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Did Joe Forget or Did He Lie?

As controversy swirls around the results of the 2020 Presidential Election, a video has surfaced of what Joe Biden said during the Presidential Debates concerning when it’s appropriate to declare the actual winner.

As Breitbart reminds us, “During the first presidential debate between President Donald Trump and Joe Biden, Chris Wallace of Fox News asked Biden if he would ‘pledge not to declare victory until the election is independently certified,’ to which the former vice president answered, ‘yes.’

“’Will you urge your supporters to stay calm while the vote is counted, and will you pledge not to declare victory until the election is independently certified?‘ asked Wallace of Biden at the first presidential debate in Cleveland, Ohio. [emphasis added]

“’Yes,’ answered Biden.” [emphasis added]

As of this moment, the election has not been certified in any state. Yet, Joe Biden has declared himself the winner.

Here’s the video. After watching the video, please share your thoughts in the comment section on this page. Did Joe Biden lie to the American people?


  1. Kellie Smith says:

    President Trump had better not quit! I will hunt him and family (excluding Melania) down and force them back. Melania hasn’t been much help to him, detached emotionally and physically. He will be my President until TED CRUZ runs and wins! Run, Ted, run!

  2. Ron Geary says:

    It should come as no surprise that Biden would lie about not claiming victory until the election was officially certified,all they do is lie they are a bunch of hypocritics.They are salivating at the possibility of Kamala taking over the reins. This election was undoubtedly fixed.Keep up the fight and expose the corruption

  3. As usual for Joe he lied then and he lies now. But that is the Democrat politicians way of doing business.

  4. FrankAboutIt says:

    So what’s new ? Joe Biden is a pathological liar. For that matter, his entire family has been plagued by the dishonesty disease. But far worse than this; Joe Biden and family are corrupt, dishonest, deceitful criminals who have all been enriched through every office Joe Biden has held. They all belong in prison.

  5. Bruce says:

    Biden has been declared nothing ! The fake media cannot declare him victorious and he cannot declare himself the winner, only the American people can do that ! But yet I hear just the contrary ! Biden said and documented that he would never do that until everything has been verified ! Biden is nothing more than a cheap liar ! 47 years in politics and has done nothing more than scam America ! Prosecute the bastard for all of his illegal actions !

  6. Holly says:

    Biden has been declared the winner. Isn’t there certification enough? Why are some questioning this certification? Biden is president and that is it. He can start being a president now and not like the slow lumbering stupid fool trump which took him 2 months before he even began acting like a president. That is because he is soooo stupid.

    • Josey Kugler says:

      Stupid is: not looking at the facts. Nothing the mainstream media says can change the facts. Facts and truth are real and the truth is not open to speculation, nor wishful thinking. The MSM can declare a lie. That is not certification. Not in any official setting. If you go by the MSM. You are as stupid as Joe Biden.
      Sincerely, Josey the whale

    • Josey Kugler says:

      And by the way, President Trump’s present term is not over until next year. Do bite the bullet, Girl.

    • Debra says:

      You better remember that this isn’t over and President Trump is our President whether you like it or not!!

    • jocelyn ginnever says:

      I would much prefer a president that can tell the truth and lead this country as a Democracy and the election is not something I take lightly in the last 300 years hundreds of thousands of American people died to give us our constitution and Bill of Rights and that says the American people vote for the President of the United States. Not a dictator of a socialist country. And as of now the votes don’t add up to the amount of American people who voted we have more votes than we have registered voters. In two states the amount of votes went up 20percent since last year and they did not have a population growth. Having given you all that information I will be waiting on pins and needles until this is over. Because so goes the United States so goes the world and right now our enemies are salivating waiting for us to make our country weak and so if socialism is your preference keep hoping for Biden and prepare for war.

  7. Half of the dumbocrats are mentally ill and the other half are Satanists; what do we expect? Their mascot of a jackass is very appropriate.

  8. Stephen says:

    That is what the Democrats do. Their 1st instinct is to shove the truth aside and turn to their convenient LIE. That is who they are.

  9. Rod says:

    Yes he lied. As he has with the Biden Laptop Matters issue. Why does corrupt Nancy own part of Dominion who own the polling machines. Isn’t this a convenient way to assure the voting machines work in Biden’s favor and her socialist agenda. We have a lot of Americans with there heads in the sand. Folks you need to stop watching the sitcom and reality TV shows and learn the issues. Europeans and Asians know MORE about our government than the average American. Very sad.

  10. John says:

    Yes he lied That’s all he does. Boggles my mind that anyone in their right mind would even consider voting for him and his super far left Harris. Wake up America. Before they destroy our country

  11. Don says:

    Of course he lied. That’s all they do.

    • Mariellen S McCarthy says:

      Of course he lied. ND, he has NOT BEEN CERTIFIED so, therefore, he is NOT the
      PRESIDENT-ELECT. The news media also needs to stop LYING,

  12. Fred & Sally Eisner says:

    According to his own words he lied, period!! God help our country if he becomes our President!!! ?

  13. Jack Furbush says:

    Question,Do you know how to tell when Joe Biden or any other politician is lying? Answer, their lips are moving.
    People like Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi don’t know how to tell the truth because they don’t even know what the word means. They think we’re all idiots and they have good reason to believe that because they keep getting away with it. If America let’s them get away with this then they will pull this shit from now on.
    It’s up to us to fix this not them.
    Wake up America while there still is an American

  14. Lisa says:

    Yes Joe Biden did lie to the American people. He can’t deny he didn’t say what he did. Now he went against everything he said. Guess he forgot or thought he had it in the bag. I didn’t serve in the service for 23 years to have a socialist run this country. God Bless American land of the free!

  15. Lisa says:

    Yes Joe Biden did lie to the American people. He can’t deny he didn’t say what he did. Now he went against everything he said. Guess he forgot or thought he had it in the bag. I didn’t serve in the service for 23 yes to have a socialist run this country. God Bless American land of the free!

    • Mariellen S McCarthy says:

      Very well said; and I certainly agree. Thank you for your service.

    • Josey Kugler says:

      Lisa, dear woman! Thank you for your service. You are a hero to me and mine. A smart, brave, heartfelt patriot who deserves the best America we can build.
      Love Josey the whale

  16. Phyllis says:

    I think the democrats are a bunch of scumbags 1st and foremost I think that Donald Trump Start cleaning out swamp and democrats didn’t like it.so the democrats are lying and cheating.when in fact Trump won the Election fair and square come on people wake up and smell the coffee. Let’s finish this unclean the swamp once and for all. God will prevail and Trump will come out a winner .

    • Linda says:

      You got it and as long as we let them get away with this bull, our country is going to you know where..
      have youy ever thought that a lot of these so call group are commiting TREASON and no one is screaming about this……

  17. Mary Kay knapp says:

    Yes biden is alien he Lhasa lied about is sone and the money he received while working under Obama which is highly wrong the man is a virtual Loire please lord do not make him president.

  18. Gail Garrett says:

    Yes He Lied. He has been lying every since he stepped into politics. Don’t forget about the video of Biden saying that he has the most elaborate voter fraud system this country has ever seen. I think he was telling the truth on that one , he just forgot that the democrats told him to keep it to himself.Thats why he stayed on the basement 90 percent of the time. He knew ge already had ut stolen.

  19. Tinley says:

    Biden is a money hungry liar. Plain and simple.

    • joan Bardeen says:

      Yes Biden is dealing with CHINA on business with son Hunter.
      He has a conflict of issues…..
      Like sleeping with the enemy.
      He should NEVER be running America.

  20. christine says:

    Is this a real question? It should be – has joe ever not lied to the American people!

    • Linda Giese says:

      That’s how he coerced the Public into HIS way of thinking. I guess the ONLY thing he isn’t lying about is I WILL RAISE YOUR TAXES! We all need to band together to save our Nation’s Constitution! That is WHY we colonized in AMERICA! Our FOUNDING FATHERS would be SO ASHAMED OF OUR ACTIONS! It ISN’T about WHO wins the election.

    • Merrill says:

      Biden has told more lies than Trump HAS TOLD IN A LIFE TIME. PLUS TRUMP CORRECTS HIS IN 24 HOURS .. … You can’t trust him or that evil witch he picked .. He plans along with OBAMA to sell this country to CHINA !!!

  21. Mark says:

    I’ll bet Biden doesn’t even know what he said!! And if he did well this just proves he is a flat out liar!!

  22. Earl Burns says:

    If he had his mouth open and anything coming out it was a lie he’s a pathological liar and a dirty plagiarist. Never had an original in his life !

  23. Bob V says:

    Easy people, it’s not Biden’s fault. Everyone around him is telling him he won. Remember, be gentle, he’s a dementia patient and doesn’t know any better.

    • Brian says:

      Call it what it is!

    • linda says:

      Poor Biden, his wife should be telling the facts….

    • Josey Kugler says:

      Bob, you may be right about the dementia. But my mentally challenged 84 year old husband still knows the difference between right and wrong. He was honorable before the dmentia rattled his brain. He did not become evil.
      Joe has always been bad. He has no excuse for his years of criminal behavior.

  24. You can’t believe anything Vice President Biden says . We are in a mess and he isn’t winning the election yet oh I forgot he probably doesn’t know he hasn’t won it yet

  25. Jim says:

    All these comments are about Trump. He lies a lot to the AMERICAN People and you all fell for his lies!

    • Bob V says:

      Keep gulping that lamestream Democratic snooze kool-aid.

    • michael perkins says:

      They all lie.who are you trying to shit?

    • Linda Giese says:

      Well, probably so. The GOOD things he did::OPERATIONAL WARP SPEED, getting vaccine in RECORD time, yes he got it done while STILL our PRESIDENT! It was NOT BIDEN! Got us sorely needed STIMULUS CHECKS, nine used for utilities and rent, DIDN’T GET THE 2ND ONE BECAUSE DUMMICRATS wanted to give our hard earned taxpayers money to MILLIONS OF ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS AND THEIR KIDS, who did not pay ANY TAXES and NEVER WILL. I don’t blame him for not giving 2ND checks, made ANIMAL CRUELTY A FELONY!,Gave money to Black education, handled the PANDEMIC amazingly well, the LOWEST UNEMPLOYMENT since the depression, industry and manufacturing returning to the UNITED STATES, ISIS ELIMINATED, in 4 years TRUMP HAS CREATED THOUSANDS OF JOBS, there’s help wanted signs everywhere you look, has stopped ILLEGALS dramatically from entering our country. Stopping criminals from entering, stopping TERRORISM, enforcing sanctions against countries, gave the FARMERS A FIGHTING CHANCE TO STAY IN BUSINESS. RE VAMPED OUR TAX CODE, LOWERED OUR TAXES, and many more things. But the DUMMICRATS brains are so full of cobwebs they cannot comprehend that anyone could accomplish those things. But their brain capacity is very limited so, they DID NOT , NOW, NOR EVER, ACCEPT PRESIDENT TRUMP AS THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES! For 4 years Trump has been attacked, no matter WHAT he said it was scrutinized, wrong, put down, tried to impeach him, accused of collusion, accused by women of things any YOUNG person might do.All at taxpayers dollars and these investigations found NOTHING, NO COLLUSION, NO IMPEACHMENT, NOTHING! Hey, hes a business man, not a CAREER POLITICIAN. So in my book, he’s done more for this country than any President and did it in his first term. While the media dragged him and his family through the mud, called his kids “SPAWN “, So immature, called them UGLY PEOPLE YEAH, BIDEN HAS ALZHEIMERS SO HE DOESN’T REMEMBER THAT! I love you President Trump, DON’T STOP, DON’T GIVE UP, DON’T BACK DOWN, WE HAVE YOUR BACK!

      • Alan says:

        Well said President Donald Trump has done more the American people we even had 72 million Americans that vote for Trump plus more so i don’t see how biden could have tripped these states that are Republicans states to begin with except with massive voter fraud

      • Linda says:

        I agree I agree, except the vaccine has not really had enough time and the FDA has approved. Please take your time and think about taking it….
        Yes TRUMP WAS CLEANING WASHINGTON and they didn’t like it…….

      • Linda says:

        I agree I agree, except the vaccine has not really had enough time and the FDA has not approved for 100% effective, be careful.
        Please take your time and think about taking it….
        Yes TRUMP WAS CLEANING WASHINGTON and they didn’t like it…….

    • Josey Kugler says:

      Jim, please be specific. To what lies are you referring?

  26. John says:

    He’s very delusional, and ignorant in what he is talking about. Our overseas military and others with disabilities, elderly’s in nursing homes etc. That cannot vote in person is exactly what the mail in ballots are intended for. And what would our military have to gain, that fight for our country and freedoms have by being fraudulent anyways. What is fraudulent is the millions of ways the far left has created, to steal this election.

  27. James Hutchins says:

    Biden lied I support my President Donald J Trump.

    • Northa Wallace says:

      Yes. Biden forgot he said he wouldn’t declare victory until the election was certified or maybe he thought it was certified since all the News channels were saying he was President !

  28. Marilyn says:

    As Far as I’m concerned if Lying senile Biden is put into Our White House… We will no longer be living under a government we will be living under an organized crime ring. I voted for Trump, I back Trump and I’m very proud to say that I am a President Donald Trump supporter!

    • Northa Wallace says:

      Amen !

      • Linda Howard says:

        Biden has lied about everything.
        His education, what he says, where he’s been who hes met. I believe nothing he says. He lies to make the moment, not the future!!

    • Josey Kugler says:

      You are my type of patriot! I have supported my Dear Mr. President Trump from DAY 1 since he proved himself to be NOT A POLITICIAN by refusing to take that silly “pledge” with the other Republican contenders.

  29. Tammy Harding says:

    Of course he lied. That’s all he knows. He’s been doing it for 47years. The only way Democrats are going to win is by lying and cheating. I’m for Trump.

  30. T Beach says:

    There are a bunch of Democrats that need to catch a severe case of Covid 223. Its a lot more deadly than this fake one.

  31. Reggie says:

    Creepy Joe Biden, is primarily Stupid !!!!!
    There is No Way he personally was capable of running this country!!!!! Without the democrat elite calling the shots !!!
    Also the former WORST pres. Of ALLLLLLLLLLLL
    TIME, Barack oBUMa continues to try to tell him how to handle things, in his Continued attempts to destroy the Greatest country on the planet, The United States Of America !!!!!!!

  32. camille says:

    This is what to be expected IF he wins. Lies after Lies! No to fracking-UH yes to fracking, No declaring winner till ALL votes counted,-UH yea I won!!! and it goes and will go on and on

  33. Diane Wright says:

    Yes, of course, he lied. He would ruin the United States as we know it as a democracy and bring in socialism. He is definitely unfit for the position as President and Obama’s doctor has already certified that he cannot converse with anyone without slurring his speech. I think this is way too much stress for him and as leader of this country, it would be even more stress. Oh yes, of course, there is Kamala Harris. God help us if she is ever president as she would carry out the same agenda to ruin our democracy.

    • DAVID Adams says:

      Yes I’m scared that dumb ass wants communism she has said it more than once she said socialism communism that’s her bag hope the hell she don’t get in

    • Ann says:

      Get ready for it because Biden will be stepping down by Feb 2021 & President Kamala will be taking over! That was the plan all along! Taking our right to own guns & killing babies is their motto! The sad part is that most of the ppl who voted for these two are mentally enslaved by believing all the lies the democrats told about the best President the US has ever had, President Donald J. Trump! President Trump accomplished all his promises & a lot that he didn’t promise! President Trump listened to Senator Tim Scott of SC & they worked together for the black community, the white community, & Latino community! No President has worked for the black race since President Lincoln!! All these ppl will find out what a big mistake they made by voting for Joe Biden when he closes our country down & we become another Cuba & Venezuela!! The ppl who voted for Biden didn’t stop & think about the future of their children & grandchildren! There won’t be Welfare when everything’s shut down & nobody can pay taxes!! Biden & Nancy Pelosi & the rest of the high paid government are in their billion dollar estates w private jets & so much money they don’t have time to spend in their lifetime! They can have food shipped into them but what about the rest of us?? All those science-fiction movies will be coming true. The most important thing is to get our hearts right with God so we can go to an eternal life hereafter, a life of happiness & no more worries. God bless everyone! We must all pray for one another!??

      • David says:

        You are aware that President Lincoln was a slave owner, aren’t you?

        • Rand says:

          You are jesting , I hope.If you think he owned slves , you are bald kin to Biden and Bathhouse Barry.

        • Craig says:

          The 16th President of the United States of America did not own any human beings period, you stupid fuc•ing idiot!!! He was shot in the back of the head by the so called southern gentleman John Wilkes Booth!!!!! Two words for ya emancipation proclamation read up on it!

      • Linda says:


      • Josey Kugler says:

        Ann you are right about that wingnut Harris. She expects to be president because they chose old Joe BECAUSE of his weaknesses and they chose her because they thought her race and sex would make her acceptable to the rest of us…

  34. KJ says:

    ALL DEMOCRATS lie. They want us to depend on the Government for everything!!!

  35. Lula says:

    No matter who they all seem to exaggerate in their favor.

    What they have done for the Americans and our country is what should matter.

    Score card -Biden F-: Trump A..


    We all know Biden lies like a rug,so,what else should we think? He lied!! And if he didn’t lie, and his memory is no better than that,should he be able to be president??

  37. Mitchell W TOLLEY says:

    I f he opens his mouth he lies!!

  38. Sam B. says:

    Did quid pro quo JOE lie???…ummm YEAH! Only the LAMESTREAM media has called the race for “the big guy”. Nothing has been legally certified yet. C’mon joe…u must b really anxious to implement ur “truth over fact” agenda. LOL! Geez…
    God help us!

  39. Sally says:

    What kind of Catholic School did he attend??? Didn’t they teach him it’s a SIN TO TELL A LIE??? I’m a Catholic, BUT I KNOW HE LIES, that’s why I voted for Donald Trump!!! I admit, I didn’t like TRUMP’S TWEETING at 1st, but he has done MUCH MORE GOOD in the 47 months he’s been in office, than Biden has in the 47 YEARS that HE’s been in office!!!

    • MICHAEL says:

      You are so right. I try to stay positive but I have a bad feeling about the future of our country. I am a former Marine who served in Vietnam for 14 months and I am happy to be at the age that I am.

      • Craig says:

        Michael you are the MAN, the blanket of freedom you And all vets have provided for us is a beautiful thing THANK YOU!!

        • MICHAEL says:

          Thank you. While in Vietnam I was a Tunnel Rat since I was the smallest (5-7, 125 lbs at the time) I was pulled out of Jungle Warfare training on the last day and went through 2 more weeks of Tunnel Rat training in Okinawa. Went to Vietnam 3 days after my 18th birthday.

    • Debbiy says:


      • Deb says:

        Yes Joe Lied. As someone else said hes had 47 years to change things for the good of our country… Has he?? Hell No!!
        Weve seen changes once Mr.D Trump got in to office. We need Trump to stay in office.
        The Coronavirus he was being told its this its that. He didnt want mass Hysteria he wanted the doctors here Define cure and try and save his people he was lied to and when he was telling us things he was telling what he was being told he was lied to he didn’t lie to us he told us what they wanted him to tell us he thought he was being told the truth but once he found out he told us the truth any tried to help us and he still trying to help us only God can help him it only God can save us from Biden

    • Ann says:

      Well said! The democrat party knew that Biden being Obama’s VP that all they had to do is put a woman & a WOMAN OF COLOR as his VP running mate & the same ppl that voted for Obama would vote for Biden. They knew they would have 99% of the young black vote for that simply reason. Some ppl can’t seem to get away from the past no matter how many decades of yrs it’s been, 100’s of yrs some ppl will still be holding grudges against ppl that had absolutely nothing to do w slavery, nor did their ancestors. One of my real life hero’s is “Candace Owens”! I’ve never heard someone speak the truth as well as she has about slavery—the modern day slavery! Slavery of the mind which is as bad if not worse than physical slavery. Mental slavery keeps ppl from improving their lives no matter what race they are! That’s what the democrat party is doing & has done for many, many yrs! Those of you that aren’t familiar w Candace Owens, please Google her name! She explains “mental slavery” & what I’m trying to say much better than I can.
      For minorities to say that President Trump is racist & all the lies that’s been said about him shows that their minds are enslaved as they are not thinking for themselves, yet listening to what the democrats! President Trump has did more for ALL Americans than any other President ever has! He approved & had stimulus checks sent out to everyone & approved a 2nd stimulus check for more money than the democrats asked for but Nancy Pelosi “house speaker” would NOT agree to it!!! What’s wrong w ppl?? Or is it that ppl that voted for Biden didn’t hear about Nancy Pelosi stopping the 2nd stimulus checks from being sent out to the American ppl?? IF I had not heard it w my own ears & see it w my own eyes on Fox News, I wouldn’t have believed it! It really shocked me that anybody in the government would prevent our President from helping us put food on the table for our children! The world is so full of evil & that’s what it is at the end of the day Good vs Evil!! Ppl think Covid is bad & it is very scary, but it’s nothing compared to what is going to happen.

  40. Gregory Fullerton says:

    Plagerism a lie of the mind…he just can’t help himself… once a liar always a liar.
    God help us all. My country tis of thee, sweet land of liberty of thee I sing…
    I was raised with values and a trust in my country, which I loved. Never agaim.

  41. MICHAEL says:

    Biden is nothing but a mentally sick old man who should just take a walk with Hillary into the woods and let Law Enforcement find Hillary face down with Biden on top of her naked, both dead

  42. Larry Hummel says:

    Biden made the statement, but he didn’t check with his bosses to see if that was ok first. Evidently it wasn’t ok! Yes he lied!

  43. Craig says:

    Thieves period, are you in good conscience going to have as Whoopi would say a pair big enough to actually say he won this fair n square, in jo’s own words c’ mon man!!!! If you think 75 million people voted for this stuttering nincompoop then I have a lil land I would like to sell you, mind you it’s a little swampy!!! Hey Jo, how the hell do you live a ROCK STAR lifestyle on a civil servant salary 140k?!?! Unbelievable the hypocrisy n power you people possess!!
    1600 Pennsylvania Av HUNTER’S CRACK HOUSE OPENS SOON!

    • Ann says:

      Craig, Joe Biden lives very comfortable on all tha millions he & Hunter got from China on their secret deal they had going when he was VP for Obama.
      China created this deadly Covid 19 for them for free! I’m not joking. China has always had over-populated cities & once upon a time China was having their female citizens sterilized after having a 2nd child if they did not make enough money to support their family! So it all makes sense to me that if the virus they created affected their citizens. When the elderly & disabled can’t work anymore, they are no longer any benefit, only a burden to the country. As you know, the virus is only deadly to the elderly & those w poor health! Yes, my theory is a little out there, but it is very possible. I don’t believe that the virus was an accident. I believe it was created on purpose for many reasons!

  44. KAY Mcgivney-Knaul says:

    Biden forgot and if he hadn’t he would have lied anyway

  45. Soup says:

    The man has issue with brain power. His handlers have no care for the truth.

  46. Allen says:

    Was his mouth moving? Then he was LYING.

  47. K. F. Spak says:

    Biden lies all the time. You can believe a thing he says!

  48. Dorothy says:

    He can’t tell the truth he doesn’t know what is true

  49. If his mouth is moving he is lying or he is getting ready to kiss
    Or sniff someone.

  50. Ken Nelson says:

    Biden lies with the greatest of ease. Except for some of the propagandists who pose as journalists on CNN and Slick Willie and his wife, Biden is perhaps the most adept liar I have ever seen.

  51. Bonnie says:

    Joe Biden is not only a liar but also a criminal. Follow his trail through his public years and see the money he has stolen and the harm he has caused. He is mean and not a nice guy. The folks who voted for him will come to regret it!

  52. John says:

    He lies all of the time and to get your vote. Democrats live by the oath lie till you die. However most people that have conscience may lie but liars or sinners usually repent and ask God to forgive them when they know they are about to die.


  53. Nelda says:

    Of course he lied. Now he’s trying to backpeddle and claiming he’s already the new president. I don’t think he is even capable of telling the truth. Do we really want this man as our leader? I don’t!

  54. meg says:

    How can the american people believe anything biden says he has lied for 46 year or more and he is living now

  55. Jo says:

    If you have to cheat others to win is that really winning? Even a small child knows better. Biden wouldn’t know the truth if he heard it. All he knows is to lie. But God knows the truth.

  56. Kathy says:

    He absolutely lied!!! We know the dems cheated in the Election proving it is not easy!!! Go President Trump!!!

  57. John SHAFFNER says:

    Democrats can’t win honorably so they lie. Obama taught Bieden well.

  58. Charles Anton says:

    If his lips were moving he was lying, that’s the Democratic Party’s way of doing business.

  59. Adele Stone says:

    he can not tell the truth on any thing, all he knows how to do is lie.

  60. Richard says:

    He LIED AS USUAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  61. Baskerville Bee says:

    Were his lips moving.

  62. Randy says:

    He’s a democratic tool, lying is their specialty

  63. F F Tramutola Jr. says:

    Outright, ball faced lie. Democrats can only lie. It’s not possible for them to tell truth.

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