Dad Finds WHAT in Daughter’s Bedroom?!

( – In the dead of night, residents of a North Dakota home were jolted awake by loud and disturbing noises that led to a bizarre and alarming discovery: a naked and severely intoxicated man trashing their daughter’s bedroom.

According to police records, the incident happened in the early hours of a Friday morning, prompting a swift response from the Bismarck Police Department.

The incident occurred at a residence on West Bowen Avenue, where the homeowners found themselves in a hellish situation.

As they were roused from their sleep by loud and unsettling sounds from downstairs, they soon stumbled upon an unexpected intruder who was completely naked.

In a sudden adrenaline rush and fear, the male homeowner employed his firearm to subdue the naked trespasser. At the same time, his wife quickly dialed 911, as detailed in the arrest affidavit.

Upon arrival, the police were confronted with a peculiar scene. The homeowners recounted their experience to law enforcement, explaining that they had discovered the intruder—later identified as Alvin Ducheneaux—ransacking their daughter’s vacant bedroom, hurling toys and clothing about.

Ducheneaux’s baffling assertion that he had entered the home to retrieve clothing for himself only added to the bewildering nature of the incident.

The investigation revealed that Ducheneaux had sneakily gained entry through an unlocked rear door after the family had retired for the night. In the process, he left a trail of destruction in his wake, vandalizing a shoe rack in the entryway closet and inflicting approximately $200 worth of damages in the daughter’s bedroom. His state of extreme intoxication was a significant factor in the unfolding events.

Alvin Ducheneaux now faces a slew of charges, including Burglary, Night (Class B Felony), Criminal Mischief, Willful Damage (Class B Misdemeanor), and Disorderly Conduct, Offensive Condition (Class B Misdemeanor).

He is incarcerated at the local jail under a $5,000 cash bond. His next court appearance is scheduled for November, where he could potentially be sentenced to up to 10 years in prison for the felony charge.