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Even Mitt Romney is Blasting Biden

When even Mitt Romney is blasting Joe Biden for the illegal immigration fiasco on the southern border of the United States, you know Biden’s in serious political trouble. As most who follow politics know, Romney is no friend of former President Donald Trump or Trump’s policies. So, for Romney to side with Trump on this issue is a big deal. We share the following from Romney because it indicates just how big a political problem Biden has created for himself by opening America’s borders to illegal aliens.

Review Romney’s message below and share your thoughts about the growing crisis in the comment section. Have you ever seen the illegal immigration situation this bad before?


  1. Thomas says:

    False President Biden, you stand accused for immoral behavior, to include lying about not being able to be drafted , taking your best friends wife to be your unlawful one, lying about the true use of weapons to defend the great American nation, the list is too long Joe, how do you plea … Lord … It was Trumps fault.

  2. David Smith says:

    LMAO Now Harris has changed her nationality from black to Asian and her niece says violent white men are the real problem in America Except for the white idiots who think they are black or want to be black rioting for BLM I don’t see any white men burning raping killing like BLM ANTIFA is just a plain terrorist group I am just hoping Allah Akbar has not started something we can not get a handle on I read Biden is going to use Trumps Immigration rules after he threw them out

  3. David Smith says:

    Don’t worry ice cream Pelosi and porn star Harris said Biden has the border under control yeah LOL It looks like it is I read 90 million spent to put these illegals in motels and take care of them I don’t recall reading where our government spent that much on the homeless and Veterans. As for the Illegals sleeping on the floor wasn’t the military being body guards for this corrupt admin forced to sleep on the floors too?? I belief those silver things were called space blankets when I was younger bought one it didn’t work I was always cold LOL>

  4. David Smith says:

    Hey Joyce not blaming you just the people who were tricked into believing Biden and the people too stupid to see the truth

  5. Bring them back to their parents to take over. I vote we send a bill to all these countries allowing this to happen. Mexico on down to the end of the south america and beyond. Maybe that will wake them up

  6. David Smith says:

    I have been called a racist I hope you all can read For The Real News about an article a black person wrote for the Root His name is Damon Young if I am a racist then this guy is the anti-Christ

    • Lillie C Allgaier says:

      If you are white, or look white, and disagree with someone about anything … then they call you RACIST. It’s a tactic that is stupid except – many people stop in their tracks and start asking themselves what they did wrong. Answer: NOTHING! Disagreeing, especially with the unrealistic and downright freaky stuff that is being supporting now, is not related to racism. We just need a new word for people who are so stupid they just accept that and cringe. People just use ‘racist’ as a fallback because they don’t have an intelligent way to respond to fact-based disagreement. They are stupid.

    • Lillie Allgaier says:

      If you are white, or look white, and disagree with someone about anything … then they call you RACIST. It’s a tactic that is stupid except – many people stop in their tracks and start asking themselves what they did wrong. Answer: NOTHING! Disagreeing, especially with the unrealistic and downright freaky stuff that is being supporting now, is not related to racism. We just need a new word for people who are so stupid they just accept that and cringe. They should throw the racist garbage back in the faces of those who are using that to stop intelligent discussion and disagreement. People use ‘racist’ as a fallback because they don’t have an intelligent way to respond to fact-based disagreement. It is very successful because it shuts people up. It shouldn’t. The accusation is stupid when used to apply to everything from keeping kids out of school to getting rid of the fillibuster. And, just have to say, the MEDIA is one of the most responsible for driving this warped perception on American minds.

      • Judy says:

        You are so very right. The media is bought and paid for by the Democratic party. Hmm, wonder how much THAT has cost the taxpayer? Spending billions on housing illegals while we have a great need in this country for housing for our own people. What a travesty! Suppose Biden is hiding in the basement again because he realizes what a horrible thing he has done to this country and doesn’t have a clue how to save face and reverse his idiotic Executive Order ( oh ya, let’s pin this on Trump too! I know they already are certainly trying)…all the while Harris and Pelosi are pushing the agenda because they only want the voters it will bring. These poor people, many who don’t understand English, will be threatened that they will lose their freebies and face possible return to their old country IF they don’t vote blue.

  7. AJ says:

    All this noise here does nothing to take our country back from these treasonist communist traitors. For over a year, words, phone calls, letters have not corrected anything. In the past 2 month America has turned into a
    communist hole. Again, just noise from PATRIOTS has changed nothing. It continues to get worse each day here in the USA thanks to walking dead man biden and the treasonist communist DEMOCRATES traitors. It will take a public demonstration, similar to Jan 6, but more forceful that will make these treasonist traitors fear the retribution waiting for their acts of treason will happen soon. If we wait another year these treasonist traitors may be too strong.
    It’s time bro unite an ignite the flame freedom of 1776. And when someone does ignite this freedom flame be prepared to support them. This is what it will take to save OUR COUNTRY and CONSTITUTION. GOD BLESS AMERICA AND PATRIOTS!!

    • Marilyn M M Lindsay says:

      I agree that Americans are going to have to take our country back. The politicians are only public servants but they think they are the elite. Biden’s administration is moving us closer to communism and only the people can stop them. They have committed fraud on the people and that should not stand. Swing states should demand a forensic audit ot the last election. We all know that Trump was elected by the people but politicians took it away from him. The people that did vote for Biden had been lied to by main stream media and big tech. This whole election was based on fraud. I will support any movement to take back our country before it is too late.

    • Joyce A. Decker says:

      You are absolutely right! If anything happens someone pick me up I’ll fight in my wheelchair! I have a son who’s a veteran he takes his oath seriously! Defend against all enemies, foreign and domestic!

  8. Cheryl says:

    Stop the media, they withheld so much information all through the year they went along supporting the fascist democrats. The whole media is to blame, lie after lie, it was and is a disgrace to hear them open their mouths. Everyone at MSNBC ,CNN especially f up Christy poo cuomo and Don lemon,, Jake rapper, Rachael Maddox, (they were all paid nicely probably by our tax dollars ) by the Democrats. They need to be taken down and walked out the doors. Everyone of these scrum bags should lose Everything they have. They clearly have no conscience that’s why they can lie so easily. We all need to stop watching these stations as well as ABC,CBS,NBC, they are destroying our country with the Democrats approval. It’s time to hurt them like they have hurt the American citizens. First off let’s hope the ratings tank so badly they all lose their jobs and their fabulous lifestyles. Seize their bank accounts, and freeze them so they have no access. Maybe they should become homeless or pretty down and out to suffer for at least 5 years. See how they like living like ordinary citizens. Boycott this media and shame on each and ever one of them,Democrats included. Americans at some point will need to stand up to politicians, such as getting signatures to have them removed from office.

    • Jaygel says:

      Wow, Cheryl. I ditto everything you said. It really drives me crazy that the lying media people have children of their own – don’t tell me they teach their children that it’s OK to lie. It’s the opposite; they teach them NOT to lie – and then – provide their food and substance with the money they make from lying to the world. This is the face of hypocrisy and it needs punching. It is like God said, their conscience is seared; which was born of HATE; and the people will believe a lie. God bless you Cheryl, wellness to you and your loved ones. Jaygel

    • Avo says:

      Cheryl – love your comment – I feel this is me who said this.
      Regarding media – what media? Media as per definition means “reporting” pro publico bono, not for as #1 job – deceptions and 100%, again 100% lies. For the “media” there is the truth and there is an agenda. Gues what is more important – the truth does not exist anymore – there is the ONLY agenda of the interests groups. The run on the Capitol was the result of lies, lies, lies and after… lies, lies, lies – they were terrorists (!), not patriots….

  9. David Smith says:

    LMFAO From what I just read in Headline News 2.1 million illegals and 1.1 million of their children will receive 4.38 billion in stimulus checks You wanted Biden and humping Harris well you got them LMAO

  10. David Smith says:

    I am sure you have seen the photos on BreitBart News those illegal poor people look a lot better than our homeless and they are not being checked they are being told how to live in classes in the USA read the article Thank you Biden then released into the country Some very bad days coming for America just like the fall of the Roman Empire Lady Liberty has stumbled a few times but this to time she will fall and drown

  11. David Smith says:

    Romney is another Biden He has doing nothing like Demental Joe during his tenure

  12. Donna says:

    We need Our REAL President, President Trump, back!! He was actually the one that won the election, not Basement Biden and not the other democrat treasonous cheaters!!

    • Wayne E Patzlaff says:

      That’s for sure he was the best

    • maxine hattie says:


  13. F F Tramutola Jr. says:

    It would be virtually IMPOSSIBLE for anyone to do worse!

  14. Jerry says:

    First off Biden is a imbecile,He was pushed in to a job he was not qualified to handle quoted by his constituents, He was not mentally capable of handling.

  15. Michael says:

    Obama is the puppet master in this administration never trusted him or his husband

  16. Michael says:

    Think the administration we have now are selfish money is all that’s on the dems brain this will be the down fall a of the 🇺🇸 it’s just around the corner

  17. I would bet there are no more child orphanges from the border to the ends of the world now. King biden decided he will take care of the world and leave america the empty bag.

  18. David Smith says:

    As bad as Biden is and Pelosi and Harris the ho and the other things in office It makes me wonder about the American people who voted for these people do we really have that bad of a drug problem in this country Going off the rails on a crazy train

    • BJ says:

      So very unbelievable, true and sad. Cannot understand how so many can be so easily brainwashed.

  19. TJ says:

    Some thing has to be done to get this Country back on track. What Biden has done
    in the short time he has been in Charge is beyond a disaster. If we want to be a Country we had better find a way to get a real leader back in charge. That won’t be Kamala or Nasty Nan. They stole the election and we can thank the Supreme
    Court for refusing to get involved. If our Presidential Election isn’t important
    enough what is. Look what they have caused by refusing to take a look into what

    • Richard says:

      We must understand that this is not coming from nursing home Joe this is coming from his handlers and when the SHTF those idiots will blame old Joe who has no clue what is happening.

    • Sue Breslin says:

      EXACTLY. Why do we have so many ARRESTS, re: Election Fraud, from the Battleground States? What part of the Constitution, does the SCOTUS feel that doesn’t pertain to their supposed knowledge of the laws surrounding our right to a fair and honest election.

    • Dorothy says:

      Absolutely correct. It is very suspicious that the Supreme Court refused to become involved – possibly some money involved?

  20. Carol Johnson says:

    Where were you when it mattered, Mitt? “sowing and reaping…”

    • Blanca Holland says:

      Yes they’re reaping a whirlwind of confusion and chaos : don Quixote Biden is fighting the windmills in his mind while sancho-panza his companions try to keep it looking normal : from one lie to another : keeping his rusty shields,armor and weapons in others eyes : the old man is fine for the battle. What travesty: now rhino Romney speaks: what a wind bag of gas.

  21. Dennis Clements says:

    Romney is so scared of being voted out of the Senate seat from Utah that he is scrambling to try and act like a real Republican not the rino that he is. If you want to see the true Romney watch what he does(votes) not what he babbles.

  22. Ed says:

    You sow then you reap. Bad seeds bear bad fruit.
    The trouble is over 75M people voted for him! SAD.

  23. rick says:

    Well, if Mutt is baffled, he’s even dumber than he looks or acts! The whole idea of this fiasco was, is, & always will be for the commiecrats to ram illegal votes down America’s throat. These people will stop at absolutely nothing to get what they want, since they don’t believe in American ideals, so you’d better buckle up, citizens!