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DHS: ‘Overwhelming Numbers of Migrants’ Rushing Border

With the relaxed border policies of President Joe Biden, “overwhelming numbers of migrants” are rushing the U.S. border, according to Alejandro Mayorkas, secretary of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS),” according to Breitbart.

The admission was spotlighted by Fox News:

“‘Today, I activated the Volunteer Force to support Customs and Border Protection (CBP) as they face a surge in migration along the Southwest Border,’ Mayorkas said in an email to staff, seen by Fox News. [emphasis added]

“‘You have likely seen the news about the overwhelming numbers of migrants seeking access to this country along the Southwest Border,’ he said. ‘President Biden and I are committed to ensuring our Nation has a safe, orderly, and humane immigration system while continuing to balance all of the other critical DHS missions.’ [emphasis added]

“‘In 2019, over 900 volunteers deployed to support their CBP colleagues during a similar migration surge,’ Mayorkas said. ‘Please consider joining the Volunteer Force to again provide needed humanitarian support along the Southwest Border and relief for our CBP colleagues.’

“Mayorkas’s agencies are accepting all of the apparently unaccompanied teenagers and children who are delivered to the border and some of the migrant mothers with children who arrive at the border. DHS also is allowing injured migrants to stay.”

For more on this report, go to Breitbart.

We cherish free speech. Share your opinion in the comment section. Has Biden lost control of the southern border of the United States?


  1. David says:

    Also Mr. Larson the illegals got the message from the fraud President that he defunded the wall now in their brains and in most peoples brains that is a green light to cross the border which they are doing in record numbers Also Abbott can only finish the wall in Texas he can’t build it in Arizona or any other border state And for the discussion about abortion or shooting a child please explain to me what the difference is both human beings are dead just one had a chance to live You really need to come down here sir and see the damage for yourself One woman was raped three times in her home by illegals another rancher caught illegals please understand that word ILLEGAL trespassing on his property he didn’t know if they were drug dealers but they were on his property ILLEGALLY besides being in the country ILLEGALLY he pointed his gun at them to protect himself in case they were drug dealers they carry guns in case you didn’t know well it turns out these ILLEGALS had rights and he hurt their feelings he had to pay each one of them I think it was 35,000 dollars I guess being here ILLEGALLY gave them rights normal citizens get. Now what part of ILLEGAL do we not understand go into another country ILLEGALLY and trespass onto some ones property and see what happens. The people coming thru Mexico to try to make it too the USA were raped ad robbed some even kill yet they come here ILLEGALLY and rape and murder and sell drugs Please by all means let them live next to you and your children I have enough problems with Mexican drug cartel down the block when they shoot their guns and no the cops too scared to come down in my area I don’t think they need more gang members

  2. Jane says:

    Thank you to Governor Abbott for stepping up.

  3. David says:

    So Mr Larson you say that Mr Biden DEFUNDED the wall so does that not mean he wants the wall not to be built or am I that stupid I am missing something maybe I am But the wall was already paid for from what I read but that could be false information Perhaps you should go down and live near the border or in Texas New Mexico or Arizona and see what you think Maybe take a vacation in Mexico and if you come back with your live I will be impressed seems they have started a new sport there Kill Americans Or maybe you can come live with me I will bring you over to the next block and introduce you to the Mexican Mob. As for thinking little children are sweet and innocent as a Vietnam Vet what happens when a 7 year old pushes the safety off on an Ak? Or maybe the little6 year old pulls a pin and wipes out two guys and injures 4 others. Really and a lot of those children I have seen in photos were teenagers some of them have had gang tattoo’s and now they are saying some have been released with Covid And there was a rape tree in El Paso Do you have any young daughters??? In some cases even a young son Mr. Larson Trump was the one who made them get the vaccine going and I would rather have Abbot than Biden any day at least Abbot can read LOL You need to drink some Kool Aid and get a life

  4. Nyleve Nonnel says:

    This is just not acceptable. We are losing houseing, employment, school space, and why are we having Spanish? We speak English, an were going to give them everything, and we pay or it, and we can’t get a decent raise from Social Security. We pay outrageous taxes, and we’ll give them Medicaid, food stamps, and whatever else will give for free. I’m retired,paying goughed prices, since the Pandemic. Tiolet paper, 12rolls, the cheap paper, $11.99.Who will help me with my food, bills, heat, electric, telephone (landline) car insurance, etc.My income doesn’t allow me any help, and it’s not over $23.000. I’m going to apply, for everything, just let them give me a hard time. I went to the hospital for a breast exam, the women filling out my paper work ask me for my co-pay. I turned around to some pregnant Mexican, and asked the woman what is her co-pay? She was speechless. Never give money at a hospital, when you have a test done. It’s illegal, against the law. If this happens to you, don’t give them anything, and, say after my insurance pays you, the balance will be paid by me. Let your insurance know about this. I was a patient at Community Medical Center, they billed me for things, I never had. After your out of a hospital, call and ask for an itemized bill. When your in, ask what everything is given to you and write it down, if you can.Their trying to make us pay for thing we never let’s start screwing them, we deserve it.

  5. AJ says:

    Why aren’t all these illegals arrested. Return ever illegal caught to back Mexico, children too. They are not our responsibility. Let Mexico deal with this problem. Mexico allowed them to get here. Otherwise, start shooting everyone of them until these illegals realize how dangerous it is invading our country. I have no sympathy toward illegals that bring choas with them.

    • Charles Larson says:

      A.J., no one cares about your lack of sympathy for illegals. You say shoot them. Right, you’re advocating murdering illegals, many of whom are kids. What a classy guy you are. Why is it that these articles that blame Biden for illegals attacking the border NEVER SPECIFY AND EXPLAIN what supposed policies by Biden are causing the crisis? It’s always been going on, but the writer here should tell us what he thinks fuels the crisis? I think since he never does, he’s another Trump supporter and liar. Why write an article like this if you won’t specify and explain WTF you’re talking about? The USA IS IN A BIG RECESSION WHICH SOME EXPERTS PREDICT WILL GET WORSE. How can things in Mexico be any worse than this? I don’t get it but don’t they know how bad our economy currently is? Are they dying and starvińg in Mexico?

      • Janet Holley says:

        It’s already legal to murder kids in America, our government passed a law making it very profitable for them.Thats why people try to hide the number of murders in nursing homes and are getting away with it too. Looks like a free for all already dont you think? American Government (DC)cares less about its Citizens and are using these illegal people to further destroy America.They accused Trump of not protecting America from the spread of the Virus,why are they opening the boarders, let them stay at your home and you pay for their food, health care, etc…some of them might be drug dealers that cut people’s heads off, they are not vetted!

        • Charles Larson says:

          Janet, you’re another crazy republican liar. Are you really comparing abortion to the murder of a child? Sure. Then you can rationalize killing anyone — any person of any age — and call it a late abortion. HA HA. Come on, lady. Then you say people are hiding murders in nursing homes. So, you’re obviously bearing false witness of murder against a lot of people with no evidence. What planet are you from?

          • Janet Holley says:

            All I see from your comments your all talk and no Do,on the other hand you may be full of it…

    • DIANE says:

      All the people who voted in Biden should have to pay. He invited them to come and hurry!!!

      • DIANE says:

        Wanted to add a few things….covid-19 bill: 9% goes for covid-19,50 Million for the national endowment of the arts, 135 Million for the national endowment for humanities, 200.Million for the museum of library services,800 million for global food programs,86 billion in pension bailouts,350Billion for failed blue states,130 billion to schools but only 6 Billion will be use this tear and not for getting kids back to school, one TRILLION unspent, just sitting there for all the nuts in there to use for whatever. This country is 28 Trillion in debt and in three years under Biden it’s to Tripple in three years!! He invited all the people into our country, 150 had covid 19.Little kids that the cartel is using as a front to get in to sell drugs!! He’s a catholic but it’s ok to get an abortion up to three months and he’ll also pay for anyone even in other countries if they want one!!! why do you think he hasn’t had a press conference? He’s suppose to tomorrow, but will he, He is having mental problems and though sad not capable of being President!!! Get smart people!!! right now their trying to have NewMax,OAN,and FoxNews taken off because they tell it like it is watch and then make your mind up.If they can senor a President,you think your more? If we the people don;t stand up we will end up a thrid country! And I’m retired pace line worker in case anyone wants to know.

        • Wendy Hankins says:

          for me I’d be standing there at the border with a gun and shoot every damn one that comes across the border I would shoot him dead on site and let their damn government clean it up so problem America’s got too many of them motherfukers here they get every damn thing before anybody else they get their Social Security First Americans don’t get Thursday got to sit and wait or whatever four five six years but they get every damn thing ASAP I say shoot him at the f****** border don’t matter if there’s Babies kids or whatever blowing down

  6. Wayne says:

    I think Biden has lost control of his mind. And those who are in control of Biden are as power hungry as the rest of the Democrats.

    • Charles Larson says:

      Wayne, your character assassination of Biden is ALL YOU and you Trump CULT HEADS post here. Why don’t you have the answers to the situation? Why don’t you have the answer to strengthening our economy and creating millions of more jobs. At least Biden is working on the answers. He’s trying to create a million jobs for the e- car and solar energy industries. He needs to build up our supply and independence of oil and gas, though , because we Americans are already bogged down with gas – powered cars, many with car loans to pay off for years. We won’t be in financial shape to buy new expensive e- and hybrid cars soon. So why is Biden and the Congress NOT strengthening our oil and gas supply in the USA? THE GAS PRICES ARE STARTING TO RISE ALMOST DAILY SO WHY HAVEN’T THEY GOT THE MESSAGE? MAYBE WE NEED TO GO TO THE WHITE HOUSE AND THE CAPITOL AND PROTEST LOUDLY BUT PEACEFULLY ABOUT THIS IMPORTANT ISSUE BEFORE INFLATION RUNS AWAY OUT OF CONTROL and our country goes completely to hell. We can’t just let our politicians destroy our country. I’m with you on that point. I’m fed up. We need to stablize the gas prices. We can only do that by producing our own. Biden needs to come up with more good ideas to create morè good jobs.

    • Wendy Hankins says:

      You got to have a mind to lose first and Joe Biden ain’t got in mind your body is mine filled with child molesting feeling of women do by 98 to be president and neither is at porch monkey he’s got as a vice president both of them need to be damn exiled because neither damn One X worth a damn

  7. David says:

    My dear friend Holly are you changing your attitude about your democrats?? It is your president and his team of idiots who are allowing these illegals into the country if they are caught they are released now. Not checked for any diseases or virus just released not checked to see if they were released from prison and sent to the USA Oh yes Mexico used to do that. those are the people they catch LOL That doesn’t count the murderers and rapist and drug dealers gang members and other lovely people. and when they get here they have no money food so they have to steal to survive. We I think have enough problems with homeless and drugs we don’t need to import any more problem. We have abused and homeless children I hate to quote Trump but It is time we take care of our own people then help others. And if you don’t think I know what I am talking about I have lived in Arizona New Mexico and now in Texas I would tell you come on down to El Paso and other border towns see what you and Corri and the other liberal democrats think when they see the rape tree the Mexicans made to hang the panties of their rape victims. And now the Arizona sheriff said since Biden has stopped the wall construction They now see 2,500 people a day crossing the border nearly double from before and they have caught 500lbs of drugs Since Biden stopped the wall. I hate to tell you but your Nancy P won’t let the illegals in her back yard Lord have mercy they might eat her ice cream LOL And even better I went to the social security office the other day there were ten Chinese with a church group getting social security cards they didn’t even speak English Welcome to Biden country I am it is funny moving to the third world countries I can’t afford to live here any more hope you keep writing I love reading you letters Take care

    • Charles Larson says:

      David , Biden did NOT STOP THE CONSTRUCTION OF THE WALL. He only defunded it by the federal government. Your Governor has committed to finishing the wall via Texas tax dollars, so your argument about the crisis is void and invalid. If the wall construction in Texas stopped it’s on the governor.

  8. Margaret Palumbo says:

    I think these children should be kept in a decent place, foster care, whatever. People pouring in from across the border is ludicrous. I remember from history that my ancestors had to fill out papers and could prove they had a sponsor. When they arrived, there were more papers, long lines and medical exams. If they didn’t pass the medical exam, they were sent back right away. I don’t understand why this is happening. Needs to stop now.

    • Paulette says:

      It would be nice if there were good foster homes available BUT truth is, very often, it is those very homes that are selling the kids into sex trafficking.
      This is a proven fact, sad as it is. Poor, uneducated folks send their children with people who “promise” to care for them upon arrival in the US, when indeed,
      they are the very sex traffickers who will tie them up and starve them and put them to work for them. God help these poor kids!

    • Charles Larson says:

      Margaret, I agree completely. We don’t know why it’s happening and the writer here only blames Biden for his supposed softer border policies that he does not explain. Why would any parent illegal Mexican-foreigner separate their kids and family in two different countries? How could their existence and lives be so pathetically poor and desperate? I never thought Mexico could be so bad. They fill sports stadiums at NFL games etc.

  9. Sam B. says:

    Has Biden lost control of our southern border..??…..well it damn sure doesn’t look good! 1 thing that’s for sure is the weak America second-last policies r most definitely fueling this.
    Stopped building the SAME border wall these biased, double standard, corrupt hacks wanted to build a few years ago but couldn’t get it done…but Trump did..& now they’re butt-hurt by it. Now the brilliant politicians want all these illegals in the country..find ways to legalize them..give them healthcare..food..places to live etc etc…all for the hopes the people will vote for the socialist party when the time comes. With ALL this & the new “H.R. 1” voting/voter bill the psycho-socialists r trying to sneak thru Congress…these hacks r trying their damnedest to “FIX” the elections this way for years to come.
    Also the border patrol agents r told to lay off!! This is pathetic!
    The message being sent out from the Biden-Harris administration/the socialist party & promoted by their megaphone the fake un-news biased narrative non-journalistic media is that our southern border is open!!!
    For the love of god & country…get a SPINE & FINISH THE WALL!!!!

  10. Dull Knife says:

    HEY, Nancy here is your chance to get some on the ground MACHINE GUN familiarization for yourself. Head on down to the Texas border. Why don’t you show them there TEXANS how it should be done. Oh, forgive me. Your one of those peoples that wants ALL them FREE votes While your down there get them all to sign in. That way y”all will know who to make all them free $1,400 checks out to. As soon as they send you their new addresses. Dull Knife

  11. Tim Cameron says:

    We the people need to impeach Biden, pelosi and all the other crooked democrats that are putting us all in great danger ⚠️ They are ruining our great country and the American people! Trump won the election but the cheating croked democrats stole it and put a left wing agenda puppet in the White House! Their fraudulent mail in ballots
    Really helped them to steal the election and put a incompetent guy in the White House! I miss trump already!
    God help and bless us all!!!!!

  12. It’s to late, the country ended November 4,2020. If you like Nicaragua, get ready for the same communist rule of the old USA. More vermin infesting our cities with rising crime and increased drug use. Be prepared for a very violent summer.

    • Patricia A Harrold says:

      It is not too late. We are Americans and we will stand strong together and get through this. They will be defeated! We have one strong power that they don’t. That is our loving father from above that is coming with a vengeance. He sees everything they are doing and he will not let them defeat us. In God We Trust!!!

  13. Patricia Barr says:

    This is sickening. Our chances for getting any conservative majority in anything is dwindling as they pour across the border. Biden voters. That’s ALL THEY ARE TO THE EVIL LEFT! I’m absolutely sick over the whole thing.

  14. Ron says:

    They are just accepting Joe’s invitation there’s no crisis. But seriously these people don’t care who comes into our country.I sent an email to one of our representatives detailing the extent of their so called immigration plan and all I got in return was lip service which I knew thats what I would get,es another Biden loving Democrat.This is just another piece of their plan .Open the flood gates ,give them amnesty and reward them with all sorts of handouts at our expense. They tried to blame Trump but this is Bidens mess and he doest have a clue how to handle it.

  15. Perry says:

    Those in Congress that were elected by We The People sure feel free enough to spend our hard earned tax dollars any way they please. I don’t like it. Whose going to pay for all those rushing over our border? RIP USA

  16. Allyson says:

    So we all know the presidential election was a fraud. We all know Biden is incapable of running this country. The important question is: WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO ABOUT IT?

    • Tracy says:

      Exactly! We’ve got to do SOMETHING! C’mon people!

      • Charles Larson says:

        Tracy and Allyson, one thing I propose we do about it is I give you ladies both a spanking for being naughty. You’ll both like it and you’ll get soooo hot. Your place or mine , sweeties.

  17. AJM says:

    If we had term limits in place years ago, these POS like Biden, Pelosi..Schumer…And all the rest of the Liberal scumbags in Congress,would not be able to hang around for decades, doing nothing for the country, except making themselves rich……They all need to go.

  18. Patty says:

    Again I say, thank you Supreme Court you could have stopped this insanity.

  19. Jim Westfall says:

    The chickens have come home to roost! Vote democrat and this is what happens.
    Time for border state governors to arm the national guard snd deputize any legal citizen who wants to help repel the invasion.

    Apparently history is not a strong suit of these marxists. There was a reason Japan didn’t invade us in WWII

  20. Holly Rose says:

    For those who are well off and have much property I think they should welcome these people whom they support and make accommodations for these non citizens. Nancy Pelosi’s vineyard would be ideal. She has large amounts of property and she certainly is more than well off she certainly can support these people and that goes for the local citizen homeless.

  21. J says:

    What Biden has done opens the door for people that are sick with covid-19 and set this country back like last year.The far-left want complete control with lockdown again. People that listen to the far-left are just as crazy as they are not hearing all of what is out there.

    • Charles Larson says:

      J., Biden works mostly in the White House. He’s not the troops and governor who are patrolling the border. Biden hasn’t opened a single border. Biden has speeded up the distribution of the Covid- 19 vaccines faster than anyone thought possible.

  22. TheOldLady85 says:

    Send Biden, Kamala, Pelosi, Schumer, All DemocRATS to then other side of the border and don’t allow them to come back to America!

  23. Buff says:

    Well it’s clear the Sleepy Joe administration has taken away any rights that the American people have fought and died for in a matter of a couple months. All border citizens need to take up arms and protect what belongs to them. This administration is WAY out of control with reality. It only a matter of time, the clock is ticking.

  24. Pat Hinckley says:

    Mayorkas REALLY SAID,
    “‘President Biden and I are committed to ensuring our Nation has a safe, orderly, and humane immigration system”
    The man must be on drugs, or beyond the age of lucidity himself.
    God help us and the poor immigrants as well.

  25. Max Kelter says:

    Oh yes, but the Dems are so compassionate. They let all the people in with covid during pandemic. They would impeach Trump immediately if he did this!

  26. Unnone says:

    Let the National Guard fix the problem once and for all

  27. James says:

    If you give up your bed, where are you going to sleep? Wake-Up America. Illegal is illegal.

  28. Robert says:

    Let’s get the armed National Guard on our border, post haste. This is the most illegal idiocy’s that Biden’s has committed on our country and its legal citizens within. Apparently I’m being censored!

  29. Robert says:

    Let’s get the armed National Guard on our border, post haste. This is the most illegal idiocy’s that Biden’s has committed on our country and its legal citizens within.

  30. BelleJeans says:

    America is no longer ours. Americans now pay for ILLEGALS while trying to support our own families. Biden, our Congress, even our Supreme Court and Federal courts have turned their backs on American citizens. We are no longer AMERICA FIRST but AMERICA CANCELLED.

  31. Allen T. Sloan Jr. says:

    They can’t even take care of the millions that’s homeless and out of work and sick in this country let alone some other countries problems. They need to worry about our problems first before any others

  32. Sue says:

    Overwhelming, Joe, because you told them they get FREE everything here in the USA!!! While we tax payers foot the bill!!!! Send them back if they want to come here so bad, come “legally” do the paper work it takes to become a citizen!!!

    • Charles Larson says:

      Sue, why is this website approving all your and other Republican’s lies here , while they keep “moderating my comments” after I’ve shown I’m the only voice of reason here? You lie saying Biden told illegals they get “free everything” while in my 59 years as a law-abiding citizen I got NOTHING FREE? Why are you liars constantly making up CRAP?

  33. kiln dried says:

    Joe: We have a border?

  34. Edward Conley says:

    You mean the fake teenagers?
    What a freaking scam.