Dems Fight Over Biden; GOP Laughs

Joe Biden

( – Highlighting their imminent defeat in 2024, the latest polling data has sparked a significant level of concern within the Democratic Party regarding Joe Biden’s losing prospects for the 2024 election.

As a result, there is a visible internal conflict about strategies to attempt to improve Biden’s dismal image and campaign approach. This unrest is due to fears that President Donald Trump will challenge and defeat Biden, who will be 80 at the time of the election.

The Democratic Party’s reaction to the recent New York Times/Siena College poll, which indicated Trump’s lead over Biden in five of six pivotal states, was one of shock and trepidation. The poll also pointed to Biden’s waning support among Black and Hispanic voters, demographics traditionally necessary for Democratic victories.

Media outlets like Politico, NBC News, and the Washington Post have underscored this alarm with articles that deliberate on Biden’s precarious political standing and the party’s options.

The discussions among Biden’s team regarding campaign tactics are leaning towards a more assertive approach. However, there is a debate on whether to focus on Biden’s record or to make the election a referendum on Trump’s tenure.

Still, there is growing unease among major donors and those close to the White House, primarily concerning Biden’s extended difficulty in promoting his economic feats. One donor expressed concern that the campaign had miscalculated the effect of publicizing Biden’s accomplishments on his approval ratings.

NBC News drew stark metaphors to depict the dire state of Biden’s reelection chances, with Democratic strategists expressing their frustration. David Axelrod, a prominent Democratic strategist, even suggested on social media that Biden should consider stepping aside for a more electable candidate.

As the 2024 election approaches, Democrats are growing concerned about the potential outcome. The Washington Post’s reporting reflects this anxiety, highlighting fears that Biden could become the nominee despite the increasing nervousness of his allies.

Internally, Biden’s aides seem to downplay the significance of the polls and show no signs of altering their strategy. Nevertheless, strategists outside Biden’s core team are worried that his advisors, many of whom have been with him for a long time, are not open to external advice or transparent about their plans.

This concern among Democrats appears to be backed by various polls. For instance, a CBS News/YouGov poll found that 73% of Americans think the country is on the wrong track under Biden’s leadership. Additionally, a Rasmussen poll noted a decline in Biden’s approval rating, which has been affected by various events, including international incidents. Less than a quarter of Americans believe their financial situation would improve with Biden’s reelection, underscoring the gravity of his political challenges.