ELECTION ALERT: First GOP Presidential Caucus Date Announced

Ron DeSantis and Donald Trump

(TheLastPatriotNews.com) – BREAKING NOW: Just moments ago, Iowa’s Republican party announced their presidential candidate selection caucuses are scheduled for January 15, coinciding with the Martin Luther King Jr. federal holiday. This places the inaugural votes for the 2024 election just a bit over half a year away as the GOP aims to regain control of the White House.

Ever since last winter, presidential candidates have been actively campaigning in Iowa. However, the caucus date has been somewhat uncertain due to the tradition of Iowa kicking off the Republican nominee selection process. A significant shift occurred with the Democratic National Committee (DNC) reshuffling its election timetable, no longer prioritizing Iowa as its opening contest.

In response to this shift, the state central committee of the Iowa Republican Party unanimously chose the third Monday in January for the caucus. This date is several weeks earlier than the last three caucuses, but still not as early as 2008, when it occurred just three days into the new year.

This decision could have repercussions for both political parties. Iowa’s Democrats have been awaiting the GOP’s date announcement as they need to adjust to the DNC’s new rules concerning their primary sequence.

One proposal from the Democrats includes holding their caucus concurrently with the Republicans’ and offering the option to vote for president via mail-in ballots. However, the Iowa Democrats hinted they might not immediately reveal the results.

This potential delay could enable the state party to preserve its status as the host of the first-in-the-nation caucus without contravening the new election-year schedule approved by President Joe Biden and the DNC. This schedule proposes that South Carolina supplants Iowa as the initial contest, commencing primary voting on February 3.

Unlike primary elections, caucuses are organized, funded, and executed by political parties rather than state election officials. Iowa’s scheduling announcement enables New Hampshire, which has yet to set a primary election date, to safeguard its status as the first primary, as mandated by a state law requiring the event to occur at least seven days before any other primary.

Recently, South Carolina Republicans chose February 24 for the customary first Southern primary. This decision allows Nevada to plan its Republican caucuses without causing scheduling issues for New Hampshire.

Jeff Kaufmann, the Iowa Republican Party Chairman, reaffirmed in a statement, “We remain committed to maintaining Iowa’s cherished first-in-the-nation caucuses, and look forward to holding a historic caucus in the coming months and defeating Joe Biden come November 2024.”