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FBI Is Investigating Hunter Biden

With less than a week to go before Election Day, it has been confirmed by two sources that Hunter Biden, son of Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden, is under active investigation for money-laundering by the FBI and the Department of Justice.

In addition to the two above tweets by Sinclair Broadcast Group investigative journalist James Rosen, Rosen has published a full report (along with more extensive and exclusive video interviews of Tony Bobulinski than the one in the above tweet) in an article headlined, “DOJ official confirms FBI 2019 into Hunter Biden, still active.”

As the article sets out, “A justice department official has confirmed to Sinclair Broadcast Group that the FBI opened up a criminal investigation into Hunter Biden and his associates back in 2019, focused on allegations of money-laundering and that the probe remains active.

“Sinclair investigative reporter James Rosen has also spoken with a central witness in these allegations, which suggests that former vice president Joe Biden knew more than he has acknowledged about his son’s overseas dealings.” [emphasis added]

For more of Rosen’s article, click here.


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  1. George Crenshaw says:

    Nov 4, 2020 . The headlines read Trump win, Biden’s leave the U.S.A., along with the celebrities who said so.

  2. The evidence is there plain and simple! Bottom line they want Trump out cause as we the people know they are all involved in this with China !!! The democratic’s !!! Clinton’s, Obama , all of them getting the big bucks !! Yeah they want to get Biden in so they can sweep everything under the rug. The writing is plainly written on the wall yeah they cheat at any cost they can they been doing it for years and if u think the democratic’s are for are great black we the people I suggest BLM go back and read back on there history of how the democratic’s treated the blk Americans !!! I would hope this would open up there eyes !!! That’s written history not he or she said or any rumors ! True historical facts !!! People are worried about the outcome after the fact well don’t !!! Cause if things get to bad don’t forget about our lord he is do to return !!!!! Look at all that’s happening it’s written in the Bible it’s as good as tomorrow’s news paper but much more reliable !!!

  3. Arizona Don says:

    It does seem like the so called democrats (communists or marxist certainly they are no longer liberals) want Biden to be elected so that they can remove him or have him resign and Harris can become president. She can easily be controlled and directed in the direction they desire. Of course he can also however he has way to much baggage. Consequently however she would not really be directing the nation the elites would.

    It appears these so called democrats are attempting to install the Obama promised fundamental transformation transforming the United States of America into a communist or marxist state. To accomplish that they must first get our guns. That may not be as easy as they seem to think it will be. Certainly they cannot believe if they pass a law somehow allowing guns to be confiscated that the people will just comply willingly. For, you can rest assured, they will not.

    No one not even the government knows for sure how many guns are legally owned here in the US or even who all the gun owners are or how many gun owners there are. Gun owners are estimated at over 150 million but less then 250 million. That of course makes confiscating the guns much more difficult. And then if the fact that at least the majority of the population will certainly not comply with any such law that would make it impossible to get all the guns. Furthermore, there are so many it would take years to accomplish (if in fact it were possible) perhaps decades or many decades if the citizens resist and we all know many, if not most, will. There are very likely more guns (small arms) owned here in the US than all the armies of the world combined. That number could easily be over a billion. Perhaps way over a billion!

    Obviously anyone thinking it would be easy to fundamentally transform the United States of America into a communist or marxist state, against the peoples will, even if they take over the government is a fool. Furthermore anyone thinking they can convince all the people to accept communism or marxism is even a bigger fool. It will not in any way be easy. Our founders saw to it we had the means to defend against tyranny and therefore we will resist such action very violently if necessary. And to whatever extent is necessary.

    We live in the most successful country in the world so improve it where feasible if possible but transform it hell no! It shall remain a Constitutional Representative Republic forever.

  4. David Smith says:

    So they investigated Hillary and look what happened she is now in the electoral I guess that means Biden will be president Hank Williams Jr. said it all in his song Mr. Lincoln. by the way Rosario is a female name LOL I am praying this virus stops so I can move to Russia LOL even God is not going to help America He is sick of all the evil in this country.

  5. Brenda Wise says:

    This crookedness in politics has been going on for a long time. Even the FBI has been compromised. And what about Justice Roberts compromised. It’s all coming out and there’s going to be a lot of people in for a rude awakening. Time for the corruption to be brought to light all God’s people to see. Even the media is compromised. What a Sad State of Affairs

  6. Biden and his son & family, Re guilty & there is no good reason the FBI & all other active intelligence agency’s should quickly persue this ! ?. They’ve had the evidence in their hands for along time & Now I witness, A partner & man on the inside has testified against The Biden’s … So what the hell is the Hold up ? politics are again getting in the way of real Justice… so what happened with the saying NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW … Bull shit .. I’am a AMERICAN Patriotic TRUMP FAN & will VOTE NOVEMBER 3rd
    Robert Wynn LEHR ✝️??????????????????????????? Lighthouse Point Florida Trump bus not a politician he is An AMERICAN PATRIOT That loves Our Country .. & he doesn’t need the money like Biden who has been stealing fro us the people for 47 years .. fact check it … We can not let our Beautiful Country become a Socialist or Communist Nation if Biden & Harris get in Our Nation & our future & that of Children & Grandchildren will be in EXTREME DANGER…. Please l: A Vote for TRUMP & The Republicans us a VOTE for AMERICAS & Our FUTURE… GOD BLESS AMERICA
    Is:,if you voted early in now changed your patriotic mind You can CHANGE…. ????????????????????????????

  7. I never have tusted Joe “Sleepy” Biden. And I certainly don’t trust him or his pal Obama to run this country. More likely it is them that will have to run from the law, if there is any law still left in this land.

  8. Finally! Republicans in Congress! Don’t let the FBI slow walk these investigations! The Biden’s are DIRTY and, as Sarah Palin once said, “You can’t put lipstick on a pig. You insult the pig.”

  9. Sic&Tired says:

    As Far as Ole….(Rosario Zappulla)…goes. Someone Best Remind this person that I am NOT SO SURE – “New Yorkers” are TOO WELL EDUCATED.???? I know of State that Elected one of the Most Criminal Lady’s in our Country’s History, who never got any jail time for Her Miss-Deads and Illegal Crap. OH – Yes, New Yorkers Voted in the Notorious Hillary Clinton as a Senator….Give Me a Break!! IF, that is Educated….I want to know what New York Dumbness IS.???? The Clintons are as Bad as the Obama’s……Commonly Known as Miserable Americans & shouldn’t even be close to being considered Americans..More Like “Traitors”.!! Now there is Some EDUCATION…For You.!!

  10. Tamara Howard says:

    it’s painfully obvious when the Left have lost (and in this case they’re out of their league), they throw child like tantrums. They are a joke but the laughing is over. They are welcome to leave the USA!

  11. Rosario Zappulla says:

    You scumbag trump lackies shud take your bulletin lies to other states, NEW YORKERS ARE TO WELL EDUCATED IN POLITICAL WARFARE TO FALL FOR YOUR TRUMP BULLSHIT!

    • Mark Porter says:

      Sir please step back take a deep breath and breathe and calm yourself down. IT’S CALLED SELF CONTROL. If that doesn’t work I suggest that you try to calm yourself by coloring with crayons. GOD BLESS YOU

    • Ted says:

      Please give an example to substantiate that Biden’s are not involved in the criminal activities mentioned. Pointing out facts about these peoples involvement in criminal dealings is not political warfare, it’s facts! Name calling is the attempt to cover up for the lack of intellectual integrity!

    • your out of your mind all the crap is coming from you stupid Biden people who only trust you nasty dishonest party that is filled with hate

    • Norm Demichele says:

      You are an idiot

    • Betty says:


    • Lt. Buck says:

      Keep running that mouth, if you were truly educated you would know Socializum Joe will destroy this country. Us Trump lackies have had about enough of you.

    • Sam B. says:

      Rosario Rosario Rosario. I’m a very moderate Democrat that personally knows dozens of other dems…however WE r patriots of our awesome country first. Having said this I guess WE r all..”scumbag Trump lackies” lol. WE ALL HAVE JUMPED SHIP & r voting for TrumpPence & others on the right!! Let’s b honest..quid pro quo JOE “hasn’t seen the football since the kickoff” sadly. He forgets what city he’s in when he’s out campaigning(what little he does)…He’s introduced his sister as his wife!…He believes truth over fact(what?! lol)…He’s referred to god as..”u know that..that thing!”…He’s said several times recently: “my name is Joe Biden..Democrat running for United States SENATE”..,And when referring to Donald Trump recently he called him George Bush!!!! R U SERIOUS?! And this guy wants to b our president. I’ll take being called a “scumbag Trump lackie” as a compliment before voting for the corrupt unhinged radical left!

    • Tink says:

      That’s why they are leaving your f***ed up city in mass huh?

    • Grace says:

      To, Too and Two? Please don’t call me uneducated while confusing such an easy choice.

    • Syko says:

      Have yet to meet an educated man or working man who would actually try to use their voice to promote socialism or communism. They have enough sense to realize that people risk their lives serving this country or fleeing others countries that are socialist/communist run. Even the great USSR disbanded into countries that have embraced our style of government. I know. Served during and saw supposed end of communism and cold war. Never was easy. Unless you are in power, in social./communist
      Politics. You are nothing to them and they will take what they want and give ( if any) what they don’t. How can everything be free if no one can put a price on their families? Would you trust family business be run by someone who only has their, not your, best interest in mind.

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