Court to University: Why Are You Hiding Biden’s Papers?

President Joe Biden

( – As Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton told The College Fix, “In my experience, politicians hide documents because they have something to hide.” And now, the highest court in Delaware agrees with Fitton.

Specifically, the Delaware Supreme Court has given the University of Delaware just a matter of days to explain why it is shielding Joe Biden’s documents from when he was a United States Senator from public disclosure.

As The College Fix explains in “Court orders U. Delaware to explain its refusal to release Biden’s senate papers”:

“After a trip to the Delaware Supreme Court, the University of Delaware has until July 22 to prove that its vast collection of then-U.S. Senator Joe Biden’s papers are immune from a Freedom of Information Act request made by Judicial Watch and the Daily Caller News Foundation.

“Delaware Superior Court Judge Mary Johnston ordered the university to submit evidence that archives Biden gave the school in 2012 are not subject to a public records request and consequently public access.” [emphasis added]

Specifically, the Supreme Court of Delaware stated in its decision:

“Unless it is clear on the face of the request that the demanded records are not subject to FOIA, the public body must search for responsive records. A description of the search and the outcome of the search must be reflected through statements made under oath, such as statements in an affidavit, in order for the public body to satisfy its burden of proof.” [emphasis added]

Will Biden’s papers be made public because of the legal efforts of Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton? The answer may come in a matter of days.

But the question remains, what is Biden hiding, and why is the University of Delaware helping hide his papers from his long senatorial career?

What do you think Biden is hiding, if anything? Please share your thoughts and opinions by emailing [email protected]. Thank you.