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Does Lady Gaga Think This Will Help Joe Biden?

Some items we come across at Red Alert News leave us speechless. Simply speechless.

That is certainly the case with Lady Gaga’s bizarre video tweet that, we assume, is supposed to drum up support for Joe Biden from blue-collar working men who enjoy hunting.

Watch this very short video and then share your thoughts in the Comment section further down the page because, seriously, we can’t imagine that this video will result in a single additional vote for the Biden/Harris ticket. Can you?

By the way. Have you ever changed your vote because of a “celebrity” endorsement?



  1. Levada Ackerman says:

    Really lady ga ga go live in joe Biden’s basement that’s where the rats hang out !

  2. marnie says:

    He really is desperate. NOPE

    • CAROLINE GANN says:

      It makes me so sad to see people cross over the lines of their experience and contributory platforms to completely destroy how they are viewed by those that raised them up into stardom! I truly believe God allows us all to be really really good at just one thing throughout our lives as long as we work at it then it will be that one thing that defines us. If we cross into unknown territory we risk all we are blessed with. And need to decide on a all or nothing path to follow! All these awesome entertainers ruining our images of them because they cross into political advocacy! And end up showing just how little they have researched the facts before sticking their heads on the proverbial chopping block! I believe the founders knew this could be a problem in the future which I think is why it is against the law for a sitting president to also be running any business I think it has far less to do with possible corruption and far more to do with his focus cannot be split between being both a successful president and a successful businessman, celebrity, entertainer, etc.! He must choose and commit to only one at a time! This shows in nearly all the entertainers that decide to get involved in politics! And it makes me sad because even after this election and the next 4 years is long behind us the decision to step into the political advocacy roles that they have will alway be at the forefront of anything they do and will either give cause for people to accept unconditionally anything they do, or pick apart even the most perfect of their performances! either way their fan base just like the political arena they entered will forever be divided!

  3. William "Bill" Moore says:

    Who the hell is lady gaga? That being said is she like many of the hollyweird yahoos like cher, babs streisand and robert di nero and alyssa milano, they’re irrelevant. Really Trump’s very likely got another term and it’s time these overpaid talentless wind bags get owith the program or get out as many promised to if Trump was elected 4 years ago. I see they’re still here, evidently they realize the American people are stupid enough to believe their BS and they wouldn’t have made their SHIT loads of money anywhere else but America. Hypocrites all Really who gives a rats ripe ass about these irrelevant bozos and their opinions and take them like the word of God?

  4. Holly Rose says:

    Maybe if LG went nude she would get plenty of attention for Joe Biden!

  5. Ralph says:

    Sure Does Not change my mind about who to vote for.

  6. PurePurple says:

    Lady gag me with a spoon!! Acting like Liz Warren with the beer stunt. Ridiculous stupid gig on her part. Not a big fan of Gagla but she still made an ass out of herself to help a jackass get votes. Go back to the basement Joe your nap is calling, and take Gag me with ya!!!

  7. Sue Biley says:

    One more reason to vote for Trump!!

  8. Sue Biley says:


  9. Sue Biley says:


  10. John says:

    Gee! At first I thought she trying to imitate Lizzy Warren. “Guess I’ll get me a beer.” What a maroon!

  11. David Smith says:

    No mater how stupid the video was it will sway a few votes Look at what rap music does when all they do is talk crap and swear and call each other [email protected]@a’s They have a whole bunch of people following those people.

  12. Jeanette Paschal says:

    Shows the contempt, that celebrities and liberals that have become the face and voice for the Democrats, have for the American people!! They really think we are all a bunch of red neck yokels that can’t think for ourselves and the intelligence to see that they are trying to DESTROY AMERICA!! Guess what liberals and all your puppets we know you and we see you and we the true Americans will shut you down??????????????????

  13. Keith Clark says:

    Look up “Douche Bag”
    Yup, there’s her picture.

  14. Bill says:

    This this shows me how desperate the Democrats are to get a star to make this video showing support for Joe Biden. Yeah, go ahead, don’t think for yourself, just follow Lady Gaga and vote for more looting, riots, abortions, tearing down of our historical monuments, etc.

    Yep, it’s just a cheap trick.

  15. DON LANDOLPHI says:

    I thought she was intelligent, but after seeing this video I think she was stupid to consent in doing it.

    • rm says:

      Lady Gaga….white trash pure and simple….You know who to vote for to keep America safe, and it sure isn’t Joe Biden…. (How many abortions has Lady Gaga had????)

      • Grace says:

        White trash is what she is and trash is what follows Nasty Creepy Biden. Along with her cousin Madonna, she is ugly and a dumbocrat.? Donald Trump is your President ?if you like it or not, he’s your President ???

  16. Deb V says:

    I don’t cate what celebrities think, I sure as heck wouldn’t change my mind after seeing that DUH!!

  17. Larry Rossiterv says:

    Ha!ha! Ha! HEE!HAAA!!!!!! REDICULUS!

  18. Rosemary Hunter says:

    She is insulting the American people with this video!!

  19. Vinny says:

    This is a great ad for Trump showing just how stupid Biden suporters are

  20. Bobbi Chandler says:

    Lady gaga sucks as bad as her name ? I would never let any celeb tell me who to vote for, even if I liked them because they’re not out here in the real world anymore! TRUMP2020 ??❤??

  21. Tc says:

    ? LAME!!!!!!!!

  22. Judy Farkas says:

    What a stupid video.Leaning on a car looks to high to stand straight.Its this video that would make me not to vote for Biden.I wonder how many voters changed their vote because of her.

  23. Craig R Koons says:

    She’s a pig and apparently polluting doesn’t mean a thing to this pig they ought to arrest her for polluting

  24. terrie pulley says:

    I don’t give a DANG about Lady Gaga! I won’t lose any sleep over her post! Let’s load all these Socialists up on a C5 aircraft and drop them into China! LOL There is plenty of room for them there!

  25. Pegs says:

    NEVER buy her music again!!! #BAD TASTE #DUMB

  26. GI says:

    Another Swamp loving Nasty !!

  27. Ss says:

    I refer to her as…..Lady Gag-A! And, no, no celebrity has ever swayed my vote, or opinion! The ones who support the Left are just over-paid dilettantes! More money than brains!!

  28. Susan says:

    This is going to make people vote for creepy Joe?

  29. Larry Jones says:

    As usual the celebrity is very confused. Gaga says she is voting for America but then turns around and says she’s going to vote for the one person who stands for as little of American values as you could have. Why do celebrities think that we are listening to them as to advice on how to live and how to act. Obviously those persons would be The absolute last persons Any sane individual would listen to for advice except maybe what movie to go to

  30. Honest says:

    Nothing “Lady”about this Pig ~

  31. Lorrie Robinson says:

    What an insulting video! Talk about stereotypical! How fake do you have to be? As ridiculous as can be!

  32. Colene Beck says:

    That was stupid, didn’t make heads nor tails of it. She doesn’t mean anything to me, she is just a cheap trick.

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