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Does Biden Care About Hardworking Americans?

As Joe Biden – with Kamala Harris by his side – signs dozens of executive orders that are eliminating many hardworking Americans’ good jobs, many folks wonder if he even cares about those job losses.

The question is quite simple. Do Joe Biden and Kamala Harris care about all the jobs they’re killing and the Americans who are losing those jobs as they reverse the pro-job policies of former President Donald Trump?

Or, put another way, do they care about the sacrifices they’re asking many average Americans to make while they fulfill promises to radical liberal elites and the causes they want to impose on the country?

Given the video below, it’s clear that’s a question Joe Biden and Kamala Harris don’t want to answer as they walked away when a reporter asked Biden, “Sir, what sacrifices are you asking Americans to make?”

We value free speech and commentary from our readers. Please watch the video below and share your opinion in the comment section. Do you believe Joe Biden and Kamala Harris care about the hardworking Americans who are losing their jobs because of all the executive orders Biden is signing that are reversing former President Donald Trump’s pro-job policies?


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