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Elected Official Laughs About Rush Limbaugh’s Death

As someone who was raised by parents who taught me to never speak ill of the dead, I’ve always adhered to that principle. And, as someone who lost his father at a very early age to cancer, I can never understand people who take pleasure in a death brought about by cancer. –Editor, Red Alert News


A Michigan village president joked on social media about the death of talk radio icon Rush Limbaugh, and residents want accountability,” according to Breitbart.

Amanda Fisk, president of Middleville Village, shared a news report detailing the cancer victim’s death and wrote, “HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA *deep breath* HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA,” WOOD TV reported.

“Fisk has since deleted the post and told Fox 17 ‘her words are in no way affiliated with staff or the village itself.’

“‘I’m not a public figure of the township,’ she said, which is the municipality that encompasses the village.

“She asked critics not to share her comments any longer.

“‘Honestly, that’s not the way you represent a community,’ Amanda Pullen, whose father, Charles Pullen, was Fisk’s predecessor, told the news station.

“‘I mean, you’re in the public eye no matter what.’

“Keara Hilton, herself fighting cancer, created an online petition calling for Fisk’s resignation…

“‘It’s just disheartening that a human can actually say that and be excited about the death of another human,’ Middleville resident Lisa Forcia said, according to WOOD TV.”

For more on this story, go to Breitbart.

Please share your opinion in the comment section. Is it ever right or appropriate to speak ill of the dead? What is your opinion of people who are cheering the death of Rush Limbaugh?

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