COVID Rising?

( – COVID-19 cases in the United States have risen for the fifth consecutive week, with significant upticks particularly noted in Hawaii and Florida.

Despite this trend, the incidence of COVID remains markedly lower than what was observed during the winter months, as per the data collated by BNO News.

From June 3 to June 9, there were at least 56,233 new cases reported, an increase from the 53,367 cases documented the previous week.

These statistics are compiled from data provided by state health departments and are adjusted based on hospital admission rates where necessary.

The actual number of COVID cases is likely higher than reported, as many hospitals and state health departments have ceased providing detailed data on COVID-19.

Additionally, the prevalence of at-home testing—which does not contribute to official statistics—means that many cases remain unrecorded.

In Hawaii, there has been a 58% week-over-week surge in confirmed COVID-19 cases, coinciding with a significant rise in hospital admissions within the state. Similarly, Puerto Rico saw a 50% increase in cases from the previous week.

Meanwhile, the Florida Department of Health reported a 50% increase in weekly COVID-19 cases. In California and New York state, cases rose by 22% and 16%, respectively.

Data submission from hospitals across the U.S. has dwindled, with only 37% of hospitals reporting their COVID data this week, a slight decrease from 38% last week and a steep drop from 91% in early May.

The limited data available indicates that at least 1,690 Americans are currently hospitalized due to COVID-19, marking an increase of 50 from the prior count.

Moreover, there were 507 new deaths attributed to the virus, marking the first week since May 5 that the death toll has exceeded 500. This week also represents the 221st consecutive week with more than 400 COVID-19 deaths, totaling nearly 1.2 million fatalities over that span.

To date this year, the United States has reported nearly 3.4 million cases of COVID-19, leading to 288,087 hospitalizations and 30,295 deaths, as tracked by BNO’s COVID data monitor.

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