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Cops Assault Young Man Over Public Health Order

Disturbing video is coming out of Canada showing police officers assaulting and aiming a taser at a young man for playing ice hockey at an outside rink in Alberta,” according to Blaze Media.

A viral video shows Calgary police shutting down a pickup ice hockey game at an outside rink. The cops claim that the game was violating public health orders. There were reports of 40 people at the Southwood community rink and skatepark. [emphasis added]

According to the Alberta government website: “Outdoor team sports must also be limited to 10 people or fewer, and 2-meter distancing must be maintained at all times.”

“Two female officers attempt to apprehend the man, who refuses to abide by the cops’ orders to get on the ground. One officer is caught on video kneeing the hockey player, but he continues to stand on the ice. During the tussle, one of the police officers falls to the ground.

When someone asks why the officer has their hand on a gun, the cop replies, ‘It’s not a gun, it’s a taser, and he’s under arrest, and I have the authority to use force to effect an arrest.'”

Watch the videos below and share your thoughts in the comment section. Do you think some law enforcement authorities go too far in enforcing COVID19 public health orders? Do you think some COVID19 public health orders are irrational? Have you witnessed or experienced overzealous enforcement of public health orders in your state?


  1. paul says:

    Women dominance again. She plays the HEAVY and her sidekick helps her. SUCH A DISGRACE She needs to be taken off the forse along with her sidekick. Good thing for social media so we can really see where the bad cops are.

  2. Joan says:

    Outrageous…. Police are to protect us against CRIMINALS. This is shameful and she should be fired immediately. We need police but not this kind. So sad they have nothing else to do.
    Charges should be brought against the foul mouthed idiot who calls herself a cop. She disrespected the honest decent cops (who are
    in the majority)

    • Terry E Hileman says:

      Those two cops are untrained and afraid to do their jobs and should be taken off the streets. I don’t know why they arrested the guy but he should have been made into submitting to their orders. Officers that aren’t made for the job will only get other officers hurt but citizens also.

  3. Sic&Tired says:

    Those TWO ….Cops surely showed their True Colors of BEING ABSOLUTE IDIOTS…!!
    They are a couple of cops that we don’t need trying to enforce any laws, due to they DON’T HAVE ANY COMMON SENSE…… Hard to believe they can even put their own pants on in the morning’s.!! Couple Morons.!!

  4. Don says:

    Well, seems Trudy’s trash are at it again.

  5. Charles Larson says:

    It’s crazy and asinine for the cops to harass and arrest the young man about playing ice hockey at a public ice rink, which he and his friends organized and agreed to do. The cops claimed they’re violating Covid – 19 rules, I understand that much, but a warning and a time limit to vacate the rink peacefully should’ve been all the cops said and warning them they could be arrested if they’re not gone in an hour when they come back , for example, would’ve been the sensible action to take, and the cops could’ve been calmer to say they don’t want to arrest anyone here, but unless you don’t comply , etc.I have no choice to do so. This language should’ve got through to them, but the cops jumped on their high horse , and abused their authority in rushing to arrest the guy.

  6. Scott J. says:

    Welcome to the Peoples Republic of Canada. Great job there Trudeau.

  7. Sic&Tired says:

    NOW….There is a True Case of a REAL….”STUPID” Lady Cop / Officer AND a REAL “STUPID” Guy Cop / Officer. Those TWO Should Be Fired.!!!! Total Idiots.!! Just tell them that they only can have so many players and they might just listen, BUt – to make a scene and act like a couple of Jerk Cops… Yes, they are Idiots and Morons on a Big Time Scale.!!!!!! So Sick and Tired of seeing and watching and hearing about STUPIDITY of the Human Race. More and More Dumb A * * People just seem to show their true colors or character…..

  8. Judith says:

    We went to Canada a few years ago for 2 days and they treated us like Criminals. They searched are car and our stuff. They are a bunch of ASSHOLE COPS. We haven’t been back since. I think the Cops are Asshole all the Country. if Kids can’t play outside without the cops rough handling them. Kids and adults need to get outside in the fresh air instead of being struck in the house. The Cops, democrats, and governors all should be lock up in their houses for months without allowing to go out side. The government Democrats is all getting out of hand. This virus is a joke. The government and democrats and China started this virus because they don’t like President Trump. This virus is a joke and so are wearing these masks. Wearing these masks are making people sick because you are breathing you own germs back into your body.

  9. Bruce Wooden says:

    This is why we all need to start open-carry our guns on our belts just like back in the 1800’s.

  10. Pegs says:

    God forbid people may have some exercise & fun. WHAT IS HAPPENING TO THIS WORLD?! It’s time for people to lighten the hell up!!! POWER TRIPPERS !!

  11. Pegs says:

    I support our men & women in blue but this is RIDICULOUS !!! Goodness Gracious. Go find some REAL CRIMES because this is SO WRONG!! They should be FIRED!!! Let a few people get some fresh air and maybe have a little fun. Remember ……FUN ??!

  12. this us nothing but police butallity. and the language this remale officer is using, very un called for from a suppose to be a public official. harrastment 100 percent.

  13. Tamara LeDoux says:

    These police officers are what gives their department a bad name. They are the reason why ‘defund the police’ has been activated. They didn’t think through the situation before inserting themselves into it. Playing outdoors is a healthy activity. They called it incorrectly and will now have to face charges brought onto them for their stupidity.

    Furthermore, they shouldn’t have ordered him on the ground unless they thought he was caring a deadly weapon.

    Once all of the stupid brouhaha is settled, they will have a lot to answer to.

  14. Gary Bohn says:

    Fuck those bitch cop assholes from Calgary, eat shit!

  15. In comparison, if this happened in America
    there would be looting and burning. We have
    many leftist extremist who want to destroy
    our wonderful democratic country and turn it
    into a socialistic country. I think a lot of
    our politicians have been bought and paid for.
    As far as this video goes everybody has a
    responsibility for their actions.
    The cops
    and the “Kids”. It seems like a overreaction
    by all parties to me and maybe a teaching

  16. May says:

    Normally, I support law officers but this is ridiculous. These officers obviously don’t have enough to do that they go after a group of young people outdoors playing a game. I notice the officers weren’t practicing social distancing. A female officer wanting to be big tough Mama and I’m female.

    • Sharon Trampe says:

      Too much government control. Young people just having good clean fun.

    • TONY D says:


  17. Mar says:

    This thing make me angry. I was standing for the police. But they doesn’t be brave with the black like matter in their riots but like to have guevos with those young boys that are not doing anything except playing. So from now on DEFUND THE POLICE. And forget it about the Covid. Anyway we born to died later. But we are not prisoners from any socialist government. Period.

  18. Gary says:

    Isn’t socialism wonderful? All over a disease that’s 99 percent survivable.

  19. Lynnett says:

    I can’t believe these officers don’t have something more important to do. He should have respect, but explain to me what’s wrong with playing hockey outside? I guess we want our young people in the house playing video games? Really this is totally absurd and I normally have respect for law enforcement. In this case it’s ludicrous!!

  20. Sharon says:

    It’s a one world government coming soon and Christians and Jews will be the ones persecuted just like anyone who disobeys the marxists and their rules to ordinary people. The ‘true’ police would not handcuff someone for playing on the ice OUTSIDE! The tyrants are gaining ground and they must be stopped or else we will end up like Communist China! Christ will be returning soon and He will rule with a rod of iron. It will be a true and just government by God Himself. The evil will end!

  21. John says:

    Many people get drunk on their power over others. That is not limited to the idiot politicians in the U.S.A.
    This is the way Hitler got started; subdue the average citizen with little despots on the local level.

  22. Kenneth Shockley says:


  23. Tina says:

    What’s wrong with the people today????? They have NO respect for authority let alone parents. If they would have complied and talked to the officer’s it would have turned out differently. Taze him!!!!

    • Bill says:

      Watch the video and LISTEN. The issue was they were insisting he lay on the ground……The kid was asking why did he need to “get on the ground”. If the cops had any sense of taming a situation they could have accomplished much more if they had gotten off their high horse and handled things in a much more reasonable fashion. A person can be arrested without laying on the ground.

      • Sharon Trampe says:

        I agree. Those girls need to go back and learn some policing skills. You get better results treating people with kindness. No need to treat him like a felon. Also, is it always necessary to use the F word? Get on the F ing ground??

    • Pegs says:

      Sorry tina but you are a WORLD CLASS ASSHOLE!! Maybe someone should taze your ass and see how you like it bitch!

  24. Kenneth Shockley says:

    okay, this is a bit too much, the police in this country are way out of line, is the public really safe?

  25. F F Tramutola Jr. says:

    “Back the blue”, NEED TO RESPECT AMERICANS, you know, the ones WHO PAY YOU! Most of reports like this make citizens more likely to back your attackers. SMARTEN UP. TURN YOUR GUN ON THE COMMIE WHO GAVE THE ORDER.

  26. Debra McG says:

    Cops are becoming Nazis, arresting somebody for playing outside

  27. Jolene says:

    Well when you don’t listen. He should be arrested. That is whats wrong with this society. Don’t comply with law you pay the conciquences.

    • Debra McG says:

      Since when is playing hockey a crime???

    • Too many ex-military being hired on to police departments who have social and mental problems. Not combat vets but those that had no real authority or leadership qualities! Now they are playing God with the public!

  28. Orange peel says:

    Well not surprised. Canada has become a third world country. Nazi cops, A dictator and illegals and Muslims running free. America cops better take a look at this disgrace because cops in America have become goose stepping brown shirts. Will not defend cops who go against their oath to protect the people from dictators and Nazis.

    • Jim in TEXAS says:

      Well said,,, you are the adult in the room. I do not play well with dictator want-a-be power drunk assholes either.

      • Kay says:

        Down with commies!!!!! So now it’s a “crime” to play outside. Man….& i thought America had it bad. I don’t play well with Satanists either!!!!!