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Feinstein: Do as I Say, Not as I Do

For the moment, put aside any discussion about whether wearing a mask is a smart thing to do when it comes to reducing the spread of COVID-19. Instead, focus on the fact that Democrats – from Joe Biden on down – keep telling and ordering everyone to wear masks. Yet, time and time again, we see that they don’t follow the commands they dictate to the country.

Here’s the latest example. Just moments ago, Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) was caught on video in the halls of Congress not wearing a mask. Not only was she not wearing a mask, but she also didn’t even have one with her.

Is this not the same behavior for which Democrats have repeatedly and viciously attacked President Trump?

Please watch the video and share your thoughts about Diane Feinstein in the Comment Section on this page.


  1. Mike says:

    Diane Feinstein is a typical democrat dictator like her father Adolf

  2. Mike says:

    Diane Feinstein is a typical democrat dictator like her father Adolf
    If they think for one minute we will fall for her bullshit…..they are highly mistaken.

  3. Mike says:

    Diane Feinstein is a typical democrat dictator like her father Hitler.
    If they think for one minute we will fall for her bullshit…..they are highly mistaken.

  4. Nancy M Gibson says:

    ” from Joe Biden on down – keep telling and ordering everyone to wear masks. Yet, time and time again, we see that they don’t follow the commands they dictate to the country.” ORDERING…COMMAND…DICTATE…??? Just what country do they think we are living in? We, the people, “hire” these pompous politicians lest they forget.

  5. FrankAboutIt says:

    A length of rope here and a length of rope there, and here a rope there a rope, everywhere a rope, rope, is all it would take to cure what ails Americans.

  6. Judith Keck says:

    The democrats always do what I say not what I do. They think they are above the people. Their day is coming and KARMA is a bitch. What goes around comes around. The nation is sick of it the lies, deceit, corruption. From all parties. We want smaller government, and someone honest and decent. Which is not Biden. The democrats are destroying our country. Nobody is for the People. Think about it.

  7. Holly Rose says:

    My mother always taught me “shut up and do as I tell you!” We should do same.

  8. Terry says:

    How can these democrats be so ignorant? All you have to do is look at their actions and listen to their warped statements and outlook on America. Actions speak louder than words so look at them and then speak from a educated standpoint. We can’t allow them to do blatantly corrupt and skew the election with all the rampant obvious cheating.

  9. Jo says:

    Get a life. Democrates told tbey were going to cheat. I feel sorry for those people who have to cheat to win. They are pathetic. If you cheat, lie you will also steal. Some people gets to really thinking they are above every one and everything when they are givin power. Most of the time it makes them ugly acting and mean. But my God’s not dead. He’s still in charge. Keep praying he will see us through all this mess.

  10. Robert Feldman says:

    But you don’t understand! She was just on her way to get her hair done!

  11. HOWARD says:


  12. Cheryl Lund says:

    85 years old and not worried about getting the virus hmm, how many democrats actually got co vid in congress. Awfully strange she’s at the age where it could kill her but no worries there. Why doesn’t President force the issue of testing in Congress? After all the democrats are forcing and cheating the people out of a legal election maybe their the ones that are spiking the spread of the virus

    • Don Sr. says:

      This is no crazier than the dems comments but maybe they have a connection to get covid germs and release those germs where they see fit. Crazy? So is their actions on the voting problem. she is a piece of work that the American people do not need any longer. Nothing would shock me these days.

    • Don Sr. says:

      How bout this one….CROOKS

  13. James says:

    The Democrat Party is like Hunter Biden’s laptop as President Trump called it, the laptop from hell, goes hand in hand with the Democrat Party which is the party from hell, they just named it wrong. Should be named Demoncrat Party, the party of Satan.

    • Margaret says:

      Feinstien thinks she is better than all of us. Just like all the rest of
      the Dems, liars,sneaky, does everything illegal to get their way.you people may be in for a ride awakening.

    • Margaret says:

      Feinstien thinks she is better than all of us. Just like all the rest of
      the Dems, liars,sneaky, does everything illegal to get their way.you people may be in for a ride awakening.did not post it before.

  14. Richard Kevin Lindemann says:

    Richard K.Lindemann

  15. J P K says:

    No social distancing either.

  16. Yvonne says:

    Can’t stand that they are trying to steal the election. It makes me sick every time I read the paper or watch TV that I mute the TV and plan on canceling the paper. I can’t believe that there are so many people willing to give up their freedom and all the violence from the left.


      The main problem in this country is they don’t read all the news not eat h all the news. Totally uneducated.if trump was smart which he isn’t should have ordered the whole country to wear masks. We are now the worst country with Clovis. Fines should have been put in place. That’s not looking your freedom. It protecting you you family and your country!!!

  17. T Beach says:

    And her husband owns 60% of Dominion Voting systems. They all know its a SCAMDEMIC just used so they could get cheat by mail voting put in place. They either all need sent to Guitanamo Bay or catch a case of Covid 308.


      Maybe you don’t live in a big city but so many lives have been taken. Look up the facts. Its been happening for years. We are trying to get guns out of hands of criminals.gangs etc.don’t take it personal. If all sales are registered and background checks done. That’s a good start. You don’t have to loose your right to a firearm. Help the progress. Help the rest of the country’s cities and suburbs to control how a gun is received. And get illegal guns off the street so they cant be bought by anyone.So stop whining. Help our country. Thank you.

      • Cherry says:

        It’s not the guns that kills. Its the person pulling the trigger. It’s stolen guns, someone robbing homes,or breaking into gun stores. or it’s a person buys a gun off the street. But when we have the Obama and Clinton selling illegal guns to the Drug cartels in Mexico. The state dept or the FBI lost track any of them. One was used to kill one of the border patrol.


      You are very selfish and inconsiderate. Has anyone from your family died from covid YET? Be careful what you wish for.

    • Jewell says:

      Yes they told on themselves months ago this was rigged bc they kept Biden in the basement bc they knew he didn’t have to go out and do any of the rallies or speeches. Bc they knew what they had already done by rigging the machines. And mail in voted they fought for those hard. And they would just smile and say when we are in this is what we will do and so on.
      This nation is in a mess and going to be s lot of killing and the Democrats are the blame and they don’t care bc they are out for themselves not the American people .

  18. Jacquelyn says:

    I feel if the people supposedly representing the people of this country are not willing to follow the rules they impose on the rest of our free nation they have no right to punish any of the citizens for not complying with their ridiculous mandates!


      Well trump didn’t do a Damn thing. And unfortunately not all governors didn’t either. Prob. Rep. One rep gov has finally started to do something. It took her whole state to be up in the highest people infected. Now she’s doing something.? She’s not the only gov.

      • Mona says:

        I think President Trump handled the Covid-19 pandemic well. He listened to the science by following recommendations of Dr Fauci. I applauded President Trumps travel ban. And then there is Operation Wharp Speed. Boom! Right between your eyes..wake up.

  19. ken says:

    I can’t believe that the Government, being as smart as they are looked upon to be is missing all of what is happening to the United States of America. Unless…unless…they are with Biden…..

  20. John says:

    This is the reason our forefathers gave us the 2nd amendment and democrats dont realize how close they are to it being used it’s coming antifa blm its damn close I am ready are you

  21. Randy’ says:

    Have a good virus senator

  22. Pat High says:

    The hypocrites are so blant they don’t care, they just want to dictate to the American people. We are not going to fall for it. Either wear a mask or shut up Diane Feinstein.

  23. Karen says:

    This is disgusting ar every level! We are being duped by our own government! Do they believe we are that stupid and can’t see all the things that they do! I for one have no respect for a so-called leaders in our government and will vote completely and thoroughly against each one!

  24. Vinson says:

    Well, that’s what the morons of the USA voted for; COMMUNISM. Hope they enjoy being enslaved.

    • Karen says:

      Not me !!! I voted for Trump and everyone else straight republican ticket!

      • STEPHANIE MARTIN says:

        You voted for an uneducated mentally ill dictator that’s done nothing for the people that voted for him. He just brainwashed them.I couldn’t believe a state I heard min.wage was 5.00 an hour?

    • Karen says:

      You’re right about those who voted democratic!

      • STEPHANIE MARTIN says:

        Those who voted for biden are trying to save our country. Our people. Trump still hasn’t released his tax info. Its been almost 4 years. He’s a child. A bully. And brainwashed half this country. Didn’t know that half this country was just stupid or uneducated.

        • Richard Rivas says:


          You are just plain ignorant. If you believe that Biden and all of the lying Democrats are doing the American people right, you are sadly mistaken.
          Mark my words, Trump will remain our president and you will learn that the Democrats lied, cheated and committed crimes against America and our constitution. Do some honest, unbiased research lady, and you will see that Trump cares about America and all of its citizens.
          The evidence is mounting against the Democrats and the truth will come out and slap all of the Trump haters into reality. Mark my words!!
          TRUMP 2020!!!!!

          • Ken says:

            It doesn’t matter whether they get caught or not. As we have seen, only Republicans have to pay the price. Roger Stone. John Kelly. I don’t think AG Barr or Durham, or anyone sent to bring justice to our country will do anything. The fix is in. We’ve seen Donald Trump handle the pandemic well, including Operation Warp Speed, and all we hear is “it’s all his fault,” even when Biden calls Trump’s banning of flights from China “xenophobic.” Trump asks US industry to get to work, and Ford and GM are making ventilators. Up until the pandemic hit, Trump’s leadership had the stock market soaring, and unemployment dropping for all citizens. If Biden gets in, we’ll see the EPA on steroids, and you’d better not touch that puddle in your backyard. There’s probably going to be a fine for that.

            Now we see ridiculous amounts of election fraud, and all of it literally with Joe Biden’s name on it. First thing he’ll sign will be “tear down the wall” and “open borders for all.” Next will be “free college tuition for all” even for under-water basket weaving.

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