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‘Employee Availability’ – Not Politics – Slowing Mail Delivery

Calling it an “outrageous claim” that he’s interfering with mail delivery in order to hamper the 2020 presidential election, recently installed Postmaster General Louis DeJoy told the United States Senate that “employee availability” is the real reason that Americans are experiencing a slow down in mail delivery.

“Our employees are experiencing the COVID pandemic also, and we have a significant issue in employee availability in many, many parts of the country that are leading to delays in delivery of mail,” DeJoy said.
According to the New York Post, “DeJoy specifically denied any role in removing neighborhood mailboxes or in closing post offices — actions that in some cities led to rallies around mail depositories and residents camping out to “protect” collection sites.
“’I have nothing to do with collection boxes,’ said DeJoy, testifying that 35,000 of the blue boxes were retired over the past 10 years due to declining demand.”
DeJoy even testified that “I’ve never spoken to the president about the Postal Service, other than to congratulate me when I accepted the position.”
Clearly, DeJoy believes the criticism and conspiracy theories that he and President Trump have been on the receiving end of in recent weeks is not only unwarranted but designed to mislead Americans about the upcoming election.