Democrats Demand THIS After July 4th Parade Mass Shooting?!?

Highland Park Crime Scene

( – In the wake of the July 4th parade mass shooting in Highland Park, Illinois, Democrats are demanding more gun control laws and regulations and that tens of millions of Americans relinquish their Second Amendment gun rights.

As The Washington Times notes in, “Democrats demand more gun laws, say new laws Biden signed last month are not enough”:

“National and state Democrats are pushing for more restrictions on firearms less than two weeks after President Biden signed the first new gun-control law in decades.

“It underscores the outrage over mass shootings that marred Independence Day and a recent Supreme Court ruling that reined in states’ authority to decide who can carry firearms in public.” [emphasis added]


“Highland Park, Illinois, Mayor Nancy Rotering said the shooter who killed six at a July 4 parade in her town obtained his rifle legally, so the nation must take another look at easy access to high-powered weaponry.

“‘If that’s what our laws stand for, then I think we need to reexamine our laws,’ Ms. Rotering told NBC’s “Today Show.” ‘I don’t know how many more of these events need to occur. We’ve been talking about this literally for decades at this point.’” [emphasis added]

Meanwhile, Republicans are concerned that the Democrats are going too far in reducing gun rights and focusing on the wrong problems regarding mass shootings.

“GOP lawmakers warn that Democrats are chipping away at Second Amendment rights and policymakers should focus on mental illness, tougher prosecutions and improved security at schools and other societal venues.” [emphasis added]

What is your opinion about Democrats demanding more gun control laws and regulations following the July 4th parade mass shooting in Highland Park, Illinois? Do you believe the country needs more or less gun control? Please share your thoughts and views by emailing [email protected]. Thank you.