Former Russian Diplomat: Putin Will Use Nukes

( – A former Russian diplomat who quit in protest over Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine earlier this year has warned that the Moscow leader is very likely to use nuclear weapons.

Putin’s Russia invaded Ukraine nearly ten months ago in a bid to restore the former Soviet Empire. However, the Ukrainian’s fierce resistance repulsed the Russians, inflicting upon them severe losses: almost 100,000 killed troops and nearly 20,000 destroyed units of military equipment.

As Russia started to suffer losses on the battlefield, there have been concerns Putin may resort to attacking Ukraine with nuclear weapons.

According to former Moscow diplomat Boris Bondarev, the Russian leader is more likely than not to use nukes.

In May, Bondarev resigned from his job at the Russian UN mission in Geneva in protest against the war on Ukraine.

“You provoke [Putin] with all the talk of not provoking him,” the former diplomat told The Daily Mail, as cited by Newsmax.

“At some point, there will be a time when Putin will use something like nuclear weapons just to show he is serious about them,” he added.

Bondarev forecasted a “decisive” Russian defeat in the war in Ukraine might cause a coup in Moscow that would depose Putin.

“I think there are chances Putin could be forced from office. But first, he must be regarded by his own people as a loser, as someone who lied and made them fools,” he explained.

“They must see him as weak, and that will happen only if he is truly and widely defeated in Ukraine,” the former diplomat added.

In his words, the worst-case scenario for the Moscow leader would materialize if Russia’s general population learned that its military had been defeated in Ukraine.

Unlike other commentators, who have predicted that more extremist Russian factions may overthrow Putin, Bondarev said the pro-war elites in Moscow were satisfied with him because he served their purposes.

“Pigeons and not hawks [will oust Putin],” he declared.

The former diplomat fears that “history will repeat itself” regardless of who sits on the Kremlin throne unless Russia’s society and government are changed.

“[Russia] should be regarded as a very ill society … totalitarianism is a disease, and Putin is a symptom of that disease. Russia must overcome this disease and recover from it. If you have a sick person, you don’t leave him be on the street so he dies, you help him to recover. Russia will require help after Putin,” Bondarev argued.

“You hear people say that Russia … is not our problem, you caused the war so it is your problem. That is understandable, but that is very dangerous notion. If Russia is left to its devices, then in 10 or 15 years, we may be facing the same problem we are facing today — Russia could end up as a giant North Korea,” he warned further.