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Did People Die Because Cuomo Lied?

For many months, the mainstream media heralded Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D-NY) as the model for how an elected official should handle COVID-19. In fact, the mainstream media repeatedly played Cuomo’s verbal attacks against then-President Donald Trump in order to portray Cuomo as competent and Trump as incompetent. Now comes a bombshell report showing that Cuomo and his administration hid the truth about what was taking place in New York State. The question is, did people die because Cuomo lied?


A report from the Associated Press documenting thousands more of coronavirus cases being sent to nursing homes under New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo is being described as a bombshell for his administration,” according to Blaze News.

The report says that new documents say that more than 9,000 recovering patients were sent to nursing homes early in the pandemic. [emphasis added]

That figure would be about 40% higher than originally reported by the New York state health department. [emphasis added]

Cuomo has been under fire in recent weeks over reports that the deaths in nursing homes from coronavirus were far higher than his administration reported. [emphasis added]

When Cuomo was confronted with the startling report, he angrily dismissed it and said it didn’t matter where the people died. [emphasis added]

The new documents obtained by the AP show that the health department had previously only reported new cases of coronavirus that were sent to nursing homes. The higher statistic takes into account previously unreleased numbers of coronavirus patients that were “readmissions” into nursing homes.

“Cuomo faced fierce criticism over the order to admit coronavirus patients into nursing homes he made on March 25, when pandemic deaths were peaking in New York. He later rescinded that order on May 10.

“Fox News meteorologist Janice Dean excoriated Cuomo over the alarming revelation. Dean’s in-laws both died of coronavirus they caught while at a New York nursing home after Cuomo’s order. [emphasis added]

“‘This is a bombshell,’ tweeted Dean.”

For more on this disturbing report, go to Blaze News.

Please share your thoughts in the comment section. In your opinion, did people in New York die because Cuomo lied?

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