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Facebook Bans 2nd Amendment Groups

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In what is clearly an attempt to interfere with the upcoming elections – including this November’s presidential election – Facebook has pulled down more than a thousand pages associated with individuals, groups, and organizations that support law and order, the 2nd Amendment, the police, and free speech.

Facebook has even banned the pages of Matt Marshall, a well-known, duly-elected school board member and former candidate for the Washington state legislature just because he is the founder of the Washington Three Percenters.

Matt Marshall Speaking at Rally

Matt Marshall speaking at a rally

As Marshall, a former Army medic who served in Afghanistan, told the Washington Post, “I have never received any warning about content that I posted. Never had a ban,” Marshall said. “I believe this is politically motivated to harm conservatives before November’s election.” Further, he told the Post, the individuals who’ve had their pages yanked by Facebook “are not people who would support a Democratic candidate ever,” he said. “They will almost certainly be voting for Trump, and they are against Biden.”

But it’s not just Marshall. Facebook has banned 980 groups, 520 pages and 160 ads while also restricting 1,400 hashtags on Instagram. Included in the ban is a state Senate candidate in Idaho, Eric Parker (R) and Casey Robertson, the founder of the Utah Citizens’ Alarm.

Time will tell, but Robertson believes this a temporary setback. As he stated in a YouTube video, “This isn’t going to stop us, not even close. It’s just going to make us stronger.”