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Don Jr. Discloses His Father’s Plan

Last night, while speaking with Sean Hannity about his father’s acquittal and media bias, Donald Trump, Jr. let viewers in on what former President Trump and the Trump family are planning now.

While it’s worth watching the four-minute interview, the key statement was this:

“He’s gonna keep pushing that ‘America First’ agenda, fighting for the American worker. He’s gonna be pushing for candidates who will do that. Not the random, establishment guys that have sat there for years, have done absolutely nothing…We gonna continue doing to conservatism what my father has done…Bring it from the dead back into real life with people who love this country and are willing to go to bat for her.”

Please watch the video of Don Jr. speaking with Sean Hannity and then share your thoughts in the comment section.


  1. Terry Adkins says:

    Talk is going no where were doing exactly what the corrupt democratic’s want, their destroying america, 1990 bosnia jesus christ himself said the American people will have to take the country back from the crooked government, mystic post

  2. Charles Larson says:

    Sunshine, right, I see why that is your name. The part about your post I don’t understand is ALL of it. You call republicans “racist whore mongers” for which you blame “Dems” of “making them” who “truly are the ones”. You condemn and excoriate all democrats and republicans as racist whore mongers. Gosh, I’m sure glad I’m a registered independent voter. I could not bear your “sunny criticism”. You can’t possibly be a racist — ha ha ho — everyone else on earth is and we just misunderstand and twist everything you or others say. Try thinking before you post your nonsense next time, thank you.

  3. Rhina says:

    Wow, My parents made me an illegal alien at the age of 8 until I grew up I found truth. America I love you and president Trump is the greatest President since Lincoln. I never met the man but I trust him more then my own father. Money is not what Americans are about, we are about humanity. I know this in my soul. Truth sets us free. God Bless America!

    • Don’t you just love Donald Trump n his family!! I love it that he’s rounding up Republican’s who are willing to go up to bat for this country!!! Now that’s the President Trump I voted for twice!!! He is so loved by this country n other countries!! Cuz he’s a Cool Cat, till messed with then the claws come out!! He is SO being mistreated by so many right now n as if he hasn’t already taken enough of an emotional beating that darn snake Pelosi is at it again now trying to sui Mr. Trump!!! Their just not very happy people period unless their doing evil upon this nation or poor Donald Trump!!!

  4. Charles Larson says:

    Donnie Jr. can’t possibly believe his own lies and dumb rhetoric that his dad was all about helping the American workers. Ha Ha , that’s very funny. Trump helped keep the wages for the middle class and poor down and stagnant for decades. Biden finally pushes for real progress of the minimum wage and gets called a communist for it and for standing up for livable wages, and against poverty and slave-like wages for the real workers that made Trump rich and billionaires like him so wealthy. The rich’s wealth grew astronomically compared to the cost of living, inflation, etc. While the middle class on down became more poor over the past 4 decades. The gap between the wealthy and middle-class on down grows greater every year that’s outrageously out of control.

    • Sam B. says:

      I’m a registered barely left leaning moderate Democrat who knows dozens of others. I/we r patriots of our awesome nation FIRST…who aren’t in denial. I can speak for millions u obviously ignore..: I work for a company(for 14yrs) that for several years had about 70 employees with ok growth. After all this time..In just the past 3 years my company DOUBLED in size..offered benefits for the first time ever..all our wages went up..& the company was able to reinvest in itself with new equipment, advertisement etc etc.. all which skyrocketed morale. EVERY DAMN BIT OF THIS was made possible due to TRUMP lowering tax regulations choking out American businesses which brought back several businesses & corporations to the country cause now they can really afford to operate here again..& in turn allowed companies like mine to hire a bunch of new people..offer a nice wage + benefits!! Now add in the Trump tax cuts for we the people that ur girl Nancy Pelosi called “crumbs.” Rich people like her would consider this crumbs…but us normal everyday common folk appreciate any extra savings..aka “crumbs.” Then finally add the pro America/America first agenda! WOW! Every damn bit of this is undeniable/irrefutable.
      Unemployment massively dropped to the lowest levels for most across all demographics in our nations history! All made possible cause companies(like mine) could afford to hire!! None of this is “truth over fact”….this sir IS REALITY. Please don’t let ur pride cloud good honest progress/judgement.

      • Charles Larson says:

        Sam B., of course, some high- tech companies thrived due to Trump’s corporate tax cuts, I understand that , but Trump is no real genius, he merely copied Ronald Reagan’s first-term economic policies and moves. He also blew up the deficit past it’s current $30 trillion mark and growing. The economy was humming well until the pandemic came and Trump’s leadership crumbled with it in killing the economy. The unemployment numbers were deceiving because the middle-class on down work extra- two jobs out of NEED for more money and people are working too many hours because of it. He fractured the republican party. He obviously is guilty of inciting insurrection and the rioting/attack on the Capitol. Republicans were too cowardly to convict him. We the people/AMERICANS will remember that in 2022 and beyond.

        • mtman2 says:

          Your self molesting ignorance smells thru strongly as soon as you mention minumum wage and the idiot criminal O’Biden.

          • Charles Larson says:

            Mtman 2, Gaa Gaa Goo Goo. I’m Mountain man 2. I’M A MORON AND I ONLY KNOW BABY TALK and childish insults. I live in mountains because I’m a white racist survivalist who dreams of starting another civil war, yeah , a “white supremacist”. I can’t help it, excuse me. I believe in holding down the minimum wage near the level of slavery which is why Charles is an idiot to have the audacity to think the middle-class and poor on down deserve to be paid enough money to afford the basic necessities in life and be treated with dignity that Joe Biden has long preached. I say F ’em all, especially if their black or Asian because we must take care of the white AMERICANS first and foremost.

    • What are you saying Dude!!?? Trump got his wealthy start under President’s like Jimmy Carter n Ronald Reagan!! So miss me with Jo Biden being all that!! He’s so deceiving you n people like you!! He stole Trillions of your tax paying Dollars, Dude!! N that’s why he’s trying to destroy America!! Him, The Clinton’s, the Obama’s all are Big Time Thieves!! That’s why their opening the Mexican border n allowing 11 Million to walk in!! That’s why he faked a Virus n stole the Oval office cuz they cannot look at the people they stole from yet another year, to remind them of their crimes!! Antifa, BLM all of this was caused from them trying to destroy America so they can all ho live in their fantasy worlds n sit on your tax paying Trillions!!! Do your Homework before you put so much hope n faith in these common thieves!!!

      • Charles Larson says:

        Christina, I’ve always done my homework. Trump inherited his first large amount of money from his father that helped get him started in real-estate investing. Then, he learned how to and was able to get huge federal government loans to finance several of his biggest and earliest real-estate deals. When some of his projects went sour he merely declared bankruptcy at least 4 whopping times in his business career. No investor and business man has stolen more from our great country and the American people than Donald Trump. I can’t imagine being so devious and “schrewd” to get away with escaping debt with bankruptcy even 2 times, or once, much less 4 times. Why does our government allow it for this one man? Why was he sooooo special?

    • Frank Wyrick says:

      You along with Biden and most of the left surely don’t understand how economics works. Raising the minimum wage doesn’t to anyone any good as it only increases the cost of all goods and services so cost of living goes up and negates the wage increase. As economics Guru Dave Ramsey says, “If you want more money you have to bring more value to your job”. If you are doing a job that anyone can do its hard to command the same pay that a higher skilled or educated person earns.

      • Charles Larson says:

        Frank, the minimum wage is there to help set a lowest bar of payment for work. Just because EVERY business owner would LOVE to pay peanuts to every nonmanagement worker so the OWNER can reap all the profit doesn’t mean it should be legal. Never mind the ethics, right, of stepping on and oppressing the little hard-working people. Didn’t you watch the Scrooge movies and ‘Scrooged’ with Bill Murray? F’em All is obviously your and most republicans’ attitude for the business world.

        • Charles Larson says:

          Oh yeah, Frank, let’s not confuse it with earned raises by good employees. We’re talking about the minimum wage that’s supposed to keep up with the cost of living and after decades of it being too low. Granted, there has to be a sensible progression with time. What you valued for $7 per-hour 30 years ago is not the same today, nitwit. Tell Biden to get the PA pipeline and oil production in our country going since the oil and gas prices drive a lot of goods prices and inflation. Stop being nonparticipants and morons who only WAIT until the republicans like Trump get in office to speak your mind. Right, watch the country go to hell and seek your politician’s attention (suck a politician’s pee-pee) when you SEE ONLY the R as their party. That’s why republicans are idiots.

  5. Janet Holley says:

    Fix the voting(cheating)system,before this Administration totally destroys America

    • Charles Larson says:

      Janet, HA HA HA. You go, girl. Work on your comic routine and your ridiculous “cheating- election-stealing” charges and conspiracy theories that you pass off and preach as the Gospel Truth. Your crazy candidate LOST and it can only have happened because the Democrats “cheated” and “rigged” the election. Interesting, isn’t it that Trump told us for many months throughout the campaign that that’s the only way it would happen. FUNNY, he must be psychic. Or maybe those of us who believe it got brain-washed by our “leader” to believe everything he says and preaches like he’s Jim Jones ….AGAIN ! Never mind the gross INCOMPETENCE of the former President to have AMAZINGLY let it happened. Wow! But doesn’t that prove how bad a president Donald Trump was?

      • Sam B. says:

        LOL…Charles! Do u really think Quid Pro Quo JOE Beijing Biden(who was in hiding) is that much more popular/hip than Obama or even Hillary?! LMAO. Or maybe Biden has amazingly better stronger policies than Obama or Hillary?? Like by 20 million more votes?!?!?! LOL NOT! Stop it! C’mon man! LOL!!!

        • Charles Larson says:

          Sam, B., yeah, according to the voters with millions more added between 2016 and 2020 (first- time voters) Beijing Biden became popular as the lesser of two incompetents/evils. Oh, I stayed out of the last two elections, but we Delawareans always referred to him as Delaware Biden or just Joe. I’m at a loss where and how you got the Beijing nickname, for sure, since he hasn’t done anything for China, has he? Has it hurt us Americans? I think you credit him for Obama’s work, I don’t know.

        • mtman2 says:

          He’s an intentionally sold out mental case that’s so out touch he’s clueless as the stench of his brown nose.
          The Democ-rat loves this level of “useful idiot” as did Stalin tho they’re one of the groups he had shot for being so gullible and outright stoooopid…lol.

        • Charles Larson says:

          Sam B., I believe the final totals, the last I saw were some 80 million plus votes for Biden and some 74 million plus votes for Trump. If I missed the final totals, okay , but I never heard or read it was a 20 million plus vote win for Biden, that’s news to me and it doesn’t matter, I’m confident that Biden won fair and square. I don’t pull crap out of my ass and make up fairy tales like you Trump cultees do.

          • Ken Lockridge says:

            Pull crap out of our asses ?????? The election was stolen it is not a theory it is fact. It just cant be proved or wont be investigated. The Democraps have been putting this together for a long time now. That scumbag Stacey Abrams and many more democrat crimminals made it possible for people to vote by mail in voting without showing any ID way before the pandemic ever hit so are you really so stupid that you believe it was a coincidence that China released that virus when they did. And if you want proof all you have to do is get a sample of stacey abrams hand writting and all her criminal friends and compare it to the thousands and thousands of mail in votes and you will see that they all match. That was the whole reason why the media and all these demacrats were scaring the hell out of everybody trying to make them stay at home so they could hide all of the fraudulent ballots they have harvested. If you take all of the votes where people showed a ID to prove who they were then DJT wins and all the rest of the votes should be thrown out. So then you will hear stacey and her crowd say that all the black voters will be unfairly represented and that is total bullshit you have to have an ID to buy a pack of cigs to buy alcohol and to cash thier welfare checks so magically they dont have one to vote with.HUH THAT SURE IS CONVIENT!!!!!!!!

        • Sam B. says:

          Charles….my comment is referring to Biden beating Obama & even Hillary by “like 20 million more votes.” LOL….no way. B that as it may..the country will need to hang on till 2022..& then for sure 2024 if Biden makes it that far due to health &/or all the corruption issues. The dictatorship ways with all the executive orders/destructible ideals will have both parties ready to run him/them all off in next elections….unless the radicals continue to work so hard & forceful to allow the 11 million illegals with more to come the right to vote with hopes the radical socialists will get their votes via citizenship bribery. So pathetic.

  6. jkryanspark says:

    Hopefully, death is in Trump’s plans for the near future. Lard Donald eats like a pig, eschews exercise, and sniffs Adderall; all a prescription the actuary charts insist is deadly for a male in his mid ’70s. His demise would go a long way toward making America great and in initiating a parade in which I, and other patriotic like minded Americans, would march. Here’s to an aneurysm with Trump’s name on it.

    • Hey YardBark,
      You have alot of HATE just like your Party!! If you only knew what their Agenda was for your future you would be kissing Trump’s AZZ right now cuz he’s the only one left we have who’ll come save our country from going Nazi Germany on you!!! Ya might wanna rethink your opinions!
      Mr. President we SO need you back in White House before these fools destroy America!! We miss n Love you n your Family!!! Come back SOON PLEASE!!!

    • Charles Larson says:

      jkryanspark, now please, let’s not use hate talk like the Trump cultees. In fact, I wish Donald Trump well for his remaining life. Don’t sink to their level. Hopefully, he can do some positive things like teaching some of his business savvy and knowledge to “apprentices” like he did before. Sure, maybe he won’t be happy until he fires everyone he ever hired, but he can still help some people otherwise. He can try to enjoy retirement, too.

  7. Doug Pessoni says:

    I’ve always said: Democrat are liars and Republicans are stupid.

    • Then why even get on here Dude!!?

      Thank you Donald Trump Jr. For having your Dad’s back!! America loves you n your whole family!! Please tell your Dad he needs to come “Save The Day” in real time!!! God Bless you all n please stay safe!!

      • Charles Larson says:

        Christina L. Kelley, really, there’s no need to exaggerate and lie in speaking for all Americans. Okay, I admit I have a crush on Ivanka, hell, she is so hot her sick dad wants to nail her, too. Ha Ha. Geez, what a family.

  8. Sunshine says:

    Mitch McConnell is a Republican Hack right there along with Piglosi, Beijing Biden, Clintons, Obummer and the rest of their demonic klan. I truly can’t say enough BAD things about these despicable people! They are the worst of the worst, they hate patriotic Americans, they hate the very people that pay their highly over-flated and un-deserving wages, they hate seniors, they hate the working class, they turn everything racist which is extremely racist for them to accuse in the first place! I hate the Dems for what they have turned this country into! I don’t think I’m alone in this thinking. They have turned Republicans into racist whore mongers and THEY are the ones that truly are along with being pedophiles! We welcome people of all creeds, color, sex, religion, origin and sexual preference orientation as long as they believe in less gov’t intrusion and love of country! The Dems of course, only invite those that HATE like them! In a fair election, YOU know you lost! Prez Trump is a Patriot who loves ALL people of all creeds, he only asks for you to love your country, freedom of speech and the right to defend and bear arms for Liberty and Justice for ALL! Why is that so hard for you to appreciate you heartless, hate filled Demoncrats!? Whew, I feel better!

    • MaryLou Hildebrandt says:

      I agree 100%

    • Beau says:

      Yep. But just think…the end is near. Biden & the Dems will bring down the USA, give all the rascals the opportunity to show who they are really loyal to, Then the End Comes. They will be too busy fighting, being ugly, and worrying about material possessions to realize…the true test is Being kind, Showing Grace, getting Ready for His Return. Ninety Percent (90%) of the human race will be lost. Wait for the Sunday Laws….

  9. James says:

    Trump Train 2024

    • Trump Train March 2021!!! They have a wicked Agenda for April 14th!! We need Trump back tomorrow!!! Yestrrday n actually January 20th 2021!!! Come back Donald Trump PLEASE before April 14th, my Grandsons Birthday!! But they have Evil on their minds for that day!! As they always do!! Cuz their ALL THE SPAWN OF SATAN!!!

  10. Leiah Guillia says:

    Anything they do to President Trump they do to me. I take it personally!

  11. Wonderful children – patriots of America were raised by the First Patriot of America of the 21st century – President Trump ..

  12. JM says:

    For years Democrats pulled out their race card during elections. And now they take great joy in calling us White Supremacists to divide USA 24-7. Even worse Democrats used COVID to create more divisiveness by pushing shutdowns, school closings, tear down our monuments, burn our flag, destroy our cities, universal mail-in voting, NO voter ID, NO signature match, etc. all to win elections. And you wonder why Americans are pissed? Democrats “Never Let A Crisis Go To Waste”, they cheated, called it “Fortified” 2020 election! And it was Pelosi that knew and allowed havoc to occur at the Capital that day by NOT allowing added security. Democrats are evil and if allowed will destroy America for power!

    • Don’t be an assholes like your “,president” TrumPutin, We know that he has a “divine power” to turn idiots in to assholes, you the bunch of idiots got the worst treatment of them all, shame on you.

      • Gary Tanner says:

        Your so fullof hate you can’t see the truth and probably you don’t want to look. I feel you hate American’s

      • Pegs says:

        little johnny, you democrats are sure ANGREY, UNHAPPY people!!! I TRULY feel sorry for you all! OMG, I suppose you all HATED ALL PRESIDENT TRUMPS SUCCESSES. I HATE to see what OUR GREAT NATION is going to be in 4 years!!! It will surely be a SAD SIGHT!!! GOD HELP US ALL. Even you

      • Sam B. says:

        Right on pegs! LOL!! Hey Johnny…sunshine……..such hateful divisive language! You sound like what u despise! Try look’n in the mirror brutha! LOL Wow.

  13. James A Langham says:

    It is a fact now. Herr DRUMPF really could shoot someone on 5th Ave and “still have support” from his “base,” as the GOPQ-ers let him get away with possible murder of a cop, the maiming/injuring of countless others(140+) and an attempted white supremacist COUP.
    Graham, Hawley, Cruz, McCarthy, Gaetz, Jordon. Nunes and the rest of the GOPQ-ers in the US government, are the leaders for the White Supremacist ACOLYTES(Proud Boys Bugooloos 3 Percenters, white militias, Dominionists et al) of Herr Drumpf, their white supremacist CULT “savior.”

    • J.S. says:

      Yup thats me, but at least I can think for myself

    • Richard Vanek says:

      You poor soul! What you wish for is something I guarantee you will not like.

    • Bill says:

      You fit into that level of stupidity that just can’t be fixed.

    • Excuse me Sr, Nuñez is not “white”, he’s a portuguese asshole.

    • Vicki says:

      You need some serios help and a reality check sorry your so hateful but that seems to be the democrate thing until it affects them then things change I will pray for you that you get the help you need.

    • Sunshine says:

      Pity on this soul that he can not think for himself! You are a travesty to this country and you are one of the MANY reasons for the demise of this country! God Bless President Trump and his supporters. We believe in Patriotism and love of country! You, not so much! You do have the opportunity to go live somewhere else and we promise to not hit you in the ass on your way out the door! This country does not need people like you. Go elsewhere please!

    • Sunshine says:

      God Bless Enrique Tarrio and the Proud Boys! They know and understand Love of Country! But, of course, the Demonrats want to demonize anyone that stands for Trump, Liberty, Pledge of Allegiance, 2ND Amendment, Freedom of Speech, America First….Lordy, Lordy, we are such Bad people! NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Pegs says:

      james #IDIOT PERIOD!!!!!!!

    • Michael J Korger says:

      “The possible murder of a cop”??????? That cop apparently had a heart condition and it happened afterwards.
      The only person that was murdered was the unarmed Air Force veteran shot by Capital Police. All others were medical issues. CNN did a retraction on the police officer, but MSM had already pushed it hard that he died from blunt force trauma. More fake news! And now I just saw that ANTIFA just had a violent demonstration in D.C. and injured 2 police officers. Not a word about it in the MSM. Talk about hypocrisy and being slanted!

      • Charles Larson says:

        Michael, the Capitol cop died technically from a heart attack that any doctor could well testify it was brought on by the blunt-force trauma and the violence he suffered from combined with the anxiety and stress that the rioters inflicted on him. He had a peaceful job and existence until that night.

    • Sam B. says:

      Hey James. How about U & Mr.Wilson contact Maxine Waters, Aoc, Pelosi, Schumer, Ilhan Omar, Ayanna Pressley, Cory Bush, Rashida Tlaib, Vp Harris & others of the unhinged corrupt destructive radical socialist party (formerly known as the democrat party) & ask these folks to put the same effort in to catching the tens of THOUSANDS of assclown losers who rioted, organized & funded the anarchy in our great American cities the past 9 months! Even though Vp Harris supported all this crap..& she even promoted for people to donate to a fund to bail out the scumbag losers that were caught & arrested….Let’s NOT forget about *ALL* the homes, statues, vehicles, businesses, livelihoods destroyed..& several that lost their lives! C’mon unhinged radical socialist…I’m sure u divisive hateful folks want to ignore this like the TENS OF THOUSANDS of black lives lost mainly at the hands of other black folks the past several years that have NOTHING TO DO WITH LAW ENFORCEMENT…but none of this can b overlooked/ignored no matter what diversions u create. The country & the world is watching!

      • Charles Larson says:

        Sam B., Buddy, your entire post here is about the black criminals who rioted in cities as an extra means of protesting the BLM movement and the lost black lives to bad white cops who killed them. You’re extremely delusional and a white racist to dare link them with most blacks who protest peacefully. See and acknowledge the difference. No one ever said criminal acts and violence are acceptable means of protesting. Obviously , though, there are too many mentally sick people who FEEL THEY ARE. And criminals use crime as an excuse. Any injustice against someone of their race can be used as an excuse. There are hate crimes by mental midgets against Asians happening in our country because China is blamed for the Covid-19 pandemic.

  14. RON KNOX says:

    Donnie! Donnie! Donnie!

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