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Cuomo: Police Reform Comes When White Kids Get Killed

In our opinion, as long as the so-called elite members of the mainstream news media keep making statements like the one below, hard-working, average Americans are not going to trust the news media. After all, what almost all Americans want from the news media are unbiased news reports, not opinions.


CNN anchor Chris Cuomo said gun laws and police reform will happen when ‘white people’s kids start getting killed,'” according to the New York Post.

“The host of “Cuomo Prime Time,” who just last month claimed on-air to be “black on the inside,” claims to have the answer on gun and police reform.

“‘Shootings, gun laws, access to weapons. Oh, I know when they’ll change,’ said the anchor. ‘[When] your kids start getting killed. White people’s kids start getting killed.‘ [emphasis added]

For more of this report, please go to the New York Post.

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