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Did Delta Boot Them for Supporting Trump?

Did Delta Airlines kick passengers off a flight because they were privately discussing their support for President Donald Trump? That’s what the folks in the video below allege.

Watch the video and share your thoughts in the comment section on this page. Assuming they didn’t cause any disruption or harm, is it fair for an airline to remove passengers just because they support President Trump?


  1. Jim says:

    File a Federal Civil Rights Lawsuit against the Airline and Police. Don’t be afraid. Filing charges does not cost you anything,may be supported by public outrage as well as create a boycott against the Airline.

  2. Ollie says:

    Amazing never delta fan. Calling starting in morning and all day.Trump is America!

    • Deborah Hendrick says:

      74 million Americans voted Trump. Can all airlines afford to oppression. Losing lots of money 💰💸. Welcome to Communist Socialist Marxist country.

  3. PETER HUDEC says:


  4. Lee says:

    People should not go on airlines that take your money and won’t let you talk in private about Who are What you want to. There are too many bullies that run over you and get away with it, they someday will meet someone bigger and Bader than they are and hopefully they’ll regret how they have treated people.

    • Deborahhendrick says:

      Welcome to the world of Communist Socialist Marxist country. 74 million votes Trump. Oppression began years ago. DNC behind this. Obama and Clinton’s. Soros finance BLM Marxist Socialist Antifa. No one said anything about the burning Looting Murdering innocent people businesses for months.

  5. Terrie Wyatt says:

    America has gone to Hell and there’s no coming back. People are going to have to just put on their earphones and not speak at all. Next thing they’ll be throwing people off moving planes, I wouldn’t put it past tbem.

    • Kay says:

      Wrong, wrong, wrong – all-you- assholes have to do is behave yourselves, stop your shouting and screaming on the planes and you will be allowed to fly.you don’t get to disturb others right to traveling in peace and quiet.

      • Jane C says:

        It seems to me you’re the one with the BIG MOUH! These people did nothing wrong you useful idiot!

  6. James Street says:

    Folks, this is but a small sample of what is to come from these filthy “tolerant” liberals. They preach tolerance and then persecute anyone who doesn’t think on the same level as their demented minds. Remember the Obama administration threatened to withhold funding from Texas schools if they didn’t abide by the order to allow boys to use the girls restroom. This is where their priorities lie—in the gutter of their evil, demented, filth infested minds. Keep the powder dry my conservative brothers and sisters. We’re gonna be needing it sooner than we thought. Praise god and pass the ammo.

  7. Holly Rose says:

    Delta did the right thing and anyone discussing trump should be removed. Delta has that right. There are plenty of other things to talk about. How about talking about the wonderful Biden administration coming in?

    • Bill Phelan says:

      Hey “HOLLY”< you are a dirt bag communist.

      • Kay says:

        Dumbass you are not allowed to wreck havoc 36,000 feet in the air. Try to find some fucking common sense

        • Jane C says:

          Nobody was “wreaking havoc” you fool. You are definitely a follower of dementia Joe. It’s nobody’s business what they were talking about! Nazi!

    • James Southern says:

      I am not a Trump supportr but if you think that this was the right thing to do you are either ignorant, Stupid, a fool, or brain dead! There is NO LAW in America that allows a carrieir to kick you off a bus, plane, train or any other form of public or private transportation for discussing privately your support ofr a candidate, or any public official. To think this is the right thing to do is as ignorant and being a racist. It is people whoconstantly think that giving away our fiorst amandment rights or forcing people to shut their mouths because you disagree that are the threat to our country becaue it is idiotic thinking like this taht destroys freedoms. It is still a frredom issue not some moronic issue of being offended by some douche bag that does not get that if you deny the rights of those you disagree with you are nothing more that a slave master trying to take overand that is why you ar to ignorant to get it. Unless you are a marxist, communist, fascist, globalist or socialist and are to brainwashed to understand that these forms of government are nothing more than slavery or indentured servitude to a government. Get a brain and pull your head out. This is illegal and nothing more than sensorship and denying the people their constitutional right to talk about what ever they like. The only things illegal or against the law to discuss on a plme are those which could be construed as a hi-jack or terrorist issue. Supporting Donald Trump does not qualify.

    • Sam B. says:

      LOL…folks don’t buy in to Holly’s constant delusional comments. Her & her altered ego Kay say the ridiculous things they do to ruffle feathers & get a rise out of the true patriots of our great nation. Or..maybe they’re still upset about another kid taking their lollipop on the playground back when they were 5 years old!! LOL. Or maybe they’re sympathizers of the radical socialist dictatorship government of Venezuela?! Either way..get over the lollipop or move to Caracas Venezuela where you’ll fit right in with that dictatorship. Bye Felicia! LOL!!!!

    • James Street says:

      I know 2 coal miners who said the same thing about the “wonderful” Obama administration. Then he closed the coal mines and they lost everything they had. We told them it would happen but they were too god damn dumb to understand. One got ass cancer and kicked the rail and didn’t get to vote for the “wonderful” Biden administration coming in. Then again, I bet that piss licker DID vote for Biden.

    • Judy Mosty says:

      Holly Rose… it is called freedom of speech. And I wouldn’t talk about Biden and Harris because I have nothing good to say about them. My God if you can’t see what is happening in this country then you deserve everything you get. I will not go down meekly. I will fight the Socialist platform until my last dying breath.

      • Kay says:

        You fight all you like Judy, but if you break the law, you are going to have your sorry ass thrown in jail And that’s what you will deserve

        • Gary says:

          First constitutional right being taken from the people of this country , and who is Twitter or Facebook and who gave them the authority to censor the commander-in-chief of the United States they show no respect to the president have continuously tried to deface him and demean him and accuse him just like the Democrats and the hidden traitorous Republicans in our government , and with all these traitorous actions, President Trump has moved this country forward and rebuild our military, we been shown the truth and there’s nothing or any comments against our rights or President Trump that we will except , you will see in the finish of this from behind your jail cell, the beginning of the most powerful nation in the world living with happiness and the rest of the world will follow, because all evil with God’s Guidance will be removed

    • Always5150 says:

      Your a fucking moron do you not know what freedom of speech is?? Maybe we should tar and feather you for supporting Biden. That would be fair in your fucked up world.

      • Kay says:

        Right dumbass, this is what this forum is for. You mother fuckers give the rest of us a headache with all your ranting and raging. You don’t get to infringe on everyone else’s right just because you feel the need to contnue ranting and raging on behalf of the Pussy Grabber. YOU don’t rule the world – anymore. You are all a bunch of traitors. Tell Daddy Trump to move over so you can all snuggle up with Putin.. I’m sure he’s got enough room in his bed for all of you low lifes

        • Jane says:

          Kay, LOL. The true colors! You are clearly a delusional, angry woman, like all the women on that side of the fence. Ugly, delusional, and angry – all the time. You people have no idea how to laugh and enjoy life anymore because you’re hateful, useful idiots with no brains. Nobody respects people like you or your disgusting pedo new president. You’re an unhinged, useful idiot. You sound like that old low-class fool, Maxine Waters. What a lowlife she is! Real classy people. Running around looking for other people to hurt. You people are NUTS and stupid.

    • Kim L Lepley says:

      Are you crazy!!!! I sure hope those people get full reinbursment on their flights that they paid dearly for.

    • Roger says:

      Holly Rose, you are a fucking idiot and a Communist dumb ass. Biden is a proven criminal and a huge piece of shit, his entire family are criminals and sell outs to China.
      I think you should prepare yourself for the coming of GOD, he will take care of the Bidens and all of the other criminals in the Democratic party. All of this will happen before or on the 20th. So the last laugh is on you, you damn fool.

      • Kay says:

        Poor Roger – you sound like you are on a real bummer. Keep up your threats – we are not afraid of you trailer trash. President Biden will take the oath on Jan 20 and you and the rest of the zpussy Grabber’s Bitches can’t do shit about it

    • Terrie Wyatt says:

      Are you out of your mind? The dirt bag Biden administration is going to destroy America. You are delusional to think it won’t affect you just because you support them.

    • Debra M. says:

      Wow, bigot and stupid, free speech dirtbag!!!

    • ahnn says:

      This is free country you fool. You obviously are not educated . . what else can you expect from a liberal!! The first amendment gives Americans the right of free speech, religion, etc. But you type of of ignorant folks are clueless. Good luck when your taxes go way up and they take away your pension and or social security. Thanks to liberals like senile old Biden. That is why other countries are laughing at us!

      • Kay says:

        No, other countries are laughing at all of you trailer trash.
        You are embarrassing yourself by continuing your membership as one of the Pussy Grabber’s Bitches.

    • Scott says:

      Just wait till they raise your taxes . You r probably on the government dol so it won’t matter to you
      I would imagine you get all the freebies from our patriots paying taxes you are crazy as hell
      Don’t even get started on CAMELTOE HARRIS you know why I call her that because she got her start laying on her back damn whore

    • Kay says:

      Right Randy – you know all about licking the Pussy Grabber’s asshole. Haven’t you gotten your fill?

    • John Q Adams says:

      You are a Jackass! 🖕

  8. Rhina says:

    Anyone who loves America is a Trump supporter. We are who are being terrorized for years. I live in California I was never told the park I purchased my home was own by gov. Until 2020 I came to see truth and understand why my rent was being raised every year and noticed why they ignore me when I complained vendor selling corn on a stick honking horn every day, they turn off my water, a plant on a chair became an issue but when they require a temperature check for me to use my own pool gave me all I wanted to know. I am not allow to even request copies of my utilities bills but a third party can certainly type up invoices for me every month. I realize I am the enemy not the illegal aliens they harbor and protect they don’t pay rent. It is why I pay four times more and they hate me cause I am an American Hispanic who loves America. I am being terrorized daily they will not stop but I am the mentally ill person for even asking a question and pointing out truth of what is happening. Americans are in Danger it’s not about Trump it’s about us the American people. They want us all dead they hate we still not dead after what they been doing to our food, spraying on us and making laws we the people never would agree too.

    • Oh you forgot ! They also helped develop Covid by Obama giving the Wuhan labs Millions of Dollars to create this Virus.Why do you think the Dems want Trump impeached immediately he has all the proof of Pedifillia ring involving Politicians Clergy and Hollywood Elites as well as Big Tech !

  9. sherry says:

    Will never fly them again. They totally need to be boycotted. I hope they go out of business. Nobodies business who we support and who we don’t and I hope that pilot and air line hostesses are fired. This is just wrong!!!!!

    • Kay says:

      This is how it is going to be for all of you Trump Bitches. You don’t know how to act like a civilized human so you will be treated like the trailer trash you are. You will be put on the no fly list and the rest of us will get to where we need to go. Wear a mask assholes

      • george says:

        your right, we need to act like the peaceful protesters thAT we had during to summer, right? where do you live?

      • BIll says:

        4Q, “KAY” ! Can you say Kas pasa, too ?

      • Sam B. says:

        LMAO…”Caracas-KAY!” Hi! U & ur altered ego Holly Rose r back at it with ur delusional comments just to get a rise out of people. Soooo funny..yet sad & pathetic. However True honest patriots (regardless of party) find ur comments repulsive. Since u & ur altered ego seem to b sympathizers of the radical socialist dictatorship government of Venezuela…maybe it’s time to go back to “Caracas-KAY.” At least there u won’t b considered DELUSIONAL because folks like u with the adolescent propaganda u spew out will fit right in with that destructive dictatorship! Jus stay’n! LMAO!

        • Kay says:

          Poor Sammy – your mantra is not having any impact. You are wrong and simply can’t admit it. I’m going to continue to attempt to school you simpletons. I pray to God and you pray to the Pussy Grabber

      • Terrie Wyatt says:

        You are an idiot.

      • Kay says:

        Sure Randy if you’ll put your pencil dick back in your pants

    • Kim L Lepley says:


    • Terrie Wyatt says:

      You’re so right( BOY COTT DELTA )

  10. Nothing to be done by complaining and texting about it get on them phones if you want to text text Delta keep texting them keep calling them they would fold like a cheap suit after the first day but if it takes longer to go for a week completely bankrupt the delta then let’s see the feathers fly because their planes won’t

  11. The only way to stop this is for all people not just Trump supporters for all people to call Delta and keep calling them clog up their phone lines clog up their websites just keep calling and calling and keep texting and texting and blow their system up that’s how you get back at big tech that’s how you get back in their pockets and if nobody can call to get make reservations no reservations can be made

    • Kay says:

      No, dumbass – if you Pussy Grabber Bitches think you are going to be allowed to disturb the peace of others in airports and on planes – think again. Why don’t you host a gathering in your own homes and spew all the hate you want. The rest of us are sick and tired of your sucking up to Traitor TrumpHe’ done and on his way to jail.

      • James Street says:

        Spew hate? That’s exactly what YOU’RE doing you liberal,slime,snail tracking whore. Your domestic terrorist organization BLM provide all the hate necessary in this nation. They’ve destroyed and looted over 2 billion dollars of innocent people’s businesses. So, you listen and you listen good you filthy liberal, bitch, you’re gonna keep on running your fat ass mouth talking your shit and you’re gonna get something that’s gonna make you really wish you’d kept that fly trap shut.

      • Sam B. says:

        LMAO. Folks don’t buy in to what “Caracas KAY” says. Her obviously limited adolescent vocabulary & brain power causes her to say the pathetic & un-educated things she says LOL. Caracas Kay & her altered ego Holly Rose r sympathizers of the destructive radical socialist government of Venezuela sadly.

      • Risa says:

        Kay, you are able to make your freedom of speech for all of us who served our country and it’s not about either party. Its all about freedom and I didn’t fight for my country the last 23 years and also in 911 for America to become socialist.

  12. Patricia P Tursi says:

    If this happened, it matches other censorship that is occurring. BLM and Antifa burned an American flag…..nothing done https://www.the-sun.com/news/1541140/black-lives-matter-antifa-rioters-burn-american-flag/ But a Proud Boy burned a BLM flag and was charged. I blame people who are shamed into feeling guilty for crimes committed a hundred and 50 years ago. The crisis in the capital was deliberately planned and executed by agitators and Trump people were blamed. I marched part of the way at Selma and at many civil rights protests, war objectors, Women’s Rights, etc. Violence should be banned. It was a set up. Banning people because of beliefs means we have lost what our nation stands for and we are now fascist.

  13. joyce says:

    We have lost our FREEDOMS, we are china now. sold to them by peelosi, clintons,suckerberg, obomba, soreoos etc etc…TRUMP is our only hope

    make them pay! stop buying china [email protected] stop shopping walmart, sams, stop using
    googles, twat, macebook

    • Carol says:

      This country is a communist operated country. If course Delta should be sued. Unless there is physical activity free speech should prevail!

    • Judy says:

      I believe they wanted this to happen sooner, like in 2016. But they dropped the ball. Agree with your China Sale, hopefully within the next 4 years we can change this. As much as I try not to purchase from china, it’s very difficult because they are going to kill America.

  14. Cain79 says:

    This is just one side of the scenario. Let’s hear both sides out before we rush to judgement.

    We are NOT the Left.

  15. Kathy says:

    Everyone has the right to Ones own opinion. Freedom of speech has been removed! While you were talking to another person on the plane not bothering anyone else, not disorderly, never anyone of Delta’s employees told you to calm down or lower your voice. That’s a violation of your Constitutional Rights. You all should hire Lawyers to put several Law Suits on Delta!

    I quit flying Delta when the Virus broke out due to their Bathrooms not being clean.

  16. Bill says:

    F delta

  17. Linda says:

    Absolutely unbelievable. I will never fly Delta again. Welcome to socialist America. I am sure they will have concentration camps for all of us deplorables before this is over – hopefully in 4 years.

  18. Monica says:

    Everyone has the right to Ones own opinion. Freedom of speech has been removed! While you were talking to another person on the plane not bothering anyone else, not disorderly, never anyone of Delta’s employees told you to calm down or lower your voice. That’s a violation of your Constitutional Rights. You all should hire Lawyers to put several Law Suits on Delta!

    I quit flying Delta when the Virus broke out due to their Bathrooms not being clean.

  19. Susan says:

    Time to talk to a lawyer about a 20 million $ law suite per person against Delta. Maybe they will think twice in the future.

  20. Joyce Andy says:

    Unbelievable!!! Who in the hell does Delta think they are? Lost my business and I think all Americans should consider the same!!! We have the to discuss politics and current issues with the people we travel with whether the Hostesses who serve us on the planes like it or not. And these social media CEO’s!!! Who do they think they are censoring conservatives when they allow China, Iran and other nations to put their garbage on their platforms?? We all need to cancel with them and move to other platforms. We need to stand up for our rights and the Constitution or were are headed for a Socialistic/Communistic country. WAKE UP AMERICA!!! AND DELTA IS OWNED BY THE EMPLOYEES!! Keep the Faith and Pray for the Miracle God is about to bestow on us!!!!!

    • James Street says:

      Joyce, as much as I admire your faith god is not going to do anything. He’s too late. He’s failed you and our nation miserably. He said he would bless anyone who blesses Israel. Trump was better to Israel than any president I can remember yet, we are rewarded with the curse of Joe Biden and BLM Harris. God did not keep his word.

  21. Bill Arndt says:

    Delta, will never get my business, if this is how they operate. This is terrible, and you know all airline employees took stimulus money for our government because of the virus. The money they took was from all Americans, tax dollars, and not just from one side of the Political area. These airline people who complained and the pilot of the plane should all get fired! Discriminators!
    What was it with the all the police, don’t they know they will soon be out of a job with all the defunding of our Police Dept’s? I’m sure a few young women with red shirts on are major security threat and we needed several police to handle the situation.? I’m surprised the FBI wasn’t there too, with guns drawn.
    Remember when you’re Left your never RIGHT!

    • Angry Eddie says:

      People, it is way past time to start our own Businesses, in every sector, to replace the Traitors in every aspect of our lives. We have our own Doctors, Nurses, Physical Therapists, Pharmacists, and Chiropractors, let them open their own Schools to teach our Conservative students. We have our own Veterinarians, let them train new students in this Medical Science. Most of the Construction workers, Tradesmen, and Contractors are on our side, so let them train our youth in those Trades. We must start our own Airlines, Hotels, Restaurants, Trucking and Delivery Services, networking across this Country, and only doing Business with, and giving our money to, our own people. Let the Farmers, and Ranchers only supply food to Conservative Stores, and Restaurants, while “Their Side” can eat the GMO slop from their Corporate trough. We need a total, and complete disconnect with all of those that oppose us. In reality, we don’t need them, but they need us, and we are sick of these Parasites feeding off of all of us.

      • Conservative Faith says:

        I agree totally with Angry Eddie. The question is do we have the conviction to go there? We definitely have the talent, education, experience, money and patriotism. Will for God to help us.
        DEPLORABLES, let’s make this a movement for 2021. Trump did everything he could now we need to pick up the baton.

      • jkryanspark says:

        Sounds like The Three Stooges to me. First of all, if you support Trump, you’re not a true conservative. You’re a degenerate member of the former GOP.

  22. BillZ says:

    It appears that I will not be allowed to fly Delta. Now we need another carrier between Spokane and Minneapolis.

    • JOYCE says:


      • jkryanspark says:

        Posting in CAPS doesn’t make your arguments any more cogent. Calling everything that gets you mad– and you’re an angry, irrational woman– isn’t “Communism.” My goodness, you are the stupidest people this country has ever produced; just a bunch of headless chickens running around screaming at everything because your lives have failed and you need someone to blame.

  23. Sheep Dog says:

    Trump Supporters, Loose Lips get your tossed off the plane. Talk about your kids and anything else then as you deboard the plane. Yell out “Biden is not my President, Trump 2024”.

    • Kay says:

      Oh, that’s a great idea! You are too stupid for words. We don’t care how you feel. Your shouting and yelling accomplishes nothing. You keep it up though since you seem to think it will make you feel better

  24. Sam B. says:

    Lol good lord…HOW PATHETIC! So delta is now a “cancel culture corporation?!” If people were being loud, making a scene, rude to others etc etc then I get it..all normal minded people would…but the reports from the passengers close by say that wasn’t the case! So these few polite people were having a quiet conversation between them about trump/whatever…so what!! So WHY all the ridiculous drama? To ALL the pansy-ass woke cancel culture crowd..”move to Venezuela where socialistic dictatorship thoughts & actions like yours r the norm/the rule.” U r a disgrace to our country!
    BEAT IT!
    WELCOME TO THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA…*NOT* the communistic states of America!
    To Delta & other companies/corporations…u better think twice before u sign up to sponsor woke/cancel culture bs & run ur businesses to appease a small percentage of pathetic snowflakes/people like our spineless politicians do! U WILL go broke!

    • Sheep Dog says:

      It’s not longer America. It’s the new 3rd World Country dubbed AMERICANISTAN. I guess Lady Liberty will be dismantled and taken offshore and placed as the Liberty artificial reef along with all the other historical statues still standing.

  25. Dale Dubois says:

    If 100 million people who voted for Trump quit doing business with all Democrat leaning people and also individuals who are Democrats this might let the Democrats know what America thinks of them. Most of the American people only watch CNN and other major media for entertainment to see who lies the most.

    • hack says:

      Absolutely Correct

    • Angry Eddie says:

      Forget watching CNN, the Communist News Network, or FUX News, but instead start watching One America News Network, Newsmax T.V., and NTD which, from what I understand, is owned by the Publishers of the only Newspaper you can trust, the Epoch Times. Subscribe to the Epoch Times, and help this Conservative Newspaper grow, while getting real News reporting.

      • Robo says:

        Love OANN, newsmax, and epoch.If you hear something from CNN, CBS, MSNBC, or NYT, WPO, better tune in to those above, to see if true.

    • Kay says:

      Oh, here you go again inflating voted for the Pussy Grabber. You lost because YOU don’t know how to count.

    • Robo says:

      Just look at the butchery of the english language by Kay, 8th grader, speaks volumes of the type voter the progressive commies have supporting them. They an tell them anything is instantly believed, so confused.

  26. WAH says:

    Well, they do not have to worry about us flying Delta ever again, and that is what all Americans should do. DO NOT EVER FLY DELTA AGAIN, put them out of business.

    • Kay says:

      Good, keep your sorry asses off the planes. No one is going to miss you

      • Robo says:

        Kay, you must be a commie, don’t you know tht delta can be sued, public services can not be taken from a person because of race, color, or creed. It is the law, dumass

  27. Aloma Hull-Guilliams says:


  28. ken white says:

    This is just an example of what’s to come form the China Communist Democrates. If Delta knows it or no President Trump has 80,000,000 people who know that he was cheated OUT OF THE ELECTION. NOW Delta has lost a whole lot of people who will never fly with them again I know I NEVER WILL !! This election isn’t over by far yet and these people like Delta are in for one Big Surprise for sure. After what Our Great President went through for 5 years from these China Communist Democrates was pure hell and he still won and done more for these country then any other President ever !!!

  29. Andy says:

    This just didn’t show anything. This is as bad as what the left does.

  30. Daniel says:

    I believe most businesses have the right to refuse service to anyone but hey let’s face it if the reasoning is because these people are Trump supporters then this can only be seen as discrimination & in this day & age that shit don’t fly we are all trying to pull things together & leave shallow thinking behind…disgusting policy on Deltas part & the lawsuits should put Delta back into the fucking stone age shame on them !!! These people brought their business their way depending on them to deliver these people to their destination & Delta failed miserably they should be reduced to washing cars until they can display some class & etiquette they have NO BUSINESS running an airline !!! God bless Trump & God bless America together we will make America great again & leave the likes of Delta in our wake ! Keep the faith & God bless !!!

  31. Jeanette says:

    This is only going to get worse. We won’t have a constitution. We won’t be free. It is going to be a scary America. Which Airline was it that kicked a family off their plane because, their toddler wouldn’t leave a mask on. This is shameful if the weren’t causing any problems.

    • SADLY Jeanette, you are correct! On January 20 we will no longer have a Constitution! We won’t be free! We will be a Democratic run country without freedoms!

      • Kay says:

        All you assholes do is whine – leave if you don’t love this country. You are nothing but a paranoid idiot

  32. Will never fly Delta…ever!! This is SO WRONG. Blame goes 100% to Dems. Is this the beginning of socialism in America?

  33. Rene says:

    All of this name calling and discussing behavior is outrageous. What has happened that money, greed, and power has turned people in this country into ….? God, please help us. America used to be the greatest country on earth.. I am scared. I am embarrassed. How can one be a patriot anymore? We are sooooooo divided, which makes us vulnerable, which will defeat us if we do not come together as a UNITED STATES OF AMERICA UNDER GOD!

    • Cindy says:

      “a Country that is divided will not stand”. This is a plan of all those that want to destroy our country. Our country is in trouble and everyone should pray, pray and pray!!

  34. Will never fly Delta…ever!! This is SO WRONG. Blame goes 100% to Dems. Is this the beginning of socialism in America?

  35. Jay jay says:

    TOTO- We aren’t in America anymore!

  36. “If fascism ever comes to America, it will be in the name of liberalism” – Ronald Reagan.

  37. Jay Jay says:

    DELTA AIRLINES YOU ARE TOAST!!!! Your job is not politics! Your job is transportation. With limited flights today because of the Pandemic I doubt if you can afford any more setbacks, like your asses being sued into bankruptcy!

    • CAROLINE GANN says:

      I completely agree! and what’s worse is that these airlines should above all else be praising Trump for insisting they receive covid money to keep them from bankruptcy! the Dems did not want to give the airlines, cruiselines, or any other transportation a red cent! Trump pushed for that money and this is how his supporters are treated total and complete disgrace! Delta, after Trump saved your asses, you have spit in his face and screwed yourselves right into the closure he helped you prevent! Well, guess what? He can’t save you twice! IDIOT SOCIALIST!

  38. Sheila Roberts says:

    We have to stop the filthy dems at all cost. We will always stand with President Trump.

  39. The “LEFT” is among us, ready to cancel anyone who Stands for our Constitution, our Liberty, our Freedoms. It is called enslavement, and subjugation, that is the point of Socialism! And the worthless GOP’s who failed our President and the Nation will bend to the LEFT. There are so few good people left in our Congress and Senate, mostly cowards with little to no concern for “We The People” who elected them or for our Constitution. Don’t want to forget the Supreme Court, the Federal Courts that failed to uphold our Constitution.

  40. Beverly says:

    Hmmmm. Did we actually turn into Russia. What happened to America? Where did it go?? Freedom of speech? Right to bear arms? Let me get this straight Biden’s ok with documentation that he collided with foreign government and he’s going into the commander n chief position while they want to impeach trump for defending hhe way we count votes and trying to keep it legal??? Something is sooo very wrong!!! Not to mention propaganda from the news media. Wow! Just WOW! And then they want to know why people are upset??? Good grief. I guess delta is going to lose passengers. What else can they do???

    • Beverly says:

      Biden colluded with

    • Thank you for your statement on what has and is happening in Our Nation. I am certain, Our Forefathers are aghast at the state of corruption and cowardice so prevalent in the government that was set up to ensure Domestic Tranquility, Freedom of Speech, the right to Bear Arms, Freedom of Religion!
      China, Russia, Iran are laughing at the American People. The Rest of the World must be fearful of our FALL!

    • Brenda A says:

      Beverly, A big amen, I so totally agree with what you had to say. What is our country coming to? I want my president back, Biden will never be my president.

    • Americans can only pray! With the Dums in charge we will never be able to vote them out as proven in 2020. Freedom is going to disappear! Biden will disappear and the new President will simply be the Democrat Party!

  41. Lynne Tilidetzke says:

    This is so uncalled for. This is America act like it instead of a bunch of morons.

  42. Bruce Wooden says:

    These idiot leftists are going to have to die, suing their asses won’t do any good when there are assholes like Soros around to finance them. Money turns people evil.

  43. Ed Franklin says:

    Biggest waste of taxpayer money ever: pelodsi

    • Melvin K Haynes Jr says:

      It’s amazing how hatred and prejudice towards a sitting President is so blatantly allowed, while folks like Schumer and Pelosi is allowed to act like spoiled children when they don’t get their way. I applaud President Trump for standing firm and not permitting the Washington mob to continue taking advantage of the working class. Are you really surprised that the Dems are allowed to control the vote with no questions from the election board? Has anyone heard anything about our troops in Afghanistan? Why has the issue of wearing a stupid mask rated higher than the economy or int. Politics? Last but not least, Ms. Harris has to remember that truth does count. If anyone should be impeached, it should be Nancy Pelosi and Church Schumer. If this is what we have to look for in the next four years, then we’re in for a rough ride. Watch how every success that President Trump has made with dealings with Iran are all wiped away. What are the Dems afraid of? The TRUTH?

  44. Noreen Clark says:

    I never plan to fly Delta after hearing this!

  45. Now they have the proof that Delta kicked them off BECAUSE they support Trump. Wish I was there, because at the end of this I would SUE them for all they r worth! (before thier bankruptcy! We heard the employer announce this on your tape. This is great news for Trump supporters because after u all sue thier scrawny behinds, they will go away! One down, much more to come!

    • Angry Eddie says:

      Boycott any Business that tramples our rights, and plays to the Lunatic Left. We boycotted Dick’s Sporting Goods, when they not only stopped selling the AR15 rifle, but also destroyed millions of dollars in inventory, rather than sending them back to the Manufacturers. This goes to show just how stupid these idiots are. Boycott every one of them, along with all Pro and College Sports Teams; Every One of Them. Work around your home, or get busy to plant a vegetable garden, to grow most of your own food, while giving the finger to the overpriced Grocery Stores.

  46. Karen says:

    Delta was totally wrong. Just because a passenger or passengers support our President doesn’t give them the right to put them off the plane. People have a right to their opinions. They had no right to eavesdrop on their passengers conversations.

  47. rick says:

    Welcome to the new American form of Government. It’s called a Criminalocracy!

  48. Betty says:

    this is so wrong their rights ar being violated under the first ammendment

  49. cris says:

    Are we really just gonna hand-over our democracy to socialism?It’s happening everywhere in this country.Are we ready for it?

    • Robert Miller says:

      There is only one way to stop this,a bloody civil war!

      • James Street says:

        There are only two ways to be rid of communist, tyranny; the ballot and the bullet. And by this last stolen election, it’s clear that the ballot is not going to work. Like a post from a Cuban American so eloquently put it “Since we became communist in 1959 we have had 2 presidents—and that’s because 1 president died.”

      • Kay says:

        You mother fuckers sure talk a lot of shit about starting a bloody war. Hope the FBI comes knocking on your door.
        You are nothing more than a traitor to this country. Keep talking about overthrowing the government. You will be joining the Pussy Grabber behind bars.

  50. Joe says:

    If correct, should be a great CLASS ACTION suite – attention LAWYERS

    • U R absolutely right, Joe! They should all Lawyer-up and get the BEST lawyers! You will put them in their place once & for all!

      • Angry Eddie says:

        That’s right. Nick Sandman, the MAGA hat wearing teenager, at a March for Life rally, in Washington, D.C., when accosted by a Radical Indian Leftist, sued and won over $20 million dollars from the Washington Post, as well as from CNN. Bloodying their noses, financially, in Court, is where these morons really get to learn a good lesson.

      • Kay says:

        Yeah, you losers should call Rudy – heard he’s looking for a job.

  51. Betty Cormier says:

    BS the airline keep their oppinions to themselves don’t play politics crap on Americans Citizens USA Constitution Laws we The People Will Not Stand Down we have rights

  52. RITCHIE JOHNS says:


    • Sandra J Mink says:

      This IS NOT the country we grew up in!

      • Megland says:

        No it is not the same country! All other countries are laughing at us for all that is happening starting with the voting fraud. They and us will always look at Biden/Harris as frauds. Dems are to blame for stopping a relook at the votes to legalize them. Land of the free?

    • Thank You For Your Service,

  53. Wesley Griffin says:

    Never fly Delta again.

  54. we are a Third World Country!

  55. Shirley says:

    No Airliner has a right . We have a right to believe in who or what we want.. This is America not china

  56. I would SUE the ever-lovin SH.. out of them. I am sure u have plenty of witnesses. I will NEVER fly with Delta. They will be gone by the end of the year, because 80 million people will boycott them! Bankruptcy is in thier future after they are sued! LOL

  57. shirley says:

    this is so wrong, we need to rise up against these wrongs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  58. Shirley says:

    merica not china

  59. Displayguy says:

    It is crap lke this which is causing them to disappear later this year.

  60. I saw nothing???????????????