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Did Biden Just Win Pennsylvania?

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court, which consists of mostly Democrats, may have just handed Joe Biden the win in that crucial battleground state.

Joe Biden

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court may have tilted the election to Joe Biden

As reported by the Associated Press, “The state Supreme Court, which has a 5-2 Democratic majority, granted the Democratic Party’s request to order a three-day extension of Pennsylvania’s Election Day deadline to count mailed-in ballots. And it ruled that the Green Party’s candidate for president did not strictly follow procedures for getting on the ballot in November and cannot appear on it.”

Ballots that are eligible to be counted must be postmarked by the time polls close and be received by county election boards at 5 p.m. on Nov. 6, three days after the Nov. 3 election. Republicans have opposed changing that deadline.”

The court’s ruling also authorized the use of satellite election offices and drop boxes by counties.”

Areas with heavy concentrations of registered Democratic voters, Philadelphia and its heavily populated suburbs, are planning to use satellite election offices and drop boxes to help relieve the pressure from an avalanche of mailed-in ballots expected in the presidential election.”

Republicans had sought to outlaw the use of such drop boxes or satellite election offices, saying they are not explicitly authorized under state law.”

Polls show a tight race between Trump and Democrat Joe Biden in Pennsylvania. Losing Pennsylvania could prove fatal to Biden’s chances of defeating Trump. No Democrat has won the presidency without winning Pennsylvania since Harry S. Truman in 1948.”


What’s your reaction to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court allowing votes to be counted for three days after Election Day?

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  1. Mike says:

    The politicians forgot along time ago who they work for!!! They think we work for them. A vote for biden/harris is a vote to destroy this country. blm & antifa have already caused how many deaths. How many millions of dollars in damages. People are not stupid these organizations do not care about the people, just look how their leaders dress & the money they steal for themselves. If black people think they represent them what has gotten better for them with money given to these organizations by the evil sorass? Same old, same old the demoncraps use the black people. Wake up & vote for President Trump & not the criminals bide/harris who don’t care where they are all the time. Both are criminals & should be held accountable. Look what heels-up did in CA. So many politicians are a disgrace & cowards. Start with odumbo, piglosi, scummer, mad max, shift for brains, fat jerry & people like sorass , the thief gates, the morans that run google, twitter & amazon. Please God do not let these people win the day!!!

  2. BobB says:

    We better pray things don’t go the way of the Dems. Biden has said he will tear down the wall, as if ICE doesn’t have enough problems trying to stop illegals. Yes they are illegal even though the dems try to say they aren’t.. then Biden says he will nominate Obama as Supreme Court justice. That should go well too. He could rule supreme over that. Then Biden tries to insinuate that the riots are caused by Trumps friends while his people bail them out of jail to go back
    to riots looting and burning as soon as they get out? Yet they try to blame Trump for the unrest while they undermine every thing he tries to do. In the meantime BLM Is looting rioting harassing people trying to gain sympathy? I guess. I don’t think things are going to change by this approach. Who really is creating the unrest! I don’t think it’s Trump.

  3. Michael Bright says:

    Only the complete embodiment of the descriptive word “stupidity” would permit a person to actually vote for Joe Biden as the 46th President of the USA. It is hard to believe someone, considering their desire to be part of the “ruling class”, would make such a calamitous mistake!

  4. Lucky Craig says:

    Is evident that the Democrats are not going to pass up a chance to validate the saying “Figures don’t LIE, but LIERS know how to Figure”

  5. John Zalich says:

    this is the biggest joke in the world. they should break up the so called parties and ship them all on a slow boat to china.

  6. Gary Shelar says:

    Once again the integrity of our election process is tainted by political bias. It is sad that those in power abuse such power for their own gain.
    Mail in voting has so been proven to be unreliable against fraud. It is bad enough politics has been taken over by special interests and not in the best interest of the American citizens. It is no wonder that we get so many legislators without common sense. May God help us if Biden wins!

  7. David Jensen says:

    This issue came up during the Mark Levin radio show last night when a Commonweath of PA state legislator was driving from Harrisburg to her home in State Park, PA. Mr. Levin informed her that the ruling could be vacated by the Commonwealth Legislators because it is up to the Legislators to establish election law in the Commonwealth of PA. and not the Governor or the PA. Supreme Court. The PA. Legislature is controlled by the Republican Party. You PA. citizens/Levinites need to contact your legislators to convine an emergency session and get the illegal action vacated. I am a resident of Virginia as well as is Mr. Levin and we have our own problems to deal with

  8. Don says:

    The PA supreme court must also be corrupt idiots and contributing members of the DEEP STATE to allow this. They somehow must be removed and replaced with people of respect, morals and values. People who tell the truth, shame the devil, and above all ” DO THE RIGHT THING “.

  9. Cheryl Davis says:

    I think the ail in ballots and extended days after voting is closed is illegal and blatantly corruptive illegal. A plan to destroy our freedoms and our country. I have prayed for Gods control of the election for correct voting and counting of ballots. To prevent the lying sneaks from winning!!!!

  10. Roy says:

    It’s wrong they keep breaking the rules Everyone knows when the vote needs to be in. we can’t keep changing things for everyone

  11. William Smith says:

    It is well known that the Democrats will do everything that they can to steal this election anyway that they can. Not for the citizens of the United States, but for their hunger to dominate their fellow man. It will be “do as we say, not as we do.” The Democrat politicians and their patrons, the Elites of the NWO, will be surrounded by gun toting bodyguards, while the average American citizen will be denied their guaranteed 2nd Amendment right to bear arms by fiat declaration by the democrat dictator wannabe in the White House. The dems won’t stop there. Before they are done, they will have suspended the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, especially since they believe that the Constitution is an “evolving, living, breathing document.” They’ll ‘evolve’ it into obscurity, just before they hand the keys over to the ChiComs.

  12. Ray Gross says:

    patriot American preparing to bleed if an election is fraudulently stolen 2020 !!!!!! how can a state make its own laws on how a election ballot procedure is operated ! ? if the federal govt can’t have federal guidelines for ballot collection adhered too 100% by a state then that states ballots should not count period ! a state should b able to control how it collects bakkits for a state govt position but never for a position in the federal govt. !! W.t.f. is going with these liberal coxksuckers in the court systems in this country ?

  13. JOY says:


  14. Pegs says:

    AMEN & AMEN. #PRESIDENT TRUMP #2020 As we say down here in N.O. GEAUX PRES GEAUX !!!!!!!You GOT THIS.

    • Pierre says:

      Did Bidden just win pa. ?
      NO Pa. voters are not that stupid.
      They will not end up voting for Harris.
      Just say no to socialism horse manure .
      Say goodnight joe..

    • Pierre says:

      Did Bidden just win pa. ?
      NO Pa. voters are not that stupid.
      They will not end up voting for Harris.
      Just say no to socialism horse manure .
      Say goodnight joe..
      Looks like they refuse to post my comment.
      Losers one and all.

    • Sharon says:


  15. Judy Cardenas says:

    My heart aches for my country. I have watched it’s downward spiral over the last 50 years and it is falling faster and faster. I hope that patriotic citizens will see the truth and stand up for right. America seems to be changing from a strong, loving nation into one that is selfish and easily swayed by deceit. Dear Father, please save us from ourselves!

  16. Elizabeth Waggoner says:

    I think that a National Presidential Election should be a holiday and everyone should have to vote at their precinct! Others can vote early or absentee at the Registration Office in their county. It would be a fair election!

    • Jody DALY-ALSALEH says:

      Good idea.

    • Linda says:

      I agree – make it a national holiday so everyone can go to the polls and vote. The only people who should vote by mail is absentee voters, no one else. This election with mail in voting is such a scam. I hope Trump will still win with all the cheating the Democrats are doing. If dementia Biden gets in with radical Harris you can kiss this country goodbye.

  17. Joan says:

    These Democrats are trying everything they can think of to beat Trump. They are so evil, that’s all I ca say. I can’t see why anyone would vote for Biden and his socialist agenda.

  18. Richard Adams says:

    No that we’ve heard all these replies from The Religious Right (who are neither actually religious and very rarely right), maybe one could ask what they are afraid of. Do they FEAR having too many people getting to have their say? The one letter that “God chooses the government” means that democracies, from the time of Athens Greece to all modern democracies, would be thwarting God’s plans, as if that’s a possibility.
    Hoping that people other than the Religious Right read this, I remain hopeful that Actual Voters can learn from it.

  19. FRANCES PARKS says:

    It seems as though Satan and his evil doers are surely working overtime. It is up to the Judeo Christian to firmly take a stand this country was founded on religious persecution why in heavens name would we turn our back on God now ? I strongly believe people should be voting in person on election day not by mail. May God Our country safe, our president safe and God bless America.

  20. Jacquelyn Hanna says:

    I believe that is a by over exaggeration. Biden will start us in that direction in his 1st 4 years. The 2024 election will be rigged to Biden‘a favor and he then will complete his agenda. Read the book of Revelation in the accepted Christian bible. I can see it coming to that in the next 8 years if Biden is elected to President in this election. All conservatives, all Christians must do their civic duty and vote and encourage their friends to vote. Please pray, I am!!!

  21. Harriet LeMarbre says:

    What’s happening in America is based on the fact that we allowed years ago an atheist named Madeline O’Hare to determine that because she hated God and believed he didn’t exist based on that she demanded and got God thrown out of schools along with prayer and taking a Bible to school…. And way before that the problems were already starting… God has always been in control he’s still in control and he will always be in control…

  22. Patricia Lea Rosenberg Stancer says:

    You are cheating the system and need to be taken to task. Biden is a dunce and will destroy our country. You think Trump has caused trouble ? You ain’t seen nothing yet. What the democrats have done to our country is ungodly. And the horrible things you have done to our President is of the devil.

  23. Harriet LeMarbre says:

    The answer to what’s happening in America can be summed up in a very few words.. number one) God says in the Bible HE sets the government’s in place… Number two)God says in the Bible HE causes the Nations to rise and fall…. Read it for yourself it’s all true facts…

  24. Ernie Fipps says:

    This is pure bullshit. Demoncrats continue doing everything they can to cheat because they know they can’t win fair and square.

  25. Cherie Davis says:

    The Fight for America

    Soros has funded activist socialist DAs and Judges and politicians. He was involved in NAZI Germany and is heavily invested in globalism, Russia, and China. He wants to take power from the greatest country in the world. To make this earth and our nation an atheist and Marxist Country.

    We are all called to stand up for freedom. This election is more than about a man named Donald Trump and your feelings.- it is about preserving and progressing our free peoples. It is about the soul of our nation.

    It is about truth, facts, our future, the future of our generations. The loss of this election will be the permanent takeover of our nation by socialism and Marxism. The end of private ownership and an entire nation dependent of government handouts and forced labor.

    People have said I am exaggerating, or this is a hoax. Just watch this video when Soros gets called out on FOX news and you’ll see I and some many others – up to the highest point in government , industry and our churches as well as conservative media are all showing the public.

    These riots and BLM and ANTIFA were never about fascism or George Floyd. It is a distract. A way to use race to divide us so they can take action to take over the White House and give it over time the world’s wealthiest including our own extraordinarily rich people.

    If they get the White House, the following will occur:

    States will be added Washington DC (city) and Puerto Rico with Democrat senators and representatives

    The Electoral College will be eliminated assuring that all future ejections (which will be Shams) will be ejected by Los Angeles, New York, Seattle, Miami, Chicago, Portland, Atlanta will be the votes needed to win every ejection. (consider the status and condition of these states today)

    They will eliminate the Filibuster (remember Obama is pushing this) which now requires a 2/3 rds. of the house / Senate to pass any law or make any appointments be passed by a simple majority of 1.

    Closing the nation, states, cities, businesses, and churches much easier with the President’s ability to declare any purpose as reason now that we let them do this now.

    Churches will lose their ability to preach freely and be subject to taxation eliminating our ability to reach and contribute to the needy as well as preach the Bible.

    Our guns will be confiscated.

    Police will be defunded to give government more money for its own pockets.

    The Or raging and military will be defunded.

    Unions will be reinstated against employees and employers will line their pockets with workers money and yesterday mafia that comes with them.

    All Media will be suppressed to just government approve propaganda (we are seeing this now due to foreign intervention)

    We will be subject to international globalist law and our Constitution and Bill of Rights will declared against globalist law.

    Censorship of all media will be the law (we already are being censored by Facebook, Twitter, Google, and Amazon is using its power to crush individual businesses)

    Government will run health care and provide free but substandard healthcare with panels who will decide who gets care, when and if.

    Private ownership of retirements, homes, businesses, companies will be stopped. Taxes will be raised significantly. Redistribution of wealth will begin.

    There will be rationing and vouchers – a cashless society so all buying and selling can be controlled assuring only corrupt government officials will have their share of all Americans money.

    The Uber wealthy and companies will move overseas to avoid these taxes and thousands of new regulations and fines will be imposed. They will take their jobs with them.

    Do you want to know how I know this?

    Besides experts and every REAL history book will tell you, I didn’t 19 years in Military Intelligence studying Russian the Soviet Union , China, Korea, Germany, Vietnam and every socialist Marxist society, including how it came into being ( by violence and revolution -by outside forces and money).

    Our current government Intelligence is saying the same. We have apprehended past Domestic and International terrorists in the arrests being made by Operation Legend.

    How do you think these rioters “peaceful protesters” are being funded, flights, hotel stays, ground transportation, food and supplies and weapons from bricks to AK 47s (this is a Russian rifle)?

    Why are Obama and Hillary or even Biden or Harris and Sanders still in the picture?

    Why did Obamagate continue to lie, spy and wiretap then Presidential Candidate Donald Trump and regular Americans and then after that and still using these FBI , members of Congress, and others continue spying and trying to impeach the President on false charges. Leaking lies to the news media to convince the public to turn against the President. Why not wait 4 years and the take office? Because this is not all about taking over the office. It is about taking over our country.

    China government releases a pandemic virus in the YD election year.

    Biden has been in bed with China for decades as has other key Democrat leaders and his son.

    Biden assured a prosecutor in the Ukraine got fired so charges of conspiracy, corruption, bribes and money laundering were dropped against his son hunter or American with Obama” s approval, would refuse billions in aid to the Ukraine.

    One Republican Senator revealed that Russia and Germany had a secret pact for an oil: gas line and President Trump advised Germany’s Angela Merkel if they did not stop that he would inform the rest of the EU. Rather than the EU finding about the betrayal Germany had to drop the deal and this infuriated Putin. Then President Trump secures a pipeline deal to provide all EU the Gas and oil through a legitimate source that closed off the Russia and Turkey plans for the current energy strangulation from the EU.

    BLM and its leadership are traced directly back to Chinese communist government and other communist countries in the world. They ADMIT that they are Marxist organizers. Now Soros is providing the nonprofit company through which the money that BLM gets.

    Why is BLM not helping black lives really? Helping with rent to avoid evictions? Not Objecting and continuing these riots through 53 children bring murdered as a result?

    Where are the BLM billions going?

    This is a BIG orchestrated effort – proven by Homeland Security to move money, people, and resources to specific riot sites at certain times. It requires very sophisticated intelligence and logistics management.

    Why are not the Socialist Democrat party condemning this violence? They are even encouraging it. Visiting criminals but not fallen officers or visiting the children’s families?

    Biden and Pelosi condemn the violence and very weakly with a couple of statements after the polls showed that the American people aren’t as dumb as they thought and We KNOW the violence is coming from and supporting their cause to e over the White House?

    Why are mayors and governors letting this violence go unchecked though they could stop it in a day?

    Why is bail no longer required in many of these Democrat held cities?

    Why is Harris and Obama’s celebrity friends posting bail for these criminals, sine if turn rapiers and murderers?

    Why are all the west coast fires being played as climate change rather than the large amount of arson that it is?

    I know this is long but check out : Prager U and his chat on Marxism, Dan Bongino, David Harris, Bill OReilly, Victor David Hanson, Charlie Kirk , Candance Owens, Amir Tsarfati, Jack Hibbs in their recent “ Happening Now” , Some of FOX and WSJ journalists like Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity, Lou Dobbs and more.

    It is being discussed and investigated. It is real.

    Why the Hillary Drama to “not concede victory to President at any cost”?

    Why Bloomberg and others talking about and even try to plan forcibly removing President from office?

    Why the unsolicited mail in ballot scam to cause confusion and chaos on this election?

    Why not wait 4 more years? Because the chaos and planning have been going on for 4 years. The Socialist / Marxists have been planning this for 4 years. All the time and money spent planning the spying, false impeachment, tech companies censuring (which will stop if the President is re-elected)

    Please let all Tea Party, Republicans, Moderates, Independents, Democrat Liberals and Green Party- come together for the defense and survival of our nation. That we as a country must still be preserved as the last bastion of freedom and generosity in world.

    WE must PRAY, STAND and VOTE IN PERSON for the President’s reelection and guard and favor this process and we bind Satan here on Earth from this evil. We will not fear this evil.

    As a Christian I know our ONLY hope is that God will hear our prayers. We are in a spiritual battle for this nation.

    We are still 1 nation under God if President Trump is in office and God is still in the White House. Abraham prayed for Sodom and Gomorrah that is as little as 10 righteous people were in those cities would God spare them?

    This is our prayer now. Lord there are many of your children still here that are liars loving and fighting in your name for the unborn, the sexually immoral to change and come to you. For this to be a Christian nation and no declaration or lie from Obama can change that. We humble ourselves to you for your wonderous mercy grace that our nation does not deserve. That if you find enough of us who are only righteous because of your son’s death on the cross? Please help save our land.

    While our enemies are strong, we pray for them and ask as you delivered Gideon with 300 men versus the 120, 000 swordsmen in Judges 7. We give you all the glory and ask that your will be done for your nation and your children. People from all over the world will see that a nation created by You and still under Your protection will not fall to a strong enemy. For us, our God is with us than who can be against us.

    Please bring us peace that every color of skin and every depiction of Jesus is of you. For never have so many come to take your land as was done in Israel. Your word says that You will bless those who bless Israel and curse those who curse Israel (Genesis 12:1). Our President put in office by You as all authority is appointed by God (Romans 13:1). We support and love Your people, so we ask your favor, blessing and protection. That this effects the world and You will receive all the Glory, Honor and Praise and many will come to know You through this great victory. And all Gods people ask this in the name of Your son Jesus.

    • LouAnn Rossi says:

      Absolutely correct. People from other countries are praising & appreciating Pres Trump. He is the only hope. Other countries don’t understand why all Americans don’t see that Pres Trump is for each American, he has no other agenda. He is for peace and prosperity.

    • LouAnn Rossi says:

      Absolutely correct. People from other countries are praising & appreciating Pres Trump. He is the only hope. Other countries don’t understand why all Americans don’t see that Pres Trump is for each American, he has no other agenda. He is for peace and prosperity.

  26. James Glenm says:

    That is illegal. Votes should be private just like voting in person. No body has said anything about privacy while voting. In your home with family and friends watching!

  27. John c. Schuck 111 says:

    Wow what a scam. Who in their right mind wants to live in communist country. Wake up. Vote trump

    • Patricia Lea Rosenberg Stancer says:

      You want someone to be accountable? It won’t be Biden he’s lost. What are you thinking ? It will not just affect you but your children and America.