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Elected Official Laughs About Rush Limbaugh’s Death

As someone who was raised by parents who taught me to never speak ill of the dead, I’ve always adhered to that principle. And, as someone who lost his father at a very early age to cancer, I can never understand people who take pleasure in a death brought about by cancer. –Editor, Red Alert News


A Michigan village president joked on social media about the death of talk radio icon Rush Limbaugh, and residents want accountability,” according to Breitbart.

Amanda Fisk, president of Middleville Village, shared a news report detailing the cancer victim’s death and wrote, “HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA *deep breath* HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA,” WOOD TV reported.

“Fisk has since deleted the post and told Fox 17 ‘her words are in no way affiliated with staff or the village itself.’

“‘I’m not a public figure of the township,’ she said, which is the municipality that encompasses the village.

“She asked critics not to share her comments any longer.

“‘Honestly, that’s not the way you represent a community,’ Amanda Pullen, whose father, Charles Pullen, was Fisk’s predecessor, told the news station.

“‘I mean, you’re in the public eye no matter what.’

“Keara Hilton, herself fighting cancer, created an online petition calling for Fisk’s resignation…

“‘It’s just disheartening that a human can actually say that and be excited about the death of another human,’ Middleville resident Lisa Forcia said, according to WOOD TV.”

For more on this story, go to Breitbart.

Please share your opinion in the comment section. Is it ever right or appropriate to speak ill of the dead? What is your opinion of people who are cheering the death of Rush Limbaugh?


  1. Pegs says:

    Middleville Village NEEDS to FIRE her NOW!!! I would be ASHAMED to employ such a BLACK HEARTED person as she!

  2. Pegs says:

    she IS DESPICABLE!!! SHAME on her!! they and when I say they I mean the left ALWAYS show us all just WHO THEY ARE!!! #DISGUSTING

  3. Dave says:

    Remember, Ms Fisk,…..What goes around, comes around!

  4. Wendy Maison says:

    That’s okay every single person who makes fun of another human being like the left will all reap what they sow….it’s disturbing and evil.

  5. Ally says:

    You need to join him in the cemetery , ya know 6 feet under, Ms. Fisk. such a Democrat you are!



  7. Mary says:

    The years that Rush gave to this country was done from the goodness of his heart. And, it is sad to hear that another person could be so verbally destructive of someone who has gone through cancer treatments, or any other treatments. I am not going to state my thoughts about this man; I will leave that to God. Bless Rush for his love of this country and be with his wife during this difficult time.

  8. bob onit says:

    That’s okay we’ll laugh at her . when some civic minded citizen takes serious offense and bludgeons her into the infinity she so wantonly seeks

  9. Franklin Arthur Wyrick says:

    I’m not surprised to hear a liberal democrat laugh about the death of a person, especially a conservative person. After all, most of them think it is perfectly OK to pull a viable baby part way out of its mothers womb and stick a needle in its brain. Why should the death of Rush Limbaugh cause them any grief?

  10. Milan says:

    Our God is very forgiving and if we repent and are truly sorry for our offenses, He will forgive us and still allow us to get to Heaven. Our legal system in this world doesn’t work that way. If you kill someone and then feel bad about it later and ask a Judge and jury to forgive you, you are still sentenced for the crime that you committed. God can forgive Amanda Fisk for laughing about Rush Limbaugh’s death only if she repents. The fact that she deleted her comments doesn’t totally erase them. In this world, she still needs to pay for what she did. She needs to be censured, banned and removed from her position.

  11. Paul Shea says:

    Amanda Fisk is Despicable, a Loser, and a Sheep among other things .
    This is so Sad how immature and horrible her behavior is . Who does she
    Think she is ??? She will never come close to the Greatness of Rush !
    People like her should not be in America . Probably Hell would be best
    suited for her with that kind of Comment about Rush .
    Karma will Prevail . God Bless Rush Forever !!!!

  12. Sandy says:

    KARMA will come back and bite her ten-fold…
    She is but a pitiful sad woman that clearly is looking for attention..
    Tsk, tsk, tsk

  13. Nyleve Nonnel says:

    This country is a discrace. People have not respect, for our country, or each other. There are no repercussions for people, who disrespect, especially to our flag, and our national anthem. Someone always comes out of the shadows, to bring attention to themselves.Fisk is just that person. Rush Limbaugh,was a man who was respected for his work, and his bringing to light, everything no one else would. I send all my heart felt wishes to his wife and their children. His name will never be forgotten

  14. Mara says:

    Go to hell Fisk. You are disgusting. You were laughing like satan or like
    the demon rats. Rush Limbaugh is not a pretentious human being like you & your cohorts. I am sorry for your attitude.

  15. bob onit says:

    Fish ,Fisk ,Fisk, where have we heard that before .isn’t it a porn term called risking ,hmmm ,maybe it’s fisting , hmmmm .

  16. maxibaby says:

    Hyenas, a ugly wild dog like animal who eats everything from month old dead carcasses to live infants of all races, laughs at everything and everyone has more compassion than this elected supposed public servant! (Yeah, my behind!) I can guarantee every time someone in her family dies, this will haunt her. It may not have any effect on her decision to do it but…..she will remember this and all the pushback she has gotten!
    I hope this nasty be-at-ch has enjoyed her political career since it is almost over!
    I wish to extend my heartfelt apology to all the hyenas of the world for my comparison between them and this night crawling vermin from hell!

  17. Thatcher's Ghost says:

    I am reminded of a quote by famous cartoonist, Charles Shultz. He said: “I Dearly love Mankind; It’s People that I hate.” I can relate.

  18. Josh Richardson says:

    I hope she dies a long antagonizing death like Rush did for laughing at his passing. He was brilliant in his work and when l heard he passed, it was like a part of me died as well. Hope the bitch goes to hell.

  19. Mary I says:

    Kick her out. That’s a very insensitive and cruel remark. She needs to resign. Has no sense of decency

    • maxibaby says:

      Republicans in the House and Senate should address this heathen’s insensitivity from the floor and call for her resignation! It won’t do any good but since she is too low IQ to comprehend this was a bridge too far… they should call her out!

    • Inga Chouinard says:

      Agreed! This horrible senseless aggression towards patriotic citizens has to stop now. People are being banned on social media for not agreeing with the leftist liberals. We have to apologize for our hard work and success in life. We have to apologize for loving God, our skin color, which incidentally used to be against the law and considered racist…..and they (leftist liberals) are allowed to loot, steal, burn, lie, insult, wish evil on conservatives and its OK? It does not go against social media’s “community standards”??? NO ! NOT ACCEPTABLE ! PS I DON’T CONSIDER SOC MEDIA TO HAVE ANY MORAL STANDARDS

  20. Rhina says:

    Sad Adults still allow themselves to follow so much hate -read up on agenda 21 or agenda 2030 it’s all been planned. it’s why puppet Biden in oval office. God Bless America

  21. William L Cothron says:

    Kick her ass out

  22. Every one stating how horrible that bitch it is, when some one should tell a bitch her actions isn’t calls for instead so many comments, wake up much more need to just stating that’s the reasons those disrespectful idiots thinks so funny, it’s should deserved a containusly harrisments toward her, it isn’t ok for No SOB behaviors alike a minor child, shouldn’t allowed holds her position. That’s toxic altitude towards sorrows days for family members that’s it’s most disgusting shits ever heard of as individual. Must replace that funny idiot off from her golden eligant shit position.

  23. Dan Harpool says:

    Rush was a true patriot and to speak ill of his is worth is beneath that which is sound or good judgement and unfortunately for her remarks she herself will have to answer for her distaining comments in a way that will forever be her undoing now and forever I pray she recants and apologize to the wife and family of Rush and repent of the error of her ways may God have mercy on her and I pray for her conversation as with all those that are corrupt and evil in this county … Dan

  24. Sue Madaus says:

    I am sickened and appalled by the Left celebrating the death of anyone and especially someone as kind and caring as Rush Limbaugh! However it shows what a skilled talk show host he was as he even makes the LEFT crazy in death! We love you Rush WWG1WGA

  25. Don says:

    Stop sending me this crap. I did not click anything to get this sent to me. Please take my email address off your list. I can’t find a unsubscribe button anywhere.

  26. Anyone so Lovely must have a Return Engagement ..Rush order.. Rush order.. Bring back America’s favorite political pundit.. and the most fair minded of conservatives that his glow was considered moderate in terms of measured acceptance of his views….. this could be seen in the
    allowable respect he recieved of pertinent influence he had over minds tainted by maldiscontent, obssesed positions of angualr perspective, and evil..

  27. Becky says:

    How disgraceful can you get ? She better be careful what she says about a death cause sometimes when bad things are said it comes bach to haunt you with the same happening to your very clost one who you love and cherish very much then it want be to flattering to the speaker.Only good things should be said during the time of loved one passing it’s hard enough on the family as it is they should not have to be comforted with such hate and foul mouthed and brainless ways or words

  28. Junjo says:

    Very disappointing kind of human being like a demon in disguise in sheep’s clothing. We even feel sorry fior a convicted fellon when executed. Houch more for a person who speaks the truth & honest . Not a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

  29. Junjo says:

    Insensitive & disrespectful. Heart made of stone & like satan.

  30. Carolyn says:

    When my grandfather passed away in the 60’s the funeral procession took us passed a grade school that had recently been dismissed. As we passed a little boy of 6 or 7 saw the hearse. He immediately snapped to attention, removed his baseball cap and placed it over his heart. He stood there like that for the entire procession. It didn’t matter that he didn’t know anyone or that we weren’t even of the same race. He only knew that someone had passed and he wanted to show compassion to the friends and family of the deceased and respect for the life of the person who died. That is the way this country used to be and still should be today. It is a pity what has happened to this country. The Creator will take care of her, good or bad.it is his privilege to judge someone and not ours.

  31. Edward Taylor says:

    Amanda Fisk is a true low life person.

  32. Sunne says:

    Hmmmmm…………Can we guess to which political party, Ms Fisk is a member? Oh, you know the party of tolerance.

    • Don Butler says:

      I remember a funeral when I was 13 that was heart rendering. The boy had drowned in a local lake and was greatly loved and respected. His father with tears going down his face and his mother screaming on the coffin for her baby. The point being is show some respect. If you don’t respect yourself you won’t respect others. It has nothing to do with being a retardican or a dumbocrat. It is who you are.

    • Sunshine says:

      Unfortunately it does have a lot to do with party! When RBG died, there was no laughing, there were no ill words spoken from ANY Republicans! Even President Trump said she was a remarkable woman who paved the way for many women! Despite HER saying bad things about Trump and obviously she was a liberal! So, now we have one our icons on the right pass away and look at ALL the hateful rhetoric coming from the left!!! The left are tremendously despicable hateful individuals. It does come from a party and not just individuals! To Rush and his family, we love you and are in our thoughts and prayers 💔🐘

  33. Rev4God says:

    She will be remembered for her ill spoken words. The sad part is on her dying bed it will come back to haunt her. Yes, the death angel will come for her as well as all. Heaven will remind her of her disrespect for the dead. She is to be pitied, for where she is headed , she won’t be laughing.

  34. rick says:

    Once brain dead, always brain dead! A pox on her house!

  35. Curtis park says:

    Amanda Fisk’s comment was disgusting and lowlife

  36. John W. Taylor says:

    I ask myself if there is anyone whose death would bring me gladness. Rush Limbaugh is not one of them. Perhaps it’s evidence of my spiritual poverty but , yes, there are individuals who I would breathe a measure of relieve were I to know they were dead. Even so, I wonder what the state of the dead might be. Might certain of the dead continue to wreak havoc in people’s lives?

  37. George David Stegner says:

    One day she will die. What she has written, spoken, and the way she treated others will be how she is remembered. I appreciate the life Rush lived by what he said and how he lived. We will remember him as a patriot. If she is remembered it will be as a hater.

  38. Dolores says:

    She evidently has never watched a loved one slowly die before your eyes..I have watched several of mine suffer and then join our Lord in heaven..It is heartbreaking!!!
    It is disgusting what she did..I pray for his wife and
    Family that God will grant them comfort and strength in their sorrow…my heart goes out to them..🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  39. Janet Harlow says:

    Amanda Fisk should be terminated from her job for such an evil statement she made of his death! And also all of these liberals who are saying bad things about Rush Limbaugh. It’s sad their are people who are this way. Very Disrespectful of the person who died and also towards the family members who are grieving! Disgusting people !

  40. Milan says:

    I am a Christian and would never wish for another person to die. I also would not laugh or rejoice when anyone dies. The first time I heard that some people were happy that the GREAT Rush Limbaugh had died, I was angry. As a cancer survivor myself, my initial thought was that those who are happy about someone dying deserve to get a serious case of cancer themselves. If they could then go through a year or more of pain, discomfort, stress and worry, they just might have a better understanding of what many people have gone through. I can’t help but wonder how truly awesome Rush might be if the half of his brain that was tied behind his back is now free. I am so sad that God had to take Rush and his talent back so soon. I miss him every day.

    • Sharon Holmes says:

      Thank you for your comment, I feel the same way. I am mourning the loss of a great conservative voice that helped me understand the serious issue of corruption in our federal government. And within a short time, I believe the American people will begin to regret allowing the DC swamp to effectively transform this nation into a socialist pergatory.

    • Lynda Tessein says:

      I agree completely — Rush was a one of a kind human being —- the best of the best ——– and I think anyone that could say something so horrible about another human being’s death is a soul less individual —— My own father passed away from stage 4 lung cancer and to endure it is not for the faint of heart. God Bless Rush and his family. My thoughts and those of all the decent human beings in this world are with you.

  41. There was a time people would’ve never
    shared a remark like this….how sick some of us have turned!! I think we can all agree “Hate” will destroy a Country !!! Shame on the human race, I just hope our Lord has more empathy for us than some of us show toward others…..

  42. Cynthia truesdell says:

    What goes around,comes around Amandie!!!! She who laughs last,laughs best.And it’s truly important to make sure what you laugh about, is actually funny.

  43. Linda krater says:

    Very empty barren soul. Very very sad.

  44. Beverly Harris says:


  45. Brenda says:

    Maybe everyone will be excited about her death! She is a sad, sad, person!

  46. Terrie Wyatt says:

    That’s so disrespectful, I don’t care how much you dislike someone, you should never be happy about their death. That shows that people are not learning manners anymore.

  47. li says:

    You r a real B .

  48. steve sperino says:

    No, it’s never fine to make fun of a person passing away. My father and my daughter both passed away from cancer. And we took care of both in our home. You have no idea what it’s like to watch someone you love take their last breath in front of you and know nothing you say or do will save them. You really have to be a sick and perverted person to so cold to say such a thing. People like that need to be prayed for.

  49. Kaye Smith says:

    I am very sorry to hear of Mr. Limbaugh’s death , but sorrier for people that are making jest of it!! They have a special place in Hell for them, while Rush if he was a Christian is walking on streets of gold with our Lord and Savior right now! I extend my sympathies to his wife and wish her well. It us very hard to lose your mate. May God keep you Mrs. Limbaugh.

  50. Sylvia Berrios says:

    Anyone that disrespects someone, even after death, I have no respect for. We can agree to disagree all we want, but hate is a strong word and we should never use it, ever! I believe in Karma however, either apologize for your immaturity, or leave. When you’re in the public eye, no matter what type of job you hold, you should be respectful, do your job with dignity, and leave for the day knowing you did your duty with honesty and selflessness! This should apply to EVERY job out there! Be kind and you’ll get good karma back. Be mean, and you’ll get bad karma back. It’s just the way the universe works!

  51. T. Delon says:

    What a disgusting troll! She should be kicked out of her position.

  52. Manasseh Kohath says:


  53. Dennis Sumner says:

    It’s end stage TDS, and hopefully the end will come soon!!

  54. Suzanne Smith says:

    I believe everyone has a right to their opinion, however, to do what Fisk did is horrible. You can feel any way you want but she used her place of employment to say what she thought publicly. I don’t know why they would continue to employ her.

    • Ed says:

      Agree 100% well put 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

    • Editor says:

      I agree, Suzanne!

    • vivian moose says:


  55. Ray says:

    Folks like this get theirs. I cant imagine being such an angry troll. All we can do is pray for them.

  56. Nancy says:

    She is an insensitive boor and has no busines being in a position that affects people’s lives.
    As for myself, I would be ashamed to call her friend

  57. Gail says:

    It’s sad that we are living in an America that has produced people with no care or compassion Until its its themselves
    But this is the Americans who cheer the death of killing babies in the womb and outside the womb
    We are watching a soulless society
    These are the people that God said would lead you up to slaughter

  58. edi says:

    Wishing her the most horrible of cancer deaths.

  59. Sharon says:

    I think Fisk should be ashamed of herself and maybe think about what people might say when she dies.

  60. Debra Dukes says:

    God is watching each and everyone of you! So ignorant she is!

  61. Diana M Talmadge says:

    Is it “HA HA” time for Fisk now? What a disgusting creature!

  62. Anthony Moreland says:

    Speaking Ill will of the dead is a typical socialist leftist response. They care not for the lives of anyone that disagrees with control & subjugation of the masses.

  63. Don says:

    Just more trash talk from trash is all I see from Fisk.

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