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Could Cuomo Be Charged With Murder?

Could Andrew Cuomo be charged with murder? Given the investigation that is now underway, that’s a fair question.


The FBI and the Eastern District of New York US Attorney’s office have opened an investigation into Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s handling of nursing homes amid the coronavirus pandemic, sources said,” according to the New York Post.

The probe is examining the Cuomo administration’s actions relating to the nursing homes and other long-term care facilities after thousands of their residents died of COVID-19, according to two sources familiar with the matter… [emphasis added]

Cuomo’s administration has faced fierce criticism for a since-rescinded March 25 state Health Department directive ordering nursing homes to admit infected patients being discharged from hospitals. [emphasis added]

Critics have argued the Health Department order contributed to the state’s high nursing home death toll, along with the spread of the virus.” [emphasis added]

For more on this developing story, go to the New York Post and watch the video below.

Please share your thoughts in the comment section. Do you believe Gov. Cuomo contributed to the death of nursing home patients because of his handling of nursing homes amid the coronavirus pandemic?


  1. Ally says:

    Not sure what he should be charged with. He did wrong by forcing the infected to be put with those not infected. Je does need to spend time in a place where he cannot move about the state, or the city freely. But He is not the only one who should be charged in their doin g wrong.

  2. RoddZilla says:

    I’m the kind of person like most if not everyone I know.
    Has the belief that everyone in this world has the best intentions to be there for your fellow man “ trying to make a point” and help each other in a time of crisis or unrest. If Americans would please stop listen and think?? Has my life changed for the better the minute BIDEN took office??. And all the extra ca$h!! like they PROMISED??? It Was $2,000.00 promises!!!
    I mean this: We Fucked Up!!! We Trusted Them!!
    Please Please! Let us not live like the animals they want us to be like! If we can try one more time to go Patriot -Republican party it worked!! Right?? The worst thing that could happen is it GETS BETTER? Remember this one thing? If we ran this country like a business. Maybe it will Stay in business??

    Orange Man Allgood.

  3. James says:

    What do you expect? Cuomo is related to Biden. One of the haves. Look at what happened in Michigan. Same thing. Don’t here much about that though. Hmm.

  4. malcolm oakes says:

    Must urders have killed 1 or 2 people.

    This worthless piece of dog crap has murdered thousands !!

    Execute his ass !!!

    • Jerry says:

      This egomaniacal arrogant a-hole has contiued to bully, harass, lie and blame others for the deaths in NYS nursing homes. This guy “doesn’t care” ijn his own words, about the deaths. Even worse, he moved his mother OUT of a nursing home before infected patients were moved in which shows pre-meditation. This scourge has to be brough up on charges of murder and any in his staff who covered for him all the way down to Binghamton, NY, Endicott, NY, NYC, etc. They all deserve to do time.

  5. most people that kill are executed for just one murder.

    This asshole has murdred thousands.. why are we even talking about this ??

    Execute the worthless piece of dog shit !!

  6. Rhina says:

    Yes, while the media was praising him he flaunted it by writing a book while Americans seniors where dying. So un-American he belongs in Gitmo! Include Sick Evil -Obama, Pelosi, Biden, Hillary, Harris many others. Stop them all & their agendas against us NOW!

  7. Melba Mediz says:

    He should be charged with murder, he refused to use facilities that were available to him, but choose instead to kill Elderly people in Nursng Homes. This is just like Democrats. they could care less for American Lives. but will allow 11 million aliens to cross our borders, and the Hell with the states that have to put with them. It is so hard to believe what they will do to get their own way. Just how far they will go to retain their power. They are no better than the Chinese Socialist party, who enslave and kill there own people. I don’t know how the people who voted for this so called Pres. Not my Pres. I would have ner voted for him in a million years. As I have followed this man through his entire career and has always been stupid and a loser.

    • Rhina says:

      You right! It is statistically impossible we would vote for puppet Biden. They need to be arrested they are destroying our lives!

    • Xavier Ruiz says:

      We must ask ourselves! Having access to 2 massive centers (Javits Center and the Naval Hospital Ship, BOTH OF WHICH WERE PRACTICALLY EMPTY,and which president DJT provided) did Cuomo then decide to intentionally direct Covid-19 positive patients, GO INSTEAD TO NURSING HOMES? THE NURSING HOME DIRECTORS VEHEMENTLY OPPOSED THE MOVE!!!

  8. Margaret Case says:

    Cuomo is a horrible person. He needs to be held accountable for his actions….. Yes he should be tried…………

  9. k says:

    pompous, in presenting facts, holding court, directing emergency powers that crippled businesses, however, all the pertinent facts were withheld from the nursing homes, patients and the public. yes, he is to be held accountable for their deaths. Enough excuses and verbosity.

  10. Sheila says:

    Cuomo is the worst serial killer in the history of the US. Heaven only knows how many nursing home workers and healthy residents were also affected by his insane mandate. Too, he may be a racist because many ,many employees in nursing homes are non-white.

  11. KM says:

    Andrew Cuomo, his brother, all other governors who followed this plan of taking out our beloved elderly. All MSM outlets who helped to promote the devastation. They are just as guilty, by association. Giving these power hungry men and women the props to keep rendering more harmful measures and lack of respect for the people all this nonsense effects. Remember Cuomo said, “who cares who died?” and “I don’t trust the medical advice…” Meaning, he is a psychotic bully of the worse kind. Now look at the retaliation he is carrying out against his out party! And he has been retaliating against his own constituents for years. He doesn’t care about anyone except getting what he believes is his. Let me rephrase, he wants to take all of our property and assets for himself, leave us with nothing! We need to talk to legislation about limiting the terms a person can run for governor, that way we don’t have more Cuomos to have to deal with. Andrew needs not only to rot in jail, he needs to be there when the jail rots on top of him.

  12. Jo Williams says:

    Yes, Cuomo needs to be held accountable for first degree murder of seniors and a lot of New Yorkers. I believe he committed genocide. Instead of complaining on the news all the time about how terrible things were in New York City he should have been working to try to figure out a plan to help NY.
    One of his big complaints was not enough ventilator’s. When Trump got him Ventilator’s he sold them to China. He just said he did not know what happened to them. Asked Trump for more. Trump said he got his allotment, there was a whole country that needs these. Cuomo bought them back from China. I thought he did not know where they went! Trump had the
    military come in and built a hospital in a few days to help with COVID. Cuomo never used it. Trump had a military ship hospital or ship sent to NY to be used as a hospital. Cuomo never used it. I also think I heard ‘Samaritanspurse’ brought their hospital in and set up but I believe Cuomo sent them away. It was more important to him to be seen on the news attacking Trump and complaining than doing his job as governor and working to help the people in NY. send him to prison.

  13. Harriet stelios says:

    Yes Cuomo should be charged with multiple murders. He knew EXACTLY what he did

  14. Old says:

    He doesn’t think he’s above the law he knows he is above the law and with good reason.
    I will be very surprised if he pays any price for the horror
    Show he created ..

  15. Jean says:

    Cuomo should be ashamed of what he allowed to happen at the nursing homes. I take nursing homes to heart being as I worked as a nurse in nursing homes most of my career. No one should have died there. Cuomo should be charged as a serial killer, at the least a murder. Cuomo should be held accountable for his action and Cuomo should be set as an example for anyone else who thinks they can get away with such mass killings by order of the law.

  16. rick says:

    People like Cuomo, especially if they’re Governors or any other politician, need to be held accountable for willfull actions such as this! He knowingly did this, so, “Off With His Head!”, I say!

  17. Mark T. says:

    Impeach the bitch!!!! He is a crap Govenor!!

  18. Rick says:

    Yes, defineately!! Mass.murder!! He thinks he’s a dictator, a DICK anyway!!

  19. Frank Steele says:

    He is indeed a murderer. He may have to give up his phony Emmy award, too. I hope he’s in an orange jump suit soon.

  20. Natalie Wright says:

    Yes. If it were anyone else, private citizen who knowing ordered the admission of sick infected people into an environment that was not condusive for well uninfected tenants, knowing the illness is highly contagious; It would be considered an act of indifference to human life, which resulted in the deaths of many. Depraved indifference. Punishable by imprisonment to the full extent of the law.

  21. Stephanie Heimbaugh says:

    Indeed he is put him to death

  22. Phillip Nonams says:

    Yes he is guilty of MASS MURDER, sending infected people to nursing homes instead of hospitals where the people there would know how to cope with and handle the virus versus nursing home people who would not be able to help or do what was needed to prevent the further spread of the virus. Charge him with 18,000 deaths and if conficted 18,000 life sentences no parole.

  23. F F Tramutola Jr. says:

    Any other citizen would be at least charged with manslaughter!

  24. John says:

    He is a euthenistic mass murderer. He knew what he was doing. An imbecile would know. He should be charged, the same way Hitler would be.

  25. Deanna says:

    He should be injected with the virus and given no medicine to combat it

  26. Absolutely… This man is a criminal in sooo many ways.

  27. Wanda Alwine says:

    Amen charge him he knew what it would do to those sweet elders .

  28. DARRIN says:

    Yes. There is no doubt about it.

  29. Michael Lamb says:

    Yes he is a evil man who only cares about power.

  30. Charles says:

    He should be charged with multiple murders.

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