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Cops Punished for Speaking Out against BLM

Police officers across the country have been fired, demoted or otherwise disciplined for social media posts that voice opposition to Black Lives Matter and violence during racial justice protests,” according to The Washington Times. [emphasis added]

In recent weeks, two policewomen in New Jersey were fired or demoted for calling BLM protesters “terrorists,” and a police officer in Virginia was canned for criticizing political leaders who side with racial justice rioters.

“Sara Erwin was a police officer in Hopewell Township, New Jersey, when she sounded off on Facebook last year about racial justice riots. She said her children were in tears, begging her not to go to work for fear she would be killed.

“In the post, she denounced the tactics of Black Lives Matter and asked people supporting the movement to unfriend her.

“‘Just to let you know — they are terrorists,’ she wrote in June 2020. ‘They hate me. They hate my uniform. They don’t care if I die.’

“Several fellow Hopewell officers liked Ms. Erwin’s post or offered some support. One of them was Sgt. Mandy Gray, who had recently been promoted.

“It prompted an internal department investigation. The police brass took no action, but the Township Committee voted unanimously on April 30 to fire Ms. Erwin. Ms. Gray was demoted and suspended for six months. [emphasis added]

“Those are not isolated incidents. Police officers have been punished in Virginia, Idaho, and Georgia for criticizing a movement that they see as anti-police.”

For more of this important report, please go to The Washington Times.

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