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Does Biden Care About Hardworking Americans?

As Joe Biden – with Kamala Harris by his side – signs dozens of executive orders that are eliminating many hardworking Americans’ good jobs, many folks wonder if he even cares about those job losses.

The question is quite simple. Do Joe Biden and Kamala Harris care about all the jobs they’re killing and the Americans who are losing those jobs as they reverse the pro-job policies of former President Donald Trump?

Or, put another way, do they care about the sacrifices they’re asking many average Americans to make while they fulfill promises to radical liberal elites and the causes they want to impose on the country?

Given the video below, it’s clear that’s a question Joe Biden and Kamala Harris don’t want to answer as they walked away when a reporter asked Biden, “Sir, what sacrifices are you asking Americans to make?”

We value free speech and commentary from our readers. Please watch the video below and share your opinion in the comment section. Do you believe Joe Biden and Kamala Harris care about the hardworking Americans who are losing their jobs because of all the executive orders Biden is signing that are reversing former President Donald Trump’s pro-job policies?



  1. Brian says:

    Biden does not care about workers or this country. He is a puppet being used to further an agenda started years ago. When his usefulness is done he will die and the next puppet will be put in.

  2. Frank Demars says:

    The only thing these people are interested in is to fill thier greedy pockets,our country is going to be a laughING stock if it not already isn’t and anyone who believes the election wasn’t stolen by the Democrats is a fool

    • Grace says:

      Biden only cares about the Biden Crime Family. There is so much chatter on line and on cable about his deals with China and Ukraine and Hunters deals with Russia, Ukraine and China and the millions of dollars involved if America doesn’t Impeach this guy and put him and crack head Hunter in jail we will be the laughing stock of the world. The Chinese actually gave this family a million dollar shopping trip. I bet Jill bought some goodies on that trip.

  3. D-Day says:

    Biden is the first president ever to lose in a landslide yet become president!! The things that Donald Trump did to make our country strong, safe, proud, and happy again, are being destroyed by this evil, illegitimate, dementia riddled clown! No, he does not care about the hard-working people this country! He caters to the radical terrorist groups, illegals, and the indoctrinated do-nothing citizens that suck up our tax dollars!

    • ICEMAN says:


  4. bruce says:

    To answer the question, does he care about working Americans? NO. He doesn’t care. Like all politicians he says he does but his actions say he doesn’t. His actions so far are ALL terrible and hurt Americans. His vindictive need to overturn everything Trump will murder his country…What a foul idiot. he doesn’t even know the damage he is doing.

  5. Ilene Gilmore says:

    Biden needs to be removed along with Kamala and Pelosi!! They are not good for our country. They are baby murderers and his “church” does not even support him. Most people didn’t know this about Biden when they voted for him!!

  6. Priscilla says:

    No he does not for if he did he would not have stopped building the wall on the Southern Border or the Pipeline causing 1000’s of people to loose their good paying professional jobs with good benefits. The speech he gave during his fake Inauguration calling for unity among the citizens was a lie and a farce instead he has driven a wider wedge between all of us.

  7. Ed says:

    Those who voted for Biden got lied, all he promised got reversed. Jobs gone, planned parenthood will get their budget, abortion abroad will be paid by us taxpayers, climate control is back, gas prices going up will be losing our dependence and we will go back to OPEC nations dependence, USA will be bankrupt because giving funds to foreign countries by the millions, will be a socialist country just like Venezuela. Why not take care of our unemployment and homeless but instead most concern with illegal instead of our American citizens, This is the result of our citizens who got lied.

    • SweetLadyMary says:

      The commie, corrupt Biden did not lie. He told his voters exactly what he was going to do. The Biden voters did not care, all they want is freebies that everyone else pay for including the illegals that voted for him. It appears that our election process is very broken and needs to be fixed.

  8. Ron says:

    ,NO!! This communist duo does not care one iota about the hard working American people.They made that very clear on day one.Demented Joe wiped out thousands of jobs with the stroke of a pen and never blinked.Im in one of the states that will be very hard hit by his ban on drilling and fracking.All those who think that we can just stop using fossil fule on demand and rely on so called green energy live in a dream world. With all the rediculous lockdowns and now this it is slowly choking the life out of this state and its hardworking people.Alot of the revenue for our schools comes from oil and gas production.I don’t know where they think that is going to come from without it. Higher taxes maybe!! Anyway I digress my point was to all those Biden-Harris people they do not CARE about putting thousands of people out of work if it will appease those pushing their agenda. One more point and I’ll get out of here, they also want to have open boarders and let anyone come into our country and then they are treated better than our own citizens so don’t tell me that they care about the American people.

  9. rm says:

    The rapture of Revelation is upon us. Look at the evil in the faces of those on biden’s cabinet. Look at Nancy Pelosi, another face of evil. I say my prayers daily. I pray that the anti-Constitution politicians, their corrupt heathen censoring buddies on the cabinet and in big tech all suffer ruin and famine for the remainder of their days, and they shall forever NEVER dwell in the House of the LORD… and censoring or moderation of this post is the work of heathens…

  10. DIANE says:

    Oh and by the way the media stopped a black women at a BLM and Antifa protest to get her thoughts and she said “I have been black for 49 years and if this is what BLM is all about I don’t want nothing to do with it” never seen that segment again! Media is Fake! Watch NEWSMAX to get the truth. It’s funny Biden, never did much of anything as Vice President for 8 Years and many other years in office but got more votes than any other President ever? There was a lot of dead people voting, they were not checking signatures, machines were not working right {all they need is a good hacker}, all kinds of stuff! Can’t people tell Biden is not all together mentally, Their using him to help their agenda. I worry about this country and where it’s going but God is in control!! Biden is Catholic and yet promotes abortion? I believe it was Einstein’s Mother that was raped, she didn’t give him up. But you can give babies up if you don’t want them. Lots out there that want a baby! We need the wall!!! Wake up People!! People got mad because Trump gave big business tax cut, well in case you didn’t know U.S. charged 35% taxes when most other countries charged 15% so the companies went over seas. Trump dropped it to 20% so they came back to better workers, but they can leave again and will never come back. People are all about what they can get we live in a me generation, but if you don’t have a country you don’t have S—! I think we should send, Biden, Harris, Pelosi to North Korea for a rude awaking lol. But Pelosi wants control so she’d probably like that! So Sad! Rick Pearson on TCT said IN Rev. 16,17,18 Tells of Babylon the Great,52 things describe it> She sets as a Lady. Many Ports and so on and it’s not old Testament Babylon that had a King! Will be destroyed in an hour! God said when we quit caring about life, think everything is ok> we better take a look. enough said!

  11. DIANE says:

    There’s a lot of things in our country not right, but know todays Democrats are not the same as years past. I worked in a factory for 30 Years and I’m no longer a Democrate! Todays Democrats are basically socialist! Trump even thought I don’t always like his language, will go down in History as being the best President ever. He’s the only one that kept promises made. Most don’t do much of anything? Harris collected money to get BLM and Antifa thugs out of jail. She nor any Democrats cared about all the destruction they are doing! Trump wanted to sent troops to Portland but their Democrat governor didn’t want them. Why don’t they do something about these people? But they sure worried when the destruction was facing them. 25,000 troops! over kill

  12. Judith says:


  13. Wes says:

    Wow! All of these comments are true. Not made up stuff they keep pinning on President Trump. But only Fox News has exposed this. And yet, they get trashed for telling the truth. That many liars. And they feel good about it. You would think before they come to work, they would examine themselves. But since they do not follow God, no wonder their lives are a mess. If one helps people like myself and many others, that is the best. These people need to get out in the real world instead of hanging around corrupt people then they can understand what happiness is, or continue to live their sorry lives.

  14. Robert Fuller says:

    If all the opposition dies as a result of the far left policies, then we will have a “unified” country of elites that are not able to keep the country alive!

  15. Holly Rose says:

    President Biden cares much for Americans otherwise he wouldn’t have won the presidency. As Dr Fay Lee pointed out to me that he and Harris care care much about Americans’ health from pollution and that is why he stopped the Keystone project. Biden cares much about the migrants that he wants to give them the same opportunities we Americans have which we take for granted. We have a wonderful caring man in President Biden

  16. Pegs says:

    The ABSOLUTE WORST President & vp EVER!!!! They DON’T CARE about Americans! ALREADY sold OUT OUR COUNTRY with the STROKE of a pen!!! COUNTLESS jobs GONE overnight!!! SICKENING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Sam B. says:

      So true Pegs. Wth r these radicals doing to the country! Costing & destroying jobs..& now work’n on wrecking our energy independents that will also send our fuel prices much higher. Wall Street journal predicts that at the rate Biden is go’n with all these job/economy killing executive orders that our gasoline prices could reach $4.50-$5.00 a gallon by the end of 2022. Totally screw up…chew up & spit out ALL the hard work the Trump administration did to help set us up for success. “Their pride is totally fueling the hatred they have towards Trump..which in turn is totally put’n the screws to the country & sacrificing PROGRESS!” Good ole PRIDE before PROGRESS. Unbelievable sad & ridiculous.
      The few mins it took to write this I think Quid Pro Quo JOE Beijing Biden signed 5 more executive orders…without any oversight from congress. Sounds like a dictatorship. Hmmm.

  17. Tom says:

    That,s Covi0d Joe’s transparency. Hidebehind the mask so no one will see me. Like an ostrich. Their not going to take questions because they lied through their teeth to get elected. they don’t remember what they said , only they told the voters what they wanted to hear. the only thing this administration did was clearly hid their tracks in the vote fraud atrocities. They know they did it & can’t look people in the eyes with their lies. They love the idea of masks to hide buy & love living in their basements while they’re screwing over America & the American people. The American worker will get no respect from anyone , until the Republicians control the government again.
    Say NO to traitors, VOTE RED!!

  18. Vincent Shurtleff says:

    Why hasn’t Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden been arrested for treason and receiving money form foreign countries? and sent to Guantanamo Bay Prison for their crams?

  19. Bob Seif says:

    Has either ever had a repl to a civil question?

  20. Allen T. Sloan Jr. says:

    These two are the ones that needs to be impeached

  21. Vincent says:

    The corrupt Media block every thing I say, I guess we have lost the Constitution Amendment # 1 “The Freedom Of Speech”. I will try to send this again, since thy are trying to keep this information from “we The People”. As you know Nancy Pelosi was paid to use her corrupt bag of “Election Fraud” tricks make sure that Joe Biden was made President regardless if it was against the U.S. Constitution or not, because she was paid to do this for every Election, now I can see how she became a Billionaire. Why can’t she be tried for treason and put in prison along with Joe Biden?. My wife Cheryl and my self voided for you the first time will and will always support you. How can Joe Biden over the years bought 4 houses in the U.S on his government annual pay of $200+dollars, when each home coast several million dollars. I guess it was because he used his position with China and ——- to make sure he made Millions. How he did that was a family Contrack. Please com back in office as our President and save America before those edits destroy the America I love.

  22. Diane Regan says:

    They don’t CARE about anything except THE PLANNED OUT AGENDA. PERIOD
    The other thing that stood out to me so BOLDLY. They called him “SIR”. I don’t recall during these questions or any other time they called MY PRESIDENT “SIR”. Totally DISGUSTED to be helpless seeing and hearing these low life’s taking down OUR COUNTRY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Slim says:


  24. Beverly Tujague says:

    Communists like Hitler Biden and his sidekick Harris don’t care about anything productive for the citizens. Soon it will be a country of slaves being told where to live, where to shop, etc while the receive the best of things.

  25. Thomas TALARICO says:

    Where is all Transparency Biden talked about. He won’t talk to the media Because he is afraid a bumbling it. And this is the man you elected To run our country. It’s obvious that he is not all together there I feel sorry for America.

  26. Dana Bybee says:

    I guess and hope that most of the people that voted for this mentally sick piece of crap and his vp whore will come to realize that the American people will take back this country as soon as they can and get their asses out of our country and go bed down with all the other neo-Nazi, fascist communists. Sad as it seems I hope we can capture back the House and maybe, just maybe we will have a chance to redeem some of the destruction that these people have managed to commit.Have faith, we put up with Obama for 8 years and came back, I hope that we can again.



    • Tim says:

      You said we survive 2 terms of Obama. Well, this is what I call “The Kenyan’s 3rd term”. Unfortunately. We now have a government with a lawless DOJ and FIb who will only let this crime family, Comey and all the other members of the “coup d’Etat” slither away. I have very little hope in Durham or the garbage sitting on the Supreme Court.

  27. Cathy says:

    This admenstruation is bleeding America of all jobs ,freedoms rights etc. And Holly he even stopped the eo of people on opioids getting help . So you’re screwed too . If you think Pinochio Joe and Kamel toe care about us ,you’re delirious .puppet is just signing whatever the swamp puts in front of him .these communists pigs need to be deported to China ,since they love them so much . And here’s to reprogramming people .the 😤🖕🖕🖕God Bless America will never go away! ✝️🇺🇸✝️🇺🇸

  28. Robert Rogers says:

    Yes they support illegals, which should be an impeachable offense. He’s violating our laws. Where’s Congress. Oh, in the pockets of CCP, apparently Russia,. 75 million on November 3, 2020 but we know it was more and I’m sure know it’s getting higher.
    In China in order to have a say one has to be a member of CCP. Apparently, in the USA, on has to be a member of the DNC.

  29. Holly Dutton says:

    Silver sulfiders Biden and Harris sully their so-called concern for America by notorious neglect of hard-working Americans in the name of a charlatan weather campaign known ambiguously as climate change.

  30. Dick says:

    Truly a pair of self-serving idiots. We will need lots of help from God to survive the next three plus years!!

  31. Wendy Hankins says:

    Because child molester Biden and here’s BLM rieter Harris don’t give a damn about the American people and their jobs they don’t give a damn because they got drug money coming in from the Democrats they got all that terrorist money that they’ve been given so terrorists can come in here

  32. Joe says:

    Yep ….. these are what you all voted for … these are what you have been glorifying for all these months… I hope you are satisfied with your choices. And I hope you all see how much worse it is going to get

    • Carol says:

      Agreed. Both of those idiots are anti American. Congratulations to the idiots who wanted him in office. You made your sh__ sandwich now enjoy eating it!!!

  33. Sharon says:

    Biden doesn’t care about true Americans only about the illegals coming in. Wants to give them our jobs and benefits that will be paid out of our taxes. What a failure!!! Trump was for this country but Biden wants to undo all that Trump did. We Americans need to contact our state legislature/representatives and tell them to do something or their careers in Congress is over. We, the American people need to rise up and go to Washington DC and demand (no violence) to talk to those in Congress.

    • Wendy Hankins says:

      I think everybody that’s against all these illegals or to go down there at the damn wall we need to shoot them all stop them from coming in and the ones are going out she don’t have to go over the wall that’s how I feel about him and your body needs to be done around the damn wall with him maybe his ass and get shot no they ain’t going to shoot him because they give him drug money so he can come in

  34. Sharon says:

    Biden doesn’t care about true Americans only about the illegals coming in. Wants to give them our jobs and benefits that will be paid out of our taxes. What a failure!!! Trump was for this country but Biden wants to undo all that Trump did. We Americans need to contact our state legislature/representatives and tell them to do something or their careers in Congress is over. We, the American people need to rise up and go to Washington DC and demand (no violence) to talk to those in Congress. We pay taxes (a lot) and we need a voice. We would have that if this election was not stolen! Biden already closing down oil/ gas, Why?

    • David D'Anna says:

      Two USELESS lying ASSCLOWNS that need to be REMOVED PHYSICALLY!..We need to all get our heads together and RESIST and TERRORIZE The HELL out of them so we can take back this country!! Call our senators and riddle their phone lines telling them to STIOO these Idiots or it will come to something that they don’t REALLY want or need!The Immigration Policies they want to implement will KILL AMERICA! if we let that and their so called citizen reforms are just another excuse to take away our RIGHTS!! and I ,for ONE.. am NOT going to LET them!!! Give me LIBERTY or give me death!! As Patrick Henry said! They can GO Meet SATAN FIRST!! I’ll GLADLY arrange the MEETING for as Many as I can!!

  35. Sharon says:

    Biden doesn’t care about true Americans only about the illegals coming in. Wants to give them our jobs and benefits that will be paid out of our taxes. What a failure!!! Trump was for this country but Biden wants to undo all that Trump did. We Americans need to contact our state legislature/representatives and tell them to do something or their careers in Congress is over. We, the American people need to rise up and go to Washington DC and demand (no violence) to talk to those in Congress. We pay taxes (a lot) and we need a voice. We would have that if this election was not stolen! Biden already closing down oil/ gas, Why? So we can get it from overseas? Your heating bills will go sky high, Abortion is ok with the democrats, etc. what a mess!!!!

  36. G says:

    Reasonable people who voted against President Trump because they didn’t like his character are now seeing the Biden’s policies he is pushing on Americans and potential impact if successful. Hopefully the military steps in soon and exposes the truth that overturns the election so we can make America Great again.

    • Wendy Hankins says:

      I’ll find the military is a little bit more for buying than what he thinks is he’s done turning the military against team how to say the military is allowed to take you out any one foreign or domestic and by this domestic hope somebody does take him out and Harris along with him trash it’s all both of them are

    • Corri says:

      We also need to consider all the new jobs that will be created with alternative projects that will be undertaken to stabilize our economy and give all people opportunity in new companies. Of course, some companies will fight new legislation because it means they have to create a new plan for the future of their company. Things like dependence on oil is unsustainable into the future and we need to create new workforce opportunities in US that actually help keep our lands, physical environments, and us healthy. We need to unitedly consider the implications of what we have been doing that is destroying our lands for the sake of making billions of dollars for companies who don’t care about anything except making their execs super wealthy while all others do the grunt work for them. Biden at least is moving in the direction of bringing new jobs in new innovative sectors that will help us sustain our lands and physical environment so we can live healthy lives. Infrastructure for such things as transportation, renewable energy, and healthcare are the future. He understands that and is working toward that. I give him credit for such foresight rather than pounding the table to keep things the same in the kinds of employment that have been available to us. For instance, soon we will all be driving electric cars – not gasoline/oil cars – an enormous step forward in creating a sustainable planet for us all. Oil companies will not be part of our future, yet they are lobbying to hold us captive to oil. People need to understand that jobs in such sectors will move to other tremendous sectors that are more helpful to all of us and offer us plenty of opportunity. Yes, many of us will have to learn some new skills in order to transition into new jobs in new sectors, yet it is what is needed for us all to thrive in the long run. We all need to start thinking about how to support new job adoption rather than fight it just because it’s something new and different than what we have become accustomed to. It takes consideration of these kinds of moves into new job creation through adaptive forward-looking companies that work toward a more healthy progress of a nation as a whole into the future. I am giving this solid strategy a chance.

      • Fred says:

        Corri – your an idiot go troll on the socialist site, you are a commie

        • David D'Anna says:

          Corii..BETTER THINK on that …Ever think of who’s going to pay for all the HIGHER bills for The POWER NEEDED to CHARGE your NEW electric cars?? Better REALLY RETHINK that …Down the road, It is going to change,But, it cannot and will NOT be Instituted immediately, because the SCIENCE and ENGINEERING are NOT at the STAGE they need to be for it to succeed! Like There are NOT enough Charging stations for all the cars that are needed,and If there is DEPOPULATION l That the NWO wants, Are you even going to be around?? And I may be a Baby Boomer,But without us,YOU or ANY of your PEERS wouldn’t be speaking ENGLISH or crying about CLIMATE CHANGE!! Cause the COMMUNIST SOCIALISTS don”t Really give a shit about anyone but themselves and you’re just another sheep that thinks if you agree with them, you won’t have a thing to worry about! And CLIMATE Change is A NORMAL part of OUR PLANET’s LIFE CYCLE! Get over it! It’s going to HAPPEN WHENEVER IT WANTS and WE DO NOT CONTROL IT!! Besides,CHINA JOE and THE HOE were BOUGHT and sold out to CHINA and THEY’RE the WORST POLLUTERS OF ALL! and DON’T DENY IT!! NO,I Cannot TOTALLY agree with you on the Electric Car deal,They are NOT at all as GREAT as the GOVERNMENT says they are..Batteries are NOT all they’re cracked up to be, They go bad and are EXPENSIVE to replace..And I am sure, Normal POOR People CANNOT afford a NEW CAR or BUY NEW Batteries whenever they go bad!! NO,BIDEN Harris CHEATED to Get IN as did the rest of the FUCKING DEMONRATS! I VOTED FOR TRUMP AND I STILL BACK HIM!! I DID my REASEARCH!,IT will BE another 35 to 555 years before you can have an electric car that will be reliable! If they were that far advanced,I could see it! Unless I get to live to be 100,I’ll Never get to see if it becomes true,but, for now?? NO THANKS!!

      • LINDA PULIAFICO says:


    • verylen Klander says:

      Iam not not not a Harris Biden fan i am sure people l e like Obama Sor o s and other wealthy people are pushing Biden to do their dirty work Many dems you can bet are writing his thoughts .probably agreed to not hold Hunter for the dirty deeds Also ou t pres.wouldmt surprise me at all. Keep looking at Berisma and Ukrain?sp?

  37. Rick says:

    Let’s play a game and guess (1) how many Executive Orders has China Joe signed today and (2) how many hard-working Americans lost their jobs today?

    • Verylen Klander says:

      Your guess is as good as mine.If you watch him sign doesn’t take enough time to read them legalize comprehend before signing

  38. Chad Hyde says:

    No they don’t care and never have nor ever will. It’s about what they want. They don’t care about the American people. And why would lapdogs ever care? They’re a dangerous threat to the American economy

  39. Gene says:

    Worthless out of touch bureaucrats.a career politician who accomplished nothing in 47 years except to make him and his family wealthy and a woman who slept her way to the top

  40. Richard Hull says:

    Right now at this moment in history, the biggest enemy confronting the United States is the Biden/Harris Administration. It is an absolute American tragedy these two are in charge. God help us all.
    Holly Rose, you really think it is great that the very first thing this idiotic dumbass moron did when he entered office was to put 11,000 Americans out of work?
    Do you not know the Communist Chinese government owns Joe Bidens ass.

  41. john says:

    Joe Biden is a joke and those who think he isn’t needs to wake up and see the big picture

  42. Cher says:

    Joe Biden & Harris are not what they seem, they really fooled alot of Americans, so I hope all who voted for them are happy.

  43. Richard says:

    Holly Rose you are out of your tree!!!! Biden and Harris could care less about the middle income workers. All they care about is filling their pockets and making the CCP happy!!!!!!!😕

  44. Shirley says:

    JOE BIDEN seem to like hell he’s always saying we’re is the hell this that and the other this man is truly a lost soul and will do whatever to have his moment of power on the earth before his exits a true poor KKK so sad and our supreme courts system has fallen prey to this master warlock 🧙‍♂️

    • Wendy Hankins says:

      They was calling Trump white supremist guess what Democratic party is mainly KKK that’s a fact so now he’s white supremacist the damn oh rats

      • Aniceto Lucero says:

        People open ur eyes, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris dont give a damned about no body, both are habitual lyers, the asshole Joe Biden is as fake as they come, he is to the gills in corruption in the Ukraine and China, he needs to be investigated, this asshole is a compulsive lyer, he didn’t win the election, is was rigged for him to win, him and all his cronies rigged it, this asshole SOB should be in prison including his son Hunter, Obama, John Kelly and his step son, this assholes are criminals running loose, we have to demand an investigation on this assholes.

  45. Pamela says:

    I am asking what damage do you claim the Trump administration did? Providing jobs is a good thing for this country-for the citizens, for the economy, for the future. Why do you think killing thousands of jobs is a good thing? If you work how would you like your job to to be eliminated? This is a human issue.

  46. Robin Kerby says:

    Of course they do not care, they are not about the American people he is a trigger happy old man signing away our lives while they still line their pockets. PEOPLE NEED TO WAKE UP, stop voting these incompetent people in to office and believe all their stupid lies. Tell me how any of this is going to work out well for the American people. You cannot, because it will not.

    • Wendy Hankins says:

      Well evidently people didn’t learn about Biden and him in there with one of those Slama hobama di dama was in there now did they they should have learnt then but they didn’t they was too stupid into blind they thought them Democrats was going to give him a lot more stimulus check money Big Damn lucky you get what’s left onto you the Democrats have anything to do with it about as you money there’s your job you here sucking going overseas because of the Biden Administration

  47. Holly Rose says:

    Biden cares much for the American people otherwise he wouldn’t be trying to correct the damage done by trump by countering trumps EOs. I am so glad Biden is president. America will truly be great again under his administration!

    • Robin Kerby says:

      Holly Rose, you need to get off the drugs, you are very delusional and not sure where you have been the last four years, but it’s obvious it was not earth.

      • dee says:

        She is on drugs

      • David D'Anna says:

        Holly Rose,Which COLLEGE of the DAMNED did you go to?? TRUMP did MORE for this COUNTRY in 4 Years,EVEN AFTER he PUT UP with you WHINNEY ass LIBTURDS CRYING and SCREAMING he was going to destroy AMERICA with the changes he made after 8 YEARS a Of the OBAMA /Biden ADMNIN! PULL YOUR HEAD out of your ASS!! He did wwhat OBAMA WOULDN’T and NOW OL SNIFFER JOE and The HO are going to flush all our freedoms down the shitter because of asswipes like you that voted for those 2 asswipes! Well,DO yourself a FAVOR, When things go bad,and they will,DON’T FORGET, YOU wanted them .and when YOU have to wait on them and they have you in a slave camp DOING the CCP’S WORK, and you get to wait in line for your daily GRUEL, REMEMBER, All you had to do was LISTEN to REASON,. NOT MSM and THE DEMONRATS! WELCOME to reality!

    • Randall Bell says:

      You are one dumb ass woman if you think Biden is helping people. This country is getting ready for nuclear war cause sleepy Joe is selling us out to China & China will be running the us & owning this great land soon. I think your retarded for believing in that demented piece of shit Biden.

    • John says:

      So why did he do away with 11,000 jobs his first day in office?

      • Wendy Hankins says:

        Thank you better back up again all these energy people working on Pipeline that’s a million people are all jobs that he put out jobs Obama ain’t doing nothing but doing what the Chinaman wants him to do Biden is China’s puppet on a string just like his son had her with the Ukraine and the gas oil business

        • David D'Anna says:

          EXACTLY!..And HE FUCKED the UNIONS OVER! AFTER BIDEN TOLD them He would give them work..LYING PIECE of SHIT!! Now he’s trying to walk back on what he said and WON’T ANSWER any QUESTIONS!! Tell,ME..ARE we GOING to put up a fIGHT and HAVE THEM THROWN out then HUNG FOR TREASON AND SEDITION?? I MEAN ALL of them?? BOTH SIDES of the AISLE are CORRUPT!!,Call POUR LEGISLATORS and DEMAND THEY STOP these 2 ASSHOLES and THE CONGRESS and SENATE from SELLING Us OUT!! I was asked to stand down and wait..there’s a plan in effect..I won’t wait much longer..I’ve said it Before and I will SAY IT AGAIN!..The TREE of LIBERTY needs the BLOOD of PATRIOTS and THE TYRANTS every now and again..It looks that time is COMING!! If it takes NOE PERSON to DO IT,Then IT MUST BE DONE!!

    • Austin says:

      Hey Holly the Damage is already in progress. You don’t seem to realize that these so called EO that your president is signing is only going to benefit him and not the hard working blue collar people that really keep this country going. He does not care about the people of the United States. I guess you’ll learn the hard way like everybody else Oh, by the way he has no intentions of “uniting” this country Half the population of this country is already pissed off; along with being divided

    • Susan M. Shelton says:

      Mam…Lord,I hope you have indoor Care. Your remark about Biden is so Wrong in So many ways!! I do wish U Well, & hope Trump gets back in there before Biden & Satan’s Spawns have torn America down so far, that even w Trump & All of us Supporters,it’s irreversible! Faith ♥️

    • CB says:

      Right Rose, Biden will raise taxes, open the border, stop criminal illegals from being deported and already shut the pipeline where thousand of jobs were lost.
      Has given China a open door to our electric grid. Manufacturing will probably go back to China and other countries
      I could go on, but you get the idea, maybe
      And this is only the beginning

    • Veronuca says:

      Your crazy. Give it a year and you will chy your mind ubless you are one if hus rich democrats.

    • Pat says:

      Oh dear God you are truly delusional. All those that voted for Biden truly deserve what is coming the sad thing is all of America is being dragged along with this disaster.

    • Fred says:

      Go troll on the dimbo socialist site your clearly delusional

    • ronnie says:

      ha ha ha ha. and the election wasn’t stolen. Holy Rose you are a blind fool

    • Pegs says:

      holly rose, you’ve GOT to be the DUMBEST person on the face of the EARTH!!! Go BACK to the HOLE you climbed out of. #IDIOT!!!

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