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Democrats: Trump Aimed ‘Loaded Cannon’ at Capitol

Breaking Now: The House Democrats have filed their “impeachment brief” with the Senate outlining their case against former President Donald Trump in the trial that gets underway next week.

Among the statements made by the Democrats in the brief are:

  • Trump “summoned a mob to Washington, exhorted them into a frenzy, and aimed them like a loaded cannon down Pennsylvania Avenue.”
  • “If provoking an insurrectionary riot against a Joint Session of Congress after losing an election is not an impeachable offense, it is hard to imagine what would be.”
  • “There is no ‘January Exception’ to impeachment or any other provision of the Constitution. A president must answer comprehensively for his conduct in office from his first day in office through his last.”
  • “The Framers themselves would not have hesitated to convict on these facts.”

Besides convicting him of Incitement of Insurrection, the House Democrats want the Senate to bar Trump from ever holding office again. They wrote: “This is not a case where elections alone are a sufficient safeguard against future abuse; it is the electoral process itself that President Trump attacked and that must be protected from him and anyone else who would seek to mimic his behavior. Indeed, it is difficult to imagine a case that more clearly evokes the reasons the Framers wrote a disqualification power into the Constitution.”

This is a breaking news story and will be updated as warranted…

Please share your thoughts in the comment section. Do you believe Trump should be convicted and barred from ever holding public office again? Why or why not?


  1. Nyleve Nonnel says:

    They just can’t get over, that Trump, is not giving up without a fight. They can’t get over all he did for this country. They are so scared of him, the is what they came up with impeachment.

    so he can’t hold office again.When are they going to get Hillary,for her ignorance? She

    should be in jail. Have her answer for her behavior. She had Seth something, killed because he knew too much about the Clinton’s. Their foundation, that was where they hic
    their money from forigen countries.

    never made What the hell
    is next?

  2. M Harman says:

    “HOLLY ROSE” as you call yourself. Statement you made: Quote: These are the sentiments of my friends and relatives! Unquote: Your talking about your superiors in China. I’m going to make what I feel is an extremely accurate statement that I hope the readers and government agencies read that you HOLLY ROSE are not in the US but, in fact in China monitoring our channels such as this with the extreme intent on creating violence and destruction. You will be detained by Special Forces along with your superiors and brought back here to stand trial. Remember HOLLY ROSE “The clock is ticking.

  3. Jim Jackson says:

    Today’s Democrat Party is an abomination:

    The Democrat Party that lacks the moral values to protect unborn children against late-term abortion is a party that has turned away from Christian values and rejects the sacred words of our Declaration of Independence that proclaim that Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness are endowed by our creator.

    The Democrat Party that lacks the fortitude to repudiate (and actually condones and encourages) violent anarchists who attack decent law-abiding people in the streets and destroy businesses and personal property is a party that no longer has credible relevance and is an abomination.

    The Democrat Party that fails to repudiate the destruction of churches, synagogues, statues, government buildings and national monuments is a pathetic empty shell of what used to be a proud American populist institution.

    The Democrat Party that supports efforts to eliminate guarding and protecting our borders (ICE) is a party that has lost all credible relevance.

    The Democrat Party that supports open borders, sanctuaries, taxpayer paid free education and health care for illegal immigrants adding to the burden of American taxpayers is a party that is desperately struggling to find relevance.

    The Democrat Party that wants to give voting rights to illegal immigrants is a party that is in desperation to depend on an influx of illicit voters to win elections.

    The Democrat Party that supports efforts of radical groups to eliminate police forces in big cities is a party that cowers down to anarchists with tunnel vision and has not given intelligent thought to the ramifications of such idiocy.

    The Democrat Party that fails to condemn anarchist violence against police officers is on the wrong side of the peace and tranquility espoused by our constitution and the laws of the land.

    The Democrat Party that is more concerned with the safety and well being of illegal immigrants than that of our own citizens, our police officers and our military veterans is a party that has lost focus and will willfully cower down to any radical group in the self-serving interest of obtaining votes.

    The Democrat Party that suddenly wants to eliminate the electoral system of electing the president and change the make-up of the US Supreme Court from 9 justices to 12 justices is a party in a state of panic.

    The Democrat Party that wants to abolish the constitutional rights of law-abiding American Citizens to hold and bear arms is a party with tunnel vision that would turn this nation into violent revolution.

    The Democrat Party that perpetrated all manner of falsehoods to stand in the way of confirmation of Judge Brett Cavanaugh and Judge Amy Barrett to the US Supreme Court is a despicable, lying abomination.

    The Democrat Party that begrudgingly refuses to recognize and acknowledge the unpresidented economic success of this nation prior to the Coronavirus pandemic is a shameful self-serving abomination. Had this country not achieved the economic level of success enjoyed prior to the pandemic, the nation would currently be in a serious recession.

    The abhorrent “leaders” of today’s Democrat Party will say or do anything to win the votes of the ignorant, uninformed masses. Nancy Pelosi, Joseph Biden, Chuck Schumer, Kamala Harris, Adam Schiff, Jerry Nadler, Maxine Waters, etc will lie and perpetrate any hoax in order to advance their own personal agendas. For 3-1/2 years they have done nothing but spew lies, distortions, exaggerations, vitriol and hatred to try to remove our duly elected President of the United States. They are only concerned with regaining power, and not the well being of this country.

    The Democrat Party that was once the proud party of Jefferson, Jackson, Roosevelt and Truman has become a disgusting abomination.

    Most Democrats don’t seem to understand basic economics and how the free market system works. They don’t understand the risks, challenges and tortuous work involved in starting and operating profitable businesses.

  4. Donnie says:

    In November the dems were all calling for Trump to resign after the election. Can’t ever in my lifetime remember a President cutting his 4 year term short after losing an election, which was not lost but stolen. So, now the dems are saying just because Trump is out of office he still should be impeached any way! Give us all a break and slip into the outhouse and take a big one! Y’all are all so full of $/&@ your earwax has turned into dung! Donald Trump the real leader of the free world! Trump 2021! God have mercy on us all and take us out of this democratic nightmare.

  5. Linda says:


    • Deborah Stanfield says:

      I couldn’t have said it better..they don’t even try to hide the evil that lurks within them
      Trump offered all those burned down cities help to come in and out a stop to the violence they refused his help everytime and then egged them on for more ” summer love”
      They’re using ANTIFA/ BLM to do their dirty work while they sit back and laugh about their puppets.
      These creatures are a danger to our country and everyone in it.. They have o heart for anyone and don’t care who knows it.
      When TRUMP pulled the cover back off the SWAMP, evil started coming out in movie stars, sports, music….everywhere you looked and baddest of all reared its ugly head, Lucifer…
      They may be PLAYING Goodnight now but OUR GOD is just ushering them into the corral!! God Wins!!

  6. Linda says:

    Dems all need to get a life an get their heads out of pelosis butt. President Trump NEVER incited violence anywhere his supporters were always peaceful rallies n marches until the real trouble makers showed up. An the capital Trumpers were being peaceful n pelosi couldnt take it so she had her buddy soros bring in Anitfa. Told them to wear mega hats n blend in with Trumpers n start trouble. Shes so hard up to destroy President Trump with her lies bc she scared of her real crimes being exposed . Impeachment is a joke n bs based on Pelosis lies.

    • Deborah Stanfield says:

      As usual, they DO the DIRTY DEED AND EITHER TRUMP, US OR BOTH gets the blame for it! I’ll be so glad when these creatures are brought down and justice is served on them to the fullest for treason, crimes to humanity
      .they wrote the play book on how to:…..take your pick

      • James Truett says:

        Amen to that.What goes around comes around.There needs to be a end to what the swamp rats Washting DC have done.

  7. Ray JB says:

    I have limited funds and no money available to contribute. However: HOW CAN MITCH MCCONNELL, MITT ROMNEY, THE SUPREME COURT (and others) BE SO BLIND AND IGNORANT?IT IS “INTUITIVELY CLEAR TO EVEN THE MOST CASUAL OBSERVER” THAT THIS ELECTION WAS FRAUGHT WITH FRAUD TO OVERRIDE THE LEGITIMATE VOTES!!!!FURTHERMORE; THE SENATE AND HOUSE WERE DERELICT IN THEIR DUTY TO VERIFY ALL LEGITIMATE VOTES WERE COUNTED, AND ENSURE THAT ALL NON-LEGITIMATE VOTES WERE REJECTED!!!!I fully support President Donald J Trump, recognize he truly loves this country and stands firmly for what is right, for the Constitution and for We The People of The United States of America.There is a very huge silent majority who recognizes that We as well as He are under attack by the radical left. Democ’rats. (Which is what the Democrat Party needs to be renamed as that name accurately reflects their Attitude and Hate for all that is good for our nation.) Democ’rats should never be referred to as being the Democratic Party, because there isn’t anything in their platform or conduct that indicates they adhere to Democratic principles. Anyone who refers to them as being Democratic or being The Democratic Party is either ignorant or lacks even an ounce of intelligence. Just make sure as Republican members/candidates for the Senate and House you will fully support and stand with President Donald J Trump, truly love this country and stand firmly for what is right for the Constitution and We The People of The United States of America. If you do, I am confident the huge silent majority will elect/retain you to represent them. DO IT!

  8. Sam B. says:

    Just like blm being nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize (LOL)…this impeachment is a “JOKE!!” Hell NO they shouldn’t convict..& HELL NO President Trump shouldn’t b barred from running again in 2024 if he chooses to!! Let’s b honest..THERES NO REASON/EVIDENCE TO COVICT & IMPEACH!! This is all about stick’n it to Trump any & every way possible…& only using the bs that happened at the capital building as ANOTHER excuse!! How in the blue-hell can there b a conviction of inciting a riot by telling the people at the rally that were going to the capital building to have their voices heard to do so “peacefully & patriotically.” That’s inciting an insurrection?!?! LOL. Here’s just a few people that this would apply to as per “their own outlook” of this nonsense..:
    -Vp Harris: for suggesting that the loser rioters/anarchists not stop & shouldn’t stop their destruction. ALSO: promoted for people to donate to a fund that would bail out the assclown rioters from jail! Speaking of which…there r people that have been arrested MULTIPLE times for this & this fund bailed them out time & time again for the same thing!!
    -Pres. Biden: for obvious Quid Pro Quo…obvious corruption as “the big guy”…& saying “if we were still in school I’d like to take him behind the gym & beat the hell out of him.”
    -Maxine Waters: for TELLING people at a protest to “get in the face of the (republican) politicians…cause a scene in the mall, convenient store, restaurant etc. Also tell them they aren’t welcome here anymore.
    ALL of this BS..& much more from the radical socialist dictators..fits their own radical impeachment narrative protocol & then some. Unhinged garbage & adolescent nonsense like this r reasons why barley left leaning democrats like me (& dozens of others I know) have gladly jumped off that titanic now known as the “socialist dictatorship party.” What a sad embarrassment they have become. This Un-Americanism has been brewing for a few years & is only getting worse.
    Attn radical socialist dictatorship far left: STOP trying to change/cheat-fraud all the rules of the game. Try playing the game “Free & Fair.”

  9. Barb Filicsky says:

    Holly Rose, are you even human? Are you not aware of all the corruption the Dems have in their back pockets? Come on now, seriously. Your Dems n all the fake new channels n Hollywood were wanted to impeach the one n only Great President we have had since JFK Sr. Have you not knowledge of all the money laundering n child sex trafficking n dominion voting issues that was fake n fraudulent n all the other evil they have done? Maybe you should not listen to your boss n people in your wheelhouse. Listen to the BBC n Other countries n see what they are saying about Biden, Killery, Obamy, n especially Bush Sr. He alone was in on the assassination of JFK Sr. Have you never heard that? Or anything I’ve mentioned? Then you are as fake as the news n Congress bad guys n the past Presidents n wives n all the other corrupt people. Trump never said anything about killing or destroy the Capital. Lady that was people from your side of the street n most humans can see that. Go back n listen to the whole story not what was pumped into you veins by the fake people you work for. Your BLM n your Antiffa were already at the capital with the plans the Dems arranged. Trump supporters are NOT killers or destroyers. We don’t have the hate in us as you n your party have in your ass. Your peoples problem is simple n as plain as the big nose on your face. Are you ready? You n your people never wanted Trump to become President due to him having no political background. N you all were afraid he would find out all the corruption you have in your pockets n afraid “we the people” would find out all of what you have done for many years!! Well guess what. The truth is coming out n “we the people” are not sitting in the back anymore!! Your lies to “we the people” is coming out n you can’t handle the truth!!!! I honestly pray that they turn Washington DC n all it’s evil buildings are turned into prisons, because Gitmo is to good for all of you. “We the people” will no longer sit back n let our country get handed to you n your people n the corruption any longer. We The People want our country back. We also know our God is pretty pissed off with you all n he will judge you n yours on judgement day. Are you prepared for God to hit the button to remove the floor under your feet? That goes for all you mofos that said Trump was in the wrong. Why are your highest people stepping down, why are they filming Mr Biden in Hollywood? Why is the White House dark at night? Why was the Pope n The Queen n others taken away? Why did a few of the ladies at Biden’s party day prefilmed? Why did the military that surrounded the White House n Capital building turning their backs away when Biden drove by? If you don’t know any of these questions ask the British. They have the intel on all this. Do some research instead of listening to your people. May God take care of all your souls when the day comes!! It won’t be long!!!! Wake the Hell Up!!!!

    • Denice Stout says:


    • Sam B. says:

      Barb…Holly Rose posts ridiculous delusional nonsense all the time…”she hasn’t seen the football since the kickoff.” LOL

  10. Sheryle Lakey says:

    Chicken shits cant handle truth, nor can they make up their minds. Narcissists always twist words to make them selves look good. Think about it, the wall around the whitehouse is cuz they are scared, and they should be. But People, we need to get off our asses and get involved in committees, and our SHERRIFFS need to start doing their jobs and arrest these bastards. But the real evil here is money. We all need to learn to live off the land and get out of the cities. And Trump did more for we the people than ANY one Ive known in my 60 years. Noe we the people need to quit complaining and get to learning how a Republic is supposed to work. NOW!!!

    • Bob says:

      Amen President Trump has done more for the people and America in my 80 years. Republicans needs to apply the same standards to schumer,, pelosi, communist swelwel, Waters as well as biden in his speech communicating a threat and many democrats whining shown on the news expressing their threat to a sitting President. They should be charged with Treason/espionage against a sitting President.

      • Deborah Stanfield says:

        My 64 either…kennedy tried and died for it.
        You are right..look at how many Republicans turned traitor at first kick in the face..
        All the way to Supreme Court!!

  11. M Harmon says:

    Hello Holly Rose Well you’re at it again. One thing we no is you are not a republican and I don’t believe you are even a democrat. In fact I think you are a spy for China. Right “HOLLY ROSE” Your job is to help China take overs AMERICA. By you insisting the altimate against Donald J Trump you ensuring China’s position in achieving their goal of complete take over. After all Donald Trump was making it nearly impossible for China to succeed in their efforts. Now here you are! Do you really believe even the Democrats are listening to your propaganda? You will be found and charged with treason or as a spy. Think about it HOLLY ROSE.The clock is ticking.

  12. Mary says:

    NO, President Trump should NOT be impeached or censored. All the people had to make their own decision to enter the Capitol building. He DID NOT instruct them to enter. This was planned by democrats, Antifa,BLM and other anti Trump haters. The people who should be impeached are all the impeachers,Pelosi,Shummer,Schiff,Waters,Harris and others. All the impeachers are liars,The protests would never have happened if the election wasn’t stolen by democrats and people paid by Soros. Sorry can’t have more votes than registered voters. Biden NOT my
    president.Trump best president since President Reagan.

    • Inez Bowman says:

      If the democrats get away with screwing the President (TRUMP)we will all be next> They lie, cheat, cause all the problems and for some reason they get away with it. Trump would really have made a differents if both parties would have just worked with him. I feel sorry for Mr. Trump and I hope he can continue to fight if he doesn’t we had better learn Chinees and wear rags on the head & face.

    • Carolyn says:

      Very well said,all them democrats started all the shit to make Trump look bad,Biden is not even all there to be president.they new it.he lost and cheated on the election.and he’s getting away with it.all bullshit.

  13. Lois Colman says:

    Its a tough topic hard to know where to start. President Trump came into office wanting to do his best to make America Great and in spite of a bunch of money hungry lying politicans (for the most part) he accomplished so much. Have the Demos ever said thanks or coplimented him on anything. I doubt it. I don’t know how he stood the four years and we needed him four more so bad. But because of theiving maniipulating swamp animals he never had the chance to clean up the swamp and make a really big difference. Now for people to say what they are about the rally which turned into a mob with Pelosi and McConnell’s help (yes they were behind it and Antifa and his bunch special invitation) a lot happened but to say he pointed the cannon is nothing but lies lies lies. They know not truth but will when they burn in hell.

  14. SDNeal says:

    This is flipping hilarious. Well then OLD Maxine Waters should be brought up on charges!!!
    “Maxine Waters encourages supporters to harass Trump administration officials
    By Jamie Ehrlich, CNN
    Updated 2:02 PM EDT, Mon June 25, 2018”

    I think turn around is fair play. We should start holding some Dems according to their illegal behaviors. Adults are held responsible for their own behavior. These people stormed the building on their own accord. Hold them responsible. I think this Democratic Agenda is OLD NEWS. You can silence Trump, BUT you will not silence the majority of American people who are just sick and disgusted at the dirty, ugly, progressive behavior this past 4 years from the Democratic Party. We are sick of it.

  15. It wasn’t Trump “who called the crowd to Washington, and drove them mad. These crazy demonokrats brought out millions of voters, who were deceived and robbed by them, who came out to defend their rights, their Constitution, and their Freedom against the elections rigged by them.

  16. Holly Rose says:

    Convict and sentence trump to death for the death of the 5 that have died as a result of the Capital Riot. If sentenced to death, trump will never be able to run for any office, not even for the local city dog catcher! This is a the sentiment of all of my friends and relatives.

    • Sam B. says:

      LMAO. Holly holly holly…time to take ur anti-delusional meds & go to bed. It’ll b ok…in a little less than 4 years. LOL. Night night 💤

    • Denice Stout says:

      Well Hollier than thou Rose, If thats the case then we need to sentence to death as you put it all THE DEMOCRATS THAT HAD TO DO WITH THE RIOTS ,THE BURNING OF THE CITIES THE DISTRUCTION OF THE MONUMENTS AN THE DEATH OF NOT 5 BUT 45 PEOPLE yes 1 life is to many but PRESIDENT TRUMP DID NOT CALL FOR THIS .119 PEOPLE WERE ARRESTED ONLY 5 SAID HE TOLD THEM TO BUT THOSE 5 IF YOU LOOK WERE ANTIFA….. Im sick of people because they don’t like the man want the worse for him Well WE WILL SEE IF ALL BIDEN VOTERS ARE HONEST ENOUGH TO SAY HOW MUCH HE HAS RUINED OUR COUNTRY LEAVE TRUMP ALONE….!!!!!

  17. Well of course the Democrats are going to blame President Trump! You don’t actually think they’re going to admit to paying those protesters to storm the Capital do you? Follow the money! One other question for you all to ponder…..How is it that NANCY PIGLOSI wasn’t even in the building? Oh, maybe she’s a fortune teller and had a premonition? If she knew, why didn’t she warn the Capital police or her fellow members? And isn’t it interesting how the pipe bombs were PLANTED THE NIGHT BEFORE?

    • Blanca Holland says:

      They were already in the house as soon as vice President Mike Pence said is there a constestable issue: Hawley spoke up gothmert said he had signed and Ted Cruz stood up for audit: the dinner bell rang out: it was planned and executed by the communist socialists movement under the democracy embrace take over our nation and her people: when this was happening the President Donald J Trump and supporters were listening to him saying let’s March peaceful protest: by the time he was going to go the breach took place: now who paid these blm,antifa,proud boys etc. Where was the mayor to answer for the lack of police? Who’s in charge of security personnel and their lack of having sufficient cover? Who were the police that opened the bicycle baracades and asked for people to follow? Who were the crews filming from one side office while the security urge the people to follow up the stairs, as they were being filmed? Who was the officer who watch the shaman ? And the group take pictures and you can hear we have enough: there 80mil coming? Who were the white vans bringing anti-fa and fbi seen by a marcher? Why did 2 police officers commit suicide? Where is the French reporter that spoke to a police officer who said he was told to go home instead of staying for enforcement but decided to stay? Sullivan is a inserector posing as a reporter why was he there? Come on man these men and women in government were in the bags to take the vote of the people of our nation and give it to the thieves in the white house.

  18. Leonard Arthur Wood says:

    No I dont think President Trump should be convicted of anything or barred from holding office again. He is the best President ever. The Democrats are pathetic in believing Trump is guilty of anything. He is the only President in years that has really fought for America first. He’s hurting the pockets of these career politicians and they hate him for it. That’s why they want him out. We’ve got to stop this nonsense or the United States is headed straight down the drain.

  19. Kath says:

    What a crock! The Dems probably orchestrated the whole fiasco if truth be told! DO NOT IMPEACH President Trump! What a lying gang of …..

  20. Donald Hill says:

    If there’s some way we could stop paying taxes. It might stop the,illegal spending in Washington, it would,stop a lot of things .An get this,nation on right path

  21. Cd says:

    I think all this dumocrats bullshit needs to stop. GROW UP ! The American people are hurting and needing help, work on helping the people. Adolf Pelosi needs to step down from office and let someone who knows what to do take over so they can help the people.

  22. Lindy says:

    The Democrats are simply desperate to not have anyone look into the election results, particularly what happened in the critical swing states starting with Pennsylvania. The Pennsylvania Legislature found there were more than 200,000 more votes then there were voters. John Roberts knew what they would find, but did not know what to do about it, so that is why he was desperate for the Supreme Court not to take the Pennsylvania case. This was fraud so massive tat the Democrats want the MSM to make it illegal to even utter the phrase “Election Fraud”.

  23. Roger says:

    Just by observing — it is what it is


  24. ken white says:

    This impeachment is nothing but another China Communist Democrat witch hunt!!!!! I have never seen so many hateful people in my life time !! If the China Communist Democrats want to impeach someone that really needs to be impeached they better start with their own Communist party first. Biden first for treason shown on video. Harris for paying for and enticing BLM to destroy and murder people and their business. Waters for telling BLM to keep going and destroy and kill in their riot’s. Johnson for telling BLM to get all of President Trumps supporters and teach them a lesson. Now there are some REAL people to impeach !!

  25. GRIZZ MANN says:

    A Democrat résumé enhancement. Democrats are Democrats, Über Alles.
    Hate, Controlling, Inappropriate sexual relationship, Deceiving, Obfuscating, attacking women, Jews, Muslims, Asian-Americans and African Americans, Prevaricators, Racism, Lying, Ignorance, Bribery, Hypocrisy, Antisemitism, misleading, Plagiarism, Perjurers, Communists agents, all Democrat résumé enhancements.

  26. ABSOLUTE “T”total Democrat BULLSHIT!!

  27. Rhonda Howard says:

    No…. If go and do this than Republicans need to remember who votes them in. Also than Maxine Walters, Schiff, polosi Biden and all the rest needs what they do to Trump. To me I don’t play its ok for me but not you game. Grow the He’ll up democrats.. This not grade school……

  28. Ron Espenlaub sr says:

    I believe that the canons are filled with just black dummy rounds.there is no live rounds.that is how dumb these people are they are all scared of the 75 million voters for
    Trump. God bless america.

  29. Lorrie says:

    I am so sick of these democrats blaming Trump for everything,had they not cheated and allowed Antifa to do as they please,none of it would have happened.And please you would have to be an idiot to say they didn’t cheat,there are always more votes than voters,right.Also I worked the polls for 18 yrs.and not once did we pull out suit cases from under a table!

  30. David Morgan says:

    Is there not a Lawyer who is strong in value to take on the congress for the people, if and when I as a citizen may file a lawsuit against the Democrat Party for what they have not stopped all year.
    I would like to file charges against the ranking Democrats for failing to uphold ther sworn duty to protect us from them
    Or something in that order, please

    • Patricis says:

      I think that is an excellent suggestion. I have thought the same between that and all the physical threats to our well being. Wish we coukd find more people to get involved

    • Bob says:

      We the people should be able to sue all politicians failing to comply to the constitution and using two set of rules for we the people. So sick of stupid democrats with communistic promoters and democrats that are sleeping with the enemy. No President will ever be better than the Great President Trump the man for the people and America. Democrats are owned by china and the communist party.

    • D. says:

      I totally agree. We the people need to have a huge investigation of those in office and media, etc. Then file a lawsuit for the damage they have done to the entire country and put these people away for good. We are being destroyed from within. Isn’t this exactly what America’s enemies have said they would do.

  31. Paul says:

    Nancy Polosi and her den of thieves are over and done with like a burnt turkey that needs to be discarded and thrown away and taken out for trash.Our President Trump, which is still my president did absolutely nothing wrong but you people have what”s call a mental block from truth.We are after you people politically and you all will be exposed and destroyed by your own actions. Why are you so afraid of Donald Trump and his 80 million supporters that know you stole our election? Tell me that you Speake of the house of no value Tell us that.

  32. sk says:

    Once again delusional dems projecting what they themselves do to deflect accountability for their lies.

  33. Anthony Moreland says:

    Unless Q & Trump have a plan they aren’t telling us to take back the Constitutional Republic from the socialist left traitors, we will not have another election & the U.S. will be plunged into socialism & then communism enforced by islam & U.N. troops that are on U.S. soil & waiting for orders to disarm & subjugate the citizenry.

  34. Milton says:

    President Trump had nothing to do with loading a cannon and aiming it at the capitol building. The dumocrats are in the process, as we speak, in loading a cannon and aiming it at our country and every citizen of the United States of America. 0OPS, sorry, should it be the Conformed States of America. The dumocrats don’t want unity, they want conformity.

  35. Jane says:

    The Democrats supported BLM and Anita nothing done about these group. The list of people who should be impeach and jail. 1 Obama 2 Hillary 3 Pelosi 4 Schumer 5 AOC 6 Waters and many more people the list is so long. These people never said anything with the protesters destroy Portland ,Washington, New York.

  36. Bearpaw says:

    The morons that voted in this socialist government are to blame for us to all try to live with a dictator in OUR Whitehouse. The real irony that they failed to realize is that they also will have to live with the consequences. We need our REAL President back before it’s too late to save our nation!

  37. Jean Shepherd says:

    This impeachment farce should be thrown out immediately!!!
    This is so ridiculous and uncalled for!!! The dems have Always hated Trump and this is their way of getting back at him and ruining his life. They are wicked evil people!!!

  38. 9Mm says:

    Let’s see socialist Devilrats have not only aimed their loaded cannons with BLM and Antifa rounds but are aiming them at cities homes and people so if Trumps so bad the the Devilrats are 1000 times worse for their attacks not once but many many times. What Trump gets out of all this hoopla the Devilrats must get X 1000.

  39. Randall Sipple says:

    Trump did not incite a riot. Evidence will show the democrats and, BLM and ANTIFaA coordinated the Jan 6 fiasco !!!

    • Gordon SAUNDERS says:

      But of course all the CCP paid for Judges and other Dem liars will never have to answer for who really motivated and planned the Capital break in. Lindsey has it right: if the Dems bring in one witness then that opens the defense to break wide open the true reality of the Capital breakin, ie that it was all staged by the same hooligans(BLM and ANTIFA) that burned and looted the cities .

  40. Patti Talbott says:

    It seems to me the demonrats are writing their own impeachment reasons. I can see pelosi, schumer, Omar, waters, AOC, or many other names in place of our great President Trump’s name in these charges and I would agree they need to be EXPELLED from our government forever. Wouldn’t this be justified as well? Wouldn’t it be a better country if they were all taken out of power? What are these crazy, brainwashed demonrats thinking to believe Biden needed to be in office. Well, I know my President is Trump. He won, they lied and cheated, and only God, it seems, can help us now.

    • Robbie Jones says:

      Amen !!! All names mentioned should be out of office. Their the reason can’t get anything done for our Great Country . Just want to fight against Trump ! Use that energy for something that’s going to benefit All the American People that are hurting & looking for Help. Shame on Y’all , God is Not Pleased !!

  41. Kathy Senzell says:

    By the time we can remove these criminals from office, they will have destroyed a massive amount of our nation, our people and our Constitution! Unless something drastic is done to stop these people, and soon, we will no longer recognize this great country our founding fathers fought so hard to achieve! They are the most hideous and evil monster ever 🇺🇸

    • Bearpaw says:

      Welcome to Socialism! We no longer have a president but a dictator that is no more than a puppet whose strings are controlled by evilness wanting to destroy our country.

  42. Milton says:

    The DUMOC RATS in Washington should all be charged for treason and convicted of it. Their guilt lies in the fact, not opinion, they are committing murder of our free democratic republic. We are headed for a third world socialist country. We do not have a president, we have a dictator who is developing us into a police state.

  43. bruce says:

    Trump didn’t summon a mob to D.C. The caravan from the west coast started weeks before and wasn’t prompted by Trump but by concerned leaders who saw a stolen election. He did NOT exhort anyone into a frenzy. The people in the capitol were there before he gave a speech and didn’t hear his speech. Since he didn’t provoke an insurrectionary riot against a Joint Session of Congress this point is just fluff. Since he didn’t incite a riot he has nothing to answer to on Jan 6. Once again, the constitution doesnt speak to impeaching a private citizen. In fact its not even a thing. The framers wouldn’t be doing this hateful, unconstitutional and vindictive thing. The people bringing this aren’t interested in unity, the democratic process or truth. They are scared shitless that if Trump should win in 2024 their deep state swamp would be drained with a vengeance as it should be.

    • Patti Talbott says:

      I agree. They are COWARDS who are deathly afraid of President Trump. He stands in their way and is a threat to them. They care nothing about our great country or it’s people. They are greedy, power hungry communists, terrorists and thugs.

  44. Deborah Sarmiento says:

    This is an overreach of congress. They opened the door for Obama, Clinton and Biden to be impeached and their character and legacy destroyed.

  45. Angiert says:

    If Trump deserves to be Impeached then Maxine Waters, Pelosi, Cory Booker, even Harris needs to be kicked out and charged for inciting violence. All four of them are taped on national television as trying to incite violence against ALL Republicans. What is good for the goose is good for the gander. Impeach them immediately ‼‼‼‼‼

  46. Yamile says:


  47. Shauna Brennan says:

    This is a political stunt by the Democrats and 10 republicans who hate Trump. If President Trump is going to go through tthis then President Obama should be impeached for holding back and ignoring the attack on our Embassy in Benghazi! I will never forget how he and his administration allowed 4 people to die including the Ambassador!!

  48. Larry says:

    These people are so power hungry they would destroy the man who saved us from the Clinton cartel only to see another corrupt family stealing an election from a true American president Donald Trump. Script for bogus impeachment seems to be written by Hollywood playwright. So much BS it’s nauseating

  49. Hubert Spence says:

    The Demonrats are crazy, let it go, and do your frigging job, if you want to do the right thing thencharge Sleepy Joe for treason guilty by his own word.

  50. Nothing but a witch hunt buy new socialist party a bunch of liars and thiefs and commy basterds trying to ruin our great country .

  51. Robin Kerby says:

    He absolutely should not be barred nor should this endless witch hunt by the Democrats be allowed to carry on, they are afraid of him plain and simple, he stands for what he believes in and they are a bunch of cowards who will pursue this until the end of days if allowed. I want to know why they get away with everything will all the hate and rhetoric and lies they spread and they can just do and say whatever with no consequences WHY, someone please answer this.

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