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Cuomo Bans Display of ‘Hate Symbols’

Governor Andrew Cuomo signed bill S8298B into law, which prohibits the State of New York from selling or displaying “symbols of hate”, according to Breaking911.

The bill reads: the term “symbols of hate” shall include, but not be limited to, symbols of white supremacy, neo-Nazi ideology, or the Battle Flag of the Confederacy. [emphasis added]

The law prohibits the displaying or sale of the ‘symbol’ on any state property, including fairgrounds and parks.

“No further guidelines were written into the bill–nor did it lay out who would determine what symbols would be deemed hateful.”


Please share your thoughts in the comment section on this page. Do you think this law violates the First Amendment to the United States Constitution? Does it concern you that the state can dictate what is a “symbol of hate”?


  1. Scott J. says:

    People of New York, wake up and start petitioning to remove Cuomo from office just like the smart Californians are doing to Newsome. Cuono is a murderer. He killed countless elders in nursing homes when he sent Covid patients to the nursing homes. We need to start sending positive Covid patients into Cuomo’s office!

  2. Mad as Hell says:

    Cuomo & DeBlasio better watch out Calif. is already getting enough signatures to get Newsom out of office & I think you might be next, as we go state by state getting rid of all you crazy dictators. All you crazy democrats, news media, etc. forgot the POWER OF WE THE PEOPLE!! New York’s start getting a petition going to get them out of office!!!

  3. Grace says:

    Before sounding off like a forth of July rocket we need to find some leaders. Your angry, I’m angry.More that seven million voters for the president are angry. However, BKM/Antifa have been forming up and practicing for years, they even wear a uniform. and are anxious to trade their clubs for guns. No one wants to be on the losing side.
    There are a lot of cowards in congress who would rather than capitulate than face a confrontation but it is inevitable. Who are our leaders?

  4. Mike Lenahan says:

    I grew up in NYC and my heritage goes back four generations in NYC . I’m sick of people like Cuimo and De Blasio destroying the city of my heritage and the city I lived in and loved.

    I hear and see friends who say they feel they are now living in Moscow versus NYC. One friend who was on the NY C 👮‍♀️ Dept for over 40 years feels he doesn’t even know the city any longer . It’s hurtful and my parents ,etc would be crying if they saw it now. My whole family including myself have left and have no intention of returning. It’s not the home I grew up in and so many friends have also left.

    I feel for those people that feel trapped and cannot leave. It used to be one of the greatest cjj in tys in the world . I used to be proud to say I lived there, no longer.

    I had to cancel a group trip to NYC since no one wants to go there any longer .

    Soo 😢 Sad!!!

  5. Raymond G. Wiles says:

    The Flag In Question Is The Flag Of The Episcopal Diocese Of Northern Virginia, And Was Adopted By General Robert E. Lee’s Army To HALT THE Incidents Of “Friendly Fire ” Because The “Real Confederate Flag” Called “The Stars & Bars” ,
    Was So Similar Tom The “Yankee Flag” Called “The Stars & Stripes” , That Something Had To Be Done. The Battle Flag Is IN NO WAY A SYMBOL OF RACISM (Because There Is Only 1 Race (There Are No KLINGONS ,ROMULASNS , VULCANS ,Etc…) The “Human Race” That Which Is Referred To As Racism(Is Really Ethnic Division) & That’s The Way It Is !! Just Look It Up !!

    • Anthony Billiot says:

      The Stars and Strips is a sign of hate. Ask any native American. That flag represents the governments attempt to eradicate all indigenous people of North America.

  6. David Smith says:

    I wonder if promo would destroy the ovens and pow camps that baby Hitler had and be like the Muslim that said the Holocaust never happened. He belongs in another country but sadly no other country would want him Cuomo is just like the other idiots in office how do these sick people get into office ??? I can’t believe Americans are stupid enough to vote them in As for moving to another country a lot of Americans have left this country for other countries including Africa and Asia As for the flag I have a thick blanket that has the confederate flag on it. keeps me warm at night

  7. Joseph Garland says:

    I think Cuomo needs to put in jail as a trader to the U S A.

  8. Sam B. says:

    “Status Cuomo” is worried about a FLAG with everything else go’n in his state?!?! UNBELIEVABLE! Status Cuomo..if ur gunna focus time on FLAGS then go after blm antifa & all other hate groups flags! What a clown. The confederate flag is part of our country’s original history. This flag isn’t a symbol of hate…only the cancel culture gentle snowflakes folks get wound up about ridiculous things like this. Since the times of the confederacy etc.. a few 100 years ago..the country & society has evolved so much. The confederate flag..all statues etc r part of our history. NO-ONE has the right to destroy them etc etc. If “Status Cuomo” thinks the confederate flag is a symbol of hate…then what about the blm & other Marxist hate groups flags?!?! A symbol of peace?!?! NOT!!! C’mon Cuomo…focus on the serious matters of New York like all the crime/killings that btw have NOTHING TO DO WITH LAW ENFORCEMENT…& Covid-19 China virus. HELP The great people of New York that haven’t left yet/jumped of that titanic..they would greatly appreciate it. The hell with some some flag! U have much bigger fish to fry.

  9. Cinco Cinco says:

    What are they going to do with the Black power symbols. In Berea Ohio,they made the school take the fist off the lightning bolt because it creates a symbol of White Power. This is stupid. It’s like the Cleveland Indians logo getting removed and have to change their name from the Indians to whatever by 2022. It’s only been around for over 105 years and now some people who aren’t even 1/4 % Indian are complaining. Polish people complained about the Ipolish jokes but people still said them because they have thick skin. I like Confederate flags and I have one
    It’s just a battle flag
    But we can have Black power flags
    and we also have a bonus, they get to burn police cars and city and federal bldgs.. I’m really getting sick of what’s going on with my country. Get the hell out of here and pick out the country that you like. Try Southeast Asia or one of the African countries and I guarantee that you won’t like it.

    Southeast Asia

  10. Holly Rose says:

    Guess it won’t be long that our American flag would be included since so many hate it and burn it. Too bad. Think about it. Of all the flags in this world we have the prettiest flag with much meaning and thought behind its design. I love my flag and treasure the flag used during my husband’s funeral. Gonna have to pry it off my cold dead fingers. Maybe we should create an unburnable (nomex) materiel flag.

    • Sam B. says:

      Holly…this is probably the first time I’ve agreed with u on something. I completely agree with u on this. Next thing u know the cancel culture/political clowns will have issues with all flags…so pathetic. I absolutely agree about the American flag. The morons that burn it &/or disrespect it maybe should move to another country. condolences on the passing of ur husband.

  11. Lesa says:

    So you banned all pictures of yourself?

  12. Judith says:

    Cuomo, You should be in jail along and your Communists Democrats. You all are a disgrace to America. What about Black Lives Matter or Gay rites that defends me. I guess you believe in the devil also since you want to ruin The UNITED STATES Of America. I am proud to be from the the South and I have a confederate flag, because it is part of my history and will always be.

    • JoHn Harmon says:

      You hit the nail squarely on iL Duce Cuomo’s head. His picture is a symbol of hatred and should be on the sidewalk where everyone willing can walk on him.

  13. Tim Coleman says:

    More hate just passing this bill and more stomping on 1st amendment, but Democratic’s don’t care anyway. It is all about what they think and believe.

  14. Deblasio and cuomo are two morons.It shows along with Biden how bad our eloctions end up.Undeserving,lying conniving people end up as leaders.This is because people don’t pay attention and the majority of voters are students led by communistic teachers and people who want the government to pay their way.Wake up people and be responsible.These bad people exist by the millions.Yes the confederate belongs to the republic.It is history.We need God to protect us.Save the flag and quite telling people what to do you moron leaders.

  15. Norma says:

    The Confederate flag is not a symbol of hate!
    Cuomo is a village idiot looking for a position in Binden-Ville, and sadly he will probably get one. Our rights are being taken away along with our history. America, please wake up.

  16. Donna Merendino says:

    If I want to have a confederate flag , I will have one. Let the games begin.

    • Wanda Trotta says:

      If you want one it is no one else’s business. We are a free country.

    • rm says:

      Order as many as you want from the Crossroads Country Store in Harrisonburg VA, and other places. I would care less if I read in the paper that Cuomo, the NY AG Letitia James, DeBlasio, and a few in Congress caught the coronavirus with terminal results. Saying my prayers….

  17. Nancy Smith says:

    The Confederate flag is merely a battle flag for the troops. It started out as a simple white flag with the crossed bars shown up in a corner. However, it was so often mistaken as a flag of surrender that it was changed such that the “corner” symbol was expanded to be the whole flag. To my knowledge, it was never the ‘icon’ for the Confederacy. In any case, that is a part of our history, and should not be erased. History is there for us to learn from, so we don’t repeat our errors.

  18. June says:

    The confederate flag is a part of history. No matter how hard people try they can never change history. Destroying all the statues and banning the confederate flag is NOT GOING TO CHANGE HISTORY.
    People that burn the American Flag or stomp on the American Flag should be deported anywhere but should not be allowed in the United States of America ever

    • Yes I agree 100%
      We the American people are losing our rights and no one seems to understand that.
      We need to take a stand and fight, enough is enough

    • letha cowart says:

      So true. So many democratic people are trying to destroy our history and thats totally wrong. And look at what Cuomo has done to his own city and the people there. He has tried to set up a nazi camp for the Jewish people,defended his police department to allow wide spread terrorism. Gave BLM, ANTIFA free rein with no accountability for their actions.

      • Bob Pilot says:

        The only thing that bothers me is that there must be some people in New Yawk that elect these bozos. Everyone from that area seems to condemn them, but still, there they are … Some folks must wuv dem.

  19. James says:

    Why don’t we Bann Cuomo

  20. American says:

    Then he should ban the gay flag because they hate strait people, BLM flag because they hate whites, the muslim flag because they hate americans…and every flag out there except the American flag, the American flag should be the only flag to be flown in america, when you get citizenship you are to denounce any place you come from, if you need to fly your flag then go back to that flags country since you love it so much and hate America.

  21. Horace L Carlile says:

    then you no what we must do to stay free
    free born free an i will die

  22. Craig Murphy says:

    If its constitutional to burn the American flag, it’s constitutional to carry the Confederate flag.

  23. HB says:

    Administrative powers should be only what is allowed by the state legislature. If this is allowed by the State of New York, then it’s time for the legislature to act. (A “worst-case” scenario should be considered).

  24. Sven says:

    The Sicilian Jesus of New York has spoken!

    Not making any sense, But what do you expect from him.

  25. francis little says:

    every statement is so very true wake up people we are 325 million strong letting a handful of fools run this country fly your confederate flags blm is

  26. Vincent R Syracuse says:

    What that idiot just didi is illegal a d a violation of your civil and Constitutional rights. We are truly living in a socialist country. They left it open ended so they can interpret it a y way they want. It’s time to stand up a d do whatever is necessary to take our country back from these socialist pig’s.

  27. Souther pride says:

    I do believe in a free society people have the right !!!! To fly what ever flag they want ! Even if we all consider the flag a disgrace! I believe my southern pride should not be labeled as hate . I never hurt any body or did any thing disrespectful of others. I would have fought for the south because of stare rights ,smaller government and lime item veto . 99 percent of southern troops never even saw a slave. Let alone own one . They fought because yanks were in there stare.

  28. James Rickell says:

    This is a 1st Ammendment violation by a pathetic person. Erasing history does not change it, it only makes it more likely to be repeated. The affiliated political party will loudly celebrate and the laments of a Nation will be unheard over the roar of the funeral pyre.

  29. Sam Rabito says:

    It’s obvious that my Sicilian brother (Cuomo)is a moron! That is a battle flag and not the flag of the Confederacy. Learn American history please! You may ban symbols all you want but that does not change history. If you want ban something, how about idiots breeding and creating more idiots in this country! Please, my Sicilian cousins in Brooklyn, get rid of this moron! Vote him out! He is violating the 1st amendment!!!!

    • Wes says:

      I wonder if CUOMO IS DIVERTING the media and public away from the SEXUAL HARASSMENT CHARGES and investigation of what employee’s have stated they endured under his administration?

  30. Wes says:

    Comrade Cuomo is one of the greatest threats to American freedom that exists today. Mussolini would be proud of his Italian Socialist protege, Cuomo. World War II is also a part of American history just like the Confederate flag and various statues that are being torn down. INTELLIGENT FREEDOM LOVING AMERICANS learn from history. Cuomo is trying to eradicate a portion of American history in the hopes that history will not expose Cuomo’s resurrection of Socialism that Mussolini tried to implement to order to bring his country under his control. That is slavery! CUOMO’s PROGRAMS ARE RESURRECTING SLAVERY IN AMERICA!!!! Don’t take my word for it. Use your eyes, observe what is happening and study your history.

  31. RJ says:

    Please remove all references and pictures of Mr. Cuone from your emails. I find them offensive.

  32. jim sulzbach says:

    Coumo is an asshole

    • Ss says:

      This is against the first amendment,and should be challenged in court! Ridiculous! More CRAP from Cuomo!!

  33. John says:

    The battle flag of the confederacy was never a sign of hate. There were large numbers of blacks who willingly fought under that flag. What it stood for is coming back. You want a sign of hate? It is called the Democratic Party. They sent blacks into ghettos and kept them there and dependent on welfare.

  34. Glenda says:

    This is just the start of our rights being done away with. Lots of people are not going to stand for all this crap the new “people” are doing to our country. A Civil War is coming and , especially when they try and take our guns. This is how we now have Late term abortion, people just say nothing and crazy people get to make the laws. I have a Confederate Flag and proud of it and like our guns it is MINE- I won’t give it up! Wake up people, its closer than you think.

    • Merrill says:

      Best To get organized to fight this filth elected in office .. Don’t let it become Hitler and Jews ..Or in our case CHINA AND CITIZENS …Keep those flags
      .it is our history…

  35. Ray Whiteman says:

    Cuomo is a liberal communist, that needs to be reminded that this is a democracy not a dictatorship

  36. J Matus says:

    Fuck what como pig. It’s part of history and I respect it. I just hate the weak minded pathetic liberal anti American bastards and what they stand for. If you know a democrat, kill it.

  37. Paul says:

    He just better realize that the confederate flag is a part of history that will always remain and stay so he just better go on and start banning his own ideas for only himself. We ain”t listening to dictators THIS IS AMERICA or did you forget.

  38. Keith says:

    When will he ban the sell of the American flag? He has fallen into the socialist trap of saying words and symbols can create hate, that is impossible. Hate is purely a human emotion. This is a sign that America has become the new Soviet Union, where government has to protect us from words and symbols, it is Cuomo saying he has to protect everyone. But in the same day he most likely mentioned defending the police, so who is going to enforce this law, it will be the masses, in the coming months you will see neighbors turning in neighbors for having a confederate flag. Cuomo and Socialist are forcing a new civil war based on symbols and words not civil rights.

  39. bruce says:

    The dictator has spoken. So He’s including the BLM flag, ANTIFA flag, Chinese Flag, Cuban Flag, Iranian flag, HAMAS flag, Hezbollah flag, Palestinian Flag, ISIS flag, North Korean flag, Democratic party flag? Right? What a turd….

    • ck says:

      Funny you use the word dictator. There’s only one idiot who’s trying to be dictator, and that lying piece of shit is Trump!

      • John says:

        So glad I moved out of comrade Cuomo’s New York and live in the free south where I still have the freedom to own a firearm or display whatever.

  40. Norman says:

    The NAACP is a hate organization.

  41. Confederate Flag is part of the proud history of the people in the Confederacy.Ask yourself why aren’t BLM and Antifa flags banded. BLM and Antifa are domestic terrorist organizations.

  42. Mark S says:

    That large POS thinks he’s hitler we have his sister in michigan

  43. Mark S says:

    That large POS thinks he’s hitler

  44. Fred says:

    WHO DIED AND MADE BOSS the best part of you ran down your mom’s a$$

  45. Captxyz says:

    What about the Black Lives Matter symbol? Obviously a hate symbol.

  46. Who the heck do you think your since when does the Confederate Flag become a symbol of hate? The Flag represents a period of time when this country was in turmoil and its a part of our history. You may not like what it represents but you can’t erase out history. Who are you to dictate what is hateful. Why don’t you look in the mirror and see what your are you doing with this Covid19 except terrorizing your constituents with those ridiculous lock downs.

  47. JC says:

    He is a true communist in every sense. He probably thinks there’s an award for that as well. Now his people can starve and live on the streets, but by God they will not have a confederate flag to keep them warm. I guess the Communist China flag would be welcomed.

  48. Dennis says:

    The best part of Andrew Cuomo, ran down his fathers leg, the night of his conception

  49. Tim says:

    Cuomo is not an official anymore. He has taken bribe and blood money and his actions speak loudly, he is a terrorist to freedom. The blacks have their heritage month, history month, college funds, this and that. I am not saying all pasts are perfect, but that is not a symbol of hate, a symbol of our white heritage. Pasts cannot be changed because someone else doesn’t like it. You can’t rewrite history. These crybabies oh I am so hurt over what happened a couple hundred years ago. No, the ones crying still have yet to grow up and make something of themselves. He needs to be shot.

    • Bob Pilot says:

      Re the free speech argument, you have only one legitimate stance: Either one can say what one feels like (knowing that there will be dissenters) or one cannot. If you think you should be able to, bear in mind that there are others who will disagree, either peacefully or vociferously. Truman once said “If you can’t stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen.” Even though those who disagree with you are stark, raving nuts. And a nice day to all …

  50. Peggy Schott says:

    Absolutely ridiculous that this person thinks it is ok to take away rights of We The People. Is he speaking for himself or the STATE OF NEW YORK? Will he follow the rules????

    History has been made, learn from it, you have no authority to change it!

  51. John G. Polachek says:

    State law does not override constitution of free speech!!!!!!!!!

    • JoAnn Leichliter says:

      I think you are probably right. Someone needs to challenge this ban in court, all the way to the Supremes, if necessary. The 1st Amendment exists to affirm the right of people to say things (or display banners, etc.) that others find offensive. The gounders put it there especially with political discourse in mind.

  52. Don says:

    Little Andy needs a pacifier.

  53. Jaybo says:

    Cuomo get his anti-american communist feelings hurt? Poor baby!