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Fauci Blames Trump for COVID Deaths

In a stunning series of statements, Dr. Anthony Fauci is, directly and indirectly, blaming former President Donald Trump for contributing to COVID-19 deaths.


Dr. Anthony Fauci has been reluctant to blame former President Donald Trump for how the coronavirus devastated the United States so badly, but he said Tuesday that the former president’s denialism about the pandemic contributed to the death toll,” according to Mediaite.

The director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases spoke to CNN’s Alisyn Camerota, who asked if Trump’s actions contributed to the U.S. death toll, which crossed the 500,000 mark this week.

“‘Do you think that his denial and lack of facts contributed to this level of loss?’ she asked.

“‘I certainly think that that’s part of it,’ Fauci said. ‘When you have such a common force, such a powerful force against you…you’ve got to do it together in a unifying way and not have any kind of political ideology divisiveness getting in the way of what we’re trying to do. That’s not the only thing that really was a problem, but that’s certainly in my mind, having lived through it, was something that I found really to be unfortunately damaging.’

Fauci continued:

“‘I’m uncomfortable going back and directly criticizing, but it’s really almost self-evident that when you’re trying to signal the country to really buckle down and address the kinds of mitigation strategies that we put forth — the wearing of masks, the physical distancing, the avoiding congregate settings, the kinds of things that I and many of the other public health people, who were there, trying to get the country to appreciate the this that we were trying to do all throughout the entire outbreak.’

“‘I mean, the thing that I remember very clearly is when we were trying to open up the country, open up the economy and to do it carefully with the gateway, the phase 1, phase 2, the phase 3. I was hoping that would see a uniform, unified approach towards all doing that together. And when signals come saying ‘this isn’t so bad, we’re in pretty good shape,’ when we’re saying we’re not, we being the health people, that was not helpful, because the people who wanted to deny that this is something that was serious when you get a signal from above that it might not be [so bad], then you don’t do the kinds of things you need to do.'”

For more on this report, go to Mediaite.

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  1. Charles Larson says:

    What a sorry pathetic group of Trump-liars here, folks. Every time the question about Trump’s accountability and incompetence of how he repeatedly downplayed and mishandled the Covid-19 has been made, they all turn it around on Fauci who has only spoken the truth about Trump’s words and messages to the American people. They LIE and say Fauci is to blame for everything. Fauci never “flip flopped” on how to deal with the pandemic period. He has said from the start to wear masks and socially distance from people and states mandated it country- wide. All you liars belong in prison if not hell.

    • Wes says:

      Are you delutional? Fauci is suppose to be the leading infectious disease expert in America and yet all he can say is wear a mask. If he wasn’t such a publicity hound who likes to see and hear himself on TV, then WHY would he not have followed the science like Governor Ron DeSantis and Governor Kristi Noem? These exemplary Governors took the time to research, evaluate and follow the science worldwide in order to get it right for the people of their states as compared to those who locked down and blindly followed Fauci’s recommendations. Look at the health, education, economy, stability, etc in Florida and South Dakota. States that adhered to Fauci’s recommendations are struggling and have turmoil within their borders. How long and how many layers of masks do Americans have to wear in order to satisfy Fauci? Eventually Trump saw through Fauci’s inconsistencies but Biden doesn’t question and blindly follows when he can remember to wear a mask. Trump actively invested in WARP SPEED VACCINE development to solve the problem. Trump wasn’t deterred by being told it can’t be done. Trump adapted and overcame adversity! Biden takes an easy, mundane approach and tells Americans to wear a mask, social distance and wash our hands as if Americans are idiots and don’t have sense enough to do that. Fauci’s recommendation to wear a mask even after taking the vaccine doesn’t make sense to me unless he has stock in companies who make face masks. A Patriotic American is open minded and rises above party affiliations to search for the truth and acts on it. This is just the thoughts of an American Democrat who believes in MAGA and putting America First. I PLEDGE ALLEGIANCE TO THE UNITED STATES, not to a political party.

      • Theresa Taylor says:

        I agree with you wholeheartedly. Fauci is a investor of the Wuhan Labs in China. This fact can be confirmed. I don’t consider Fauci as a number one for CDC. He’s as phony as Biden being President. You All know that all these lies swirling around are nothing more than that…LIES !!! NO SOLO PRESS CONFERENCE, SOLD OUT AMERICA, ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS BEFORE AMERICAN’S IN OUR COUNTRY. (USA) EXPANDING VOTING ACCESS INVITES FRAUD, BALLOT HARVESTING, HR1 BRINGS INTO QUESTION INTEGRITY OF ELECTIONS AND MORALITY OF THE PEOPLE.



  3. old gringo says:

    He has changed directions so many times, how could he blame anyone else for improper actions? After all, it’s just fashionable to pile on, putting Trump down, so he HAS to jump on the bandwagon!


  5. Ray Wadinski says:

    Let’s not forget covid started in Communist china!! How long did communist china wait to tell the world about their fuck up? Communist china should be the one taking blame for deaths in the USA and the rest of the world. They should be the ones held accountable!!

  6. E. Chandler says:

    Dr. Fauci I don’t put NO STOCK in anything he has to say. He flip flop so often to where you can’t believe him. After all this is the man that was at the ball park with this man & lady and he did NOT have NO MASK ON and then lied and said he was drinking water but he was laughing & talking. WITH NO MASK ON!! MUCH, MUCH PRAYER FOR THIS NATION & THE PEOPLE WHO IS IN AUTHORITY!!!

  7. Candy Clanton says:

    Well the American people blame Fauci for all his lies and recommendations that were all lies. The Country should never have been shut down and going into the hospital and using ventilators killed more than they saved – who was in charge of recommending procedures to fight the Covid – oh yes, one of the doctors that made the nasty virus – Fauci.

  8. AJ says:

    Dr. “Fraud” has continually lied to us from day one. Presented false facts on everything. He is bought and paid for by anyone that wants him to lie for them. Flip flops on everything.

    There is no pandemic. It is just another flu. This is used to destroy your civil rights. There is not one report/research/tests by experts that this mystery virus has every been isolated.
    The vaccines are used to cause change to our bodies natural immunities and other controlling effects. It’s been reported that “Many People are dying and disabled after getting the vaccines”. Ask “Vaccine Gates about nano chip s in the vaccines? Ask Africans, Italy, India and others about the deaths and disabled that resulted after receiving vaccines produced by
    Gates!!!! Use common sense!!! Protect yourselves!!!

    • Charles Larson says:

      A.J., you’re a lying- ignorant lunatic. You’re telling everyone here no one in our country has died from the Covid-19. All the news agencies are lying dbout the 500,000 + deaths due to the pandemic. And no one has ” reported” anyone died from any of the vaccines. You don’t give us your source because there is none, BIG LIAR.

  9. Clayton drenth says:

    Faucci should bear most of the blame after all he is the high paid expert who confused everyone

  10. WW says:

    Fauci is a publicity hound. He has flip flopped so much that he has zero credibility. Fauci will say anything if they will let him in front of a camera. Fauci forget the mask, wear a gag.

  11. Lemont Cranston says:

    Faucci is a fraud, just like the WHO! The Constitution does not give him any power over “We the People”! Neither can the government! Our “Rights” come from God. No government can take them away. Keep in mind, the Constitution LIMITS the power of the government, not the people!
    The Constitution, like salvation makes every person responsible for himself. Therefore, “We the People” must stand up as one man and let our demands made known. Since Pelosi has chosen to lock down the capitol, I believe because she fears losing her power, “We the People” will have to write a letter to the fake president, demanding he keep all the accomplishments of President Trump in place. That includes the building of the wall to continue, the continuation of the pipeline, etc. He may get the hint if 80-90 million people send their letter on the same day!
    Should he refuse, then maybe “We the People” should take the advice of Thomas Jefferson, “The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves from tyranny in government.”

    • Charles Larson says:

      Lemont, I agree with your letter idea and email is a good option, too. Be sure to make and send copies of your letter to your state politicians and your senators and house of representative. The more politicians you share your ideas and “demands”, the better. I also believe in being proactive with our politicians.

  12. Dull Knife says:

    Hey Nancy, here is another one you can tuck under your wing. DR. ????? he hasn’t seen a medical patient in over 35 years. BOY is he OUT OF PRACTICE.

  13. Holly Rose says:

    This whole pandemic scare is nothing but a falsehood, fib, fabrication, deception, invention, piece of fiction, falsification, half truths and an exaggeration. This scenario didn’t fit the real hard core stories I have heard from my mom and a Benedictine Sister. My mom caught the 1918 flu at the age of four and she told me some horrible stories as well as the Benedictine Sister. What we went through didn’t match what I was told, in fact, I didn’t even see the intensity of a regular seasonal every day garden variety flu outbreak. If there was truly an epidemic, everybody and I mean everybody would be down with it and only a small percentage of people would be well. Didn’t see that. trump knew it was a hoax and that is why he never sported a mask. For some reason the idiot went along instead of telling us the truth. trump never had CV19 as I didn’t see any symptoms of it such the drawn and worn out, pale look when one has a serious flu as such and he wasn’t even congested. He got over it so quickly. No he did not have the CV19, flu or even a cold. Can’t full me with that old sheepskin.

    • Corri says:

      For those who are not scientists here on this site, here is what spreads a virus – CLOSE CONTACT. Period. And if Trump had taken that seriously when told so, he would have mandated a 2-3 week period of shutting down all businesses and having the entire American populus in lockdown mode during that brief time, with exception of essential workers who would wear appropriate masks to prevent spread. That in itself would have starved the virus out of existence in a flash. It’s what China and Vietnam did and they succeeded in getting rid of the virus quickly in their countries because of this speedy and thorough response to the virus. It was stupid not to follow Fauci’s approach to starve the virus at its onset. Now we have to deal with the repercussions of not doing a short lockdown at the very start back in Feb 2020. Yep, that’s why we still have CoVid in our country. It’s the way viruses work and the way to eradicate them quickly and effectively. No need for our country to have sustained so many deaths and have it still be a life-threat from just a virulent strain of coronavirus. That’s the truth, folks. Study viruses in depth as the scientists do and you will know that.

      • Maggie Barker says:

        You are either a nut case or in denial of Dr F’s actions and comments over the last year. He is an insult to science. Is there anything he’s said that he hasn’t flip-flopped’ on? He is first a publicity hound and then a political hack. He is not a scientist. How valid is advice from a doctor who hasn’t seen a patient in 35 years (never in this career). As more info comes out, his collusion with China becomes more apparent. He managed funding for the virus factory in China. When Obama said no more Dr F took it upon himself to continue the funding by moving money around. He is the single reason Covid-19 was unleashed on the world. He has consistently lied, made up data and tried to manipulate the population with fear and falsehoods that have robbed us of our basic civil liberties. He should replace the mask that he frequently doesn’t wear, with a dunce’s hat and a clown nose. History and the scientific community will judge him harshly as it should. He has always been Piglosi’s doctor. Cancel his tv appearances and see what he has to offer that he won’t’flip-flop’ on within hours or days. Dr F is not to be believed – according to his own admission. Most legitimate scientists allow other scientists to enter dialogue. Dr F listens to no one except his political handlers. He especially has difficulties listening to doctors who currently treat patients and have over long careers. He must be seen for what he is – an opportunist elite (rules are for there not me) who says anonymous sex with a stranger is safer than visiting grandparents. Strange correlation but it says an abundance about where he hangs out at.The F in Dr F’s name stands for fraud! His greatest fear is the end of the pandemic. He promotes carrying on with
        his schtick forever. His days in the spotlight are numbered. He dreads continued vaccinations that will take away his platform of lies.

      • AJ says:

        John Hopkins University, Genieve Briand, researched the covid deaths. Results: “No spike in deaths by covid virus in 2020. Decline in natural deaths (from heart attacks, strokes, etc) reported equals those reported as covid deaths. Fact: 2.8+ million deaths every year in the USA.

    • Corri says:

      Don’t you realize that Trump was covered in make-up for his TV appearances. Have you ever seen what actors do to be able to play their TV roles? Tons of make-up. Those who were close to Trump attest to his sickly look. It’s the make-up that made him look the way he wanted to look. He did the same when on his TV show. Ask anyone who participated in it. They all had tons of makeup on, too.

    • Charles Larson says:

      Holly , you must be related to BIG LIAR A.J. PLEASE ! Our country does not need more Trump-like Lies. Let’s keep up wearing the masks and get the vaccine ASAP.

  14. G says:

    We still have to follow constitutional law and people do have rights. Fauci flip flops based on the political wind blowing in his ear. What does Fauci have to gain by what he says should be investigated. Fauci has no idea how many died of COVID or had underlying health problems that caused their deaths. The CCP and the WHO both screwed the world and are still trying to cover up the actual cause and timing of when the problem was known. Democrats need to deflect from what Biden is trying to do to this country and the pork ridden stimulus bill. Prices skyrocketing and handing out $1,400 will go how far? Open up the economy get kids in school and throw out anything not COVID related.

  15. Aug says:

    Dr. Fauci and all of the above comments understate Trump’s totally FUBAR Covid-19 response. If Covid-19 deaths are underreported by 44% then Trump and his supporters have the blood of nearly 750,000 Covid deaths on their hands.

    • Samuel Sherrill Kent, Ph.D. says:

      It would be nice if we had minimal educational and informed status requirements to weed out foolish and unwarranted comments. Hexachlorophene? Maybe you mean hydroxychloroquine which in fact does mitigate Covid-19 symptoms in early stages and was correctly promoted by Trump and recently ratified by JAMA in its January issue. Hexachlorophene is an anti-bacterial agent. Take it from a biochemist.

      No, people in masses are not dying from ANY vaccine. However, all organisms including humans are biologically diverse either on a genetic basis or because of environment. It is a rare event when anyone dies from a vaccine, and many more die from food poisoning. Yes, there are RARE instances when a human being may die from a shot of anything, but for the 99.999 % that are helped, it makes no sense to eliminate, in this case, a vaccine because of a death response. So, of course, there is a (responsible) government program that is aware of those rare instances which are tragic and produce a hardship for any family. What is wrong with that solution? Nothing is wrong. It is the best solution. The system saves millions of lives and loses a few. That is life. You are just totally uninformed and with that you exercise poor judgment.


    • Maggie says:

      Totally agree with you! Fauci is an idiot! He needs locked up! He and Bill Gates brought this plandemic here. There is proof!

    • Kira says:

      Totally agree with you. Dr. Fauci was the leading voice advising President Trump on how the country should respond to the virus and the President followed his lead. The blame should be laid on Fauci who also was involved in the research with the Wuhan lab. Now Dr. Fauci is continuing to advise the new president on the correct response to the virus. How can he flip flop and still be considered the authority???

  17. Joan Rose Forcella says:

    Fauci has to blame Trump He is with the Leftist groups without Trump we would not have a vaccine nor be so far ahead we are happy with all trump did to bad som are so jealous

  18. Chris says:

    old A Fauci, What A left brained idiot! Makes me sick to see what democrats have done to this Country! I’ll never Vote again. I want abide by any law they force! I’m done with government Flakes. It’s time to just get rid of them. Nobody wants to know anything about them. It’s all lies!They can all go to he..!THE LAW DOESNT MATTER. ACCORDING TO DEMOCRATS I CAN RIOT OR MURDER BURN ANYTHING I WANT TO. AND I KNOW WHERE TO START.

  19. Linda says:

    That’s like the pot calling the kettle black! President Trump early on was getting bits & pieces of info from his health advisors, who didn’t really have “valid” info about Covid-19. Therefore his info changed a lot from day to day. So if any blame is to be laid, it should be at the feet of his health advisors. It’s called don’t shoot the messenger.

    • Sue E. Felder says:

      Wow, Linda, you sure hit the nail right on the head. President Trump was listening mostly to Dr. Fauci….I remember early on that President Trump even let Dr. Fauci talk to the general public. Well That in itself was a big mistake and President Trump learned from that. Less people than what was expected to die have lived because of our great President Trump.

  20. Dominic Rita says:

    Before he starts to put the blame on any one especially President Trump, maybe he should open his own closet to see where the blame actually.
    He has contradicted himself on several occasions. Also, maybe he should give the correct information about how many actually died from the virus and not from regular illness’s.
    Also, why don’t he show how much interest him and his wife have in keeping the virus ongoing.

    • Carol Guffey says:

      Mr. Fauci said a couple of days ago that this virus is very bad I took a photo copy of that message do I would know who said it, and he also said to wear two mask or maybe three. He is only saying what the DemoRats want him to say what a dumba**.

    • Charles says:

      There were 3 deaths that I am aware of from last Spring listed as covid deaths. One was actually a terminal Emphsyma patient,one was a stroke. The 3rd did actually have covid, however this idiot had a Blood Alcohol Of 0.05. Meaning that he really died from acute Alcohol Poisoning. In all probability the real covid death rate is probably somewhere closer to Half the number being reported!

  21. Jim Westfall says:

    Just goes to show snake oil salesmen (Fauci) are still alive snd well today. What a POS Fauci is!

  22. I wish the OLD FART would make up his mind, he makes all of us older people look bad !!! His scientific knowledge is chemicaly unbalanced !!!

  23. Kenneth Miller says:

    It was obvious from the beginning that Fauci was a miserable old Democrat. What could you expect?

  24. paul says:

    dr fauci is a fraud and has been for years remember what he said about aids in the 80s everyone was gonna get it later he admitted he lied he didnot want to stigmaties sodomites

    • Cherry Wood says:

      He is a liar, and another “LEFTIST PUPPET” Fauci admitted to multiply lies last year, on Fox news! INCLUDING puposelylying by telling Americans that they didn’t need to wear a mask,and Trump was listening to Faucis advise+

  25. Sue McKenzie says:

    I sincerely hope Dr. Fauci gets the opportunity to discuss the impact of illegal aliens coming into the United States without the benefit of testing nor vaccines. I think they will greatly impact the number of deaths and the medical system.

  26. Bruce Bonine says:

    Would someone comment on the drastic reduction of positive number of COVID cases after including a positive test along with symptoms. Is this apply to deaths too ?

  27. George says:

    Have you noticed, the seasonal flu has caused no
    Deaths, people have not died from any cause other then COVID-19. As I recall it was Fauci who told President Trump that there would be a pandemic during your term in office, should show this man had his hand in the cookie jar from the beginning. It’s time the worlds court treat this Fauci as a traitor to humanity.

    • ck says:

      George, you’re a fucking liar, opening your mouth without facts like everyone else in this thread There were 22,000 deaths this last year from the flu, down from 34,000 the year before, BECAUSE of masks.

  28. Robert Shriver says:

    Bob: Fauci was a fake ALL ALONG. He needs too crawl up Sleepy Joes hind side and go in the basement. A double crossed. Pointing finger at Thrump is BULL CRAP AND HE KNOWS IT. HIM AND HIS CROOKS. PUT HIM BEHIND BARS WITH THE REST OF THE LIARS.HE IS NOT FOR AMERICA. (CHINA LOVER) ALL SAID AND DONE) LOCK HIM UP.

  29. tj says:

    Fauci, flips and flops constantly. What ever he says today will change sooner or
    later. So who cares what he says. No doubt he will blame someone else and take
    none of the blame.

  30. Don says:

    Thus continually proving Fauci is a persistent and blatant liar as usual. He needs to be dumped in the toilet and flushed.

  31. Michael OConnor says:

    This just shows how stupid and distrustful Fucci is. He is so buried financially in the Wuhan Labs and from one day to the next he told different stories and becaude he lies so much he can’t remember what story he told yesterday. He is a little rat who only wants to please those who are filling his pockets. Trump’s only mistake was not firing him right up frint.

  32. Donnie Morrow says:

    All of these so called covid deaths are from the illnesses we get every year,they just call it covid death to get more money,most deaths are natural death related,look how many cases of flu,heart problems,every one that dies now days they say is because of covid,what happened to natural deaths,nope it’s covid,,,,this covid crap is bullshit and faucci knows it.

  33. F F Tramutola Jr. says:


  34. Lea Donaldson says:

    Fauci should have been fired months ago! He’s already admitted he lied to the American people about herd immunity. Plus he has a patient on the medication he recommended for Covid! He’s in it for the money!

  35. Linda says:

    And…on Fauci has changed everything he ever said but even so, even the law of averages is not working in his favor!! He is not an intelligent man/Dr! Why are we still listing to him bamboozle us into another year if this hyped up terror?😡 Get RID OF FAUCI!!😡😡

  36. Chuck says:

    Fauci needs to keep his mouth shut , he has made plenty of mistakes himself , he speaks having unity what is it you doing right now but point your finger fauci if anyone should receive blame it’s you, time for you to step down your sucking up to the far left with your wording and is it working for them no Biden is destroying America

  37. Rebekah Brosman says:

    What a LAIR and greedy man. He has been lying from the beginning. Now he is making millions from the vaccine. Money talks and bullshit walks. I am sick of Trump being blamed for the pandemic and all the trouble that happened last year. Finding out we have a bunch of wolves in sheep clothing.

  38. Gilbert Zinke says:

    DR Fauci
    is just following agenda 2030

  39. carol starkes says:

    Fauci is horrible. Try big pharma about deaths. While trump was president he advocay3ed hydroxychloriquin and zinc. Pharma would not sanction it. Now biden is fake pres and pharma is allowing it. Those taking hydroxie and zinc are not dying. They are getting better. Fauci is a waffler.

  40. Well, when Trump closed off all flights and travel to and from China he was called discriminate. Every thing Trump did to help fight he was put down. What have you done to help America. First you say that masks helped then they were not helping. You have been at grammar school to long. You are on the seesaw too much. Are we to believe anything that comes from your mouth? You are siding with the democrats way too much.

  41. Tom Castillo says:

    The top recommendation from the 1917 pandemic: WEAR A MASK. Fauci: DON”T wear a mask. Irish statesman Edmund Burke is often misquoted as having said, “Those who don’t know history are destined to repeat it.” Spanish philosopher George Santayana is credited with the aphorism, “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it,” while British statesman Winston Churchill wrote, “Those that fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.” Fauci: “DUH”

  42. Ally says:

    Fauci is an idiot who needs to retire to the nearest derp waterhole and never come out.

  43. G says:

    It’s called misinformation and misdirect away from the stupidity going on in the democrats controlled congress and white house. Let’s not forget the idiot democrat state governors who have and continue to destroy their states.

  44. Jocelyn says:

    When will the lies stop I have been following this situation from the beginning way back when the dr that released the warning about this lab created virus was found dead the next day. So if you want to play the blame game do some research. You will find that everyone but Trump was told and after he was they said he jumped the gun by stopping incoming flights and pelosi went to china town and was celebrating. How stupid do you think the American people are? We heard the reports
    Before the news was censored. And altered.

  45. Bev says:

    Trump has been blamed for EVERYTHING else the Dems have screwed up, why would they stop now? Heaven forbid they take responsibility for all the damage done and being done to the USA.

  46. Roger Mommaerts says:

    Sounds like the little man is getting a big head…

  47. This so called Doctor has changed his talk about the C-19 so many times that I’m not sure if he has brain problems or what. He is making money for his so called info and will say whatever it takes to stay in the news.

  48. rick says:

    “Dr.” Faucet needs to just quietly go away, since he can’t make up his mind from one day to the next as to what works & what doesn’t! Another worthless government turd who has been slopping at the public trough for far too long.

  49. bruce says:

    Saint Fauci was wrong more times than anyone about this. Why is he floated out there as an expert when he clearly is not? For 99.7% of us this virus is “Not so bad”. I had it. For me it WAS like the Flu. Now who said that? What was the President of the US supposed to do? Like like a little wimp and moan and cry and panic? Or be strong, calm and lead, getting us a vaccine in 9 months instead of 5 years, the track record of the previous admin.

  50. Linda says:

    Trump and Bans should not even be in the same paragraph! Trump by far exceeds the accomplishments if Amweica during his administration that itvis embarrassing to mention both in same article!
    Obama divided. On purpose. Hillary would have continued Obama’s murderous divisiveness!😡
    Trump united! Therefore Democrats went crazy seeing all their personal monied plans fall through for 4 years!!!! They all showed their true colors by being demon possessed in their quest to destroy Trump and that he stood for the working man and woman!
    Look at the damage already accomplished by the ignorant team of Biden-Harris!! Laughable if it wasn’t sending us into a depression and a war!!!ALREADY!!

  51. Charles Dean says:

    Fauci was the main problem causing many deaths. Trump closed the borders and recommended hydrocloriquine that saved lives. Also suggested that the cure should not be worse than the desease which in my mind has been. No flu last year?

  52. John says:

    Fauci is a pathetic,little man trying to deflect from his own incompetence. This is a common strategy of the weasels on the left.

  53. roger says:

    Fauci’s conflicts of interest in this whole thing should have disqualified him from any decision making. Doctors should have been allowed to use their medical knowledge to treat patients and not be forced to use his obsolete methods. If this would have been the case there would have been fewer deaths. I never want a government worker who is beholding to special groups deciding my fate due to a health problem

  54. Tim T. says:

    People forget, some purposely those who are Trump haters, that Fauci stated at the onset of the virus that he “trusted” his counter-parts in China. Then Biden came out against the travel ban, Pelosi partied with hundreds of people in China Town, De Blasio told people that there was no problem and “go to the movies”. China and The Who hid the severity of the virus. The bottom line is that the Democrats are afraid of Trump because he is not beholding to China like the corrupt politicians.
    Please don’t call the Democrat party “The Democratic Party”. THERE IS NOTHING DEMOCRATIC ABOUT THE DEMOCRAT PARTY!!!!!

  55. Ray Wadinski says:

    Faucii the little rat just trying to cover his ass, lol

  56. Michael says:

    Fauci is the highest over paid do nothing person in our government. For someone that gets paid that much to always get it wrong. I’ve heard more flip flops out of him than a fish out of water. He likes to say Trump did it but fauci was telling Trump what to do. I have no respect for this man he should lose his job or start doing his job and keep his ass off CNN

  57. Cathleen says:

    Really now Fauci!!! Why don’t u take the blame yourself by giving tPresident Trump and the world all the wrong messages!! You should have taken precautions when in December you heard about the virus , instead of telling the world n the President oh, it’s nothing to worry about!! If your so close to the Dems why didn’t I tell them instead of telling lie after lie after lie. How much money were u given for your part with the WHO n China???? You of all people need to retire n take Pelosi n Schumer with you. Don’t blame Trump for your inadequacies n lies!!!! He took his direction fromYOU!!

  58. Allan says:

    Fauci just got a big payday, so now he can bash President Trump and retire with a fat bank account.
    Get rid of this guy already. There are brighter and more ethical people who can do this job.

  59. DeeJay says:

    Dr Fauci is a Hack, Look at how he keeps changing his mind on everything he says. If he thinks that Trump handled the outbreak badly, Just imagine how bad it would have been handled if the Democrats where in charge at the time!

  60. Dee says:

    Fauci is an unreliable source of information. He has gone back and forth so many times regarding covid that I get dizzy just trying to keep up with his latest opinion. Trump did everything right in the face of a potential threat to America. The evil liberals will never admit that nor will they ever be honest. We need Trump back in office. We were doing great until the election was stolen. Look what Biden is doing now to destroy our country. It is beyond despicable and disgusting! He is not our President. He is apuppet of the evil far left. Fight for your rights peopke….before its too late!

  61. Hoyce Schmidt says:

    Never have trusted Fauci! He sways the way the wind blows! And now that Biden is living in the White House, he knows it is beneficial to blame Trump! I mean, there are perks to be had!
    Biden has already returned funding to the Wuhan Lab where this killer virus was made! Why wouldn’t he, Fauci is in line, the virus benefited the Democrats! He might as well reward them, and let them start working on another killer virus! China is happy, Biden is happy!
    Makes sense!

  62. I seem to remember the Dr. Fauci was in denial when this start last February and told people not to worry or wear a mask. Funny not that he is on a pedestal with Biden that it was all President Trump’s fault. I also seem to remember that he was the one who gave US dollars to the Wuhan lab for testing and research. I think he is in Biden’s mental state and should step aside.

    • Joan M Houser99 says:

      Fauci is still in line with Wuhan Lab
      And on the news tonight the USA is also sending that lab. Money our money!

  63. Paul Mason says:

    Trump cannot be implicated, he had the correct cure and it was Hexachlorophene.. I found an astounding article from Medical Kidnap News. “Biden Gives $4 BILLION to WHO and Bill Gates for Global COVID Vaccine Injury Compensation Program”. All this for a virus that has never been proven to exist! Consequently, the PCR test was built to detect a virus whose very existence has failed to meet any rational standard of evidence. People are dying from this vaccine, and not one of our leaders seems to give a dam!

  64. ck says:

    Rightly so!