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Facebook Deletes Posts Supporting Kyle Rittenhouse

In what may be the clearest example that Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook have decided they will determine what news the millions of people who use Facebook will see, Facebook is deleting posts it believes support Kyle Rittenhouse – the teenager many believe was defending himself when he killed two individuals during the Kenosha riots.

Facebook claims Rittenhouse committed “mass murder.”

Kyle Rittenhouse fires on attackers

Kyle Rittenhouse fires on attackers

According to the Blaze, “conservative author and YouTuber Mark Dice said he received a notice from Facebook, threatening a suspension, after he shared video of Rittenhouse offering medical aid to wounded Kenosha protesters.”

According to Dice, “Facebook just removed a video I posted showing Kyle Rittenhouse offering help to a wounded protester in Kenosha and are threatening to delete my entire account.”

In his Facebook post, Dice wrote, “Newly uncovered video of Kyle Rittenhouse shows him helping an injured protester after she was struck in the foot with a projectile. In another video he told the cameraman that he’d brought a medical kit, which is the bag he was carrying. Further proving he had no malicious intent by showing up. In fact, he was there to help anyone who needed it.”

In a statement, a spokesperson for Facebook admitted that it is censoring and deleting posts about Rittenhouse. “We’ve designated this shooting as a mass murder and have removed the shooter’s accounts from Facebook and Instagram,” the spokesperson said.

In response, Dice told the Media Research Center, “It’s horrifying that Facebook is now censoring evidence in a criminal case that helps exonerate Kyle Rittenhouse,” Dice said. “The post was going viral and had been shared almost 10,000 times and debunked the mainstream media’s false narrative that Kyle went to the protest to cause trouble. Quite the contrary.”

One thing seems clear. Whether you support or condemn Rittenhouse, all Americans – indeed everyone around the world – should not have their news censored by Facebook.

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  1. Vonne G says:

    You remove Kyle’s Go Fund Me, without using the video evidence of being attacked and no conviction yet. So now your the Judge jury executioner, Wow, Facebook, you need to go! Can’t wait for a better program. Biased, off the wall policies and decisions, yet you leave on other videos of murders. Wishywash policies!

  2. Bob B says:

    Facebook is a Liberal Rag

  3. Ken says:

    Facebook has no more right to censor on a public forum than a restaurant has to refuse to serve someone based on their race!!!

  4. Pierre says:

    If you are wondering who sets the standard of interpretation, who deems what is in alignment or out, what is “incorrect” or correct, so am I.

  5. It’s about time to END ZUCKERBERG and facebook. He and it are the bigger threats to America and it’s constitution. Boycott and end facebook!!!

  6. Walter christ says:

    So let’s see ,Facebook will show every crazy rioter,looter,arsonist and Antifa person with reclkless abandon, but choose to delete true patriots!

    • Keith says:

      So let me get this straight to be considered a patriot by you all I have to do is murder a protestor by shooting them in the back? Good to know.

  7. Vonne G says:

    So Facebook has decided it is judge, jury and executioner. But left up the felony page and go fund me account for the beater, rapist, etc… Well Zuck your just a peach pit.

  8. Rob Heard says:

    Ultra Hypocrite Zuckerberg. Makes billions via American capitalism then turns on good ole “God, Guts, and Guns” by becoming a red socialist communist puke. Hey Mark enjoy it while you can!! God hates a hypocrite and what you got now is all your gonna get. Spend your billions in eternal hell! Never used Facebook and never will. Never buy from Facebook advertisers and never will. My family and friends are doing the same. I don’t do Amazon either. Facebook and Amazon sleep with the same devil.

  9. Connie says:

    What happened to “freedom of speech”?

  10. Arthur Ayala says:

    He who owns the company has that right, even if I disagree, but do agree both sides should be heard even if one side SUCKS!

  11. Janet Ross says:

    Typical ultra-liberals. So sad that many Americans are deceived.

  12. Edwin says:

    Gee socialism Already

  13. Will says:

    CENSORSHIP! Nothing more!

  14. ROBERT POWELL says:

    why would any thinking AMERICAN support face-book or it’s marxist owner?? this jackass thinks that he is “one of the anointed few” ? bull, he is just one of the communist’s USEFUL IDIOTS.