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Do You Agree With Newt Gingrich About Biden?

In a column published by The Washington Times, headlined Why I Will Not Accept Joe Biden as President, former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich states that he will not recognize Joe Biden as a legitimate President of the United States.

Do you accept Joe Biden as a legitimate President? Please click on your response in the poll below and feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section.

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Do you accept Joe Biden as the legitimate President?


  1. mark edward Sardone says:

    fraud the most votes ever comon man you a dog face

  2. Dave Foxx says:

    Biden and Harris are traitors to our country. Biden took away over 20,000 jobS HIS FIRST DAY….HIS VERY FIRST DAY!!! The are killing babies by the thousands by the abortion laws…..This is just flat out murder… WAKE UP AMERICAN…. We will be back to 3 and 4 dollar’s a gallon for gas (maybe a lot more) under these traitors. We will be standing in food lines within the year. They are destroying food warehouses and good land, Watch YOUTUDE TO GET THE FACTS – NEWSMAX. IF WE DON’T HAVE A REVOLUTION BY THE END OF THE YEAR WE WILL ALL BE IMPRISONED – JUST Watch. This is not good…..A Dictators rules with “executive orders”. This is a direct quote from Biden himself in one of his latest speeches. He has already signed more executive orders than Obama and Trump. And don’t think for a minute Bidden is President running out country…He is simply not smart enough. Obama is back in Office. PEOPLE OF AMERICAN – BE FEARFUL AND PRAYERFUL….WE ARE IN DEEP DEEP TROUBLE AND NOT ENOUGH PEOPLE CAN SEE

  3. PATTY says:


  4. Stevo says:

    Biden will destroy America by any means necessary per the NWO agenda goals on Congress / communists / socialists . Fuel prices will be at least as high as the obama years , same reasons – anti-America criminals ! Also biden wanting to let in millions of illegals & giving them OUR benefits funds – same NWO reasons – ruin America . The dems don’t even need the illegals votes anymore – their corrupt Dominion “election equipment” will forever decide “elections” with software manipulations – and the Dominion CEO even bragged about that !

  5. If anyone thinks the covid deases is horible. Just wait what happens and is already happening. Now that Covid Joe is in office. Him and is hole family are worse than the Cartel. We need to find a way to get him OUT. I’ll bet the white House smells like the dog house. Socialist and Comunist all. Just as long as God is in the house. He will clean it up.

  6. Cathy P says:

    When President Trump (Our REAL President) goes to court for his ILLEGAL impeachment trial, I hope the republicans stand up and DEMAND that it be stopped IMMEDIATELY. He is innocent just as much as the first time. The Russian crap was PROVEN to be lies, and this new charge is nothing but lies,too. NOW is the time for our party to bring the big guns out and put piglosi and all the evil demonrats in their place. Turn the tables on them and present them with a vote to IMPEACH PEDEPHILE JOE AND CAMEL TOE for CRIMES against America. Speak up about sleazy Joe taking money from China to line his own pockets. Let them explain heels up being involved in TERRORISTS destroying our cities and her cheering them on. TELL them about crack pot Hunter ILLEGALLY making deals with China while him and his old man profit from OUR MONEY. Let THEM explain why THEY shouid impeach someone who is INNOCENT when it can be PROVED that the demonrats are the ones who are TRULY THE GUILTY PARTY THAT SHOULD BE IMPEACHED IMMEDIATELY. CHALLENGE THEM TO A VOTE RIGHT THEN—-EVERYONE is in session at that time. It would save us a lot of money. THEN get piglosi and the rest of the SEWER DWELLERS and DEMAND that they SHUT THEIR LYING COMMUNIST HATEFUL MOUTHS AND STOP SPREADING LIES TO COVER THEIR OWN CORRUPT WAYS. If we could get lucky maybe we could get a “impeach one and get one free” deal.

    • Charles Larson says:

      Cathy P., for this impeachment of Trump, it’s an obvious slam-dunk open- and-shut guilty-as-hell case. Trump’s own words on TV on 01-06-21 convict him for inciting the attack on the Capitol. So, shut your lying pie hole. You have no evidence of any wrong-doing by “Pedophile Joe” and his son Hunter. You can’t spell big words like pedophile correctly, so don’t throw outrageous stones at the “demonrats” and make accusations you and no one can prove. Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor. Crazy Lady!

      • Mamabear says:

        Charles; Iam writing to you because you are obviously a demo, someone who does not read the real news BUT LIES PRESENTED BY CORRUPT NEWS SOURCES, or listen to what is being said without thinking that there is an underlying message hidden in what is being said. This is the case with every demo that I have ever met. President Trump said several times in his speeches prior to the riot, and after the riot in the Capital that he wanted NO VIOLENCE. Then later on they CAUGHT the man that was inciting the riot and it was ANTIFA. How much clearer can that be spelled out for you? ANTIFA is a terrorist organization that broke into our Capital and incited the riot. He admitted to the police afterwards. Trump had nothing to do with and yet you are still blaming him. America is headed for an all out war if this continues, you are promoting lies which is what is going to lead to that war. You are a southerner sir who wants to keep his slaves serving you your coffee in the morning. You don’t see humanity… see only yourself. This is what the civil war was about, what is moral and what is not. The north believed in freedom of all people, and the south believed in keeping freedom away from some. Open your eyes and read what demos have voted for and what republicans have voted for, do the research and find out for yourself what is real and what is not. REAL IS FREEDOM FOR ALL.

        • William H. Wilson Jr. says:

          Well you can’t call me a demo as I’m an independent and I believe DJT is guilty as hell. He should be locked up and fined severally for his indiscretions. He should lose some of his wealth for his role in this insurrection; since he is wealthy his punishment should be much greater than the others involved in this

          • Ran Win says:

            As lib cities burn they still talk like these are peaceful street parties.
            There at least a dozen dems that encouraged this behavior.

        • Jeff says:

          Well said MaMaBear! Thank you…..

        • Jossie Moran says:

          Exactly right..facts can’t be denied..!

  7. Becki says:

    Neat Gingrich is someone that can be trusted, and I believe him 100%. We all feel the same way about Biden and Harris. We need to get rid of them. We as 70million voters have spoken. Now we need to start emailing our Republicans with the same messages that we are saying to each other. Please do this so when our REAL PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP is in court they have evidence of how we are united. TELL our representatives that the ones who need impeached are the ones who stole the election. We can’t be out of anything but our time. We all know that we were screwed by the demonrats. Encourage our Republican leaders they need to unite and REFUSE to support this ILLEGAL impeachment. Remind them that We pay their salary and expect them to do their job.

    • Mamabear says:

      NEWT IS TRUSTWORTHY. HE IS PROBABLY THE ONLY ONE LEFT IN DC THAT IS. The Rhinos have turned over to the other side. Our country is doomed unless we can somehow overthrow this idiot communist and his socialist ewe following him. Read the Declaration of Independence, it is our duty to protect our country from enemies without or within. That is also the oath of our military those, Marines, Army, Navy, Coast Guard, and National Guard, yes who slept in the freezing basement garage. How dare that witch treat our dedicated military personnel like that. Someone needs to sweep out the White House, OUR WHITE HOUSE, “We the People”.
      Newt stand tall, file charges on this entire corrupt leadership that the people did not vote into office, ride Paul Revere. TREASON is TREASON. Biden has committed crimes against the safety of America in the first WEEK, he has committed TREASON….violated his oath of office fifteen times in the first week.

      • Linda Ricci says:

        Trump along with all his cronies put all of America in danger on January 6,2021. He murdered over 400,000 people on his watch and you Republicans want that but case back on the job. I hope he is never ever again going to be your president. He will bring America down to being a dictatorship.

        • Altha says:

          Let’s see what your decrepit old fart has to offer. You’ll probably be talking out of the other side of your mouth in another few months when he’s sold this country out to his favorite China. Get real Linda.5

  8. GITMO says:

    Everyone knows by now its Obama’s sorry ass running the show behind the scenes telling biden what to say and do and who to hire! It Obama’s way of being president again passing his corrupt camel jockey failed agendas on Americans doing what corrupt Soros and the deep state wants! Kumula where do you start! Shell get on her knees for anything and totally a joke to be in our government! Shes not qualified to make any decisions anyone could need! The kavanah hearing was enough of that arrogant bitch! What a mess if clowns picked for a cabinet! All the corrupt assholes from Obama’s people and all the fruitcakes they can find! 100 % bad for America! How long are people gonna put up with these clown s and stand by and watch them waste money on another sham impeachment charge wasting tax payer money! Biden will ruin everything and he doesnt even know what hes signing! This whole election scam was made up by deep state and Soros using Obama to stir things up! Only connection to Wuhan lab is dr.F. and obama sending them 3.7 million. How do ruin the economy! Create a virus to keep people hope and bored and scare them with a virus to vote at home with fake ballots and scam the voting machines with dominion computors systems that Pelosis husband owns 55% of the stock! Soros and China funded news keep negative adds against Trump painting him to be bad while lying about everything hes done and hiding all the good! They burry bidens crimes and cause chaos in our citys by Soros funded Antifa and BLM and fake news like CNN and MSNBC. Thers more witnesses hushed in all the key states on ballots that appeared in the middle of the night addressed to governors like Georgia and they proved all 5 key states were off by 450 to 500 thousand votes and electorial people were threatened to vote for Biden! This is how far demorats have stopped to win and screw americans! Everyone should be protesting this! Trump has done nothing wrong but protect america from this corrupt trash! He even sign an executive order to protect Americans from prosecutions. Everyone in america owes Trump a great deal of gratitude and should protest everything Pelosi and Schumer is trying to pull! They belong in Gitmo for there cortupt crimes! There just plain nuts and stupid!!

  9. Darcy says:

    I don’t know about all of you people, but I sure am having fun telling people who voted for Biden that they have No Right To Bitch about what he does as they voted him in. Now me I didn’t vote for him (as I am a forever Trumper), I have a right to Bitch about Biden and his crooks!!! Boy do they take offense when I tell them this 🤣🤣🤣!!!

  10. Bv says:

    Every person in America knows that president Trump was cheated out of the election. My question is this….why aren’t 70 million people that voted for him not up in arms about it? The communists are taking over! Open your eyes America Before you don’t have one! Whatthe hell is out going to take? If they will cheat the president of the u.s.a.out of an election, there’s absolutely nothing they won’t do! Am I getting through to you cowards!?

    • Helen says:

      It looks like everyone is afraid of the LITTLE bad wolf (Biden) and afraid of the BIG bad wolf (Pelosi). I can’t wait until 2024 comes around. OH!!!! I don.t know about that either because Pelosi and the others are trying to completely subdue all of America and sleep with China!!

      • Jerry says:

        Biden is a communist and if people can’t see that then they not very educated about the world in which we live. Between him and his son who received 3.5 billion dollars from China. What more proof do you need. All of those protesters that walk up and down the streets looting and burning private property and they didn’t want Trump to call in the national guard. Then when people stormed the white house Biden the rest of the scum on the democratic PARTY wanted to call in national guard. What a scum bag he along with some Republicans and scum Pelosi. Every one of them should be tried for treason and sentenced to death by a fireing squad.
        Then their bodies split open a let the dogs and wild animals have a picnic. Then on the other hand those animals would probably get sick and die.i would not say such a thing had it not been for hundreds of thousands of men who faught and died fighting for our constitution and way of life. One other option. Send the members of Congress and the Senate who are Democrats to the front lines in Afghanistan.

    • DameonTC says:

      No not that.
      The left has taken to breaking the law to get what they want.
      Now they have stolen, cheered and lied to get they’re way.
      Which leaves us the law to work with. While they use it to wreak havoc we will use it to repair. It’s our last ditch at righting (no pun) our country.
      You have a point though. When will it be to much? Will we have to arm ourselves to right the country. I for one hope never to have to take up arms. 70 million of us shouldn’t have to.
      But 70 million of us should be able to make us 1.4 million and make the laws stand for something. Us.
      Jumping to an armed conflict because we didn’t get out way is exactly what they want. Because doing that will give them reason to finish it all. Give no reason for them to steal the country instead of a stupid election. We have two years. Let’s make them count.

    • Jerry Dixon says:

      I agree 100 percent. Those that voted
      For Biden should be charged with accessory to murder because he allows for the killing of 3 thousand babies every day in America by way of abortions
      We are told to eat responsibly drink responsibly and so. So people who have sex need to use protection.

      • Charles Larson says:

        Jerry, name one abortion that Biden ever approved of. He was Pro Life for the first 30 years or so of his political career until he knew he needed more women’s votes. So, he became Pro Choice, I believe because he felt he could not overturn Roe V Wade and the law. He also is a life-long Catholic, some of whom believe women have reproductive/abortion rights and that it has to be a woman’s choice, especially under certain circumstances like rape and incest.

        • Jerry says:

          So are you saying 3 thousand women get raped every day in America? Many of the women who are raped seem to encourage it by the way they dress and who they associate themselves with. My wife says that men who does such a thing. Should be subject to having their thing cut off.

          • Charles Larson says:

            Jerry, you can check out those statistics yourself. You’re not God to think you can stop and prevent abortions from being done, The USA Supreme Court legalized it decades ago and decided it’s a woman’s right/ choice regardless of how or if they got pregnant through usual sex, rape or not. States may vary about 2nd and 3rd term abortions, depending on if a woman’s life is at risk to go through the pregnancy, I don’t know nor do I condone any of the legalities, I just stay out of the whole pathetic fight about it, since it’s beyond my control. Most abortions obviously are first-term, but I’m sickened by any because I was raised a Catholic, too. No one cares what your wife thinks about it here, tell her that woman don’t get their vagina cut out whenever they commit sex crimes or abortion.

        • Larry Turman says:

          The secret service usually give PRESIDENT’S a nick name. THEY SHOULD CALL HIM (PINOCCHIO)& WE SHOULD CALL HIM PINOCCHIO JOE.

  11. Charles Larson says:

    Newt Gingrich is no stranger to staunch party politics and to lying. He’s a has-been-nobody crook himself. He must be a Russian spy and a commie to try to stir the pot in our already divided country. He and Trump probably shared porn stars in orgies at republican parties. You know, that crazy blond that Trump denies he had an affair with.

    • Charles Larson says:

      Stormy Daniels. See her in her latest flick, ‘Stormy Does Congress’.

    • Helen says:

      You really are a sicko!! Your words coming out of that trashy mouth is nothing but brainwashed communism and socialist. How old are you anyway, 5?

      • Charles Larson says:

        Helen, so Im a “sicko”, and a commie. I just called Newt the commie, what “trashy” mouth? Do you really deny hearing and reading about Trump’s and Newt’s sex and cheating scandals the past few decades? Sure, you’re the brain-washed dumb commie who believes it was “fake news”. Just like the “fraudulent election”. Ha Ha Ha. Grow the F Up, you Trump lunatics. Tell your crazy fairy tales to your kids. You’re already making them racists, no doubt. I’m 59, a wise mature 59. You Trumpee groupies need to go back to elementary school, it’s bad enough most of you can’t spell or speak proper English.

    • Jerry Dixon says:

      What did was before becoming president. So you think it was ok for billey boy Clinton to have his thing done by Monica. While he was president. Obama advocated violence when said. If they bring a knife you bring a gun and not only that but you get in their sound like a communist. So go to Russia.

      • Charles Larson says:

        Jerry Dixon, I never voted for Clinton, Trump or Biden for president. I don’t care about their marital infidelities. It’s you liars who care. You attack Democrats for their sex scandals and ignore the republicans’. Obama never advocated for violence and I rightly opposed his health-care plan. I also rightly advised him to end the Afghanistan War in 2011 following Bin Laden’s death in May. I voted for Obama, but like the other presidents he disappointed me. I never said I was right to have voted for any certain president. I’m just proud I did not vote for some of them. Biden’s son served our country’s military. Pick on the Trump family, nitwit. Helen, kiss my ass.

        • Jerry says:

          You apparently didn’t listen to Obama’s campaign speeches. I did and I vividly remember seeing and hearing him say.
          (If they bring a knife you bring a gun and not only that but you get in their face). If I was a betting man I would be willing to bet that the news media don’t have any of these speeches in their archives. He also gave taxpayers dollars to Iran and the Palestinians. Which are natural enemy’s of Israel. My guess is that Obama is the one telling O biden what to do. Obama hates Israel and America.

        • Lazerus 111 says:


    • Jerry says:

      What trump did was before becoming president. So you think it was ok for billey boy Clinton to have his thing done by Monica. While he was president. Obama advocated violence when said. If they bring a knife you bring a gun and not only that but you get in their sound like a communist. So go to Russia.

      • Charles Larson says:

        Jerry, you sound like a commie- lunatic, so YOU go to another country like Russia, China, Cuba or Venezuela. Joe Biden does not hate Israel or the USA. He and Donald Trump have a lot more in common than you know, and they both might be ego maniacs. The difference is that Biden will smartly listen to his many supporters and advisers for what’s good for our country and Trump more often acted like a King or dictator. That’s why Trump had far more turnover in his cabinet and under his regime via firings and resignations than Obama did. Trump was more apt to tell his subordinates “You’re fired”, like the A–hole boss he was on ‘The Apprentice’ TV show.

  12. Paul&ruth says:

    We don’t have a president anymore because our Republican Senators who we voted for didn’t have the backbone to stand behind President Trump and neither did any of our judicial system especially scotus now let’s see if they can get us out of the mess they got us into God Bless America while it’s still America for now 70000 Plus jobs lost at the stroke of a pen I got an idea they can all get on a plane and live with the other communistic countries

    • Helen says:

      /that was the TRUTH!!!! A bunch of sheep. Come on 2022!!

    • Helen says:

      that was the TRUTH!!!! A bunch of sheep. Come on 2022!!

    • Jerry Dixon says:

      I agree get them on a plane to Russia. Biden is a communist and a low life because there have been hundreds of thousands of men who faught and died fighting for our constitution. Biden need to be tried for treason and found guilty and put in front of a fireing squad.

  13. Gregory Knapp says:

    Great commentary, Newt. Continue being a spark plug and get a new party going. Millions will join-we’re fed up with lies, deceit, censure of opinion and absolute refusal to accept fact (recall Biden’s comment in the Presidential debate on President Trump’s COVID-19 plan: “You don’t have a plan”—didn’t we just see you, Mr. Biden (doesn’t deserve the title of President), getting vaccinated. I wonder what plan that was from??). No, Mr. Biden, I won’t give you the honor of being called President because you certainly don’t deserve it.

    • Janet says:

      great c0mment I also will never recognize him as the lawful president there was fraud and it was planed that way to get him into the WH all he’s done is reverse all of Trumps accomplishments, who is his boss telling him what to do ? Obama/ China ?

      • Judy says:

        You are right. Chinese and anti Americans behind this dysfunctional fictional Biden. Was a coverup . Sad for our country. Disgusting.

    • Helen r says:

      Oh my goodness!!!! That was great!!!! Thank you!

    • Jerry Dixon says:

      Really, if biden is called scum that would be a compliment. I’m not sure if we have sufficient words low enough to describe Biden. He must have been one of Hitler’s off spring. Along with Nancy Pelosi.

  14. Sam B. says:

    Let’s state the OBVIOUS!
    Quid Pro Quo Joe Beijing Biden was barely seen from April thru September. Most of the time When he did zoom interviews it was a disaster…several gaffes..& live in Pearson appearances were a joke with scripted questions & answers! He was hidden from reporters & we the people! Beijing Biden, the socialist party & most definitely the seriously pathetic biased narrative fake news networkS also refused to acknowledge the rioting/destruction in our great American cities! Said the Trump administration was overreacting! Most all protests r peaceful?! Didn’t stand up & actually call for peace until September when their own inactions were starting to catch up with them with public perception. Antifa was a myth?!?! Kamala Harris tweeted on June 1st asking US to donate to a fund she started that bails out the rioters that got arrested!! She also said in another tweet in June that “the rioters won’t stop..& shouldn’t stop”. WHAT?!?!
    As ALL true honest patriots of both parties would agree…all these issues r only the tip of the iceberg. With ALL of this & the BLINDINGLY OBVIOUS VOTER in the blue-hell can Quid Pro Quo Joe Beijing get 20 million..20 MILLION more votes than Obama or Hillary did?!?! LOL!! R his policies that much better? Lol. Is he that much more popular/polarizing than Obama or Hillary?!?! LOL..seriously C’mon man!! How the hell this election is certifiable is sadly laughable/amazing. Corruption is everywhere! Btw..I’m a registered(barley left leaning) democrat who’s not in denial & knows dozens of other dems. I/we r all patriots first! Not 1 of us voted for BidenHarris nor any1 of the radical unhinged socialist un-patriotic party ( formerly known as the democrat party)…not a snowballs chance in hell.

    • Debra K Bell says:

      I totally agree! Trump is still the tru and rightful President of this country,,,,

    • Proud Patriot says:

      Sam your spot on! I’d like to add gaffe-daddy Joe also called our law enforcement “the evil of society”. When Dr. Gaffe finally surfaced & finally decided to address the months of nonstop rioting/anarchy in some of our great American cities…gaffe-daddy also smears our law enforcement with disgraceful bs comments & conjecture. Gaffe-daddy & other progressive socialist refused to believe our cities, homes, statues, businesses, vehicles etc etc were burning/destroyed. All because their hate & total distain for President Trump looms large. Let us all remember President Trump stood up for law enforcement…law & order while the spineless kissass politicians were painting Black Lives Matter on their streets. Sadly blm & antifa losers were the very ones that caused all the destruction. I certainly hope all u folks that live in these cities remember every damn bit of all this next election.

    • Charles Larson says:

      SAM Baby, Right there was rampant “voter fraud” in 2020. Funny, all of the fraudulent “dead voters” just happenend to favor and vote for Joe Biden , HA HA, The Real Walking Dead. Amazing ! “Hundreds of Thousands” of ballots “scanned multiple times”. HA HA HA HOO HOO, WHOA BOY, HOLD ON THERE COWBOY. You’re hysterical, an INSANE comedian. Wow! Wouldn’t it have been a lot easier for these crooked- lying vote counters and corrupt-election officials to JUST LIE about the votes? Why would they go to ALL THAT TROUBLE? AND THERE WERE CORRUPT MALFUNCTIONING VOTER MACHINES? HA HA HA. AMAZINGLY AGAIN, THEY ALL JUST FAVORED BIDEN IN THEIR MISCOUNTS. LET’S NOT CONSIDER THE MANY REPUBLICANS LIKE MY SISTER I KNOW OF, WHO VOTED FOR BIDEN BECAUSE SHE RIGHTLY BELIEVES TRUMP IS MENTALLY UNFIT AND UNSTABLE TO BE THE PRESIDENT. LET’S NOT CONSIDER THE MILLIONS MORE VOTERS ADDED AND REGISTERED AFTER 4 YEARS BETWEEN 2016 AND 2020, DUE TO POPULATION GROWTH. HEY, SAMMY, BLOW IT OUT YOUR ASS! I’M SO GLAD I DID NOT VOTE THE PAST TWO ELECTIONS FOR ANY OF THOSE CLOWNS, but Joe Biden is now the President.

    • Helen says:

      Yep, you said it all. People are sheep and like to grumble under their breaths. Afraid of being singled out. They condone socialism and communism. I am ashmed of the people in this great country that have NO backbone!! Now they can cry when EVERYTHING goes higher and they will lose all their rights to decide who they want to vote for and are censored for what they say. Our new government wants to keep us down and make the people completely DEPENDENT ON THE GOVERNMENT IN EVERY FACTION OF OUR LIVES.

  15. SALLY Ciotti says:

    January 20th.2021 was a very sad day for me. President Donald J. Trump was the best president this country has ever had. I will not acknowledge SLEEPY JOE as a legitimate president. The election was a fraud!!!!!

  16. Betty spruill says:

    I will not recognize biden as president. He is dividing America . He lies , cheats n keeps saying awful things about President Trump. N he is stupid as a rock !😈

  17. Dale ray says:

    Hell no. Biden is a wienny puffer and pervert.should be hung. With all democrats.

  18. Holly Rose says:

    President Biden won the election legally and honestly. End of story. Yes, he is my president

    • JDL says:

      You must be living under a rock to believe that.

    • Timothy A Schaumloffel says:

      You’re an Tard, Just like all of Democrats are. Keep on believing Lies, when the truth has been told about this criminal and more importantly a Pedophile. There will never be Unity was idiots like you, and them.

    • Timothy A Schaumloffel says:

      You’re an Tard, Just like all of Democrats are. Keep on believing Lies, when the truth has been told about this criminal and more importantly a Pedophile. There will never be Unity with idiots like you, and them. Democrats and their supporters are a waste of oxygen.

    • John ash says:

      how do you like it at the bottom of the barrell

    • Debra K Bell says:


      • William H. Wilson Jr. says:

        He’s the one that got rid of that blow hard and his misfit family that were robbing the country blind.

  19. Roy says:

    He will never be my president.

  20. judith therrien says:

    I agree with NEWT. Biden Is to old to run anything. He was put in there so they could get Harris to take his place as president. God forbit if she comes President. America won’t be A free Country It will be a communist country when she get through. You should have stayed as The Speaker of the House. You have more Sence than Pelosi ever has. Pelosi is losing he mind, it is time for her to retire. President Trump will always be my President now and in 2024.

    • Carl lipkind says:

      The new president is a disaster he is old and frail.he is not able to think an not a able to Remember.he can not talk with out making terrible facts..

    • Debra K Bell says:

      EXACTLY AND SHE IS NOT ANY BETTER, A woman has no place in the office of President and I am a women saying this! There are some areas that a woman should stand behind a man and this is one of those times!,,,

  21. rick says:

    I will NEVER accept this criminal, lying, stumbling gas-bag as my President! PERIOD!

  22. judith therrien says:

    I agree with NEWT .Biden will never be my president and Harris will never be my V.P. Biden needs to go back to his basement and stay there. Harris needs to go back wherever she came from. Biden can’t even remember where he is a half of the time or talk. You should have stayed as The Speaker of the House. You have more Sence than Pelosi ever has. Pelosi is losing he mind, it is time for her to retire. President Trump will always be my President now and in 2024.

  23. judith therrien says:

    Biden will never be my president and Harris will never be my V.P. Biden needs to go back to his basement and stay there. Harris needs to go back wherever she came from. They all need to go from Pelosi all the way through Congress and the Senate. You should be The Speaker of the House. You have more Sence than Pelosi ever has. Pelosi is losing he mind, it is time for her to retire. President Trump will always be my President now and in 2024. This is the TRUTH

  24. judith therrien says:

    Biden will never be my president and Harris will never be my V.P. Biden needs to go back to his basement and stay there. Harris needs to go back wherever she came from. They all need to go from Pelosi all the way through Congress and the Senate. You should be The Speaker of the House. You have more Sence than Pelosi ever has. Pelosi is losing he mind, it is time for her to retire. President Trump will always be my President now and in 2024.

    • Charles Larson says:

      Judith, please STFU and tell that to your clones, thank you. Trump will be playing a lot more golf in Florida, you know. That’s where you’ll have to reach him. He at least agrees with you and mentally thinks and fantasizes he’s still the president. Never mind reality. Enjoy your life.

  25. Michael Saunders says:

    I fully agree with Newt Gingrich that Biden is not and legitimate president of this country. Biden is and illegitimate president and we all know that for a fact. We know that the democratic party cheated and broke the law to make it look like her was elected. Biden is the one that should be impeached.

  26. bruce says:

    He’s not my President. He stole the election, His policies are the worst I have ever seen, He didn’t campaign. He was never asked any tough questions. His militia terrorized our country for months. The media are a joke. Then they threaten us because we don’t agree with them.

  27. Linda says:

    Yes so true Biden is not President , election was handed n rigged by soros n pelosi to get rid of President Trump . She tried for 4 years an couldnt so she planned this bc she scared of being exposed of her REAL crimes she been blaming on Trump. Biden only cares bout destroying our country an undo all the good President Trump has done.

  28. Dave says:

    A military takeover of the gov’t is called for. Until we can get this mess straightened out.

  29. Mad Vet says:

    I will never be convinced that Biden won ANYTHING legitimately, but I DO believe that we will never see another honest election. I believe that from here on out our presidential elections will be just like the “elections” in Cuba, North Korea, Venezuela, and every other communist dictatorship. Very sad that we fought socialists in WW2, Korea, Vietnam, middle east, and now they are sitting in the oval office and the capitol building, laughing at us.

  30. Karen Lively says:


  31. Don says:

    Neither will I.

  32. James Swearingen says:

    There is enough evidence to impeach Biden now for fraud!

  33. James says:

    Yes. I once was called stupid American and had no clue why? Now I know why? Now no more stupid American. Now I educate others. Do not be a stupid American. Be enlightened.

  34. James says:

    Well, Joe was the Black Sheep of the family. I find Joe more of a follower, not a leader. Time will tell but everyone knows what happened in 2020. That’s all I am going to say about that. Many people don’t want to hear about truth, they just want to live in their dream world. The great thing about when others make mistakes, you can’t hide from them and others will never let you live it down. I am surprised he is still kicking at 80. You can’t beat time. lol.

  35. K. Moore says:

    We deserve all we get. We voted these people into office. Americans have become very stupid and believe everything they tell us.

    • Shel says:

      No we didn’t. THEY CHEATED. Why can’t you get that through your heads.

      • Arthur Bevington says:

        Biden wasn’t voted in. I will ever call him President

        • Laura says:

          Well I tell you now, China has paid good money for all who have been against Trump and when they invade us the first peeps killed will be those traitors like Pelosi et al. who truly believe they will rule with China. God is watching everything and if you think a day of reckoning won’t happen, you don’t know your Bible. BLM is a ploy that Blacks fell for. I’m black and Republican and proud of it but Trump let me down cause the night the election went left he should have invoked the Insurection Act and put military in charge of voting polls. Antifa is funded by China too! We are in a pickle people and all minorities need to wake up and realize that the only time you see a democrat is when they need your vote! Once they get it they are gone! Help yourself with education then you won’t need a handout just a hand up. Also those of you with your own business please don’t hire illegals, you are hurting your own people when you do! Cheap labor hurts everyone including the illegals. I don’t begrudge people a better life but not when you break laws and step over others to achieve said betterment. We have to stop looking the other way and making excuses and accept that sanctuary cities are so wrong and we need to get rid of this concept. I am so for separating states that stand for true patriotism vs free rides for all! To hell with NWO fake mask mandates and forced vaccinations. I’ll never bend the knee to ANYONE but my King Jesus and I ask all who believe the same to pray for us all!

          • Jerry Dixon says:

            You couldn’t be more right unless Jesus christ himself had said it. Most of my way of thinking comes from the fact that hundreds of thousands of men have died defending our constitution. Trump defended it in that he followed it the closest of any president in my life. The so called Democrat part is now the communist party. They should be be convicted of treason and subject to a fireing squad. For trying to over throw our government.

          • SHEILA JOHNSON says:

            Very well stated

          • Lazerus 111 says:


  36. Ramon says:

    Biden and his democratic are not for the people who put them and nor those didn’t put him in office.the only thing they are interested in is the transformation of this country into a socialist communist country. They want total control of the people they express this all during the campaign put the democrats die hart cannot think for themselves
    Themselves dad n mom were demo so they just follow tradition

    • David Byrd says:

      1776 or 1861 makes no matter to me i love my country and it’s not looking to good right now God family and country🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  37. Garland says:

    Facts Gas has gone up in Las Vegas in 2 day 70 cent

    • Lazerus 111 says:


  38. Jerry says:

    I don’t recognize Biden as legitimate President. There were too many voting irregularities election night when Trump was way ahead of Biden and suddenly the next morning Biden mysteriously gained over 200,000 votes over Trump in all swing states. How did over half a dozen uncounted bags of ballots suddenly show up overnight and every ballot was for Biden and not one single ballot for Trump? As far as I’m concerned the ballots were fraudulent and even the FBI has provided proof that ballots were fraudulent.

    • James Swearingen says:

      The FBI is as fraudulent and dishonest as Biden!

    • Charles Larson says:

      Jerry, that’s funny, the ballots were fraudulent, according to the acting FBI Director that Trump appointed and hired. And that’s why Biden is keeping him there. Weird. Why did the FBI favor Biden? Why would he admit the election was fraudulent that no one else on earth besides YOU reported to our country? Are you the ONLY Trumplican and honest reporter? Why did the FBI PRESENT PROOF OF THE FRAUD TO ONLY YOU? Would not Congressional republicans be screaming about it and to oust the corrupt FBI Director?

    • Lazerus 111 says:

      Biden as in PINOCCHIO.

  39. Tim says:

    She will be a nightmare for the USA! I somehow think that Special Prosecutor Durham is silently in the background, and this entire faux-pas will come tumbling down. I’m sure all those union workers on the Keystone would be thrilled.

  40. Joe says:

    Corrupt,senile,old,fool,puppet,joe is sitting at the thrown, but everyone else from the left,is pulling his strings, whatever worked for Trump and the American people, because of their hate they want to destroy all that worked. This incompetent,incoherant,loser needs to be impeached.

    • Jerry Dixon says:

      I have more respect for a garbage truck than I do for Biden. He is a sick low life. Who hates American. He should be made to go Arlington cemetery and apologize to everyone who was killed fighting for our country. Three times a week

  41. Frank Steele says:

    Four years of this bozo!?!? For once, I’m glad I’m old and won’ t have to endure democrats much longer.

    • Garland says:

      Yes in my 70
      Biden is a fake and a trader
      Day one he has turned on American
      25,0000 military to protect him
      That how many Troops we had in Afghanistan A War.

  42. Biden is not my president and Kamala is not my vice president they are liars cheaters yeah tell you anything you want to hear and then stab you

  43. Bruce Wooden says:

    Well at least I agree with Newt.

  44. ANDREW AZAN says:

    Let Joe be there even if he is not legitimate President. I co-president Kamala becomes president, she will be the EVA PERON of the USA

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