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Does Kamala Think the Border Crisis Is Funny?

If Vice President Kamala Harris hoped to use an exclusive interview with Lester Holt of NBC News to demonstrate to Americans that she is the right person to solve the illegal immigration crisis on the southern border, she failed miserably. As always, she giggled, laughed, and made bizarre jokes when she should’ve been demonstrating she has the gravitas to work on one of the thorniest issues that have plagued presidential administrations for decades.

Watch the video below of Harris making one of the lamest and out-of-touch jokes you’ll ever see from an elected official when Holt confronts her with the well-known fact that she hasn’t been to the border she’s in charge of securing. Does Harris think she’s funny? Does she think the border crisis is a joking matter?

After watching the video below, please share your reaction to Kamala Harris’ response to Lester Holt by emailing [email protected]. Do you think Harris behaved in a manner that was appropriate for the question and the topic being discussed – the border crisis?

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