vet is unbelievable! If I had been there, knowing that this could have occurred, I would had had a can of Bear Spray” and I would have hosed-down all those jackass security persons!! I would have stood w/this Vet, and anyone else who these goons would try to arrest, going to jail for that I would have to do! Screw all those security goons, when this disaster comes full circle, and all hell breaks loose here in America…WHO’S going to stand w/these goons….I certainly would not help them at all!!!

  3. Eloise says:

    I believe COVID is a deliberately developed biological weapon, and a very successful one that the Deep State and it’s Chinese Communist collaborators have devised to control through sickness and fear the world’s population. Lockdowns are destroying businesses, shutting down schools and churches, and isolating people. Mask-wearing has become mandatory, and is another example of our loss of freedom related to the well-orchestrated biological warfare that has imprisoned the world. That is what I believe.

  4. MW says:

    First of all, I don’t think anybody should be treated like this ever, for any reason. They didn’t have to gang up on him. Doctors have predicted that mask wearing will lead to an early onset of dementia due to the increased loss of fresh oxygen to the brain cells. Mask wearing also increase bacterial infection & pneumonia. The typical blue mask that most people wear, has Teflon (PTFE)-which cause cancer. They are also sterilized with ethylene oxide-a known carcinogen. Breathing in the (PTFE)-teflon can lead to cancer. Wearing masks all day can cause brain damage. The CDC & WHO has said that asymptomatic people do not spread the virus. Dr. Otto Warburg said that all normal cells have an absolute requirement for oxygen, but cancer cells can live without oxygen-a rule without the exception. Deprive a cell 35% of it’s oxygen for 48 hours & it may become cancerous. Making kids wear masks all day, can lead to brain damage & heart attacks. As of 12-29-20 the hospitals in England are empty from Covid. Canada hospitals from one end to the other (97) hospitals empty from Covid. The hospitals in Wisconsin are empty from Covid & TX the Covid patients were at 9%. Ireland admitted there never was a pandemic. The Chief Science Officer for Pfizer said that the second wave, is all FAKE. There is a lot of cases because they have been doing the PCR tests at 42-51 or higher. It is supposed to be done at 25-30, anything higher than 30 cycles, & it will automatically come up positive. The WHO & the New York times times, said there has been a lot of false positives, as much as 90%.

  5. Candyce Clanton says:

    The police & security police (single and plural) should be arrested. He was protesting his right not to wear a mask – it is the first amendment to our Constitution. Have 3 or 4 against 1 is not the way to treat our Veterans who came home injured from protecting Americans (including that police officer & security police). I can’t believe San Antonio is acting in such a manner. I hate wearing a mask – it’s required in a store but I see lots not wearing it & I haven’t seen even one police officer arrest anyone. Are your police officers part of the Chinese Military?? This is ridiculous! I hope he brings a lawsuit against your City, your Police Dept & the Officers, as well as Security Guards! Let you all feel the pain!

    • mtman2 says:

      Why didn’t evetone take off their masks then rip off the so called secuity’s masks and laugh at them…
      They’re not going to arrest a 100 people..m!

  6. David Smith says:

    LOL I see I made friends here LOL Every word I have said is true I volunteered for the seals and was refused from a scar on my neck some Mexican wanted to sharpen his knife I volunteered for Vietnam but the was winding down I lost two friends over there and had another die when he came home He helped spray agent orange and agent white and agent Purple he told me this. I could go on about how his baby was born in perfect shape but inside did not develop and died 5 minutes later I got to bury him 7 months later This government would not even give him a flag He was in his third tour in Vietnam and got dishonorable discharge never asked him why maybe he got tired of spraying our own troops with Orange. Doesn’t mater any more All the things I write are honest I would still fight for this country and defend it I believe in the American people but not this government any more. If my words offend any one too FFF bad they are the truth do some reading and you will see I don’t lie. And my drug dealing neighbor moved funny thing he likes me I guess he knew he didn’t scare me after I let a idiot user learn navigation. It’s a good thing this country is free you can say what you want like that Vet did and not get threatened LOL Like when I got the crap beat out of me by 6 crew cut kiddies when I had longer hair in high school before the race riots LOL> My grandpa was a loyal American too almost a grand dragon in the KKK> he was mad at my parents for letting me have a few black and other kids who were not pure white anglo saxon . True stories Life is full of fun things could tell you more but you would just call me a fag and a liar and a commie LOL And want to kill me because I tell the truth But you would see me right next to you at the border to stop any one from attacking my country Oh well have fun enjoy your life No one forces any one to wear a mask and we have a right to protest Just don’t try it at Kent State LOL Had to be a smart ass on that one last laugh have a warped sense of humor. Good luck and I wish the best for all of you mask or no mask LOL

  7. bob onit says:

    Only commies are allowed to demonstrate ?????

  8. Charles says:

    I find the treatment of a disabled veteran totally unacceptable but I am also extremely offended by the language of the other people heard on the video. Is it really necessary to use foul language to voice your disagreement with what is occurring? For some one, especially a women, to scream profanity in my opinion, is inexcusable. If we ever expect to get anywhere in the fight for justice and fair treatment we must act like we care about how we conduct ourselves. In my opinion, the best thing to have happened is not resist arrest but go peacefully and allow the courts and justice system to work it out. When profanity and fighting occurs, those of us who are attempting a peaceful protest, put ourselves on the same level as those we are protesting against.

  9. David Smith says:

    The US government sold this virus to the Chinese so it is an American virus the Chinese we probably paid to let it loose Jaybo my neighbor was a Iraq vet with Ptsd they all have it now even the people who never went to war But that did not stop him from being a drug dealer and beating his pit bull and his girl friend He also had a pistol illegal for a felony convicted person to have His daddy was a judge so we all know how that works And yes he was a marine. He flew the marine corp flag and the American flag outside his apartment what an insult. But I am with you my brother this crap has got to stop. And Tim thank you for calling me a fool You would have been fun to have back in the early 1900’s when they were all wearing mask to stop the epidemic I promise you would have been in big trouble if you didn’t wear one maybe even dead. But keep you smart attitude because you are so smart and when this new strain of the virus kills you and your family because you won’t try to be safe with a mask I will bring flowers to your grave. and to the sweet lady who smart mouthed about the mask being dumped in the ocean Sweetheart if you knew what these governments have and are dumping into the ocean you would be on the toilet cleaning your pants read what they dumped into the ocean after they got hold of Hitler’s chemical warfare stuff and do you remember Nixon dumping nerve gas into the ocean years ago I think a little mask is the oceans least problems We went into dry dock when I was in the navy in 1976 They said back then the ocean was polluted past 6 miles out to sea. Two of my friends got into a fight and fell overboard in the water that was still in the dry dock. They were medically discharged from the Navy caught a bacteria that was eating their skin the Navy could not stop it look at the ocean off the coast of India you can almost walk on the water from all the garbage I don’t think I will worry about a mask much worse things are in the ocean. I wish I could stop the pollution I hate the world we are leaving for my soon to be daughter If the virus doesn’t kill us first. So my solution is you and Tim don’t wear the mask simple but businesses have the right to protect their workers and customers I am curious to you both stand away from other people the virus is airborne so if the mask won’t help neither will standing 6 ft away from people but I am sure you both were smart enough to figure that out What they did to that veteran was not right but he should have left when asked to And I am a veteran too. The VA clinics do worse than that they have killed over 3,000 vets and no one gets upset about that but do about a mask LOL I ride a bike so I don’t pollute the air do you drive???

    • Jaybo says:

      You are wrong about jaybo you bullshitting lame fuck. I’m a nam vet asswipe and I never lived in an apartment and I would love to have just one hand on your Adams apple for 1 second!

    • A friend of AMERICA says:

      Need to dump YOUR simple ass in the ocean bellhop!

  10. Jaybo says:

    Gonna be BIG news if the police want to rough up a PTSD vet or two. We need cops alright but don’t be fuckin’with no vets. We 0311’s are very good at ripping out windpipe! SEMPER FI!!!!!

  11. This has disturbed me greatly but not for the reasons many may think. I am a mother, grandmother and a retired VA nurse. My heart is so broken over what is happening to my country. I was a military brat and was raised to be patriotic and respect my elders, obey laws and to care for others. What I have witnessed over the last 8 to 10 years does not bode well for this country. If you want to protest, do it right and in a non-violent manner. If you served our country, thank you! Stop villanizing all police and for those who are out of line, deal with them on an individual basis. The chronic chaos is a slow but sure path to anarchy and the end of OUR country. At some point very soon, this has got to stop!

  12. Rhina says:

    Masks is to honor China it has nothing to do with covid. After all democrats love China part of their plan to destroy us. It helps no one it is an excuse for criminals take advantage. A smile is more healthy any day then a mask. Besides it is not a law anyone who thinks this is ignorant you will get the covid with breathing the same air over and over your lungs just rejected. Did you see how many masks they found thrown away in our oceans! Not helping anyone Duh!

  13. DAVID LABELLE says:

    i will gladly donate to a fund to obtain legal aid in order for this person to sue the mall, the individual security gaurds and the police officials involved in this abuse of power against this outstanding citizen.

    All involved in the brutal accosting of this individual should be jailed for their illegal and belligerent actions of abuse for attacking this man.

  14. Stacy Strother says:

    While I do believe the CV is certainly a bacteria and/or virus, but with a 99.5% survival rate, I also believe that it is much less a threat than the China Virus that (CCP) has invoked upon us. Trump has told us about it all year. Why do you think that he as almost always referred to it as the “CHINA VIRUS?” Chinese infiltration! Under the China Virus regime, there is a “NO SURVIVAL RATE,” to abstain from socialist communism! Furthermore, the mask wear mandates…? I personally heard and watched Sidney Powell say to ALL AMERICANS, go to church this Sunday, masked or not, but just go! Also, I read and personally heard Lynn Wood say, take the tyrannical masks off!

  15. Rita Regan says:

    those bastards typical in a liberal state. I refuse to wear a mask to me it is a lot of bull sh**t and that is my right!!!

  16. David Smith says:

    This is not about law forcing us to war mask it is for safety simple common sense should tell these fools that I don’t like wearing a mask and I believe it does no good because I had throat cancer and breathe thru a hole in my throat so the mask really does no good for me but I wear one anyways I have tried to wear something in the mask but they don’t cover and stay on the hole. But I wear one to show people hey at least I am trying to keep you safe. A business can refuse the right to serve you and as you to leave if you do not follow the rules they have installed for your safety. If you refuse they have a right to ask you to leave. If you don’t en the cops will escort you outside. If you resist then you are asking to arrested and possibly hurt. I wonder how those people would fee if no one wore a mask and they brought home the virus to their family and it killed them over something as stupid as not wearing a mask. Idiots So don’t wear a mask and bring the virus home and kill your family I am sure your wife and kids will thank you for that

    • Tim says:

      You are a fool that believes anything that someone wearing a stethoscope tells you.
      Oh well the Fascist/Democrat party need useful idiots.

  17. David Smith says:

    This is not about law forcing us to war mask it is for safety simple common sense should tell these fools that I don’t like wearing a mask and I believe it does no good because I had throat cancer and breathe thru a hole in my throat so the mask really does no good for me but I wear one anyways I have tried to wear something in the mask but they don’t cover and stay on the hole. But I wear one to show people hey at least I am trying to keep you safe. A business can refuse the right to serve you and as you to leave if you do not follow the rules they have installed for your safety. If you refuse they have a right to ask you to leave. If you don’t en the cops will escort you outside. If you resist then you are asking to arrested and possibly hurt. I wonder how those people would fee if no one wore a mask and they brought home the virus to their family and it killed them over something as stupid as not wearing a mask. Idiots

  18. Donald Lester says:

    Everyone of those assholes should be charged and this is the way the democrats want to run the USA this is why everyone needs to stand up for our God given rights

  19. Marcy says:

    Anyone who still believes Covid is a real virus has not done their duty as a citizen to learn all you can and not
    rely on MSM and the CDC. This virus has NEVER been isolated and proven. Do the work and get on the right side
    of this take-down of our nation. Where is Fauci? You’ll soon see.
    Thank God for every earnest honest American who seeks ‘Truth’..

  20. T Beach says:

    How many people have to come out and tell these idiots that masks dont work against an airborn virus before they believe them. If he was Covid positive then every one of those rent a cops just got it restling with him wether they were wearing 5 masks. Same as going to a store and handing them z $20 and getting change. If they dont sanotize the money ya passing the virus around. I dont know about anybody else but im over this SCAMDEMIC. 99.7% survival rate people. Wake the Hell up.

  21. John Hancock said it the best “” gentlemen this is all been done in vain so if we want to keep our freedom will have to do it againjames says:

    John Hancock said it the best “” gentlemen this is all been done in vain so if we want to keep our freedom will have to do it again

  22. RON says:


  23. Larry says:

    Wow, that bitch has a mouth on her. I am a veteran too. I served 25 years. One thing that I learned is that I do not jeopardize others because of my own beliefs. There is not doubt that Covid-19 is spread by germs that are dispersed through coughing, sneezing, talking and other natural activities. It is a shame that people do not respect the rights of others like in this case. If I am in close proximity inside of a building where people are in close proximity, and someone gets near me, I say something because I think that they are inconsiderate idiots. Doctors and other medical people wear masks for a reason and the idea that carbon dioxide is a problem with wearing them is nonsensical. It isn’t difficult to respect the rights of others. I don’t wear a mask outside and I go to pubs were people keep their space without a mask. I use common sense. It is easy to do that. That foul mouth female isn’t a good example for anything,

  24. Lemont Cranston says:

    The proper name for this is Tyranny!!! Our Constitution says “We the People” have the “Right” to fight domestic tyranny where ever it is found. That would include the mayor, he apparently was in favor of these actions. Find out if the local D.A. is one of Soros’ funded D.A.’s? They are the ones causing havoc in the Dem cities.
    Remember, an executive order, or a regulation, etc., is not a law, no matter how much these criminals wish you would. And if it goes against the Constitution, it’s not a law. The Constitution is second only to the 10 Commandments!

  25. Bob says:

    Can you say police state.

    • Mdi says:

      Until OUR government let’s the control over us released…OUR essential working police have no choice but to enforce what their boss Mayors and governors require of them. If you had a job and your boss said wear mask or you’re fired what would you do. Don’t blame the police they’re doing their job blame our government. And that woman in the background swearing she’s a pig. And I’m sure there were going to be people falling all over so they can sue to get money lowlifes instead of working for their money they want to sue

  26. ee says:

    I thought that Texas was better than this………..the whole country should just up & quit wearing mask. It is against our rights to be forced to wear one. the 2 states that are open, Florida & S. Dakota have opened their states and have less covid than the states with lock down. It is just a socialist move to control We the People. Time that we remembered our rights and quit letting ourselves be pushed into a 3rd world country…………

  27. Timothy Adams says:

    I love our Veterans. But, the Veteran in this video has both arms and legs, has no burn injuries and is passively resisting Security and a Police Officer who has ordered other Protesters to leave. Where I was a Police Officer in my city/state, a permit has to be purchased from City Hall, paperwork stating the reason for the protest and where in the city it will take place ($5 for the permit). If security is requested by city Police , each officer needed has to be paid an hourly “off duty” rate of $25/hr, through the completion of the protest. The protesters are not exempt from being arrested by hired officers. If they step outside the rules and guidelines, or “incite a riot”, or engage in violent behaviors, they have crossed the line. This Veteran may be handicapped or disabled to some degree. But, it doesn’t appear to be physical, maybe mentally (PTSD or something). This protest was “”UNPLANNED”. And, the heads/heads of a “planned” protest, should evaluate each person involved in the protest, to avoid any consequences of criminal behaviors or actions, or liability for possibly inciting a riot. Make sure your protest has a specific goal to gather attention for your cause/disagreement/arguments/opinions and so on. Once it gets out of control, it’s a “free for all” for everyone. Police have a duty to keep the peace, and to protect property and lives. Let them do their job. I was allowed to do mine.

    • Keith says:

      Sir thank you for your service as a policeman and thank you for a detailed insight about protests and the duties of peace officers.

  28. Mad as Hell says:

    With all the real crimes going on with BLM, Antifa, Biden crime family etc, etc, we assault a disabled war vet not wearing a mask outside??!!??!!

  29. Don says:

    It’s no different than what our government does to vets. They’d rather waste our money around the world than take care of our own people…especially those who really served. Just look at the current bill and the billions wasted around the world including China while providing only 600 to citizens and including non-citizens.

  30. John Hart says:

    The Security and officer were really dumb in this case. Getting him in a choke hold and being right on top of him. If they were concerned about the Chinese virus, then why did they do what they did. Proof the Demoncratic run states and cities only want one thing…TOTAL CONTROL.

  31. John says:

    it is unreal what the country is becoming. masks should be up to the individual. we live in a free country and I can see why people are fed up with the police. we do not live in china or Russia. I stand with our veterans. Getting arrested for not wearing a mask stupid and the cops should be ashamed of themselves

  32. They needed to had BLM there with them and they wouldnt have done anything to them because they would have been afraid to mess with them.

  33. John says:

    This all stems back to the Communist China Party. Nikita Khrushchev said in 1956, “We will take America without firing a shot. We do not have to invade the U.S. We will destroy you from within”.

    Look no further! It is happening right underneath our noses!! Better Stand up and protect our democracy, or welcome in The China Communist Party!!

    • Ollie says:

      I agree this country is going down hill .I walk the stores without a mask till someone says something no body has.I think most people are with me.Like you China is laughing in are face.Wake up people.

      • Mickey says:

        I’m a combat vet and have seen what the government has done to our veterans that served to protect our country and our American rights to live in a beautiful free country. Now American citizen are scared like lost sheep. These politions, govenors have taken control and getting paid to tell us what we can or caint do. Wake up, stand your ground and put a stop to all this Democratic nonsense before its to late. Mask or no mask. We the People have Rights under the Constitution of the United States

  34. Marlene says:

    Congratulations sheep, you should get used to having no rights at all. You just allowed the demoscum to steal the election and these are the first steps of a total dictatorship. Oh and everyone knows Pelosi’s plan to use the 25th amendment to get rid of Biden and install heels up Harris, a communist, as president. Our enemies will have a good laugh at her.

  35. Laura Mason says:


  36. steve says:

    Isn’t it ironic that the very people that stand for the police are the ones that are attacked? The democrat mayors and city councils in these cities need to be VOTED OUT or recalled. That is the only way that mob violence will be controlled.

  37. Dee says:

    Insane!I don’t wear a mask either and have not been accosted
    by anyone. Masks do not help! When they are worn then thrown away
    the germs are already in the air. It should be up to each individual
    as to wearing masks. How they accosted him is brutal. We are becoming
    a. third world country.