Did Hunter Do It?

(TheRedAlertNews.com) – The United States Secret Service has confirmed Hunter Biden visited the White House just days before cocaine was discovered in the West Wing.

The White House was evacuated on Sunday night after discovering a white powdery substance.

At the time, President Joe Biden, Hunter, and other family members were at the Camp David retreat in Maryland and returned to the nation’s capital only on Tuesday for the Fourth of July celebrations.

Subsequent tests showed the find was cocaine, leading many pundits to connect the discovery and Hunter Biden’s drug addiction, known from his lost “laptop from hell” and his memoir.

The Secret Service has now corroborated claims that the first son was in the White House not long before the finding of the illegal narcotic, The Daily Caller reports.

Hunter Biden was noticed leaving the White House two days before the cocaine discovery, that is, on Friday, according to the reports.

The drug was found due to a routine security sweep of the White House. Security staff initially thought the white powder could contain anthrax, leading to the immediate evacuation of the building.

The report points out that cocaine is classified as a Schedule II drug per the Controlled Substances Act and is illegal under federal law.

It remains unknown how the criminalized substance ended up in the White House’s West Wing.

It is noted further that White House staff members are banned from using narcotic or psychotropic drugs and are obliged to reveal any cases of using such substances.

In a 2021 case, a White House staffer was fired after consuming cannabis.

The Caller points out that staff members happen to take friends and acquaintances on tours in the West Wing, which are not included in the regular White House tour route for American citizens.

The White House failed to respond to a request for comment on how cocaine might have ended up in the West Wing. The Secret Service has not confirmed whether that could have occurred due to one of the staffer-led tours.